Our First Anal

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I thought I would share our first anal experience. Anne and I have been married for 12 years and have been very happy together. We booked a night on the town to get out and have some time together. We left the kids with my parents. We booked into a hotel in the city and proceeded to get into a barrage of drinks from various hotels we wandered to and from. We were having a great time.

Anne and I were feeling like, we did not have a care in the world and proceeded back to our room where we were going to shower and go to dinner at a restaurant. As we began to undress, I started to kiss Anne on the neck. In her state she was feeling quite warm and relaxed. We started kissing and immediately forgot about the shower. We undressed as we kissed and began to make our way to our bed.

Anne loves to have her body kissed and starting with her neck and shoulders then working my way down to her breasts and her ribs, lower torso and this drives her wild. As I got to the lower regions of her body she was beginning to move and open herself to me. I began to lick her top of her trimmed pussy hairs. They made a little delta above her opening. The rest she had shaved. The hairs tickle her and in her heighten state, my tongue flicked her clitoris and she came. The pendik escort first of many. It had begun.

The moist flow from between her legs had begun. I continued to lick her until the build up began and she was about to come. Just as I thought she would explode, she pulled my up and proceeded to quickly place me inside her. Once I had penetrated inside her, the heat and moistness was unbelievable. Anne exploded again for her second orgasm but this was huge. She was now panting and screaming for more. I started a rhythm of deliberate and steady movements inside her. I could feel myself moving all the way in and getting to her g spot. This is something we both worked out after years of love making. We knew this is how she had her vaginal orgasms. I kept working at this angle and driving myself towards orgasm. Anne started lifting herself, moving towards my thrusts. As I erupted inside her, she had her third orgasm.

Anne needed a break, we were both sweating and the sheets were drenched and there was our combined juices leaking out of Anne. I asked Anne to get onto all fours so I could lay my head between her legs and catch our juices leaking from her into my mouth. She agreed as long as I didn’t make direct contact as she was too sensitive. I could tuzla escort see her gaping opening and watch as the fluids dripped from her into my waiting mouth. I could feel my cock stirring again.

I was getting turned on watching her pussy lips twitching. I remember the whole area was so wet. I got out from under her and she collapsed onto the bed. She was wet and began to feel cold and Anne asked me to lay on top of her to keep her warm. I did so and felt my semi erect cock press in between her wet cheeks of her behind. Anne actually enjoyed the secure feeling of my body pressed against her and the feeling of my cock pressing against her made her wriggle and accept my placement. I began to move slowly against her, being so slippery and wet it felt great.

Anne began to enjoy the stimulation. She opened her legs apart and began to move herself – sort of just pushing back against me. I whispered to her that it felt great just pressing against her and not penetrating. I began to moan as the feeling was sensational. Anne feeling my hardness increasing was obliging me to come a second time. She began to really push harder against her. Her movements were deliberate and I felt her hand at the base of my cock and felt her push me against her and felt kartal escort my tip feel like it was going inside her. My cock was covered in my come from the first orgasm and it felt like I had entered her pussy but then I heard Anne call out for me to “Fuck her ass” and she moved against me and I realised where I was. Heaven.

Anne had taken over the movements as I almost froze, I didn’t want to hurt her. My cock was not entirely hard and not to its usual size so it was all working. Anne was actually enjoying the feelings. I reached around and began to place my hand over her pussy opening and began to rub her soaked lips. My cock was now going in and out with ease and I could feel myself building up for a second orgasm. Anne called out “Fuck me Alex Fuck my arse” this was the last thing I had heard before I let go and came a second time. I could feel the spurts leap out of my cock and feel them splatter inside Anne. This and with my hand rubbing her pussy gave her the fourth orgasm for the session and left her spent. I had felt like I was drained of all my energy. I remember my cock pulling out of Anne’s arse and the feeling of lying on the wet sheets, I think Anne commented on the fluid seeping out of her and I drifted off to a very deep sleep. We both woke up at 3.43am, almost 12 hours later, we were in need of a shower, dehydration and food, and we were both starved. We had a hot shower, a bottle of water each and ended up in a 69 – we ate each other till we were full.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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