One Hour Stand

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You enter my room, and I lay on my bed, patiently waiting for you. The lights are off, because there broken. Blind of each other, we make small talk, and then I start to describe myself to you

“I’m of average height (maybe a tad short, but not too much) with a slender frame, and pale skin. My eyes are bluish-gray and I have luxurious long brown hair.”

“What are you wearing?”

” I have my glasses, a blanket, and a hungry smile on my waiting lips, lover. That’s it.”

I ask what you me to do for you, describing how sensitive my milky skin is. I lay, waiting expectantly, caressing my thighs, my side, and my chest. I’m enjoying the ecstasy that even the cold air thrills me with. I ask you what you want to do to me, that mischievous smile crossing my lips again.

You grab my hair and place your dick in my mouth commanding me.


Sure thing, lover. I take you into my mouth, all the way so my nose reaches your belly. I gag, but not heavily, I’ve been working on that. güvenilir bahis The warmth of you fills my mouth, touches my throat, and I pull you back out, slowly, dragging your head along my tongue. I have just the tip in my mouth, and I hold you in my right hand. I lick all around, tasting you and savoring you like expensive chocolates, and my left hand comes up to tease your scrotum. I gently move my fingers along it, feeling the roughness of it. The little hairs brush my skin. I love that electric sensation on my fingertips, as I enjoy the feeling of you on my lips. I’m lapping you, lover. I take you in slowly. You’re halfway in, and then out again, in and out, pumping you softly with my right hand, feeling you, truly exploring under you with my left. You issue the next command.

“Rim me.”

I lay you down on the bed, front first, and you bend, lifting up your rear, inviting my mouth. I spread your cheeks, licking again, slowly around the center, teasing the hole, I stick my tongue in a little bit, and güvenilir bahis siteleri pull it back out and move lower to focus it on your scrotum again, though this time with my mouth rather than my hand. I return, caressing your manhood as I focus on the hole, licking lightly, sticking my tongue in and out, in and out. You tire of this, and issue the next command.

“Bend over.”

I get down on all fours as you position yourself behind me. You enter my rear, and demand I spread my own cheeks this time. My face falls into the pillow as I lose the support of my arms, and I turn my head to the side so that I can keep breathing. You grab my hair, pulling my head up, and start to fuck me. Slowly at first but picking up speed. In and out, in and out. As you move faster and faster you wrap more of my hair around your hand. I’m moaning. It hurts so good, lover. You move your hips faster, and faster, fucking my ass hard, and I’m dripping onto the bed sheets now. I feel you throbbing, I know you’ll be there iddaa siteleri soon, and so do you. You pull out and spin me around by my hair, shoving your cock into my mouth and fuck my face even harder. You explode, and delicious cum splashes onto my tongue. There’s so much of it that it runs down my throat without me even trying to swallow. You pull out, depositing along the way, in my mouth, and then all over my face, covering my glasses, and finally aiming at my hair. My long, luxurious brown hair. That’s what I wanted after all, to have someone, anyone, cum in my hair. That’s why I’m here. Not for your pleasure, nor for anyone to get me off. I craved to have that sticky, white liquid in my hair. You start to wipe off, using my locks as a towel…

And then you’re gone. You’ve signed off, leaving me frustrated and feeling used. I furiously masturbate, trying to get myself off while I’m still so anxious. I shudder and cum hard into a pair of discarded underwear, my glasses fly off from the convulsions. I lie there and moment, savoring the afterglow that lasts for too little a while, and then sit up to clean myself off, all the while reflecting that if I were to have a one night stand in the real world I’d be left feeling even more alone and pathetic.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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