One Night Away

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Finally!! A night away!! Away from normal life. Responsibility. Schedules. The Usual.

We’ve just had a nice dinner out. You in a sweater and coat. Me in a slinky dress and heals. A table by the window overlooking the river. The lights of a small town during the holidays. More seafood than we can eat. Drinks. Conversation. Perfect.

Back in the room, we decide on a mediocre movie on the hotel tv. It’s time for Food Coma. You pour two glasses of wine from the hotel’s mini fridge. I kick off my heals, hike up my dress to my hips, and stretch out on the couch with my legs across your lap. I’m on my side with my legs curling around you. You throw a blanket over me. Your hands are under the blanket and you massage warmth back into my frozen toes.

We sip the wine and my brain zones out at the movie for a while. It really isn’t a good movie at all, but this is still nice. Your hands feel so good on my feet. It’s so relaxing. Rubbing. Pressing. Warm and strong. They soften and you just stroke gently up and down my leg. Soft strong hands on soft smooth skin. Waking up all my nerves. Your fingers moving higher with each pass. But, you take your time about it. Electricity just below the surface.

Palm to skin now. It moves up my thigh, over my hip, one finger purposefully catching on my thong. Snap. Across and up my tummy before slipping just a little under my bra at my sternum. Then making it’s way slowly back down to my ankle.

As we sit there together, you do this a couple of times. Slowly mixing it in with the other touches. I attempt to keep my breathing slow and even but it’s so difficult with your hands on me. You eventually lay down behind me on the couch. Spooned together. I feel all of your body curving with mine.

Your head on your other arm. That hand in my hair. Twirling strands. Playing in the curly mess. The other hand to my skin. You tug my dress a little higher under the blanket and you explore me. All of me. You know my body so well already but your fingertips always seem to be memorizing me. Mapping me.

A finger grazes the edge of my underwear. Thumb slides under the wire of my bra. You reach between my legs and feel her warmth through the lace. Cupping and then squeezing my breast spilling out of my bra. My breaths becoming quick and shallow.

“I thought it was time for a good food coma” I say quietly.

“It bahis şirketleri was… but…” As you push my dress higher. You kiss my neck from behind and press your hips against my ass. There he is. I let out a whimper. You do it again. I sit up and pull the dress off over my head. You sit up and I climb on your lap.

We look at eachother for a moment. The calm before the storm. You push a stray curl off my forehead and your fingers run through my curly bob. They stop on the back of my head and tighten. You pull my face to yours and we kiss deeply. It seems there’s no time for tenderness. Just fire. I’m alright with that.

I unbutton your sweater. Slip my fingers into your chest hair. So many sensations all at once. A slight chill on my skin, your lips against mine, my hips grinding against you, your hands on me, my hands on you, him hardening beneath me.

Your hands. God. Everywhere. In my curls, scratching down my back, pulling my hips against yours.

Why are you still wearing pants??

I scoot back and stand off of you. I unbutton your pants as you get rid of your sweater. You raise your hips off the couch so I pull briefs and pants down at the same time as I kneel between your legs. You know what’s about to happen.

My tongue flicks over your hard tip as my hands work. One running up the inside of your leg as the other wraps around him. Thick, long, hard. It can’t be real.

I guide him fully into my mouth as my right hand cups the boys up between your legs. I start slow. A little of your length at a time. In and out of my mouth. Sucking. Wetting. Licking. You look down at me with sparks and lust in your eyes.

Your hand on the back of my head again. I look up at you as my lips slide down your hard, wet shaft. Our eyes meet as my lips hit his base. You see bright red painted lips wrapped around him. Your mouth opens a little in reaction as you breathe harder.

You push my head all the way down onto him. Deep in my throat. Your other hand to my neck to feel where he is. You bounce my head up and down on him till I gag and have to back away for a second. You always look so lustful and slightly guilty after doing this. Your moments of dominance are so fucking sexy though!

You try to pull me back into your lap as I stand and take off my underwear.

“Not quite yet” I say with your hand bahis firmaları pulling at my hip. You want her.

“Oh really. It’s like that?”

“Mmhmm. No quickie tonight”

I reach for my glass of wine and drink while I walk to my suitcase. Pull my little pink vibrator out of a pocket. You watch my hips sway as I walk to the bed with toy in one hand and wine in the other.

You take the glass from me, sip, and set it aside as you push me to the middle of the bed. Pillows and blankets get pushed off to the floor. We need all the space for this important work.

We kiss and touch. Me on the bottom. Legs to either side of yours. My hands free to run over your back, your ass, up your chest to your neck, cup your face as you kiss me. Tongues entwine. Holding yourself over me with one hand, the other has been all over me. My tummy, splayed over my ribs, massaging my breasts, pushing my hair out of the way to nibble my neck. It strays south and you finally feel how wet you’ve made me. You smile and groan. “She’s drowning down there.” Fingers exploring her. Sliding around the outside and then entering.

You kiss down my body at the same time. The movement of your fingers makes me moan while your lips and teeth make me bite my lip. Kissing behind my ear. Down my neck. Nibbling across my collar bone. The tip of your tongue skating down to my very hard nipple. You prop on your elbow so your other hand can be free to massage, pinch, squeeze my other breast as your mouth devours this one. All of my muscles tighten as you make me feel everything.

My hands can’t decide whether to grab on to you or the mattress. I moan and my hips buck against your hand. Your head moves lower. Kissing down my tummy. Nibbling the inside of my leg. Just at that interior angle. Then a little lower. Your fingers inside me get a little frenzied. Moving so fast. So much sensation!! You bite down on my inner thigh as I feel a wave sweep over me. She starts pulsing as I cum against your hand and you smile. You just love to make me cum.

Once I’ve quieted down a bit, you start licking her. Fingers still working inside. Mouth and tongue driving my clit crazy. I cum again. After the first one they tend to just keep washing over me. You scoot off the bed and stand. You pull me around so my head is hanging off the edge while I’m still on my back.

“Will you kaçak bahis siteleri suck my dick again, please?” You ask so politely as your hands find my tits again. I hold onto your hip as you put him back into my mouth. One of your hands strays to mine. The one still holding my forgotten toy. Your thumb presses down over mine to turn it on. You move my hand (and the toy) down to where it should be. I feel it and moan around him in my mouth. You watch me play as you slowly start fucking my face upside down.

The pulsing of the toy makes me cum again quickly and you pull him out of my mouth so I can breath deeply and cry out my climax. You give me just enough time to catch my breath before putting him back in.

You swap between holding onto my tits and holding my face as you pump your hips against me. I keep playing with my toy. You really like watching me play. I crest again quickly and you leave him in my mouth this time. Swallowing, moaning, and breathing around him. Your body shakes as you hold back so I can enjoy another moment.

“God damn, boy. Get over here and fuck me.” As I move back to the middle of the bed. You climb between my legs and raise my feet to your ears as you enter me. Finally!! You are rock hard and start driving into me. Holding onto my thighs tight as you pull my body against yours. So deep. She’s so fucking wet.

How do you get her so wet???

You part my legs and bring your body down against mine. You kiss me and then bury your head against my neck as you groan. You feel so damn good. Sliding in and out. In and out.

You grab my waist and pull as you roll us over. Me on top now. I try not to lose the rhythm. I settle my hips down against yours and grind. He’s so deep it almost hurts. But, it’s in the best way. I ride you till you grunt and moan. So close. “Oh god” “Fuck! That pussy feels good” “Baby, I’m gonna cum” and you do. Your body tenses. He starts to pulse inside me. Your face says ecstacy almost to the point of pain. Your hands are gripping my thighs so tight I’ll probably have little bruises from your fingertips. I’m such a peach, after all.

I slow my hips. Let you ride it out. Tighten her around him and you gasp again. A giggle slips out as you come down from the peak. For a moment you look completely lost and spent. Then your eyes focus on me again and you grin as you sigh. “God damn, girl. You know how to ride.”

We’re both panting. You’re still inside me. I lay down on top of you. Hands behind your head. My head on your chest. Your arms come around me.

“Fuck.” I sigh.

“Yeah we did” you whisper.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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