Piece By Piece Ch. 01 – Broken

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“Both hands on the wheel Stan,” I said as I looked over at my husband.

“Relax,” Stan said as he put down his phone. “It was just Maxwell telling me about the meeting tomorrow,” he said with a smile.

“Well, he can wait,” I said looking at the icy road ahead. I was not too fond of this stretch of road. It had claimed many lives especially at this time of night. “You guys have your seatbelts on?” I asked our kids in the back seat.

“Yes,” they all chimed at once with slight annoyance.

“I have gotten us to your mum’s place and back home every year since we got married, not once have we had an accident,” Stan said as he shook his head. “Relax.”

It was easy for Stan to relax, he had never lost someone to this godforsaken road. Back in high school, I lost four of my friends. I was supposed to be with them, but at the last moment I chickened out. We were going to go to a motel out of town and have a make-out session with the boys. Chuck Tidell was the guy my friends had picked out for me. He was tall and muscular. He played on the basketball team.

I chickened out after I heard that they had got some weed and some alcohol as well as condoms. Later that day I heard on my dad’s radio that the cops were looking in the river for a car full of teens that had lost control and broke the barrier.

They found the car after the ice had melted. Two of the four were found inside. The other two were never found. I looked out the window and over the barrier.

The river was now frozen over just like it had been back then. I looked back at my kids making sure they were buckled in.

“Relax,” Stan said.

I hated when he said that, he knew the story. He knew Gwen and Stacey were never found. Chuck didn’t go along because I never showed, and he didn’t want to be a fifth wheel. The two of us never spoke to each other after the incident.

Gwen and Stacey were in the back seat without seat belts. The authorities said that when the current began to take the car down the river, it must have pulled them out of the vehicle. Their bodies could have ended up anywhere.

If they had their seat belts on they would have been found with the car. I remember my dad drilling that fact into my head every time we got into the car.

‘It’s better to be found than to be lost,’ he would say.

“There,” Stan said as we got onto the highway. “Straight shot home.”

I nodded my head and sighed. The road ahead had been salted, and the plows had cleared most of the highway.

*************** “You know you worry the kids too much when you do that,” Stan said to me as I climbed into bed.

“I am sorry, I can’t help it,” I replied as I turned over. “You know why.”

“Yeah, I do, but that was how many years ago? You can’t dwell in the past,” Stan said as he wrapped his arm around me.

“I know,” I nodded.

His hands went straight to my chest as he began to fondle my breasts. “You know, it’s been a while.”

I knew what he wanted, and I wasn’t in the mood to give it to him. “I thought you wanted me to get a reduction?”

“Not this again,” he said as he let go of me.

“Most husbands would like if their wife had large breasts,” I said as he turned over. “Your best friend Eddie wants to get Alice the large plastic ones.”

“Yeah, because she is flat as a board,” Stan retaliated. “That and her short hair make her look more like a guy than a woman.”

I turned around to face him. “So, she is manly?”

“I am not doing this tonight,” Stan shook his head. “Goodnight.”

I smiled as he turned off his lamp. I turned mine off and sunk down into the pillow.

************* “He didn’t?” Alice said as she looked across the table at me.

I nodded my head as I drank my coffee. Alice and I shared an office. We worked doing website designs in the office of my house. It was a comfortable, relaxing job, which gave me plenty of time to homeschool my youngest son Jack.

“That bastard,” she shook her head as she typed on her keyboard. “You don’t think my hair is too short?”

“I don’t think so,” I shrugged. Alice took out her phone and began to look at herself in the camera. “You know how he gets when he doesn’t get his way.”

“Still holding out on him huh?” Alice said as she put down her phone.

“What’s the point?” I shrugged as I looked at my monitor. “He gets what he wants, then rolls over and goes to sleep, leaving me warmed up and no release in sight.”

“Do what I do,” Alice shrugged as she worked on an application. “Let him get his rocks off, then go in the bathroom and finish the job.”

“That is stupid,” I replied shaking my head. “Why go through the hassle?”

“Eddie only lasts a minute, if that at times,” Alice smiled. “Once every few months I will bring it up, to rattle his man cage. It makes him want to do something nice or take me on vacation. So it is worth it in the end.”

I shook my head the last time Stan, and I went on vacation we ended up with Jack. Not that it was something eryaman bayan escort I regretted, but it wasn’t something I wanted to repeat.

“Think about it,” Alice said as she turned around. “What are you getting out of holding out?”

Alice was right as usual. I was getting frustrated, and Stan was getting irritable the whole thing was pointless. I nodded my defeat and went back to my monitor.

Stan worked as a business consultant for a large firm. He was always going somewhere for long trips. Whenever he returned, he was always tired and irritable. If it wasn’t for his hefty salary, I was sure he would give it up.

“Tokyo?” I said as he sat down at the edge of the bed.

“Yeah,” Stan said taking off his shoes. “We have a few clients that are interested in buying another company,” he shrugged. “A few of us are going over to check out the company and see if it is worth the hassle.”

“You just back from there,” I said. “I thought…”

“Staci,” he said as he looked back at me.

“Okay,” I nodded. “I am sorry.”

I knew it wasn’t his fault. I had accepted him taking this promotion four years ago. He had warned me that it would involve a lot of traveling and time away from home. I didn’t think it would be this much.

“I will try and bring the kids something back, they always like little knick-knacks,” he smiled as he climbed into bed.

“That was when they were kids,” I smiled as I lay my head on his chest. “Robin and Robert are going on seventeen remember?”

“Seventeen?” Stan smiled. “So, that’s why they give me so much push back?”

“Thomas is…” I said hoping he would finish.

“Ten?” he answered.

“Close,” I smiled up at him.

“Twelve,” I corrected him. “Jack?”

“I know this one,” he smiled. “Seven.”

“Good one,” I smiled as I pretended to clap.

“I need to find a new job,” he said as he put his arm around me. “Something that will keep me home more, they are growing up, and I am not around to see it.”

“They know that you want to be here for them,” I lied. “That’s the important thing.”

“You’re great with them,” he said as he kissed my forehead.

“Someone has to be,” I laughed.

“Mind if I watch the game for a bit?” Stan asked.

“No, go ahead,” I nodded. “I have something I want to do anyway.”

Stan grabbed the remote and turned the television on, he turned it to his college game and relaxed. I lay on his chest then slowly moved my hand down to his crotch.

“What are you doing?” he smiled.

“Nothing,” I replied innocently as I lifted the covers. I went down underneath and began to suck on his hardening dick. Stan loved watching a football game while I gave him a blow job, especially when he could see the covers bob up and down.

I hadn’t been down there long before he pushed the covers off. I laid on my back as he entered me. He grunted loudly as he fucked me. I wrapped my legs around him pulling him deep into me. I loved it when he fucked me hard. “Come on,” I said hoping he would last long enough for me to cum as well.

His dick pounded inside me. I felt his weight on top of me giving me all he could give. Then I felt it. He was going to cum. “Just a bit longer,” I pleaded. I was getting close. Then he came. I felt his dick throb inside me as he shot his cum.

Stan rolled off me and laid back down. He sighed a deep sigh and turned off the television. “That was good,” he said as he breathed heavily. “What made you think of that?”

“It has been a while,” I said a bit annoyed. I felt like I was his personal cum dumpster. It had been this way since Thomas was born. Before that he was a sex fiend, always wanting it, always pleasuring me every time, anywhere and any position. Now all he wanted to do was lay on top and fill me up.

“Well,” Stan said as he began to close his eyes. “I hope there will be more like that when I get back.”

With that said he was sleeping. Another thing that never happened many years ago. Stan could go three to four times a night. Now he was one and done. I knew that most of our relationship problems could be attributed to age, as well as the stress of his job. However, sometimes it got to the point that the moment he entered me he was cumming.

Maybe I was asking for too much. We had a good life, a good house. The kids went to the best schools. So what my sex life wasn’t as good as it used to be, we were getting into our mid-forties it was to be expected. I went to the bathroom to get cleaned. I could ask Alice where she got her toys from, maybe that would help.

****************************** Two days had passed since Stan went on his business trip. I had just picked up some groceries and was heading home. Jack was in the back of the minivan on his I-Pad going over a few lessons I had given him.

The few years I had spent as a teacher had paid off. Jack was born with Agoraphobia, from the moment he was able to walk we noticed he didn’t want to go outside. Not past our lawn and certainly escort sincan not with other people.

Stan thought it was because I coddled him more than the others. He had tried tough love by trying to take Jack to work with him one day. The result was an enormous panic attack that sent Jack to the hospital. After that day it had only gotten worse. Jack would only leave the house with Robin or me and only in the minivan.

I looked back at him. He was the spitting image of his father. Blonde hair blue eyes and puffy cheeks. Robin and Robert, my twins, had taken after me. Nearly scarlet red hair, freckles and the attitude to boot. Thomas looked like his grandfather from my side of the family. Black hair, much taller than all of us, he was the shy and quiet one, but he had a temper.

I looked down at my phone as it chirped. An email message I scrolled it off the screen. I didn’t want to be distracted while driving.

“Okay,” I said to Jack as we pulled into the garage. “Finish up the homework I gave you. Then you can play your games.”

Jack nodded that he understood. That was another thing with Jack. He hardly talked, he would only nod or shake his head. That had also started after another one of Stan’s tough love lessons. Robert had said that Jack would talk to him if he wanted something. Otherwise, it was nods and shakes. I had hopes that with the help he was getting that eventually, he would grow out of it.

I put away the groceries and started to make dinner. Robin would be getting home soon. Thomas was staying at a friends house for the night. Robert would be back later after football practice. My phone chirped again. Another email, I opened it up as I started to cut some vegetables.

‘Open when you’re alone,’ the message said. It had a video attachment.

“Well, I am alone,” I said to myself. The email had come from a private email. There was no name or email address. “What the hell?” I said as I picked up my phone.

I walked into my office and opened the email on the computer. ‘Who is this?’ I replied.

I was sure it was some spam or someone wanting money, so I deleted it. I got up to go back to the kitchen when another email popped up.

‘A friend. This is important Staci. Where do you think Stan is right now?’

I covered my mouth. I wanted to shout out. I quickly ran for the doors to make sure they were locked. I armed the security system. I picked up the phone to make sure the kids were all right.

‘I wouldn’t harm them or you, trust me,’ the next email said.

“Holy shit!” I said looking around. They knew what I was doing.

‘Camera’s?’ I replied.

‘No, I just know you,’ was the reply. ‘Call them, if it will ease your mind.’

I called Thomas first. He answered on the second ring. I could hear Judy his friend’s mother yelling in the background. He told me he was fine and that they were getting ready to eat dinner.

Robin answered. She was in her friend’s car, and they were close to getting home.

Robert would be on the field. I knew his phone would be in the locker. I sent a text to the coach asking if Robert had been late to football practice. I got a text back immediately with a reply that stated he was on the field. ‘Who are you?’ I sent back.

‘I told you, a friend,’ was the reply. ‘I would not hurt you or any of your family.’

I sat back in my chair, looking at the screen.

‘Thinking of calling the police? They will find nothing except an empty house. Trust me, open the video I sent and I will leave you alone.’

I scrolled up to the first email and clicked on the video. At first, there was nothing. It was a view of a bed in what looked like a hotel room. An extravagant hotel room from the looks of things, then a woman came into view. She had dark black hair and a smile.

My mouth dropped as I saw Stan come into view, they were both naked. She must have been half his age. He climbed on top of her as they both began to moan loudly. I quickly closed the video. I felt like I was intruding on their privacy. “What the hell?” I said. I opened it up, and they were still going. He didn’t last this long with me.

‘There is more,’ the anonymous friend said as another email popped up.

I opened it. This time it was a blonde. It was another hotel room. Another email, a brunette another hotel room. Another email this time with two blondes.

‘Stop!’ I sent back. ‘How many?’

‘See for yourself,’ they replied.

The next email was a link. I hit it and was sent to a website. I had to pay to get on. Below the link was a username and password.

‘Is this your username and password?’ I asked.

‘No, I created it just for you,’ anonymous replied.

Entering the given credentials, I was on an adult blog website. I looked at the name. The Big Cheat it was a website for people that cheated on their husbands and wives. It didn’t take long for me to find the nickname of my husband. He had used his old high school nickname.

“No!” elvankent escort bayan I shouted.

There were videos and forums. Stan was one of the popular ones. He had thousands of followers. His pictures were all over his main page. I clicked on the link that said videos. I couldn’t believe it. There were hundreds of videos. The date ranging from the year we got married to yesterday. I wanted to puke.

An email popped up. ‘I am truly sorry. I will not contact you again.’

‘Wait, don’t be a coward, you have gone this far. Tell me who you are and why did you tell me.’ I replied. I knew I was pushing it. This person had shone a light on something I needed to know. I should be thanking them.

‘Fourth row down, third one across. Again I am sorry.’

I tried to send another reply, but it came back. Unavailable to deliver the message.

I looked at the video. I ran out of the room and into the bathroom. The contents of my stomach spilled out into the toilet. I washed my mouth out and wiped my face. I couldn’t watch it again. I couldn’t even think about it. My husband was having sex with a man. The same man I had slept with, bore children with and shared a life with for many years. I stopped and lifted the toilet seat again.

I slowly walked back to the room. I heard Robin’s voice as she entered the house. Quickly I turned off the monitor.

“Hey mom,” Robin said as she came into my office. “Are you okay?”

“Can you order something?” I said as she helped me up from my chair. “I think I came down with something,” I was lying. I didn’t want her to know that her father was a filthy human being.

“Sure,” Robin said her long red hair falling past her shoulders. “Go to bed.”

“Thank you,” I smiled as I hugged her.

“Oh and Jack…” I said as I turned around.

“I got it,” Robin smiled.

When I got up to my room, I closed and locked the door. I called Alice. She was the only one I could trust.

“That fucking asshole!” Alice shouted down the phone.

I had sent her the link as well as telling her about the anonymous emails. She had clicked one of the hundreds of links. There were even a few camera calls, which I didn’t know about until Alice found them. I clicked on one of them.

Stan was smiling and sitting in front of a camera.

“Many of you have asked why am I doing this and how I can get away with it,” Stan said. “Easy, my wife is a cold, prude that doesn’t like sex, any type of sex. Which include blow jobs by the way,” he smiled as he said the last part. “Without me, she would have nothing. I am all that she has in this life.”

He was proud of himself. I could see it in the way he talked, the way he was sitting in his chair. My husband, the great provider, was talking to his loyal fans.

“Getting away with it is easy,” Stan said as he sat forward staring into the camera. “First you have to have a job, a job that involves a lot of traveling, it can be a shitty non-paying job or a good high paying job. Traveling is the key.”

Stan laughed as he read another comment. “Tools to a good cheat?” he smiled.

“Two phones, sometimes three,” he said holding up three phones. “Work, Wife, and other,” he said as he held up the phones individually. “Never mix the three. When you are home, only take the Work and the wife phones. Get a drop box and put the other in it, turned off of course.”

Stan read another comment. “How do I find these women or men and do they know about my wife?”

Again, Stan laughed. “Yes, they know about my wife, and I meet them anywhere and everywhere. Most of them from online websites, some at a bar or hotel.”

“Will I ever stop?” Stan said as he read another. “No, never, this is too much fun.”

I turned it off. There were more videos like it. I couldn’t watch them. Stan had said everything I needed to hear. He was proud of his accomplishments.

“What are you going to do?” Alice asked.

“I am going to wait until he gets home,” I replied.

“Don’t do anything stupid, think of the kids, they need their mother,” Alice said.

“I am not going to kill him,” I said shaking my head.

“Good,” Alice replied. “You’re better than me then. Call me if you need anything.”

“Can you take Jack for the weekend?” I asked.

“You sure he will come with me?” Alice asked.

“I will bring him to your house, have Eddie show him the video games he bought, he will be fine,” I said.

Friday night came fast. All the things I wanted to say was on my tongue and ready to be fired out. I heard the car door close and the footsteps approaching. This was the moment I had been planning.

“Hello,” Stan said as he entered the house.

“Hey honey,” I replied.

Stan leaned in to hug me, but I stepped away. I didn’t want him touching me. “Where is everyone?” he asked looking around.

“Thomas is over at Jeff’s house. Robin is with Cindy and Robert is out with his friends for the night,” I smiled as he put down his briefcase.

“So we got the house to ourselves?” he said with a devilish grin.

I nodded as I stepped back again.

“What’s going on?” he said looking at me.

“I have been outside in the mud, planting some new flowers,” I lied. “Don’t want to get you dirty.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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