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“I’ll get two bottles of water,” she says running to the kitchen as I check that the front door is locked and then follow her up the stairs to the bedroom.

Standing at the foot of the bed we share a passionate kiss and hug, her bra pressing against my chest. “I want your naked body pressed against mine,” I whisper unbuttoning her blouse.

Undo the front clasp of her bra with my much practiced ‘two-finger twist’, frees the cups to spring apart but not off — perspiration keeping them stuck to her boobs. Pressing my index fingers against the center of her chest and gently gliding outward, her blouse yields obligingly. Two engorged nipples peek through the sheer bra before it too falls partially away releasing that slightly sweet, slightly sour aroma that I, for one, enjoy. You know, that aroma of under-boob sweat!

Continuing on my fingers reach her nipples before turning upward and over her shoulders sliding her blouse and bra off, falling to the floor behind her. Kneeling at her feet I assist her as she wiggles out of her jeans and panties and stands there naked in front of me.

Working upward from her toes my eyes caress each and every curve of her beautiful body.

As our eyes connect and lock on to each other I rise to my feet speaking softly, simply, sincerely, honestly, with burning desire, “You are a beautiful woman!”

Her bahis siteleri eyes well up with tears as she reaches out and pulls my shirt over my head throwing it to the floor. Kneeling before me she undoes my jeans, grabs at the waistband and pulls my jeans and boxers down in tandem getting stuck for a brief moment on my erect cock until, bent unmercifully downward it suddenly springs free slapping her in the chin. With a chuckle she leans forward and plants her lips on the tip before practically swallowing me whole!

Sliding back up the shaft she clamps her teeth gently but firmly just below the crown as moans of pleasure gush out of my wide open mouth. Still gripping me firmly between her teeth she slides my jeans the rest of the way down to the floor and motions for me to step out.

Relaxing her jaw she releases me, stands up and gives me another hug, boobs pressed firmly against my chest, skin on skin. Awesome! Meanwhile my cock explores the moistness between her legs. Even though we have been married for several years this still seems like our first time!

I savor the moment briefly before guiding her to the bed, laying her back across the bed and kneeling at her feet. Kissing her continuously my pursed lips work their way up from her feet to her calves, to her knees, to her inner thighs. After a brief dalliance licking up the wetness canlı bahis siteleri between her legs I continue on to her navel, her chest, her nipples. Then to her neck, her chin, her forehead, both eyelids, her nose and finally her lips. Easing my cock inside her I begin thrusting, my lips tightly sealed over hers, my tongue buried deep inside her mouth.

Just as I am about to explode she opens her eyes. My eyes lock onto hers as I give one final thrust and shoot every last drop of my essence deep inside of her.

Temporarily weak and drained and not wanting to squish her I start maneuvering to pull out and roll off but she gently encourages me to just lie there on top of her. I acquiesce and in short order my erection fades. All used up Mister Happy retreats, flopping down all ushy-gushy between her legs.

Other than trying to coax Mister Happy to reassert himself I do not move a muscle but all he can manage is a slight wiggle. Kissing, we stare through each other’s eyes baring our souls to each other.

Rolling onto my back, arms up over my head, she begins caressing my legs, chest and arms. Mister Happy awakens! Well partially anyway. But that is the best he can do at the moment.

Generally speaking I have no complaints about getting older — generally speaking that is. There is one particular situation where it really sucks though, canlı bahis and this is it! In previous years Mister Happy had no problem standing tall and proud even immediately after ‘doing the deed.’ A gentle caress was sufficient for him to spring back to life. He could not always achieve a second release but he would proudly stand at attention. Sometimes after the first round he would get stuck, standing at attention for another hour just calling out, ‘Here I am! Cum play with me!’

Realizing I have to pee I excuse myself and run to the bathroom. Returning, she is still lying sideways across the bed, feet close to the edge. Standing against the side I grab her ankles, one in each hand, extend her legs into the air and spread them coaxing her to bend at the knees. Leaning forward my hands slide down to her thighs and I lower my head. My lips connect and she begins moaning as my tongue explores inside of her.

Lifting my head, I push her knees against her chest rotating her hips forward and raising them slightly off the bed. This stretches her wide exposing that beautiful, hidden rosebud up close and personal!

Unable to resist I give it a flick with my tongue.

“Oooooo! Mmmmmmm!” she cries out, her hips and thighs flexing.

Going in a second time I pinch that little rosebud between my teeth, biting down just enough so it cannot escape. Giving the best tongue lashing ever, that tiny rosebud blossoms fully inside my mouth amid her squirms, moans and screams of pleasure!

Wanting more, more, more my tongue refuses to stop, showing no mercy until…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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