Partying with Kerri

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The music was still reverberating through the whole house as he peeled himself off the couch and gave his head a good shake. He looked around at the various bodies lying in states of disarray around his living room. Then he grinned. Last night had been one awesome party.

His folks wouldn’t be home until around suppertime tonight, he reminded himself, looking at the clock on the wall. It was already after noon. He had better get up, he thought, standing slowly.

Again he was thankful that he never got hangovers. After all the drinking he’d done last night, hell even this morning, he should be vomiting up buckets and buckets. But no, not him. He’d gotten used to this kind of lifestyle long ago, before he was legally allowed. Now he only staggered slightly, making his way to the bathroom.

He scrubbed his hand through his spiky blonde hair, grinning. He could still feel the pound of the music, and it amazed him that he or any of the fifty or so people left in his house had managed to sleep through that.

Down the hall he walked, peeking into bedrooms. His sister’s pretty pink canopy bed was filled with one, two…three bodies. Heh, cool, he thought, closing the door.

In his parents’ bedroom, bodies were moving up and down in the silk sheets He chuckled. He’d have a lot of laundry to do, but that wasn’t a problem. He had plenty of time and had been doing things like this since he was a kid, partying as soon as they left. Going away to college didn’t stop him from doing it as soon as he came home on holidays like this.

In the bathroom, he had to kick some guy out into the hallway who had been hugging the toilet bowl. “Go find the kitchen sink, dude,” he said, snickering and shaking his head.

He closed the door, smiling and looking at himself in the bathroom mirror. The sheer curtains softly diffused the light coming in from the one window over it. He reached behind them and opened a window. That would keep the steam to a minimum, which his mother preferred. And he intended to have one helluva hot shower.

He peeled of the long loose shorts he’d been wearing and kicked them to one side. Then he stepped into the shower, sliding the fogged glass doors closed. Turning on the faucet, he turned up the hot water quickly, almost scalding himself. Then he added cold, just a bit, and let the water pour over his feet. Once it was the right temperature, he turned on the shower and just stood there, under the streaming water. That felt so good. The hot water cascaded over his face, and he turned into it. He opened and closed his mouth, rinsing out the dead-cat feeling, and spitting down into the drain.

Man, last night had been so awesome. There had been these two chicks, lesbians for sure. And they’d been going at it on the dining room table. Everyone had just sat around watching them, unless they were in the living room.

He had to admit, he lived a pretty charmed life. Most of the people who had been over were people he’d known since kindergarten, all his hometown buddies and their chicks. It was only because of that that he trusted any of them to come out to the country, to his folks’ big house and property. He didn’t have any neighbors, so no one could complain about the music. And as long as he packed all the good stuff away before the party, and cleaned up afterwards, his parents really didn’t güvenilir bahis care what he did.

Oh and no drugs, he said to himself, laughing. His parents were pretty strict on that, but he didn’t mind. Alcohol was legal so long as you were, and who needed anything more than that?

He could feel the beat in the music changing even in the bathroom and he banged his head, closing his eyes and nodding to the music. He loved this song, it was sort of sexy and intoxicating. A noise made him open turn his head, but he kept his eyes closed.

“Can’t come in here, man. Go to the kitchen if you gotta piss. And go outside if you gotta take a dump!” he called out.

Then he went back to banging his head, rubbing a bar of soap all over his body. Reaching down, he cleaned his cock, lifting up his balls and scrubbing around his groin. He never seemed to get laid at his own parties, which was totally bogus. So many hot chicks were always after him, too. That one girl, Layla, she was there last night and probably wandering around somewhere this morning, too. But he hadn’t gotten anything from her. Chicks hated how he was the perfect host, making sure everyone was having a great time. If he wasn’t wandering around talking to someone, he was sitting and jamming with his bros, which chicks also hated. They liked guys who were good looking like he was, popular. But they hated guys who were more popular than they were. That made him chuckle.

Layla’s little sister had been there, too. She seemed to be a lot younger looking than he thought, but he’d reminded Layla everyone needed to be legal to party at his house and Layla had said of course her sister Kerri was legal. Kerri was a sweet piece of meat. If Layla hadn’t been there, he’d probably have gone after her as best he could while having a good time.

With his hands on his cock now, he stroked himself until he got an erection. The wind suddenly gusted into the shower, moving around the doors somehow as it hit his body, sending pleasant shocks up his over-heated body.

Yeah, Kerri was a tender piece of meat, he thought, masturbating himself. Then, suddenly, another hand joined both of his.

He opened his eyes, blinking and wiping at them.

In front of him stood Kerri, naked, wet from the shower and shyly smiling at him. He didn’t know what to do or say.

That must have been the noise he heard, her walking in. And the cold air he’d felt had been her opening and closing the shower doors.

“What are you doing in here,” he said, still stunned.

“I saw you wake up. And I thought now was the best time to fuck you, since you were so busy last night.”

Her bold words made his cock jump and he looked at her, disbelieving.

“Layla — ”

” — isn’t here and wouldn’t do this.”

He gulped. Kerri was, indeed, a very fine looking girl. She had rounded breasts with brown nipples. And her hair was darker now that it was soaking wet and slicked back. Her dark eyes were shining and smiling at him as she flushed prettily, almost ashamed of her own boldness.

The awkward silence stretched up until the girl got into her knees and put a hand on either of his hips.

“Oh, man,” he said, looking down at her.

How could he be so lucky?

He was always so busy at school, working hard on a music major and a philosophy güvenilir bahis siteleri minor. He got a few dates, a few screws a year, but never anything when he came home. All the girls around his home town were tight asses, or so he had thought.

Kerri’s mouth found his cock and she began to expertly suck him off.

He had obviously not been trying hard enough, or he’d been looking in the wrong direction.

Kerri’s lips were tight around his shaft, and her tongue stroked him eagerly. She flicked the tip of it over the small hole at the end of his cock and he groaned. He reached out, touching her cheek wit his fingertips.

“You are something else,” he said quietly, watching her.

Kerri’s fingers danced up and down his thighs, then she was cupping his balls. She moved her mouth to them, now, and sucked them inside, making him cringe with the tingling almost painful sensations that gave him. He had to put a hand onto the wall to steady himself as she began to make him feel dizzy.

Kerri was sucking him hard now. Her cheeks were pressed tightly to his shaft, and she pulled off hard, her lips tugging around the rim of the head. It made him moan and he felt precum oozing out of his cock into her mouth. She tasted it, and eagerly lapped at him. Then he reached down, pulling her up so she was standing face to face with him.

“You’re too good to be on your knees,” he said.

He put a hand at the back of her neck, tilting her head back and beginning to kiss at her skin. His teeth felt harsh against her flesh, but he didn’t care. She had turned him on so much with what she’d been doing to him, he wasn’t sure he could control himself. Kerri lifted one leg up to his hip and he slid his fingers around it, moving to cup her ass. She was so soft, so tender. He moved her back now, pushing her against the wall of the bathroom stall. Then he ground into her, rubbing against her mons with his hard cock.

“I want you,” she whispered feverishly.

“You’re going to have me, baby,” he answered.

Then he lifted up her other leg. Her hands shot out, desperate to catch hold of anything and finding only a shower caddy for holding shampoo and soap, and the shower door. She clung to them tightly as he lifted her groin up and shoved his cock deep into her. She was so tight, he wondered again at her age. But Layla knew better than to bring underagers around this crowd. So he took comfort in that and continued to plunge himself into Kerri.

She was a wonderful thing in his hands, her ass so soft in his palms. He squeezed her with his fingers, digging in tightly, pulling her against him. She pressed her back into the wall to keep herself balanced, but let him guide her hips over his cock, up and down.

He was going to cum if he kept this up. And he didn’t want to, not just yet.

Kerri moaned. She was pretty excited too. He dropped her feet to the floor of the shower, and quickly turned her around. With a hand on the back of her head, he pushed her cheek against the wet tiled surface. Then his other hand parted her puss, stroking along her clitoris.

He put his mouth against her cheek, forcing two fingers deep inside her, pistoning them in and out of her puss. And Kerri moaned, wriggling against him. She was really ready, now, she was going to cum soon. But he didn’t want to let iddaa siteleri her, not just yet.

He pulled back, looking down at her naked bottom as she rounded it and pushed it out for him. She may not have had any idea what she was offering, but as she stood there, squirming, wanting his touch, he knew what he would have. Slowly he parted her buttocks, rubbing his cock head against her ass hole. Kerri squirmed more, but now she seemed to be trying to get away from him.

Too late, he thought, pushing his member into her ass. She froze, knowing better now than to struggle. And she squealed softly as he pushed himself in deeper. Then, he knew she’d never done this before. She could scream for him to stop, but she didn’t. He smiled, and moved his fingers to her throbbing crevice.

She was so tight, so wet. He began to stroke himself in and out of her bottom, moving his fingers in perfect time with his cock. And again, she was good to go, ready to cum. He pulled his cock out of her ass now. He didn’t want to get off that way. And first, for letting him do that, he wanted to work on her.

The idea tingled in him as he got to his knees, pulling her legs apart wide so that she was struggling to stay upright. Kerri had to lean against the shower wall now, bottom still out, as he moved his mouth behind her. He flicked his tongue out at her chubby lips, then parted them completely, pushing his tongue inside like a snake. He could taste himself inside her. He moved his tongue deeper, finding her crevice and entering it.

Kerri moaned. She wouldn’t hold out much longer.

He moved his finger along the crack of her buttocks, gently teasing over her now-sore anus. He stroked it, igniting the skin there with his gentle touches so to ease her aches. And she squirmed, trying to move on her toes.

His mouth began to push up into her privacy, his tongue diving in and out of her puss. Soon, she was cumming over his lips, pouring her sweet nectar over his tongue. Her walls were tight against him, collapsing and contracting rhythmically. Kerri shuddered, groaning and almost slipping down. He put his arms out, pulling her down to the bottom of the shower, kissing her lips gently and reassuringly.

Then he stood up, putting his head back into the fountain of hot water. He closed his eyes, satisfied.

Maybe he hadn’t cum, but that had been a pretty hot session. And hey, there were other days, right?

Kerri was looking at him, confused. He winked at her.

Guess she wasn’t used to receiving and not being taken, very often. He smiled, closing his eyes again and washing his hair.

Then, suddenly, Kerri’s mouth was working over his half hard cock again.

“You don’t have to, baby,” he said, gasping and looking down at her.

“I want to.”

“You don’t owe me or anything,” he said.

“But that doesn’t mean I can’t, if I want to.”

She looked up at him, her eyes daring him to tell her to stop. But he couldn’t. She felt so good.

Again her mouth was tight around him, washing him with the stray soap bubbles running down his chest. Her fingers stroked the base of his cock into her mouth and she twisted her head side to side, suckling him. He didn’t have to hold back this time. It was easy to give in and cum.

Kerri sucked him hard as he poured his seed into her throat, and he reached out, putting his fingers in her hair. Then she was done drinking him, and was lapping him clean. He looked down at her, feeling dizzy once more.

And he hoped she would stick around once everyone else started leaving.

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