One Year After The Reunion Ch. 03

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My name is Rob and I recently retired from an IT position with a major grocery chain. I’ve been traveling through my old territory searching for a nice place to settle down. I’m up in Idaho getting reacquainted with some lovely ladies I met last year. I’ve spent the last couple of days with a couple sexy MILFs named Stacy and Carol. We celebrated Carol’s 49th birthday in style with many great orgasms for the three of us. I swear those ladies wore me out. I don’t know if I could survive more than a week in their company.

I was lucky enough to have met Stacy, Carol and their friend, Tess last year at a high school reunion which I crashed. At the time, Tess was the main lady for my affection. We spent a wild weekend getting to know one another and making love in a Mustang with the top down and in her spa with Stacy. Tess has moved up to the Boise area and fortunately Stacy has her new address. I’m on my way up Interstate 84 to spend time with this goddess.

As I drive north, my mind is reeling with memories of our weekend together. I recall when she handed me her panties on the dance floor at the reunion. It was the first sign that she had plans for me. That weekend we got to know each other physically. I was immediately drawn to her Triple-D size breasts with ruby red areole and thumb size nipples. I remember the weekend like it was yesterday. The vision I have of her shaved pussy with soft puffy outer lips and inner labia that hang low and are so suckable. My cock is getting hard as I drive.

I drive past the airport as I make my way into the Boise metropolitan area. Not too much further and I’ll be reunited with my dream lady, Tess. She actually lives in Eagle, Idaho. It’s a small community just a little north-west of downtown. I see the sign for the South Eagle Road off-ramp and my cock twitches in anticipation. I have her address plugged into my GPS. She said she lives in an apartment community full of four-plex units, two on the bottom and two on top. She lives in a top unit.

I drive to the complex and spot her apartment number. As I pull up to the curb, I see Tess standing outside at the bottom of her building. My heart skips a beat and my cock twitches again. She is wearing the same light green summer dress she wore on that memorable Sunday at the Snake River. Tess waves and has a smile a mile wide. I can’t turn the engine off and get out of my car fast enough. I walk towards her as she runs to me. Those massive tits shake side to side and I know at once she is bra-less, just like that Sunday. We meet up and embrace in a tight hug. Our lips meet in a welcome kiss that lasts several moments.

“Oh my god Rob, it is so great to see you. I’ve been looking forward to this since Stacy called a few days ago. How are you? You look fantastic.”

“I’ve missed you so much Tess, I can’t tell you! You’re the one looking fantastic, you are so beautiful. You are a vision wearing your green summer dress.”

“Oh stop! You like! I thought I’d surprise you wearing the dress you last saw me in.”

We continue to hug and kiss for several minutes. In no time, I feel Tess’s tongue press against my lips. I open my mouth and our tongues parry back and forth. Her Triple-D boobs press into my chest and I feel her hard nipples. She is definitely bra-less.

We finally break apart and Tess grabs my hands in hers. She looks over to my car.

“What, no Mustang convertible?”

“Nope, this is my car. No rental this time. It does have a sunroof though and lots of room in the backseat.”

I smile and wink, wondering if she catches my drift. I can see her standing up through the sunroof with her big tits exposed to the world. I drive a 2016 Toyota Avalon with all the bells and whistles. I bought it as a retirement gift to myself.

Tess is so excited, “Come in, come in and see my apartment. Do we need to get your bags out of the car? Are you hungry? I’ve got some yummy appetizers waiting for us.”

“Just one suitcase.”

We hold hands as we walk over to my car and grab my suitcase from the trunk. I close the trunk and we kiss again. I can’t help staring at her wonderful big tits as they strain against the sheer fabric of her dress. She is showing plenty of cleavage.

I focus my attention back to her face, “I’m so happy to be here. You have to tell me everything that’s new. How’s your new job? Wow, a promotion, good for you. How do you like Boise? We have so much to catch up.”

“I know, I know. First let’s get you settled and then we’ll eat and drink. We have all the time in the world.”

Tess grabs hold of my arm and hugs me close to her. The suitcase is in my other hand as we make our way to her building and up the stairs. Tess’s apartment is on the right at the top of the stairs. She shares the balcony with the people on the left. I hear some commotion through the screen door of the other apartment.

“Oh gawd Doug, fuck me hard. I love your cock, it’s so big. Geez, give it to me big boy, make me cum, make me squirt like you always do. It feels so good.”

I bursa escort look at Tess; she looks at me and just shrugs her shoulders. She motions for us to enter her apartment.

I can’t help myself, “What the hell was that?”

Tess laughs, “That was my neighbors. They always leave their door open and are quite vocal, aren’t they?”

“Oh my god, how often does that happen?”

“Let’s see. Oh, maybe four or five times a week. Sometimes more. They are quite the sexual monkeys; and at all hours of the day or night.

I’m astounded, “Really, you’ve got to be kidding?”

“I wish I was.”

I smirk, “Ever thought about joining them?”

Tess slugs me in the shoulder.


“No, I have not. The funny thing is that she is a BBW and probably weighs about 270 pounds and he is thin as a rail. I’d guess they are in their mid to late twenties. The most mismatched couple I’ve ever seen. But they seem to be insatiable; he must have a huge cock. They are nice kids, though. We talk and exchange pleasantries. Other than their incessant banging, they seem pretty normal.”

I open Tess’s screen door and lean my head out.

“Oh Missy, your cunt is so wet and so hot. It’s feels good around my big cock. Let me cum on your ass? I want to cover you with my jizz.”

“Oh yeah Doug, cover me in your goo. Keep fucking me until you cum. I love how you stretch me. Pound me.”

I pull my head back in and close the screen door.

I look at Tess, “Well that was interesting; you listen to this day and night?”

Tess laughs, “Pretty much. Even when I close the front door, I can still hear them through the walls. I think they shout on purpose; they want the neighbours to know how active they can be. The worst part is their bedroom backs up to mine and their headboard bangs against the wall.”

“I’m so sorry Tess.”

“Not to worry, I won’t be here for long.”

“What are you planning to do?”

“I sold my house down south and it closed escrow at the end of February. I figured I’d rent for several months and check out the neighborhoods to see where I might fit in. I plan to buy within the next half year or so. You want to know a wicked secret? Sometimes when they are really randy and loud, I’ll take out my vibrator and masturbate as I listen.”

“Tess, you are naughty.”

“Enough about the neighbors, let’s have something to eat, and then you are going to tell me what you have been doing all year long. Oh, by the way, I plan to keep you captive here for several days.”

Tess grabs my suitcase and takes it to her bedroom. She meets me in the kitchen as I open a bottle of Chablis. She walks up to me and wraps her arms around me, pressing her bra-less tits into my chest once more.

Tess whispers in my ear, “Let’s make some sounds of our own.”

We break apart and Tess pulls a tray out of the refrigerator, loaded with veggies, meats and cheeses. I grab the basket of bread from the counter and we sit together at the kitchen table. I fill Tess in on the past three days and my adventures with Stacy and Carol as we dine. I tell her all about our shopping excursion to the Adult Store along with the exhibition she put on for me and the clerk.

Tess smiles, “That’s Stacy for you. She has no fear and since her split with her husband, I swear her libido has shot through the roof. She and I have spent some time there. We would try on the lingerie, but only for each other in the fitting room. There were a few times we played around with each other as we tried on panties and bras. Once she grabbed a double-sided dildo from the shelf and we got each other off. We almost got caught that time. I know, we are so bad.”

“You two are bad! What became of the dildo?”

“We left it there in the fitting room and Stacy scribbled a note saying it was a tester and for anyone to help themselves.”

Tess and I laugh hysterically. I almost choke on my glass of wine. I tell her about Stacy’s little stunt at the grocery store and dinner at the steak house.

Tess inquires, “So, did Carol like her gifts? I bet the corset looks fabulous on her.”

“She did, but when she opened the box, I swear she turned as red as the corset. And then when she realized we bought her a vibrator, she just froze. Stacy had to finish opening it for her. She got over her fear quite nicely, because she woke Stacy and I at 3:30AM with the buzzing sound as she was masturbating with it.”

Tess presses me for details. I tell her about Stacy and Carol showing off their corsets and then joining me on the bed. I also tell her how we groomed Carol’s mop of pubic hair into a nice thin triangle and shaved her lips; how we ate her new shorn pussy and brought her to her first orgasm of the evening.

Tess is amazed, “I’ve been telling her to tidy up for a year now. How did you convince her?”

“I don’t know that we really convinced her. Stacy just took it upon herself to trim her pubes and took control. I think Carol was still in a wine stupor and provided no resistance. escort bursa She was quite pleased with the result, though.”

Tess giggles,” I can’t wait to go down on her. It will be a whole new experience.”

Tess continues to pester me for details as we munch on the meat and veggies. We have nearly finished the bottle of wine, so Tess grabs another bottle from the fridge and opens it. I tell Tess about the change in Carol’s attitude and how she demanded that I make love to her. And how Carol took control, got on top and rode me until I came inside her pussy.

Tess confides, “You know, you are only the second man to make love to her. It’s just you and her husband. I’m betting she prefers you. Good for you, and I’m so happy for her. We’ve been trying to get her to experiment with sex for over two years now.”

“Tess, I have to ask. Is it OK for me to tell you all of this? I mean, go into details and admit I had sex with other women. This won’t affect our relationship will it? My whole point in coming up to Idaho was to be with you again.”

“Of course it doesn’t affect us, sweetheart. I’m just so happy for Carol. It doesn’t matter that I have to share you. Besides, you are here now with me and I intend to rock your world.”

Just as Tess reassures me that we are good, we hear a knock, knock, knock against the wall in Tess’s bedroom.

I question,”Geez, don’t those two ever quit?”

Tess laughs, “No they don’t. And I think it’s time we joined them. Grab the wine and meet me in the bedroom.”

I grab the bottle and glasses and walk into her bedroom. Tess takes time to put away the food and joins me. The bedspread is already pulled down and candles are glowing on a few desks. The knocking on the wall continues at a frenetic pace.

“Wow Tess, it looks like you were anticipating some romance today?”

“Yes I am. And now stop talking and make love to me, like those two next door.”

I walk up to Tess and slide the spaghetti straps off her shoulders. Her green dress drops to the floor and Tess is naked once again in front of me. My cock is already hard as I gaze at her perfectly round breasts and ruby red areole and nipples. I think to myself how often I have masturbated to this vision over the past year. I place my palms under her Triple-Ds and bend my head down to her erect nipples. I lick each one several times before latching on to her left nipple and sucking gently on the nub. I suckle for several moments and then switch over to her right breast. Tess has her hand wrapped around my head and pulls me tight into her soft flesh.

Tess sighs, “Mmmm, how I’ve longed for your touch.”

I release her nipple from my lips, Tess backs up to her bed and sits. She grabs my belt and pulls me to her. Tess unbuckles my belt and unzips my pants. In one fell swoop, my pants and underwear are down on my ankles. My cock springs forward and Tess grabs my shaft.

“Now this is what I want, what I crave. I’ve missed this cock. I’m so glad you came to the reunion last year.”

Tess moves closer and licks the tip of my cock. She swirls her tongue around my glans. Tess squeezes my cock and grabs my balls with her other hand.

“We had fun that night didn’t we? Now, which high school did you go to? Edison?”

Before I can respond, Tess smiles, pulls down and squeezes my balls. She lets me know she dated a boy from Edison and knew everyone at the school. She didn’t recall ever seeing me on campus.

I groan, “You have to admit it was a good con.”

Tess responds by taking me deep into her mouth. She wraps her lips around my stiff shaft and sucks hard. She takes half my seven inches in one swallow. Her mouth is hot and wet as she licks the underside of my cock. I feel a strong suction on my shaft as Tess backs off and releases me with a pop.

“This is why I never let on that I knew about your scam. I was enjoying this beautiful cock all weekend and that wonderful tongue on my clit.”

Tess surprises me by releasing my balls and tapping on my sphincter with her middle finger. She captures my cock again and bobs her head up and down while she pushes and twists her finger into my ass. Tess pumps my cock with her free hand as she sucks harder on my shaft. I throb inside her mouth and feel my climax building as she urges me on. My knees shake while Tess concentrates on sucking my glans and pumping her fist up and down. She senses I am close and doubles her effort.

“Oh sweetheart, I’m so close, I’m going to cum. Can’t last much longer with your finger in my ass. It feels so good.”

Tess applies pressure to my cock and pistons her finger up and down my tight bung hole. Her lips hold tight around my glans as several spurts of cum fill her mouth. With each release my hips rock and jerk. Tess keeps her lips wrapped around my cock as she massages my prostate and pumps my shaft to milk all the jizz I have to offer.

“Geez Tess, I’m hooked on your blow-jobs; I don’t ever want to leave. You are the best.”

My cock begins to escort bursa soften and Tess withdraws her digit from my rear and releases my shaft. She swallows the entire load of cum, savoring the taste and texture. Tess looks up at me, “Mmm, I could enjoy this all day. You certainly had a lot for me.”

Once I come to my senses, I come clean and let her know I actually graduated from high school in Southern California, and it was a few years earlier than 1986.

“So, you knew all along that I wasn’t a local boy from Edison High? And yet you played along all weekend.”

Tess admitted that once she felt my tongue on her pussy, she wasn’t about to let me out of her sight. She had gone too long without sex and she wanted to make the most of that weekend. Well she certainly did.

As I contemplate our next move, we realize the headboard knocking against the wall has stopped. I guess our neighbors came too. Now it’s time for Tess’s orgasm and I want to return the favor. I drop to my knees and spread her legs.

“Lie back Tess and let me take care of you.”

I’ve been looking forward to this feast for a long, long time. I take my time gazing at her lovely pussy with her full puffy outer lips and pink labia. She really enjoyed sucking my cock because she is already wet and glistening. I think back to that night under the table when I first laid eyes on this lovely lady and her smooth pussy. Today, short strands of soft blonde hair covers her mons and outer lips. Her inner lips open like a delicate rose blossom.

I place my hands on Tess’s thighs and move in for my first taste in over a year. My tongue snakes out as I glide up and down her moist lips. Her rich taste has me begging for more. I feel Tess squirm in my hold. I press my lips to hers and suck on her inner flaps. I move my tongue around the soft skin captured in my mouth. Tess lifts her hips off the bed and presses her pussy against me. I flick my tongue back and forth lapping up the juices. I thrust my tongue deep into her inner flesh and lick her lovely flower. Her clit hardens and emerges from its protective hood. Her pink pearl grows harder and longer within my lips.

Tess’s clitoris is larger than most women. I suck on her fully engorged appendage and use my tongue to flick it back and forth and up and down. Tess’s thighs quiver as I bring her close to climax. Her tasty juices flow into my mouth while her thighs press tight against my head. I use the flat surface of my tongue to lap up her inner lips from bottom to top and press against her clit.

“Rob, you have such a talented tongue. I hope you plan on staying around for a while. Gawd, I’m so close, do not stop! Uhhhggg.”

Tess flies over the edge. Her thighs shake and hold my head in a vice like grip. Her sweet juice flows and covers my face as she rides out her climax. After several moments her thighs relax and I am able to move my head. I look up to see her huge breasts move up and down with her heavy breathing. I watch her inner lips flare and pulsate. Her thighs are covered in sweat and girl juice. Her outer lips are pink and puffy. As her orgasm subsides, I watch her clit recede back beneath its hood and her labia close.

I lick my lips and savor the tasty treat. Tess’s breathing slows while I stand and place my hands on the side of her prone body. I lean down for a kiss. She smiles as our lips meet and she tastes her nectar. We share a passionate kiss with lots of tongue action. We both need time to recharge after our first orgasms of the day. We move up on her bed and lay together, me on my back and Tess on her side. She rests her head on my chest. I stroke her back as we enjoy the afterglow under the sheets.

“Thank you for that Rob. I’m very content right now knowing there will be plenty more. We need to think about dinner. What are you in the mood for?”

“Room service, of course.”

Tess smiles, “You are too cute. I need to keep your strength up for the next several days, so how about some meat. I know a great steak and rib joint called Goodwood Barbecue. It’s a short drive and they have the best beef ribs.”

“Sounds good to me. Do they deliver? I’d really like to keep you naked.”

Tess whispers in my ear, “Tell you what; I’ll be naked under my green dress. No bra or panties and you can fantasize all you want. I hope you don’t mind my fuzzy pussy for a few days, I’m sure you were looking for a nice smooth pussy to play with. I’m overdue for my waxing and have an appointment with my friend, Antonia in two days.”

Tess, you are so totally sexy, you could have a forest like Carol and I wouldn’t mind. I’ll take care of you, hair or no hair.”

“You know how to say just the right thing. Hey, I’ll take you with me. How would you like Antonia to take care of you? She would love to get her hands on this cock. She told me she has a few male customers and loves to wax them. She deliberately handles them so they get erections while she works.”

I tell Tess, “Wow, you won’t believe this, but before I retired my travel partner at work made the same offer. Her wax lady provided special services for Charlene, a waxing and orgasm combo. I retired before she got around to taking me. The lady worked for European Wax Center, but provided her special services at her home.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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