Older Neighbor Moves Nextdoor Ch. 03

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I didn’t have to go into work the next day since I had stayed longer yesterday. While work had been a drag, spending time with Marie afterward had made it worth it. We had progressed to handjobs. I had tickled her G Spot and rubbed her clit til she came on my fingers, then she had jerked me off onto her big boobs. I was ready to see where today would lead with her.

When I had left her apartment last night, I told her to text me when she wanted me to come over. She had said she needed to get some things finished for her job before she was free. I spent my morning doing some chores. I moved my laundry along, cleaned my bathroom and unloaded my dishwasher. I went down to the mailboxes after I ate a sandwich for lunch. There was a package waiting. I checked the label and it was the toys Marie had ordered. They came to my mailbox because I had an account already with the site. I said a silent thank you to the universe for the fast delivery and went back upstairs.

Around mid afternoon, there was a knock on my door. I checked the peep and it was Marie. I opened the door and she came in. She was wearing a long, knee-length coat. It was almost a trench coat. I thought she might be going somewhere, but once she was in my apartment, she took it off revealing a skimpy red lace bra and a red thong. The bra cups barely covered her hard nipples and the thong rode high on her hips. She turned around and bent forward a little showing off her thong string snugged up between her big round ass cheeks. As she finished her turn, my eyes about bugged out of my head. She grinned at my reaction.

She said “I wanted you to finally see me in something other than boring granny panties or my comfy clothes. I can look sorta sexy when I try. What do you think?”

I replied “you look incredible! You’d look sexy wearing anything though because you are sexy.”

She smiled and said “you’re sweet. I was barely able to concentrate on work today because I was so horny. I just kept thinking about how you came on my tits so much yesterday. And the way you got me off was so good.”

I said “I know how you feel. Work felt like an eternity yesterday. Look what arrived today.”

I showed her the box and she grinned. I grabbed a pair of scissors to open it and we went to my couch. Marie opened the box with the scissors and took her toys out. She handed me the rabbit to open and she took the purple dildo out of the package. The box had a small complimentary bottle of lube and batteries for the rabbit.

With wide eyes, she said “oh wow, this thing is bigger in person than I thought it would be. I’ll have to build up to this dildo. I like the suction cup on the bottom. I’ll have to try it in the tub or something. Let me see that pink one.”

After putting the batteries in, I handed her the rabbit. The pink toy’s tip looked like a regular dickhead, but up the shaft, there were rows of silver beads inside it that could spin around. A little ways above that was a protrusion that looked like a bunny. The bunny would vibrate and its ears would be in the perfect spot to stimulate her clit. Marie turned it on the various settings to see what it did. There was simple vibration, the beads could rotate inside it, just the bunny could vibrate, and the entire top toward the head could also rotate and twirl around. Or it could combine the effects. Even on the highest setting, with everything going, it was still quieter than her old vibe was.

I asked “want to try it out?”

She said “it’s a little intimidating. Will you use it on me? Just don’t go full power at first.”

I agreed and asked if she needed the lube but ataşehir escort bayan she said no. She spread her legs and showed me a damp spot on the front of her red thong. Obviously turned on and already wet, she didn’t need the lube’s help. I grinned at the sight and slid off the couch to sit in front of her. Marie opened her legs wider, putting one on either side of me. I pulled her thong aside and turned the rabbit on to its lowest setting. The shaft of the toy vibrated without any rotation, and the bunny part was off. I slowly rubbed the tip up and down, up and down on her pink lips. After five or six times, I gently pushed the head of the toy into her pussy. She let out a long sigh.

I left the vibrating tip in her pussy so she could get used to it. When she had, I turned on the rotation on the tip. I watched as it started slowly twirling inside her. Marie’s eyes got wider and she said “oof, fuck, that feels amazing. It feels like it’s touching every little spot in my cunny. Turn the beads on in a second please.”

Her breathing was getting deeper and faster, and I could see her juices start to drip down toward her ass. I turned the beads on to their lowest rotation setting. The steady buzz could be heard over her ragged breathing. The whole thing was vibrating, the head was twirling, and the beads were spinning. She started to lift and lower her ass off the couch cushion, as if she were humping the toy. A whispered string of moans and words flowed out if her mouth, until abruptly she yelled “oh god, fuck!”

She came hard and I was still on the lowest setting. And the bunny part hadn’t even touched her yet. Marie’s legs shook violently as she moaned deeply. I watched as her pussy gripped the toy over and over and got wetter. I gently fucked her with it until finally she begged “stop, stop, stop. I’m too sensitive now, take it out.”

I pulled it out of her and switched it off. It was wet and I used a finger to wipe off some of her cum. I popped the finger in my mouth and tasted her salty juice. She collapsed bonelessly back onto the couch and breathed deeply as she recovered.

“Better than that antique vibrator you have?” I asked.

She huffed out a laugh and said “I’m going to throw that one away. I can’t believe the amount of stimulation! After I get you off, I want to try it again and use the clit-bunny part.” She looked at my tented pants and said “you look like you’re ready right now. How do you want to cum?”

What a question. I wanted to cum with a Marie about a hundred different ways. I was looking at her boobs though, and asked “could I fuck your tits? They look amazing in that bra and I’ve always wanted to do that, but no girl I’ve been with would let me.”

She smiled and said “you bet! My husband loved to do that, so I’m pretty good at titjobs if I do say so myself.”

She patted my couch and she stood up. I got naked and sat down. I watched as she picked up the small bottle of lube and then knelt in front of me. She poured a few drops of lube into her cleavage and onto my dick. She asked “bra on or off?”

I told her that “on” would be hot, and she leaned forward. My cock was guided up underneath the red bra and got trapped between her gorgeous boobs. I let out a moan and enjoyed the feeling of warmth that engulfed my cock. Her tits were pliant as they squished my dick between them. It sorta felt like the pussies that I had fucked in the past, but not as tight. I hoped this would be the first of many more titfuck sessions. Marie used her hands to press her tits together adding pressure, and then lifted them slowly. Before I could escort kadıöy slip out, she pushed them back down on my lap. Being squeezed between those big droopy perfect tits felt incredible.

Every now and then, when she’d push further downward and my cock would poke through the top of her cleavage, she’d flick her tongue over the head. It sent electricity through my whole body. It had only been a few minutes, but I could already feel my orgasm building. I tried to hold out, but I was just too excited.

Marie saw that I was getting close and picked up her pace. She squeezed her tits harder around my cock and started slamming her tits up and down on my lap. The steady clapping sound, combined with how great it felt and the incredibly sexy visual of my first ever tituck was just too much. I groaned “uhhn! Marie, I’m cumming!”

I arched my hips upward and pushed my cock up through her tits and started cumming. She held her boobs down and my spunk shot up her neck. My cum shot up and plopped down onto the tops of her tits and dripped down onto the cups of her bra. I groaned again as my last few shots dribbled down into her cleavage. She raised up off of me and my dick slipped out of her cleavage. It was my turn to collapse back as she sat on her heels. Her chest was glazed with my thick white cum and her bra was stained dark.

Out of breath, I said “that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had. You look so fucking hot like that too. Can I take a picture?”

She said “um, I guess. But you better not show it to anyone!”

I swore I wouldn’t and snapped a picture with my phone. After I took the photo, she went into my bathroom to clean up. She returned wearing just her thong; the cummy bra was dangling from one finger. I showed her the picture as she sat next to me.

She said “mmm, that looks so good. Can you send it to me?”

I nodded and she sat next to me with her head on my shoulder. I kissed the top of her head and asked “ready to go again?”

She giggled and said “I think I am. I want to feel what that bunny part can do. I’ll do it myself this time.”

She stood up, dropped her thong and picked up the rabbit. I adjusted on the couch so that there was room for her to sit right in front of me. She pressed her back up to my chest. My cock was semi-hard against her ass. I reached around her and started kneading her boobs. As I tweaked and pinched her nipples, I heard the toy buzz to life. I couldn’t see what she was doing with it, but she squirmed against me. I kept squeezing her tits and I heard her gasp.

I asked her “did you turn on the bunny?”

She nodded and I heard the toy start to buzz harder as she increased the vibration. I moved my left hand down to her pudgy belly, and my right hand down to her pubic hair. I scratched my fingers through her bush then moved them downward. I felt the bunny’s ears buzzing hard on her clit. She moaned and pushed her ass harder back toward me. My cock was fully hard from her motions. Her arm started moving quickly as she fucked herself harder; the toy made squishy sounds in her pussy that could be heard over the vibration sound. Her breathing got faster and I knew she was about to cum a second time already. I leaned forward and kissed her neck and she let out a loud “oh!” I moved my hands back to her boobs and pinched her nipples again. She bucked hips and made a harsh grunting sound that sounded nearly painful as the orgasm hit her.

“Uh uhh uhhgh, oh god! She moaned.

I kissed her neck on each side and slowly massaged her tits while she came. The buzzing stopped as she pulled the toy out of her pussy. maltepe escort She turned her face toward me and kissed me.

She said “that toy was worth every penny. And you made me cum so hard when you kissed my neck! I got goose bumps. I can’t believe how fast this toy gets me off! The bunny ears on my clit, combined with the rotating cock part and beads just made me cum in less than two minutes! Whoever designed that sex toy needs a Nobel Prize. You feel like you’re hard as a rock. Want to get off again? I want to swallow your cum this time. How about a blowjob? I may be a little out if practice, but I’m sure it’s like riding a bike.”

I nodded vigorously and said “god yes! Please suck my dick. I’ll probably be able to last longer after that titfucking too.”

She smiled and put one of the couch pillows on the ground and got on her knees in front of me. My dick was standing at attention waiting to finally get into Marie’s mouth. She leaned forward and kissed the tip with a loud smooch sound, then started licking me. I sighed as she licked the underside of my dick from right under the head down to the balls. She took just the head of my cock into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it several times.

It felt so good and I said “I don’t think you’re rusty at blowjobs at all.”

My cock was halfway in her mouth now and she smiled around it. She lowered her head down further until she made herself gag a little. She couldn’t quite take my entire cock into her mouth, but I figured with some practice she soon would be able to. Her lips were tight around my shaft and I felt her tongue lapping at the underside of my prick. Then very slowly, she moved her lips up again and took me out if her mouth. She stroked my cock fast and said “cum whenever you want, just let me know so I can get it all in my mouth.”

I nodded and she went back to my dick. She had just the head in her mouth again and she looked up at with her blue eyes. Sucking hard, her cheeks caved in and she started moving her lips up and down my shaft. With her lips vacuum sealed on my prick, she started to bob her head up and down faster. One of her hands reached up and gently massaged my balls, and I moaned.

I warned “I’m nearly there.”

Her head bobbed even faster, made a “mmhmm” sound and I groaned as my orgasm started. When she felt me start to cum in her mouth, she moved her mouth to just the tip. Her lips were clamped on just the head and she stroked my shaft furiously. I groaned as I poured spurt after spurt into her eager mouth. There was sweat on my forehead when I finally quit cumming. Marie sat back on her haunches and pointed at my phone. I smiled and turned on the camera mode. I thought to myself, she liked being on camera, that could be fun later. Without spilling any of my cum, she opened her mouth to show me how my white spunk was pooled in her mouth. I snapped a picture and then she closed her mouth, looked me in the eye and swallowed it with a gulp.

With a laugh she said “whew! That was a lot! I can’t believe how much you came after just cumming all over my titties! Let me see that picture.”

I showed her and said “it’s because my dick likes you as much as I do. That was incredible by the way. You’ll have to let me return the favor soon.”

Smiling, she nodded and said “I’ll also want you to fuck me soon too. Thank you for being so patient with that.”

I replied “take as long as you need. I’m not kidding, we can build up to it for days or weeks if you want to. I want you to be totally comfortable when we do.”

She said “not weeks, I couldn’t wait that long. But maybe a few more days and I’ll be ready.”

She snuggled next to me, and we sat naked on my couch talking and giggling like teenagers until it got dark.


Thanks for reading another chapter. I’ll keep going if this one was is liked. Feel free to comment or rate.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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