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Short story, just a bit of fun. i did have a physical with a battle axe and a student nurse. The high point was when each woman was holding one of my balls, and I started giggling. Battle axe asked me what was so funny. i said, “I’ve had dreams like this!” They were not amused. Rest assured, nobody under 18, any resemblance to any one blah, blah, blah. You know the drill. It’s a fantasy! Short and sweet. Keep all arms and legs in the vehicle at all times, and be nice in your comments please! The fantastic Darker Binding pointed out my endless mistakes editing this. Any mistakes remaining are mine alone. There is a tiny bit of incest in this, so if that’s not good for you…STOP READING NOW. Go watch TV. Remember, tongue in cheek while reading. Go get a damn physical. It won’t be as good as this one, I guarantee it!



I had been waiting an hour at the doctor’s office for my annual Department of Transportation physical and I was watching the doc literally running out the door.

“- what is the b/p? What is the blood type? Well at least start him on ringers. Call around and see if you can get some A-B neg. We have a list of emergency donors. Is the surgical team standing by yet? I’ll be there in 8 minutes, yes!” …and he was out of the door. I saw my physical leaving with him. The doctor had left the building! Shit!

“Mr. Simmons? Right this way.” An older nurse with Gladis on her name tag pointed to the exam room.

“Good night girls! Have a cold one on me!” She called out to the bunch of other nurses who were leaving en masse.

“Gladis, do you want me to stay with you for security?” One of the other nurses asked her. Gladis looked at me.

“I won’t let anything happen to Gladis. I’ll escort her to her car when we’re done as well. I’ll see to it that she’s well taken care of,” I said to them. It did not occur to me that they might be worried about ME being a problem.

“Gladis, if you would rather reschedule…” I said to her.

“No. You’ve been waiting very patiently for over an hour. This won’t take long. I do have a young nursing student… Would you object to her being here with us as we do your physical? She is still learning what to do and how to do it. I would greatly appreciate it.”

“No, Gladis, I’m fine with her being there. Everyone has to start somewhere right?” I said, thinking back to my own humble beginnings!

“Ok. Thank you… Cindy get the keys and lock the front door, and check for any stragglers!” She spoke to a twenty-something-year-old, red-haired young woman. Cindy hurried, locking up and checking for anyone else in the building. I’m pretty sure it was just us three, as the staff had run out the door at closing time.

“Everyone else is gone, Nurse McKenzie. It’s just you, me, and him! What should I do now?” Cindy asked.

“Let’s get… I’m sorry what is your name again?” She looked at me, waiting.

“Oh sorry, I’m daydreaming. I’m Jack Simmons.” I reflexively extended my hand. She shook it gently.

“Gladis McKenzie. Our young nurse in training is Cindy Jones.” Cindy waved. Gladis was all business. She was like a battle-hardened warrior, and I thought of her like a battleax. She was very brusque and businesslike in her interactions, reminding me of a drill sergeant.

Gladis was 5 foot 7 and about 140 pounds of “tough”. She had quite a big rack, especially given that she was on the petite side. They were at least 44 or 48 double ‘D’ tits and she also had a nice big phat ass, but her waist was quite slender. Gladis wore the conventional old-style nurse’s outfit with a white skirt, top, and stockings. She was obviously very old-school.

Gladis wore a white lab coat in the stifling heat of the tiny exam room. I guess, because patients had to disrobe in these little rooms, they were kept at high temperatures for women’s comfort. Perhaps some guys like the heat as well, but not me. It was too damn hot, like a damned sauna in the small space.

Gladis removed her lab coat, and I was amazed that her dark and hardened big nipples showed right through her straining bra and her white silk blouse, which was decorated with lace trim. Damn! Her huge tits were riding high and proud on her chest. I was very mistaken about their size. They looked more like “DDD” or “E” cups and were quite beautiful. I noticed as she sat down, her stockings were held up with garter straps. I didn’t know they were still made! Very sexy, especially with her four-inch heels. I wonder if she knew how sexy her outfit was to me? She looked very good indeed.

“Gladis, I’m surprised that you wear heels instead of flats,” I mentioned. “They are nice though. Sexy,” I said. She smiled when I said that. I think she blushed a little.

“I just put them on and put away the flats. We go for a drink after work, so I swap them out. Are you checking me out?” She smiled at me for the first time, uh, ever. Now I blushed.

“Yes,” I said, “I noticed the very expensive white erotik film izle silk blouse and the super sexy garters. Silk stockings? Very nice,” I responded.

Her protege, Cindy Jones, was tall and slender, except for fairly large breasts, perhaps 36 or 38 ‘D’ cup and a big heart-shaped behind. She was dressed in ugly, shapeless scrubs, but not much could hide her svelte fantastic body. The girl would make a burlap bag look good!

After they checked my vital signs, weight, and height, they started on the regular health questions.

“I’m going to ask you the standard things. You just say yes or no, ok?” Gladis asked me a bunch of questions. Had I ever had this disease or that type of condition, then she handed the paperwork over to Cindy to finish up. Cindy asked me the last few questions and said, “We need to check for a hernia.”

Gladis started unbuttoning my shirt. I work out hard three or four times a week. The secret to a decent physique is not the working out part, which is very important of course, but rather it is in the days off, that muscles are allowed to rest and rebuild. It is in this rebuilding process that muscle mass and shape can be greatly improved without resorting to potentially dangerous drugs. Getting decent sleep helps as well. With my recent divorce, for the last three months, I was getting plenty of sleep! So I was in pretty good shape.

As her nimble fingers unbuttoned my shirt, both women had an involuntary gasp. I think I surprised them both.

“Wow, very nice!” Cindy spoke in glee, staring at my abdomen.

“Cindy! We never comment on a patient’s body! Although you are quite right, very nice indeed.” Gladis admired my body openly. “Do you work out Mr. Simmons?”

“Only 3 or 4 times a week. I don’t want to be one of those fat guys in front of the TV. Oh, and please call me Jack,” I replied. Both women continued to stare at my abs.

I had built up my pecs and abdominals, sporting a ten pack and a very cut body. I suppose with all the workouts I had accomplished my goal of not looking like a sit-in-front-of-the- TV lump of a guy. These two nurses were the first women to see my post-divorce body. I guess it was acceptable to them. They both stared at my abdomen.

“May I touch you?” Gladis proceeded to run her hands over my chest and down my torso. Moaning softly, “My goodness Jack, you’re hard as a rock!” Squeezing my man boobs which were now all muscle, she twirled my nipples while she listened to my heart and lungs, then Cindy did the same thing. Cindy seemed fascinated by my testicles as well as my cock and appeared to be attempting to look through the cloth of my blue jeans.

“Not yet, I’m not quite hard,” I smiled. Gladis smiled a tiny bit. Cindy giggled.

“Ok, let’s check him for hernia,” Gladis said with a gleam in her eyes. “Jack, lose the pants,” smiling as she said that.

I was seated on the exam table, having a little trouble with my belt being stuck. It happens with this particular belt.

“Here, stand up, I’ll get it loose.” I stood up and Gladis dropped to her knees in front of me. Damn that woman has nimble fingers! She had my belt loose in two seconds and pulled my jeans down, leaving me in my boxer shorts.

Cindy dropped to her knees right next to her. Gladis slowly pulled down my shorts and by this time, I was very hard. When Gladis finally pulled my shorts past my dick, it sprung up, smacked her chin, and wound up resting on her nose. Both women giggled uproariously. They were both staring and having a good time!

Gladis immediately started sucking my cock. Cindy was quickly removing her ugly scrubs, and…. she was commando underneath! She immediately started kissing me, placing my hands on her big, hard-nippled breasts. Her labia were dripping her fragrant sexy juices and delightfully devoid of hair. This girl was ready to fuck and so was I.

Gladis was sucking my cock and trying to undress at the same time. She was a very determined cocksucker. I like that.

“Here Cindy! Take over. Suck him while I get out of these clothes.” Gladis was in warp drive stripping her nurse’s outfit.

“What are we going to do with him?” Cindy asked between sucks. The girl knew how to suck cock.

“I’m going to make damn sure his dick and balls work. I hope he takes pity on an old horny woman and fucks me! How about you? What do you want to do with him?” Gladis asked the student nurse.

“I want to fuck him until he is happily unconscious. What a beautiful dick!” Cindy said, stroking me with her petite hand. They were giggling like little girls. “I’m finally going to give up my cherry!” Cindy admitted.

“You’re a virgin?!” I asked, kinda amazed. She was so beautiful and incredibly sexy it was difficult to imagine that she was still a virgin. She certainly didn’t suck cock like a virgin!

“Been saving it for the right man and that’s you!” Cindy said to me. That just completely bowled me over.

“But how?-” I said as film izle I thought, ‘There must have been a legion of guys chasing her. How on earth did she stay a virgin?’

“Guys never argue with a blowjob. I think I’ve mastered the technique pretty well, don’t you? It kept my pussy cherry for you!” She had perfected her oral skills while keeping the wolves at bay.

“Well, thank you very much! Are you sure?”

“Yup… Tonight is the night!” Cindy declared enthusiastically.

“Well, the thing is, you should be prepped before the main event. I can take care of that orally. Ok?” Gladys motioned me about on the table and tried to fist my cock. Her fingers could not quite touch as she stroked me. I was on the exam table with that weird half-moon cut-out. Cunnilingus probably wasn’t what they had in mind when they designed the thing, but it was perfect for my head to bend back and Cindy wasted no time in presenting her dripping cunt to my lips. I teased her mercilessly as I tongue fucked her sweet wet gash. Gladis was up on top of me holding my hands on her huge tits as she slid down my bone ’till I bottomed out at her cervix. She was moaning and I am not sure if Cindy was trying to copy her or if they just naturally moaned alike. It dawned on me… are these two women mother and daughter? Their hair color was different but the type of hair was the same. Their stunning breasts were much the same, except Gladis’ were bigger with darker nipples. The same thing about their behinds. Virtually the same, except mom’s (?) were bigger. Cindy was a little bit taller than her mom, but when I compared their faces, they were like twins, except one was twenty years older.

As I sucked on Cindy’s clit, she climaxed hard on my face. At the same time, her lovely mother came on my cock. Both women squirted all over me, leaving me awash in female ejaculate! They wordlessly switched ends and I was riming mom’s tight little sphincter as she moaned and climaxed again. Her daughter was trying to get up on my cock and was having trouble. I forgot for a moment that she was (technically) a virgin, so she had no idea how to get started.

“Mom, would you help me?” Cindy asked.

“Oh, sorry dear, he was licking my asshole and he made me cum. Let me help you get up there. He is pretty big. I could not get all of him in my big fat cunt,” Gladis told her daughter.

“What!? Your pussy is tight and small. You squeezed the hell out of me with that delightful snatch of yours!” I exclaimed. That was the god’s honest truth. Gladis was extremely tight.

“It is tight for you because you have a great big cock. My ex used to get lost in there! Good man, but teenie weenie peenie! He could not quite satisfy me. I went looking elsewhere for satisfaction and got caught. My own fault… You just got me off twice in ten minutes. He never ever rang my chimes! Not one single time. He wouldn’t even eat my pussy, that son of a bitch! I guess you figured out that Cindy is my pride and joy. I went back to my maiden name after the divorce.”

“Gladis, you’re going to have to help her. She’s about to put my dick in her ass, and I don’t think she’s quite ready for that,” I said to her.

“On the contrary. She has quite a bit of practice with anal sex. Between that and blow jobs, she managed to keep her virginity intact. It’s quite a gift she’s giving you!” Gladis was lubing her daughter’s little brown star. She pushed two fingers covered with KY into her hole to make sure her daughter’s ass was well lubed. What a considerate mom!

“Why me? I’m nobody special,” I asked.

“We both met you in the divorce courtroom last year. She had obviously cheated on you, but you were scrupulously fair in the split. The judge announced the terms when he spoke. You even wished her well with the new boyfriend. The stupid bitch dropped you for that ugly young piece of shit. I wanted to comfort and console you that day and now, I just want to fuck you, over and over again,” Gladis beamed at me.

“I’m in your daughter’s ass,” I said, slowly pressing my dick into her rectum. Cindy moaned in pleasure, not pain. At least I think …

“She’s just getting warmed up to take care of her little problem. You ready Cindy?” Her mom asked.

Cindy had my dick in her vice grip asshole. She pressed back into me when I pushed in, already having quietly cum three times! She trembled again, very quietly having another hard climax.

“I’m ready for it now,” Cindy said with quiet assurance.

Her mom cleaned off my cock with a wipe and then her mouth! Holding my cock in place at her daughter’s engorged wet quim, Cindy’s cunt was dripping with excitement.

“Ok, now sit down slowly. Are you enjoying this? It’s going to hurt some in a minute. You ready?” I could feel myself in Cindy’s tight wet cooter. She was hot, squeezing my cock in a damn death grip!

Gladis was playing with her daughter’s clit to try to get her mind off the pain she was going to feel in a minute. She seks filmi izle was not lubed up enough, I could tell.

“STOP! Gladis, she’s just not wet enough. Here, I’ll take care of it.” I lifted the young woman to my face and put her tiny quim on my tongue. I licked her up and down from her hairless labia to her wonderful anus, making sure to tease and court her clit until she trembled again, screaming this time.

“Ohmygod! Jack! I’m going to… Ugh, ugh. Yes, YES, YESSS!!! COMING!” as she squirted hard. While her daughter’s delicious pussy had been getting eaten, Gladis was sucking my cock, just to keep me hard for her daughter’s virgin cunt! I moved the wide-open girl down my torso and Gladis lined it all up for Cindy’s first fuck. If she had been taking it up her ass regularly, then really she is only “technically” a virgin, having never had a cock in her pussy. She was certainly extremely tight.

“Jesus Jack, you’ve packed a damn tree stump! YOU’RE SO DAMNED WIDE. Oh, fuck yes he’s so big Mama! I love it. Do it Jack. Shove that big fat dick in my little pussy. Fuck me Jack! Yeah!! Oh, fuck me! Yes yes yes, Ugh, Oh fuck yes!!” Throwing her head back and coming hard, clutching and squeezing me with her now “non-virgin” snatch.

Via some telepathic signal, the women switched places and her mother got on top of me. She didn’t need her daughter’s assistance getting me into her sopping wet, highly experienced coochie and slid all the way down my fuckrod. Her daughter put her pussy back on my face and I licked her delicious pussy like a wild man as Gladis fucked me. My hands were all over both women’s tits. As I pulled and twisted Mom’s massive chest, she moaned and shuddered in a cock-squeezing orgasm. Switching to the smaller, but still impressive daughter’s tits, I tweaked and tortured those nips until Cindy climaxed as well.

I was amazed that I had not come yet, and as I was preparing to do just that, the door flew open, and in walked a buxom black nurse who I had met earlier. I think her name was Jasmine. She was quite attractive and voluptuous. Her tits were the size of bowling balls and were riding surprisingly high on her chest. She looked so sexy!

“You bitches! I knew something was up when you said you didn’t need anyone to stay! You didn’t even have the courtesy to share this… Sweet Jees- that’s a nice penis! Please? May I have some of that? You know I haven’t had a good dick since I kicked my ex to the curb… Please?” She looked pleadingly at Gladis and she relented.

“Ok Jazz, but don’t use him all up. We want to fuck him all night. He is really good,” Gladis said to Jazz as she got off me and helped the beautiful black woman to undress.

“Aren’t you even going to ask if I want to fuck Jasmine?” My cock had betrayed my lack of reluctance as I was rock hard and pointing to the ceiling.

“No,” From all three women at the same time! Jasmine was up on top of me in a half a heartbeat and she was screaming as she tried to fit me into her pussy.

“Jasmine. You should let me eat you out a bit first. Your pussy is tight, plus I want to taste you.”

There was no reluctance as she slid up my body and I began licking and sucking her revealed pink pussy. Her dark skin contrasted beautifully with her sex as my tongue traveled up and down her fragrant cleft. I was going to play with her gigantic melons, but the other two girls were already playing and sucking on Jasmine’s two big fat girls! Cindy was sucking on her left tit while Gladis sucked on her right nipple. Those dirty girls!

Jasmine shook and yelled, “Oh my Lord! I’m going to… Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me. I am coming! Yes!! Ohhh…” She was plenty wet now! I motioned for her to get on my cock. She was so tight. Not nearly as tight as Cindy, but her cunt rippled as she had little explosions.

She was fucking me good and it was time for me to come. “I’m gonna cum!” I announced it to the trio. Quick as a wink Jasmine was off me and she had my cockhead in her mouth sucking me as I shot stream after stream of my semen into her happy mouth. Once I stopped pumping my baby batter into her mouth, she shared it by kissing the other two women.

As luck would have it, the night alarm went off… and none of the girls knew how to shut it off. I very calmly walked over and pressed the big red reset button. The display read 5 minutes and started a countdown. We all dressed in a flash and headed out the door, locking it behind us… And the alarm was silent.

“What do you girls want to do? My house is 5 minutes from here. I just so happen to have some steaks and salad and a few bottles of wine. Would you like a bite to eat? Oh, I have a hot tub as well, just cleaned and serviced. What do you say?” I asked them as we neared the cars.

“Do you have a bed?” Jazz asked with a smile.

“Yes. Clean sheets too.”

“Do you have any beer?” Cindy asked.

“Yes, a case of Sam Adams Lager. You aren’t supposed to even drink yet!” I grinned at her.

“I have to finish your physical Jack. Do you mind having three nurses take care of you?” Gladis grinned.

“Not at all. Not at all!” This was undoubtedly the BEST PHYSICAL I had ever had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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