Our Lazy Day

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The morning sun starts to creep through the blinds as you stir. I have been up for a while getting breakfast ready and walk into the bedroom with everything on a tray. As we both have the day off and decided on a lazy one I have prepared strawberries, champagne, fresh cream and yoghurt with fruit. You blink your sleepy eyes at me and smile a ‘good morning’ to me. I smile back, place the tray carefully on the floor and climb under the bottom of the duvet tunnelling my way up to the top of the bed; grabbing your lovely legs as I do so. You squirm as I tickle you and I pop my head out of the top of the quilt and give you your morning kiss. “Breakfast is served, your highness.”

I reach for a strawberry and dangle it above your mouth, slowly lowering it towards your luscious lips. Next I pass you your glass of cold champagne and you take a little sip. We spend the next half an hour feeding each other strawberries and champagne, sometimes dipping them in cream. In between this we kiss and lick up any spills from each bursa escort others’ mouths and bodies.

As you finish your last strawberry and wash it down with a swig of champagne I start to kiss your neck and chest, I work my way down to your lovely dark nipples which are now rock hard and I take my time kissing, sucking and nibbling on them.

As I get down to your gorgeous, flat belly I reach for the bottle of champagne and put a little into the well of your stomach. I lap up the champagne up and move back up to your mouth to share a champagne kiss. Then I move back to your body, this time I don’t stop at your belly. All our kissing and teasing has had a definite effect on you and as I move down to your pussy I breathe in your heavenly aroma. I don’t even have to touch you to see how wet you are, your lips are glistening with your juices. I gently part them and slide my tongue up your wet slit onto your hard clit. Breakfast in bed certainly agrees with you as you are soaked. I use all the techniques bursa escort bayan you have taught me and you are soon responding with moans and groans. After a while I am rewarded with the tell take sign of you grinding yourself into my face, pulling my head into you and arching your back; then with one last throaty gasp you cum in my mouth. I kiss you and you get to taste what I can taste. Then, I pick you up in my arms and carry you towards the shower to continue our lazy day.

I carry you into the bathroom and straight into the shower; soon we are engulfed in steamy water, lost in each others’ arms as we kiss and explore one another’s bodies and mouths. I hold your face in my hands, stare into your beautiful brown eyes and tell you that I could kiss you forever. With that, you slowly drop to your knees, kissing me as you do so. Soon my fully hard cock is in your hands and you tease me with your tongue; licking up and down my shaft and, every now and again, gently sucking me. I lean bursa bayan escort against the tiled wall, eyes fluttering with ecstasy as you go to work on me. I feel myself getting lost and carried away with what you are doing to me and with a throaty gasp I say, “Stop!” and lift you back up onto your feet. “That’s too good.” I say, “And I don’t want to cum…yet.” You smile as we kiss again.

I turn you so that your back is against the tiles and gently lift you up as you wrap your dark, slender legs around my waist. You are still very wet and I am very hard. I gently ease my cock into your tight pussy and you give a little gasp. Even though we have made love so many times I still have to start off gently. As I pick up the pace you bite down on my shoulder. We get lost in each other again as our tongues explore each others mouths. As I feel myself getting close I lean back slightly so that I can start to rub your swollen clit with my thumb. I fuck you harder and you respond; your legs clamp around me, your body tenses and your orgasm sets off mine and we shudder to a simultaneous climax.

The hot water is still pouring down on us and as I gently place you back on your feet we stand under the water in a kissing embrace before washing each other, ready for the rest of our day together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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