Penny , Ryan Pt. 05

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[Author’s note: All characters in this story are 18-years and older.]


In their Las Vegas hotel suite, Ryan’s, Penny’s, and Suzy’s parents all watched on live nanny-cam video as the three explored the realm of anal sex in Jay and Sally’s family room, 300 miles away in Phoenix.

After the kids had cleaned up with tissues, they apparently decided to relax for a while and cuddle on the pull-out bed. Ryan was in the middle, with a naked girl under each arm. He appeared to be just idly running his fingers over their tits and nipples, not really trying to get them aroused.

Each of the girls had a hand on Ryan’s stomach, and their fingers were gently intertwined with each other.

“So, what do you think would happen,” they heard Suzy ask, “if your folks knew what we were all doing in their family room while they were away?”

“Ryan’s Dad would probably want to join in!” Penny answered with a laugh. “I know he likes to check me out.” Then she added “… and frankly, I like it. I think he’s hot, for an old guy.”

In Vegas, Ron laughed, and said, “Boy, she’s got your number! Old man!”

Ginger added, “Busted!”

Sally laughed, and said, “If she only knew how much she’s been checked out, now!”

“Shh! Shh!” Ron said as he got up to get his laptop. He hit a button on the nanny-cam software, and the image on the screen froze.

“Hey, don’t get pissed,” Ron said. “We’re just joking with you. We’re all sitting here with our dicks and pussies in our hands watching our kids butt fuck each other, too. We’re all in the same perverted boat that you are.”

“I’m not pissed,” Jay said. “Frankly, I’d have been a bit surprised if she hadn’t known I like to look at her. Hell, what red-blooded guy wouldn’t?

“But right now, I want to hear her, too, and you guys are blabbing. I just switched it from the live feed to the recording, so I can back it up.”

He backed it up to where Ron had interrupted Penny, and started, again.

“Ryan’s Dad would probably want to join in!” Penny answered with a laugh. “I know he likes to check me out.” Then she added “… and frankly, I like it. I think he’s hot, for an old guy.”

“I do too!” Suzy said. “I think he and my Dad are both serious FILFs!”

“You’d fuck your father?” Ryan asked Suzy.

“Would you fuck your mother?” she replied, not answering the question.

“Never met her,” Ryan answered, “but I’d sure as hell fuck Penny’s Mom!”

They laughed, and then Penny asked, “How about Suzy’s Mom?”

“As long as Suzy said it was okay, hell yeah! Definitely a pair of MILFs.” he replied. Then he turned to Suzy, and said, “You didn’t tell me whether you’d let your Dad fuck you.”

“I don’t know whether he could get into the incest thing—and I can’t imagine my Mom letting him—but yeah, after all the exploring that we’ve done tonight, I think I could go there.”

“Would you take his big hard dick in your mouth, and suck him off?” Penny said, ratcheting up the language.

Suzy chuckled, and—not to be outdone—replied, “Not until he put his face between my legs, and shoved his tongue as far up my little cunt as he could make it go. Then, after I came all over his face, I’d let him put his cock—which would be dripping with precum—into my mouth, and I’d suck on it while he jerked off. But I’d pull away when I felt him start to cum, and I’d take his load all over my face. Then I’d give him a big cum-flavored kiss.”

Penny laughed at the one-upmanship, and said to Ryan, “And how would you take care of her mother?”

“Well, she wouldn’t be quite as willing as Suzy and her Dad,” Ryan answered, “so the three of us would strip her naked, and tie her to the bed. Of course, she wouldn’t exactly resist very much, either. Her lust would overpower her reservations.

“Then, while Suzy and her Dad played with her big tits and sucked on her nipples, I’d go down on her pussy.

“I’d lap up and down her slit, all the way from her little butt hole to her red pubic hair. I’d make sure to lick and suck on her clit every time I made it back up. I’m imagining that she has a really big one, and sucking on it drives her wild.

“Then, when I had her juices starting to flow, I’d stick a finger up her cunt hole, and begin fucking it in and out while I kept working on her clit.

“Pretty soon, I’d have two, then three fingers jamming in and out of her, and she’d be moaning how much she liked to be stretched. And I’d tell her she was just like her little girl.

“By that time, Suzy would be getting pretty horny, so I’d tell her, ‘Sit on your mother’s face! Put your wet little cunt right in her mouth, and have her lick your juices.’

“And her mother would be so hot at that point, that she wouldn’t even think twice about eating out her own daughter’s pretty little pussy.

“Then her Dad—not wanting to be left out—would get up, put his dripping cock in Suzy’s waiting mouth, escort kartal and start fucking her face.

“That’s when I’d crawl up, and slide my super-hard cock into her Mom’s dripping cunt. While she ate out her daughter’s pussy, and her husband fucked their little girl’s mouth, I’d fuck her hungry hot cunt as hard as I could.”

Penny laughed, and said, “And you teased me about coming up with a script for a porn movie!”

“So, you’re saying, I could act, film, and write?” he said. “A pornography triple-threat!”

“And where’s Penny’s Mom and your Dad while all this is going on?” Suzy asked.

“Somebody has to be behind the camera,” Ryan said with a laugh. “But since you asked, once you suck your Dad off to a big orgasm, my Dad lifts you off your mother’s face, bends you over a chair, and starts fucking you from behind, while you watch my Mom take your place on your Mom’s face, and get her dripping wet pussy eaten, too.”

Penny then took over the narration, by saying, “And that’s when I come in wearing my strap-on dildo. I crawl up behind you, slather your butt with some lube, and then I shove my plastic cock right up your ass while you’re fucking your real one in and out of Ginger’s red-headed cunt.

“That gets Ron hard, again, and he stands up on the bed, and puts his cock in your face. You look at it for just a second or two, and then open your mouth, and let him slide it between your lips. While you’re fucking his wife, and getting ass-fucked, he starts to fuck your mouth, and you discover that you like getting cock as much as you like giving it.

“Watching all this, Ryan’s Dad slips his cock out of Suzy’s pussy, and then starts fucking her up her tight little ass hole.”

Suzy then added, “Then the big final scene where everyone cums right on cue; fade to black; and roll credits.”

They all laughed, and then Ryan started to get up off the bed. “Nature’s calling,” he said.

“So, do you think you could do that?” Penny asked him as he stood up. “Suck a cock?”

Ryan thought for a moment, and then said, “I think I’d like to try it. You two sure seem to like it. And I kind of like the taste of cum … mine, anyway.”

“Hmm,” Penny mused. “So, where can we get a willing cock to join in, and be trusted not to fuck everything up for us?”

A few seconds later, the three kids had left the room, and the four parents were left staring at an empty family room.

“Ho-ly shit!” Ron said, finally breaking Jay’s imposed silence. “Our kids are all as perverted as we are!”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing,” Jay replied with a laugh.

“Not at all!” Ron said. “I’m just wondering if they were serious, or just getting off on talking dirty … I know it got me going!”

“So, how do we find out?” Ginger said.

“Why?” Sally teased. “You interested in getting tied to a bed and ravaged?”

“As a matter of fact, I am,” she teased back. “I’d love to have your step-son stud shove his hard cock up my red-headed cunt.”

“While you look over and watch me take your cum-slut little girl up her tiny little ass hole?” Jay chimed in.

“Okay, we know what we’d like to do,” Sally said with a laugh. “How do we figure out if they’d really be interested in being part of our little group?”

“Yeah,” Ginger said. “How do you broach that subject?”

Jay looked at the clock on the end table. “Let’s get some sleep, and check out first thing in the morning. We heard Ryan tell Suzy that we weren’t going to be home until late tomorrow night, so there’s a real good chance that they’ll be using the house until the afternoon, anyways. If we show up early, maybe we can catch them with their pants down, so to speak. Once it’s out in the open what they’ve been doing, maybe we can segue into what we’ve been doing.”

“What happens if they’re just lounging around the pool when we get there?” Ginger said.

“I haven’t figured that scenario out, yet,” Jay said. “But we’re going to have a five hour car ride to come up with plan-B.”

The sun would be just starting its crawl into the sky the next morning when the two couples would pull away from the hotel, and head south.

In Phoenix, after a relaxing communal shower, where the three kids soaped each other’s bodies, but no one tried to get anyone else aroused, they dried each other off, and went back down into the family room.

Exhausted, and very relaxed, they used the wide pull-out sofa for what it was intended—a bed—and all three were asleep in minutes.

Ryan woke first, the next morning, looked at the clock on the wall, and was surprised to see it was almost 9:00. He crawled off the bed without waking Penny or Suzy, went upstairs to his room, and slipped on a pair of boxers, then went into the kitchen to make coffee.

Half an hour later, both girls appeared, each wearing one of Ryan’s dress shirts.

He looked up, as they entered maltepe escort the kitchen, and said with a chuckle, “Wow! I like that look! You two look better in those shirts than I do, that’s for sure!”

He gave each of them a kiss, and then the two sat at the island while Ryan broke some eggs into a bowl.

As Ryan scrambled the eggs for the three of them, the girls made toast, and put some bacon into the microwave.

“So, how long have you two been screwing each other?” Suzy asked as she poured three glasses of juice. “I mean, I feel a little cheated on, you know?”

“You witnessed the very first time,” Ryan said. “Before Penny made me set this up, we never laid hands on each other.”

“What do you mean ‘Penny made you set this up?'” Suzy repeated.

Sliding the eggs onto the plates, Ryan said, “You got your phone, Pen? Show her the video you took of me that started all this.”

“You sure?” Penny asked.

“Full disclosure!” Ryan answered.

As Suzy watched the low-angle video of Ryan jerking off while watching porn on his computer, Penny related the story of how she blackmailed him into setting her up.

When she was done, Ryan leaned over, kissed Suzy, and said, “Sorry I deceived you, Baby. But I hope you think it was worth it.”

“Most definitely!” Suzy replied. “Feeling Penny’s mouth on my pussy that first time might be the best surprise I’ve ever gotten!”

“I know what you mean,” Penny said. “It’s one thing to imagine it from watching a porn video, but your tongue licking up and down my pussy lips was beyond even my best fantasy!”

After they ate and cleaned up, they went out back to enjoy the hot tube for a while.

The six-person tub was located under a big gazebo roof, and had roll-down sunshades that Jay had actually installed to provide privacy from curious neighbors.

With the shades down, the three kids took off what little they were wearing, and slipped into the bubbling water. All of them put their heads back and enjoyed the hot, swirling water against their bodies.

After a few minutes, Suzy said without talking to anyone in particular, “Boy, this is nice! I see why my Mom and Dad like to come over here and visit so often.”

“It’s hard to believe it,” Ryan said, “but I’m so relaxed, right now, that even though I’m in a hot tube with two gorgeous and completely naked girls, I don’t even have a hard on.”

Penny chuckled, and then slid over next to Suzy. She took her face in her hands, and gave her a long, passionate kiss that involved open mouths, swirling tongues, biting of lips, and soft coos of enthusiasm.

When she finally broke the kiss, Penny looked over at Ryan, grinned mischievously, and said, “How about now?”

He laughed, and in an imitation of The Big Bopper, said, “Oh, baby, you knooow what I like!”

Penny laughed, and then said, “Hey, maybe we should act out that hot tube scene from your Vacation-Rental video, and then head back downstairs.”

“Oh! I’ve got a better one to act out!” Suzy said. “That one you have that takes place in the x-rated movie theater. That is so hot!”

“That reminds me;” Penny said to Ryan. “I never did take you up on your offer to explore your porn stash.” To Suzy, she said, “So, what’s this one about?”

“Well, it’s in this kind of dingy adult movie theater,” Suzy began, “and this guy and his girlfriend—or wife, or whatever—come in, only the guy sits a couple rows back and off to the side from the girl … you know, like they’re not together.

“So, they’re watching the porn up on the screen, and she starts to get horny, and begins rubbing her pussy through her sorts, and sliding a hand up under her blouse to feel her tits. The guy is watching, and he’s rubbing his crotch.

“Well, other people in the theater are watching her, too, and this cute girl, and two guys get up from different places, and move seats to watch her more closely. She notices, and that gets her more horny. So, then …”

“Hey, don’t ruin all the surprising plot twists for her,” Ryan interrupted with a chuckle.

Penny laughed, and said sarcastically, “Yes, I can’t imagine where that might possibly go. But I would like to see it rather than hear about it.”

“All right!” Ryan said, standing up. “Let’s bring in a few chairs downstairs, and set them up like a theater!” He thought for a second, and then asked, “Who do I play? The boyfriend or one of the patrons?”

“Well, the boyfriend only watches for a long while,” Suzy answered. “So, I hope you’re one of the patrons.”

“Good point!” Ryan said.

They all got out, toweled off, and headed inside.

“You know,” Suzy said, “if we’re going to act this out, right, we all need to be dressed to start with.”

“Oh, Pen!” Ryan said, “Wear those white jeans that you have. Those are sexy!”

“I know those!” Suzy said. “Your ass does look great in them!”

Ten pendik escort bayan minutes later, they were all dressed—though none of them wore any underwear—they had the pull-out bed folded back into the couch, and had the four padded kitchen chairs—all with arm rests—lined up side by side in front of the big TV.

In the car heading back from Las Vegas, Jay kept monitoring the nanny-cam app on his phone, hoping the kids would reappear after he watched them get up after having slept together naked.

Because they never returned to the family room, didn’t mean they weren’t having sex somewhere else, of course—the kids’ parents had certainly made good use of the “privatized” hot tube in that regard—but they could also have gone off to the mall.

About a half hour from home, Jay finally saw the three kids come into the room. They were all fully dressed. He watched as they straightened up the bed, and then folded it back into the couch.

“This doesn’t look good,” he said. “It looks like they’re cleaning up. We may be too late to surprise them.”

Then he watched, confused, as they carted four kitchen chairs into the room, and lined them up in front of the couch. He explained what was happening to the others, but no one could come up with a good explanation.

Finally, he heard Suzy say, “Well, it’s not exactly like the theater in the video, but I guess all we need is the one row.”

To which Penny replied, “That’s okay; we’d have to call central casting to get extras if we had many more seats.”

Ryan laughed, and said, “I know a bunch of guys who’d volunteer in a heartbeat, but I’m not about to call any of them!”

In the car, Jay said, “I think they’re getting into roll-playing! They’re going to pretend they’re in an adult movie theater!”

“Faster, Ron, faster!” Ginger encouraged him.

“Yeah, getting a speeding ticket will really help to get us to the church on time,” he replied. “Let’s just hope there’s a lot of cumming attractions at their little theater.”

In the family-room “theater,” Ryan started the video, then took a “back row” seat on the couch. Suzy sat in the right-of-center chair, and Penny took the seat on the far left after she turned out the lights.

The movie started with a man and woman entering the theater, apparently have been on the town. She was dressed in a tight-fitting white below-the-knee gown, and he was in jacket and tie.

They found seats just a little bit away from the scattered eight or ten others in the theater—mostly men—and in short order, she had his erection out of his pants, and was sucking on it as he watched the movie and placed his hand on the back of her head to encourage her.

With his other hand, he reached back, and with her kneeling in her seat, he pulled her dress up, exposing her generous, round ass to the guy a few seats down.

“Well, this certainly doesn’t waist any time getting to the action,” Penny said, having not seen the movie before.

“Hey! Quiet down front!” Ryan said. “Some of us paid to see the movie!” Then he added, “Try to stay in character, Pen.”

She chuckled at having been scolded, and said, “Sorry, Mr. De Mille.”

On the screen, the girl in white was giving her date a great blow job, and the guy down the way had moved into the next seat, and was running his hands over her naked ass. The date noticed, but didn’t object. Encouraged, the guy started running his hand between her legs, playing with her pussy.

“Get her good and wet,” the date said to the guy, “and you can watch her sit on my lap and take my ten inches up her tight little cunt.”

The guy pushed two fingers into her pussy, and began to finger-fuck her. Moaning her appreciation around the big cock in her mouth, she picked up the pace of her blow job.

At that point, the guy and girl that Suzy had told Penny about entered, and went to their separate seats.

As Ryan and Penny watched Suzy, she mimicked the girl on the screen, and she began rubbing her pussy through her pants, and sliding a hand up under her blouse to feel her tits.

At the sight of his girlfriend getting herself off, Ryan began rubbing his crotch … much like the guy in the video.

Penny and Ryan watched Suzy—obviously lost in her roll playing—for a while, and then both got up to move closer. Before he took the seat to Suzy’s right, Ryan unzipped his pants, and took out his rigid cock. He sat down, and when Suzy looked over to see him jerking off his hard dick, she unzipped her own pants, and slid her hand inside, pushing her fingers through her already wet pussy lips.

With her one free hand, Suzy was fumbling at unbuttoning her blouse, so Penny—acting the part of “the cute girl,” leaned over, and whispered, “Hey, there. You look like you could use some help. Mind if I give you a hand?”

“Please do!” Suzy said.

Penny took Suzy’s hand away from her buttons, and guided it to her own crotch. “Rub my pussy,” she whispered in her ear, “while I get your beautiful tits out in the open, so I can suck on them.”

In a few moments, Penny had Suzy’s blouse open, and she helped get it off her arms, and threw it into the “back row.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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