Office Play

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Another day, another dollar, as the saying goes, but like most people, Reanne dreaded the boring routine that work brings. The same job, the same questions, the same answers, dull, dull, dull.

The only thing that brightens the day is the hour she gets for lunch. Her special time to get away from things, but today is different. There is a certain electricity in the air, something is going to happen, she’s just not sure what.

On the drive into work, Reanne’s mind wanders off on the possibilities of what today might bring. She knows he will be there and she’s noticed that he’s paying a lot more attention to her lately. Is it the new cut and color? Spending an insane amount of money, she decided that she better like the new look. Maybe it’s the confidence that exudes from her that’s drawn his attention. Either way, she’s certainly liked being noticed.

The drive is longer than normal; traffic seems to be moving at a snail’s pace. Reanne looks at the speedometer, 45mph. It seems more like 15mph. Her thoughts flash a picture of Alex, her fantasy man. Tall, dark salt and pepper hair, goatee, nice ass too, she decides. Reanne has wondered what a night with him would be like – even an afternoon, she thinks and silently giggles. Better keep that thought tucked safe in my head, she thinks to herself.

Upon arriving at the office, Reanne starts her day with the same routine. Having been there only a few minutes, she is already bored. She looks around to see if he is at his desk, hoping that no one notices as she fidgets at her desk. Cannot have the whole office thinking that there is something going on. Her nipples harden from the chill of the air conditioners, or is it the thought of him kissing her neck.


Her computer beeps with an incoming email. It’s from Misty, the busybody in the office. She always knows everyone’s business. Reanne opens the email. It’s a luncheon invitation.

“Hmm, well at least I can get the scoop on everyone if I go with her,” she tells no one in particular.

She begins to type her acceptance when the computer boinks again with another email. Just about ready to hit the send button in reply to Misty’s email, Reanne notices that electricity again. Something, instinct perhaps, tells her to open the incoming mail.

It’s not an inter-office email this time, but from a name she’s not familiar with. It reads, Subject- What’s up?

About to delete it, Reanne notices the sender’s sine.


Intrigued, she decides to take the chance of infecting the computer by opening an email from an unknown source.

“Kinkyofficeguy, hmm?”

More electricity courses through her body as she opens the email and sees a short note.

“Please join me for an unforgettable lunch.”

Her heart quickens. Could this be him?

The mind is a funny thing. Perhaps as a protection mechanism, a picture of the boss flashes in her head. He’s a really nice man, but nothing to look at. Another thought of him naked, sitting behind his desk, motioning for her to come into his office, telling her to close the door flashes in Reanne’s head.

“Eewwww”, she hears herself say out loud.

She hits the send button for Misty’s email.

“Lunch sounds good. I’ll meet you at your cube at 1130a”.

She then deletes kinkyofficeguy’s email without a response.

The morning goes by in it’s usual slowness. The clock says 1115a.

Boink! Another email.

Subject-Lunch, sender-Misty.

What now! Reanne wonders.

“Sorry, husband just called, can’t make lunch. Maybe tomorrow?” the message reads.

Reanne replies with her regrets, saying that she hopes everything is ok. She decides to go to the park and fantasize some more. As she gets up to leave, her computer boinks again. Reanne decides to read it after lunch and walks out.

Not feeling very hungry, she finds a nice spot with just enough shade to keep her from getting too hot while sitting in her car. Her eyes close as she listens to the radio. Her mind wanders.

Boink! Another message from kinkyofficeguy.

Subject-office play.

Why does he keep sending me messages? she asks herself. Almost ready to delete it again, she changes her mind.

“Lets see what the boss has in mind!” she says aloud.

Message- Cuffs, blindfolds, leather straps. Sound interesting?

If it hadn’t been such a pathetic message, she’d laugh out loud and delete the message.

Boink! Subject-Something’s Rising!

“This is becoming harassment. I’m going to complain.”

Reanne having fallen asleep in her car, wakes herself from the disturbing güvenilir bahis dream. Looking at her watch, she sighs with relief, realizing that it’s only 1201p.

“Maybe I should go eat something”.

She starts her car and gets ready to leave the park. Looking into the rearview mirror, she sees Alex sitting in his car reading a paper.

“Funny that he’d come to the same park.”

Deciding to turn her engine off, she opens the car door and walks around outside hoping that he’ll notice and wave or something. Peeking over the top of her sun glasses, Reanne looks to see if he’s looking.

He’s not.

In an effort to get his attention, she stretches her arms back pushing her breasts out and making a stretching noise.

He looks in her direction, smiles and waves. He leans over and sarcastically shouts out his window,

“Hey, can ya keep it down a little? I’m trying to read here,” smiling warmly.

Reanne notices that his eyes linguered on her breasts a little longer, before taking her in from head to toe. She gives him a wry smile and asks what he’s reading.

“Nothing much,” is his only reply as he puts his magazine down.

Reanne walks over to his car, if for no other reason than to get a peek at his choice of reading material, but mostly to look into his dark lustful eyes.

“So, no lunch plans today?” he asks.

“I was going to lunch with Misty, but she had to cancel. What about you?”

“Well, I was hoping to meet someone for lunch, but I was left hanging, so here I am”.

Reanne’s heart skips a beat. Was HE the one that sent the email?

“Shit!” she hears herself say.

“What’s wrong?” he asks,

“Oh, uh, I just looked at my watch. I’d love to stay, but I gotta get back,” she lies. “I’ll see you back at the office Alex,” she continues.

Walking back to her car, she curses herself for thinking that the boss was sending the email.

“What about that day dream I had a moment ago? Cuffs, blindfolds, leather straps?” Reanne says as she climbs into her car.

Intrigued, Reanne cannot wait to get back to the office and send Alex her own sexy email. She can feel herself become moist at the thought. Racing back to the office in hopes of sending her email before he returns, she thinks of what to write. After a short pause, she decides on what it will be. Arriving back to her desk, she ignores the email that’s waiting for her and begins her own sexy email message.

“Hmm, lets see,” she says, and then types away with a passion that she didn’t know existed.

Finished and very satisfied, Reanne hits the send button. Excited, she can hardly wait for his return and reply. Again, her nipples become hard, but this time it’s not from the air conditioning, in fact the office seems rather hot. The heat emanating from her excitement keeps her warm and wet.

The thought of using the restroom for some personal time goes through her head, but she decides to wait for his reply.


“Ah, there it is,” she tells herself.

Not thinking about that fact that he’s not returned from his lunch yet, she opens the message. It says,


Subject-lunch…. The message says,

“Blindfolds, cuffs, leather straps? My, my, you are a kinky girl. I know just the place. Meet me after work”.

Reanne’s mind races with thoughts of passion, lust and intrigue. Hands, tongues, and cocks are all she can concentrate on now. She squirms in her seat as her panties have become very wet. Deciding that she didn’t want to wear them anyways, she goes to the restroom and removes them, never noticing the blinking envelope in the lower corner telling her that she has additional mail.

The day really drags on as the anticipation of meeting after work is all she’s been able to concentrate on since lunch. The clock reads 415p before she realizes that there’s an unread message. As she looks at the message, she notices it’s from Alex. Confusion begins to swirl around in her head.

Subject-meeting tonight…

“I wonder what’s up now?” she asks.

Opening the message, she notices that is was sent at 1128a and it says,

“Mr B wants us to meet tonight after work regarding the Vanderlay account.”

“What the hell!” Reanne hears herself groan.

Concerned that maybe her original thought was right about who kinkyofficeguy was, she begins to panic. She quickly types a reply to his email, confirming the meeting.

“Oh shit!”

Boink! Boink!

Two replies almost simultaneously make Reanne regret her sexy email to kinkyofficeguy even more. Sure enough, one’s from kinky and the güvenilir bahis siteleri other from Alex.

Subject-after work,

Message-“I think you’ll enjoy this night.”

The next email says,

Subject-after work,

Message-“Hey after this Vanderlay thing, you wanna go out for a drink?”

She looks at the clock. 445p. Fifteen minutes until we find out who kinkyofficeguy is, she thinks silently, dreading the moment. Reanne finds that she cant even get excited by the thought of having a drink with her fantasy man. Wishing she could find a place to hide, she watches the clock slowly tick away the last fifteen minutes.

Alex approaches, files in hand and asks, “Are you ready?”

Startled, Reanne almost jumps out of her seat. She answers with a flustered, “Yes.”

“Well, let’s take these to Mr B and then lets go have that drink, I could use one,” he says.

“Me too,” is all Reanne can say.

The office empties fast as everyone is excited about their weekend plans. They both walk to the boss’s office but he’s not there. Just a note saying, “Meeting cancelled, something came up.” Now Reanne is sure that kinkyofficeguy is the boss, and that she’s just propositioned him.

“Hey, you okay? You don’t look to well!” Alex says.

“Lets go get that drink, I need it, and I need it now!” Reanne commands.

As they turn to leave, Alex grabs Reanne’s arm and says, “I know he’s got a bottle or two in here, wanna have a drink on him seeing as he stiffed us on the meeting?”.

Fearing that the boss was sure to return, Reanne declines and mentions getting a drink elsewhere.

Just then, Misty walks by and asks, “What are you two still doing here?”

Alex replies, “We were supposed to meet with Mr B, but he evidently left.”

“Oh yah, he called me and told me that he was given tickets to the football game and was leaving early. He left about an hour ago!” Misty replied before marching out of the building.

Alex looks at Reanne, smiles and raises the glasses again saying, “See, he’s gone, ya sure you don’t want one on him?”

Feeling somewhat relieved, Reanne nods her head and smiles. Alex pours a small shot of Grey Goose vodka, replaces the cork, lifts the glasses and hands one to Reanne.

“Shall we make a toast?” he asks.

“You go ahead, I’m no good at that kinda stuff,” she says.

They clink glasses as he clears his throat and says, “Here’s to me, for being lucky enough to have a stiff drink with a beautiful woman.”

“Nice,” is all she can say as she downs the shot.

She hands him the glass and tells him to fill it up again. After another shot, she begins to feel the warmth that the smooth vodka brings. She hands him the glass again, this time making her own toast, “To great sex”.

Shocked at her own words, Reanne feels her face become flush and her pussy become wet.

He smiles, clinks the glasses and downs his shot and saying, “Well, hell yes!”

A fourth shot is poured and Alex looks at her as he lifts the glass and then leans in to kiss her on the lips. Without hesitation, Reanne wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him back. The passion burns hot.

“Hmm, you certainly didn’t disappoint,” she coos.

He smiles, puts down the drinks, takes her head in his hands, bringing her close, kisses her again. Mouths part, tongues swirl, hands roam. He kisses her cheeks and neck, his hands find her bra and unhook it expertly. He presses himself against her body. Reanne can feel his excitement, his cock growing with each moment.

Her hands waste no time as she moves down to caress and stroke him through his Dockers. Uncaring if anyone can see and knowing there’s no one to watch, she unzips his fly, reaching in and pulling out his cock. It’s head purplish in color, already hard and shining, she bends down and takes him into her mouth. His hands help guide her down, caressing her hair as her mouth works him over.

“Hmm,” he moans as Reanne’s tongue expertly swirls around his still hardening cock.

Her hand strokes him as if it were a piston, back and forth, her saliva acting like oil in a well lubricated engine, keeping him moist as she continues to stroke.

“Oh, yah,” he says. “God, if you keep it up, you’re gonna make me cum already.”

Reanne stands up and kisses him again with more fervor than before. He puts his hands upon her breasts, making her feel so good, sending shockwaves straight to her pussy. She can feel her juices begin to run down her inner thighs as his mouth licks and sucks on her nipple, while he gently pulls and twists the other.

Loving every iddaa siteleri minute of it, not wanting him to stop, Reanne hears a soft murmur emanating from her, softly saying, “Yes, oh, yes, that feels so good.”

Her hands reach up, her fingers running through his hair, pulling him even closer to her breast. She reaches down and lifts up her skirt, showing him the lack of panties and a shaved pussy. His hand reaches down and feels her wetness, spreading her lips with his fingers. He finds her clit, already swollen with desire,

“You’re so wet!” he exclaims.

“Uh-huh,” is her only reply.

Alex lifts Reanne up onto the boss’s desk, then gets on his knees, his lips kissing her thighs, working their way up to her soaking wet pussy. He pulls Reanne to the edge, barely leaving enough room to sit, holding her legs together and begins to lick her pussy.

Reanne wants to lift them, spreading them for him to have easier access, but he holds her still, not letting her move. His tongue works it’s magic like she’s never felt before. Her legs are being held, she’s unable to move, but Reanne doesn’t want to stop either; enjoying the sensation of being restricted and satisfied at the same time.

His licks are long and powerful; bringing her to the height of orgasm faster than anyone has before.

Reanne tries to hold back, her legs clench, trying to keep him from making her cum so soon, but the body is beginning to ignore her demands, it’s releasing her hold on it, building into a frenzy. Reanne can feel spasms build inside her, deeper than ever before, penetrating her inner self, as if reaching into her soul.

Alex slides his thumb into Reanne, opening her up, as if to expose her so the whole world can see. Reanne’s too far gone to care. Is it the alcohol that’s making her feel so incredible?

Focus, losing focus, Reanne tells herself. Her body has taken over all thoughts, it’s concentration is total and complete. She lets go with a low guttural moan, “Ooooooooh, God, Oh yes.”

Reanne hears herself moaning, almost as if it’s an out of body experience. The moan turns into a higher pitch with each passing spasm. Now, oh yes, Now! her body screams out.

“Oohh, yessss, thats it, right there. Oh God, it feels so good, Ohhhh….”

Total release! She reaches down, grabbing his head, pulling him closer, grinding against him, legs clenching him even tighter as she cums. Harder and harder she pushes herself against him with each passing moment.

“Uhhhhhh. Thats incredible. Dont stop!”

Her face shows expressions of pure animal lust. Her lips curl, her eyes close and she leans her head back against the desk. All her nerves tingle, every fiber of her being wants more. Reanne pulls Alex up, spreads her legs wide and reaches down to his manhood. Her only thought is having his cock inside her.

Slowly Alex slides in then pulls back out, and back in again. His rhythm continues.

She looks up at him and whispers, “Yah, that’s it, fuck me. I want to feel your cock deep inside me.”

Reanne pushes against him, grinding her pussy against his crotch.

Surprised at her own boldness, Reanne relishes the thought of being seduced by this man. Faster, deeper, he plunges his manhood into her. Harder and harder, she pushes against him. In the soft light emanating from the window, she sees the sweat bead up on his forehead. Her own skin glistens with sweat as he continues to slide his cock in and out.

Reanne’s hands move and reach up to her breasts, taking a nipple in each and begin rolling and pinching them between her thumb and forefinger.

He watches, saying, “I love to watch a woman play with herself. It makes me so horny”.

Her own thoughts of wanting to please this man in any way remove any inhibitions that she may have had. Reaching down between her legs, she rubs her clit while his cock is still slidesing in and out. Her concentration wavers as another orgasm builds.

His pace quickens and Reanne knows that he’s nearing his own orgasm. Her hands play with her clit faster, matching him stroke for stroke.

“Oh, yah. I’m so close, I’m gonna cum,” says Alex.

His words ring in Reanne’s head, his moans reverberating in her ears, sending her over the edge.

“Oh, Yessssssss,” she screams.

Like never before, another, more powerful orgasm comes, her body twitching with each spasm. Alex pulls out, strokes his cock once, twice and then lets out a low grunt as his cum sprays over Reanne’s stomach and breasts, telling her that her own orgasm put him over the top and he couldn’t hold out any longer.

Exhausted, sweaty, and feeling a little drunk, she looks at him and smiles. His eye’s seem to penetrate her as he stares back.

“Hmm, maybe next time we’ll have to use those cuffs and blindfolds you were talking about,” he says winking at her…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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