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Once More, With Feeling

This story contains sexual themes between adults and underage youth, so if that sort of thing is illegal wherever you reside, then you should stop reading.

So it”s been a while. I didn”t hear from anyone about my last instalment so I wasn”t sure if anyone was still reading, so I decided I was going to take a bit of a break from writing. Recently, though, I”ve had a bit of inspiration strike. So, if you”re still reading, I”d love it if you take a second to write and let me know what you think. You can email me at ail.

This is the first chapter of part 2. Hope you like where things are headed.

Part 2

Chapter Six


I looked up at him, blushing as he moaned my name. His bright blue eyes looked back at me muzzily as I stroked his dick.

We had to be fast — lunch period was almost over, and someone could come into the bathroom at any moment. We were pressed against the wall of the stall, my teen body against his, gyrating in sync. His hips bucked against my wrist, and I heard him moan again.

I couldn”t believe we were finally doing this. I don”t even remember how it happened. One moment I”m eating lunch with Rebecca and next thing I knew, there I was, making out with my crush since middle school, Nick freakin” Rowley.

My other hand went up his shirt and I felt the tight muscle of his torso. The sophomore swim team practices seemed to be doing him good. I pawed at the fabric, trying to get it up higher so I could see just how amazing his body had become.


I looked up again at Nick, but his eyes were closed, lost in the pleasure of what I was doing to him. Then I heard the banging on the bathroom door.

Fuck me, I cursed under my breath. But I couldn”t stop. I felt him grab me and pull me closer, my dick rubbing against his thigh. Ughhh.

“Aiden Simms!”

I felt Nick”s hot breath on my shoulder, sending chills running down my spine. Somewhere in the back of my mind, some semblance of sanity tried to get me to stop. To take my desperate hand off his perfect cock and walk out of that stall. It knew that being caught would be the fucking worst for me and my reputation at school. But every push of his hips, my cock hungrily working against his thigh, ate away at the thoughts of stopping. It all slipped away amidst the rising pressure in my groin.

More banging. Nick picked up the pace and I moaned involuntarily.

I heard the door burst open. “Aiden Michael Simms! Wake up!”

And falling.

I felt myself tumble over at the sound, falling backwards away from Nick. The feeling of his dick was still in my hand as I hit the floor and kept falling.

The image rapidly dissolved around me as consciousness burst in like an unwanted army. I found myself looking up at the ceiling of my room. My face felt flush, my heart hamming in my throat. I was breathing hard.

I heard my mom open the door to my room a crack and stick her head in. “You”re going to be late! We have maybe ten minutes. If you”re not ready by then, you”re going to be walking to school, young man.”

She closed the door and I shifted uncomfortably. My dick was still rock hard, images of the dream still falling away. I felt a slight wetness in the cloth of my underwear from the precum it soaked up. There would be no time to take care of it.

I rubbed my face, trying to get the sleep out of my eyes. “Fuck me.”

I threw myself up, morosely, and started to get ready.

I wished could have had a shower to take care of my problem. God damn puberty. It had only been getting worse.

I was almost 15 years old, and every day I felt hornier than the last. It”d been like that since last summer, though if I”m honest, probably even earlier than that. But I really started to feel it during summer camp last July. I couldn”t stop fantasizing about all the boys, especially when we all went swimming. My crush on Nick was getting worse by the week, too, as I saw how hot he was getting now that he was on the swim team. Of course I had no chance, him being straight and all. He didn”t even know me. If he did, all he probably knew was that Aiden Simms was some dorky freshman.

Shirt, pants, socks. I pulled them on as quickly as I could, messed with my short brown hair for a second or two, and made my way downstairs. I couldn”t help sighing as I tugged on my jacket, hefted my backpack over my shoulders, and hopped out the front door to my mom”s waiting car in the driveway.

“Well it”s nice of you to show up,” she said as I plopped down in the front seat. I made what I hoped sounded like an agreeable noise and prayed she wouldn”t try to talk to me. I was still too pent up from the dream to have a “mom” conversation, and too much shit was going on in my head to try and fake it. It didn”t help that I wasn”t ready for school to start again. The winter holiday felt like two goddamn seconds.

“Your sister will pick you up after school,” she said as we made our way down the quiet streets of my neighborhood to the freeway. “Please don”t make her wait.”

I grunted again. Out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw her shake her head quietly. We rode in silence after that.

The city blurred past as I stared out the window. The sun was stuck behind some clouds and it looked like it might rain — typical January in San Diego. Memory of the dream kept invading my brain and I felt my dick begin to swell. I pursed my lips and tried to push it out of my head. I didn”t need a boner quite this early.

Eventually, we pulled off the freeway and onto one of the streets that framed the school”s campus. A line of kids streamed in steadily through the side gate just a few paces from the curb. None of them seemed too happy, judging by their expressions. No shit, I”d rather be in bed or playing Xbox.

Mom stopped the car closeby and looked at me curiously. “Well, I hope you have a good first day back.”

I manufactured a smile as I unbuckled my seatbelt. “Bye, mom.”

* * *

The bell had nearly rung by the time I trudged into first period English. I glimpsed Jacob”s mop of curly brown hair at the back of the room and smiled. At least my friends were back.

“Aiden!” He looked up at me with a wry smile as dropped my bag at the seat next to him. “Dude, I am not ready for this shit.”

Rebecca smirked erzincan escort from the seat behind him. “You”re never ready for anything.”

“Shut up.” Jacob rolled his eyes. “Don”t tell me you want to be here.”

Rebecca only shrugged.

“Hi Rebecca,” I said with a smile. “I”m glad you”re back.”

“Oh god me too.” She sighed theatrically. “My brothers were the worst. Never go on a road trip with boys, Ads. You guys are weird.”

“What are you talking about?” Jacob mimed mock hurt. “I”m like the picture perfect road trip buddy. If I”m around, the time just flies by.”

“Yeah, right, dude. Do I have to remind you of our Universal trip last year?”

I laughed and Jacob shot me a dirty look.

It wasn”t long before the bell rang and Mr. Howlett bounded in from the hallway like he always did. It”s like the guy was always on a mission or something, the way he walked down the halls. He was an older guy with wavy gray hair and thin-framed glasses. He reminded me of a college professor you”d see in old 80s movies. All he needed was a tweed jacket.

Mr. Howlett stood at his podium as the principal and a couple of upper classmen gave the morning announcements through the overhead speakers.

I must have zoned out because next thing I knew, the announcements were done and Mr. Howlett was talking. “Alright everyone, welcome back. I hope you all had a good winter break. We”ve got a new student joining us this morning. He should be here any minute, he”s just getting his ID card printed.”

A new student? I glanced over at Rebecca and she gave me a curious look. I don”t think I remember anyone starting school in January before. I figured his parents just moved here or something. Part of me really wondered if he was going to be cute. I mean, what if he was cute and gay?

I felt myself smile. Oh god, please.

I mean, it was San Diego. You”d think gay boys would be a dime a dozen. We”re like the San Francisco of Southern California. Unfortunately, there were a pitiful number of what I would consider “eligible boys” in my class. First, there were the closted ones (I”m pretty sure I knew who most were). Then there were the sassy queens — not my thing, but I mean, you do you. Then there were all the jocky ones who didn”t care about anything except football or whatever other sports bullshit (there weren”t a lot, but everyone knew who they were). Then all of the boys already in relationships. And of course, juniors and seniors didn”t count — I mean, they were practically grown up as far as I was concerned. That left a pretty small pool of young, not crazy, attractive, single, gay boys, of which there must have been only like two and I had no idea who they were (I mean, it”s a big school). They probably won”t be single for long, anyway.


Mr. Howlett segued into his lecture with a lame joke, as usual, and I zoned out again as he rambled on about sentence diagraming. In hindsight, not a great start to the semester but you can”t expect a teenager to start caring about school on like the very first day. Right?

Anyway, at some point into his treatise on subordinating conjunctions and how to map them properly on a diagram, there was a knock at the door.

That”s when I glanced up and saw him come in, and the breath rushed out of me.

He was god damn gorgeous. Touselled blond hair, bright blue eyes, full pink lips. Even from where I was sitting, I could see his skin was flawless and creamy white, a slight rose color elegantly airbrushed across his cheeks. He had the start of what I knew would become high cheekbones on a graceful, symmetric face. He was like a fucking model. I don”t think I have ever seen anyone so beautiful.

He wore a bright Hollister t-shirt and form fitting jeans that accentuated his epicene hips.

Mr. Howlett made a grand gesture. “Everyone, this is Mika Harris. Please welcome him to San Diego High.”

A cascade of Hi Mika rippled through the room. Mika smiled slightly and waved back, and I heard some girl behind me whisper oh my God.

“Mika, why don”t you sit next to Mark over there.”

The boy nodded and walked over to the seat next to Mark”s, about six desks up from mine. As he got closer, I felt my dick get even harder.

This kid can”t be real, I found myself thinking. He”s so fucking perfect. Without realizing it, my crush on Nick Rowley was rapidly evaporating.

* * *

“So how about that Mika?” Rebecca said to me as I put my tray down at our usual table. She bounced her eyebrows clownishly.

After first period, Mika disappeared, apparently in classes different than mine. I hadn”t seen him since, except for a glimpse a couple of times between periods. I scanned the lunch room earlier and didn”t see him.

I sat down with a sigh. “Yeah,” I muttered. I was starting to get depressed. The boy was way too beautiful. How could that even be possible? It was fucking sorcery, I was convinced. I knew I could never have him. He”ll be straight or already in a relationship or crazy or something. Nothing ever goes my way with this shit.

“So, are you going to ask him out?” Rebecca prodded.

I practically choked on my ravioli. “What? What makes you think I even like him?”

“Oh please, you were practically drowning in your own saliva in first period.”

I felt my cheeks redden and looked away. “I have no earthly idea what you”re talking about. And anyway, how do you even know he”s gay?”

Rebecca smirked. “Oh he”s gay for sure. A boy doesn”t look like that and be straight, that is so obvious.”

I snorted and shoved another ravioli in my mouth. “Whatever.”

“Jessica Hart is already plotting on how she”s going to date him, just you watch.”

My heart fell. Of course Jessica Hart was going after him. And everyone knew she was the hottest girl among the underclassmen. Whatever she wanted, she got. Hell, she just dumped a junior. I definitely had no chance.

“Hey, don”t give me that sad face. At least you have a chance with him, unlike with Nick Rowley.”

I speared her with a look. She knew really well that I didn”t want that particular crush getting out.

“What”s this about Nick?”

Jacob had arrived with tray in hand, clutching a bottle of soda under his arm.

“Nothing,” I said quickly. “So–“

“What do you think of the new kid?” Rebecca asked, butting in.

Jacob shrugged, snapped open his Pepsi and took a swig.

“Don”t you think he”s good looking?” Rebecca was erzurum escort looking at me as she said this and I felt my cheeks redden again.

“Uh, I guess.” Jacob gave Rebecca a funny look. “Why, do you want to date him?”

“No, but Aiden does.”

I groaned, “Rebecca!”

Jacob smiled. “Hey man, go for it. Is he gay?”

“What do I know?” I said defensively. “I mean, I literally don”t know anything about him. I haven”t seen him since English.”

Jacob shrugged again, and thankfully we moved away from that topic to other things. I worked my way through the ravioli while we talked about what we did over Christmas break.

About 10 minutes before the bell was supposed to ring, I excused myself because I had to go to my locker to swap out my books for the last part of the day, and that meant I had to go all the way to the other side of the school. So yeah, it was a bit of a walk from the cafeteria, but I didn”t mind the chance to be alone for a bit.

I wended my way through the halls as images of Mika from the morning replayed themselves in my head. I felt myself getting hard again.

Ugh no, stop.

The fact that I didn”t have a chance to jerk off in the morning was really starting to piss me off.

I was so lost in my train of thought that I didn”t even see a classroom door swing open in front of me, and stupid, distracted me just walked right into it.

“Ow, shit!” I yelled as pain shot out from above my eye. I clutched my eyebrow as I felt the sting from the blow spread.

“Mr. Simms, are you alright?”

I glanced up with my good eye and saw Mrs. Spencer, the biology teacher, looking at me with a worried expression. I was briefly relieved it was her and not the vice principal, who was the only other person besides the coaches that I”ve heard call a student Mr. or Ms. so-and-so, since the last thing I wanted was a detention for saying shit.

“Sorry,” I managed to say. “I didn”t see the door open. I think I”m okay.”

I felt a bruise forming where I pressed my palm against my eyebrow.

“Well why don”t you head over to the nurse”s office just to be sure?”

I was about to protest but she gestured for someone and I saw Mika walk out of the classroom. “Mr. Harris, why don”t you walk with Mr. Simms to the office, since you”re both headed in the same direction? You remember where it is, right?”

“Sure,” he said.

It was the first time I heard him speak. The timbre of his voice was so warm and friendly. My heart started doing somersaults in my chest.

“Uh, so you alright?” Mika asked as we started walking. The corridors were still empty, since everyone was still outside for lunch. Our footsteps echoed off the lockers on either side of the hall.

I tried to make my voice work. “Uh, yeah, I guess. So uh.” I cleared my throat. “Did you just move here?”

“Yeah over Christmas,” he said. He looked over at me and smiled brightly.

I felt my stomach lurch.

From up close, he looked even better. Other than a set of dark circles under his eyes, which is something that every teen had these days, he was immaculate. Maybe a bit younger looking than I expected, but being freshmen, it was weird like that. Some guys still looked like 8th graders, and others looked older. I was kind of in between.

We talked randomly the rest of the way. He was in different classes than me basically every period except English and PE. Oh man, as soon as I heard that, I knew I had it bad, because I suddenly felt like the luckiest guy in the world. I”d actually be able to see him shirtless and in his underwear as we changed.

I felt my dick twitch at the thought. Oh Aiden, you”re in such deep shit.

I couldn”t tell from his voice if he was gay or not, and I wasn”t about to ask, ugh. Rebecca would probably hate me for not being more up front about it, but I couldn”t spoil the moment. He seemed so nice. I loved the way he”d glance at me as we talked, rosey cheeks dimpled from the quirk of a smile on his lips.

Yep, Aiden, you”ve got it bad, dude.

We arrived at the office way too soon and he waved good-bye as he went into the student resources area. I gave a deep sigh and headed to see the nurse.

I found her filling up a container with some of those gross wooden tongue depressors. She looked me over quickly and put some kind of balm on the lump that had formed on my eyebrow.

“You need to watch where you”re going, hun,” she said as she dabbed a q-tip roughly at the thing. I winced from the slight pain.

“I will, Ms. Lane.”

* * *

I found myself thinking about nothing but going to PE all afternoon. That was a mind fuck, let me tell you. I”m not a sporty kid at all. Not like you”d think so anyway, looking at me. Puberty only hit me like a year ago, and I”ve grown a lot since then, but compared to some of my classmates, I still looked like a kid. Jacob was already starting to get taller than me, and last time I saw him without a shirt, his chest seemed to have a bit of muscle to it.

Me, though? I”ve gotten taller, my pubes started growing in, but I still had a layer of baby fat on my stomach. It was kind of annoying.

So yeah, not sporty.

Anyway, I couldn”t stop thinking about going to PE. And the day just dragged the fuck on like shitty movie that just wouldn”t end.

Finally, the bell rang and I was released from the tortures of math class into the dreary haze of the afternoon. It managed to rain at some point, but mostly the sun hid behind a motionless cover of clouds. The gym locker room (which of course was across campus from my math class) was already noisy and filled with half-dressed teen boys by the time I got there. Normally, this would have already made my day, but I was on the hunt.

I scanned the room for Mika.

“Hey, fag. What are you staring at?” The insult was accompanied by a small chorus of laughter. I felt a shove on my shoulder and almost lost my balance.

I knew the voice. I didn”t even have to look. It was Benjamin Butler: grade-A bully and certified asshole. Him and his two fucking satellites, Jeremy and Stiles.

You”d think that in San Diego you wouldn”t have any homophobes. And, for the most part, you”d be right. I”ve been out since I was 12 (and crushing on boys for a lot longer than that, ugh). But not everyone”s great, and most people, even if they have no problem with you, probably won”t stand up for you in the face of someone like Ben.

“Hey. I asked you question. What esat escort are you, a fag and retarded?”

More laughter from his friends. I felt my cheeks flush.

Ben was huge for his age. He could easily pass for even a junior, and Jeremy and Stiles weren”t much far behind. I knew I couldn”t do anything to him. And even if I was like, I don”t know, a kung fu master or something, I still wouldn”t have the guts to actually do anything.

Why did fucking Ben Butler have to be in the same fucking PE class as me?

“Leave me alone, Ben.” I managed to mumble.

He smirked savagely. “Or what?”

Before I could say anything, Coach Gallardo stepped out of his office nearby and shouted. “Gentlemen! I suggest we pick up the pace if we don”t want to be running laps all period.”

I glanced over at him and saw him looking right at us. Next to him stood Mika, already dressed for PE. Ugh, disappointing.

“See you later, fag boy,” Ben muttered as he shoved past me with a heavy shoulder.

The room was emptying out already, so I hurried to my locker to change.

The gym was basically the basketball courts. All of the bleachers were collapsed back against the far walls to give a wide open space for our activities. We were on one side of the courts with Coach Gallardo, and all the girls were on the other with Coach Cohen.

As we lined up for stretches, I glimpsed Mika a few rows in front of me and smiled. The boy even made our shitty PE clothes look good. The short shorts gave me a perfect view of his smooth legs and bubble butt. Yum. I didn”t see any leg hair, which just reinforced my feeling that he was a bit of a late bloomer. The SDHS t-shirt he wore was a bit big on him, but somehow I felt he was totally pulling it off.

We ran some laps after stretching, which tired me out pretty quick. Then Coach Gallardo split us into four teams and had us play basketball on some mini courts he divided the big space into. I wasn”t on a team with Mika, which kind of sucked. But maybe that was a good thing, because I suck at basketball and, from what I saw from the few glances I was able to steal of his game, he was actually pretty good.

He wasn”t the shortest kid but he was shorter than most of the guys he played with. Despite that, he seemed really quick and was able to score a few times on kids like Ronnie Burges, who was on the freshman basketball team.

By the time we headed back to the locker room, I was completely exhausted. When I got to the row where my lockers were, Ben Butler shoved me hard with his shoulder as he passed by and snickered.


I had just taken off my sweaty shirt when I saw Mika walk over to the lockers behind me with Ronnie Burges in tow. Mika was shirtless, having draped his damp shirt over his arm like a serving towel.

Holy shit. He was even more beautiful than I had imagined. The rest of his body was as smooth as his legs. I couldn”t even see any hair peeking out from underneath his arms. I briefly wondered whether he even had hair down there, but just as quickly I tried to think about something else, otherwise I was going to pop a hard-on right there. And fuck knows that”s some shit I didn”t need.

His torso was beatifully androgynous in its shape. Tapered waist, slightly wider shoulders that I felt weren”t going to get much wider. It looked like he had a bit of muscle underneath his belly and chest, but it was gorgeously smooth and glistening from the exertion.

He was totally different than Nick Rowley. And I loved him for it.

Mika laughed easily at some joke Ronnie made that I didn”t quite hear, and they high-fived each other.

Nope, no underarm hair.

Ronnie left Mika to fiddle with his combination lock and I quickly pulled on a clean shirt before Mika could see me and pass judgement.

I managed to steal another glance his way as he slipped out of his gym shorts and fished the jeans out of his locker. Oh fuck oh fuck. The immediate rush of blood to my dick had me instantly turning around and practically hugging my locker door as I tried to think of anything to quell my instantly hard cock.

He was wearing these short, tight, navy blue trunks that I”ve never even seen anyone wear outside of an underwear ad. It hugged his plump buttocks and perfectly outlined the shape of them. Two ripe melons, ready to burst.

Did he even know what he was doing? What kid our age had any business looking like that?


I finally got my erection under control and finished changing. I glanced at the clock on the far side of the room and realized I needed to leave. If I was late to get picked up by my sister, my mom was going to chew me out when she got home.

When I finished getting my stuff together, Mika had just closed his locker.

“Hey, so, Mika,” I managed to say as I grabbed my phone and zipped my backpack shut. “How was your first day?”

He turned to me and smiled broadly. “Oh, hey Aiden. Yeah, it was awesome.”

Awesome? I couldn”t imagine that for anything, but I smiled back. That gave me a thought. “So, um, what”s your Insta? We should follow each other.”

His smile ebbed slightly. “I don”t have one. I”m, uh, not allowed to.”

“Oh, yeah no I know how that is,” I said quickly. “My mom didn”t even let me have a phone until last year.” She still didn”t really want me on social media. But I managed to convince her that it was the only way I could talk to my friends. “We can just text if you want, then.”

“Yeah, sure.”

Score! We exchanged numbers. As I typed his digits into my phone, it took all my effort not to squee and burst into flames. For years I had been crushing on Nick Rowley and he barely even knew who I was. Now, the first day I meet Mika, I”ve got his fucking phone number in my phone.

“Mika?” Coach Gallardo leaned into the row of lockers and spotted us. He looked at me and I thought I saw the curl of a smile touch the corners of his lips, but he only nodded. “Mr. Simms, class is over. You should be on your way.”

“Yes, Coach.” I said quickly, and grabbed my backpack.

“Mr. Harris. I”ve been waiting for you in my office so that we can complete that paperwork.”

“Yeah,” Mika muttered. “Sorry. I”m going. See you later, Aiden.”

I smiled to myself as I left the locker room and headed to the parking lot. Turns out, my first day back wasn”t that bad after all.

* * *

This concludes Chapter 6. The next chapter will switch back to Mika”s perspective, and I think I”ll be jumping between some characters in the coming chapters to give some fresh angles on things.

Please tell me what you think of the story so far! Your feedback gives me the energy to keep writing. Send me a note at ail. Lots of love

* * *

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