Pillow Talk

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It is a warm summer evening. The time is half past ten pm. In a comfy bedroom Andrew, the husband, is laying on the bed reading a paper. He is a forty something rather handsome guy. Mary, his wife, enters the room. She is in her mid-thirties and very good-looking with a medium height figure, brunette hair and green eyes. Mary removes and hangs her silk dressing-gown and goes to the full length mirror in only her panties. She looks intently at herself for a while.

“Are the children asleep, Mary?” he asks.

“Frances went to bed first and Tommy and Emma have just dropped off” she answers.

“You spent a lot of time with them…” he adds giving her his best come to bed eyes.

“I had Carla on the cellular phone too” she answers again quietly looking at him through the reflection in the mirror.

“Ok” he gives a little yawn.

Mary looks at her husband through the mirror for a second time and adds, “Do you want to sleep, honey?”

She now cups her medium size boobs which are very nice with large areolas and hard nipples. There was only a bit of pendulous and some stretch marks, but still very sexy.

“No, dear, not yet. I want to read a few minutes more” says Andrew looking vaguely at her.

“How about a little talk?” She looks closely at her boobs and tries to lift them up a bit .

“Why not, dear? I’m listening to you” says Andrew putting his paper down and patting the pillow next to him. Mary wiggles out of her panties and throws them on a chair revealing a nice hairy patch. Her body is almost entirely tanned.

“I would like to go to Carla’s house for a tanning session tomorrow afternoon. I aim to leave our children with your mother until you take them back. They don’t stay with their grannie very much never the less” she proposes walking to bed naked.

“No problem Mary, mom is happy when the children stay with her. They can do their homework and should be no trouble. You like to go to Carla’s for tanning after all and you look great” he smiles.

In a moment she lays her head on the pillow.

“O thanks, dear. You are fantastic. Take a little kiss. That’s true, I like to go to Carla’s,” she kisses him again, “just four or five women tanning topless and talking on their own in a garden it’s much better than going to the beach,” she says cunningly with a little laugh.


“Yes, honey, topless is our rule. The place is so secluded that nobody can spy on us. We call Carla’s garden ‘the topless ladies parlour’ in jest. We believe we are more liberated without a top,” she laughs again, “you ought to see us, we are not so bad after all ah ah.”

“Mmmm, interesting.” comments Andrew as his thoughts wonder.

“Sometimes one or another sheds her panties too, but not always,” adds Mary watching his eyes glaze over as she kisses him again more sensually.

“And are you one of them, Mary?” he asks huskily.

“Sometimes but not always, hon,” she laughs lightly again, “do you like the idea of your wife tanning naked? You always ask me to take my top off when the children are not around at the beach.”

“Mmmm, that’s true, but you are not so consenting with me.”

“Oh dear, I am a bit shy at the beach because my tits are now starting to sag after the breast feeding of three children and I am on the way to be forty years old too. But if you want I can do it next time. I did it in the past when the children were younger, do you remember? You called me the sexy mom,” she caresses his face and neck as he leans over to take a boob in his palm.

“Oh I remember, Mary. You were very sexy exposing yourself and pampering the kids at the same time. Since having the kids, your breasts have got bigger and curvier. It is really erotic and you look much younger than your age. I love when you are topless at the beach and men look at your lovely body,” he says playing with her nipples as he feels them harden.

“Thanks dear, I love you.” She closes her eyes and kisses her husband passionately. He reciprocates his wife’s kisses as she caresses his cock through his nightwear. The room is filled with their mutual moans of pleasure. They kiss for a while.

When they break the kiss Andrew asks “what do you girls talk about at Carla’s place?”

“O many things, honey. Imagine a few women doing nothing than to get a tan and talk. Many topics… children, health, clothes, a bit of gossip, men.”


“Yes dear, we talk about men sometimes. Don’t you approve it? Women talk about men very frequently.”

“And what about men, Mary?”

“Uh, trivial things dear! Their class, their taste, their character. Sex sometimes,” she whispers out the final words and giggles.

“Sex? Let me know. You were so shy once about certain matters,” he is rather inquiring

“Well… mmm… yes… we talk about our own womanly fantasies. Perfect men, or lovers. Nothing serious. Just to have a bit on the side, dear”

“Just to have a bit on the side?” He contemplates this new revelation.

“Yes dear, a bit on the side. bursa escort A few of the girls have tried it. Can you keep a secret? Carla has had two lovers and still sees one of them, Paula has had one, she stopped to see him for sex but he is her best friend now and Laura, well, Laura is fooling a bit around also and has a boyfriend,” Mary seems to be rather amused.

“I can’t believe it. Albert, Carla’s husband, my best man at our marriage and other very good friends on mine are – well – cuckolds!”

“Cuckolds! What a rough word, dear,” she smiles, “but it’s true dear. Their wives have had or are having lovers. They say they are still in love with their husbands but they need something different at the same time.”

“And you, what do you say, Mary?”

“Well, what do I say, honey? Mmm, I say that I love you, that you are a very good father to our marvelous children. I say that I don’t want to spoil our marriage, but,” she interrupts her speech

“but, Mary?” he stares at her intently.

She takes a deep breath and continues “O dear. I think that one man is maybe not enough in a woman’s life. Isn’t it, hon?”

“Not enough. What do you mean, Mary? I had been your first and only man until today.”

“Yes, honey. I haven’t had other men until today. I haven’t of course. I don’t want to cheat on you, but after an agreement between us (pause) with the right guy (pause) without any other involvement (pause) only for sex,” she stammers

“Only for sex?” He chimes rather bewildered

“Well, only for sex I could try. The girls say with the right guy it is great.” she stammers again and gushes.

“Do you need to find this guy, Mary?”

“O dear, I don’t of course. I haven’t done it in fourteen years,” she says as she strokes her husband’s cock through his briefs, “but if it happens (pause) I am only a bit curious” she adds.

“Have you said that to the girls, Mary?” Andrew raises an eyebrow as his manhood stirs.

“Yes I had, dear,” as she frees his thickening cock from his pants.

“And what did they say about it?”

“O Carla wants to teach me a thing or two… and…” as her hand goes up and down his shaft.

“And?” he groans as the blood rushes to his cock.

“You are getting excited, dear…” says Mary looking at her husband’s cock as it throbs with his heart beat, “… and, smile dear, she says you are on the way to be added to the cuckolds list…” she giggles playing with his husband’s cock “… Carla thinks I am rather receptive and planned a party for my emancipation next week” Mary now leans over and kisses her husband’s cock just on the top and adds “She was very persuasive and I should like to go.”

“O Mary, you drive me crazy,” he shakes his head.

“Are you jealous, dear?” She takes his shaft in her mouth and plunges down a good half length feeling each vein ripple along her lips. Then sucking up the shaft to pop it out of her mouth. Andrew has his own sexual nerves on fire and stammers, “O no, not jealous, but I am rather surprised” as he tries to concentrate to form the words. The cock is completely dripping with saliva.

Mary looks at her husband’s hard on once again and says “O your cock is huge tonight, honey. Is it the idea of me with another guy? Many husbands find it exciting.”

“And you, Mary, are you excited at the idea to go with another guy?”

“Well, I can’t say no dear. Does it hurt you?”

He doesn’t answer but spreads her legs. His eyes fixed in his wife’s eyes as he enters her starting a very strong fuck. It is the best sex they had for a long time.

The following evening, Andrew and Mary are in the bedroom. It is about ten again. As soon as Mary enters the bedroom Andrew asks her about the afternoon at Carla’s house. “Did you have fun at Carla’s, dear?”

“O yes honey, very much… I had a lot of laughs with the girls. Your mom was very nice to take the children.”

“Have you been naked today?” as he tracks his wife’s movement in the bedroom.

She smiles, “yes I have dear.”

Andrew sits straighter on the edge of the bed and says, “let me see your all over tan.”

She unties her night-gown opening the sides. The garment falls to the floor. She stands naked near the bed and smiles as she enjoys the sensation of being admired. Hardening nipples crown her sexy longish boobs.

“You shaved your groin” he says as he involuntarily licks his lips.

“Yes dear, I did. When I was planning to lay naked in the sun I shaved my little beaver this morning. She was too hairy. Shaved pussies seem to be very trendy by Carla’s” she giggles and runs her fingers around the area as she can feel pussy getting aroused and opening. It makes her feel super sensitive. Slowly she poses a foot on the bed teasing her husband with her open and shaved pussy. Her fingers stir her clit now. “Last week Carla and Paula shaved their pussies smooth on their boyfriends demand. I found sexy the idea of being secretly smooth between my legs and imitated them, the silly girl bursa merkez escort of mine, ah” she smiles.

“What did you speak with the girls about? Men again?”

“Uh uh, honey… they spoke about their lovers too.” She stops her fondling climbing on the bed to move between his knees.

“Mmm… lovers! did you get excited with this matter?”

“I got a bit curious again and asked a few wacky questions… Carla and Paula were excited to answer all and they were very extrovert” she trails off as he fingers and licks her very juicy pussy. Mary closes her eyes as she could only focus on his intruding digits.

“Ah ah… may I know?” he said, stopping his licking.

Mary’s hips thrust forwards trying to capture his friction. Weaken by the need for orgasm, she rolls on to the bed and continues “I can’t tell you details, dear, but they spent nights with their boyfriends… it’s unbelievable…” she says.

“Do their husbands know?” he says looking at his wife.

“Of course not, dear” she answers moving one hand to squeeze his husband’s cock through his trunks.

“Mmm… cheating wives… what do you think about, Mary?” he says as she disrobes and fondles his shaft.

“I don’t know really… it’s dangerous and exciting at the same time…” as she watches her husband, obviously turned on, “but maybe it’s not so wrong. Carla and Paula both said to have better feelings with their husbands since they had been unfaithful…”

“Who are these guys? Do you know them?”

“O no, dear, I don’t… but I’ll know them at the little party by Carla… Albert will be not at home next week and she wants to invite her actual lover to introduce him to us girls… Paula will bring her ex too…” she pauses “I think that’s a bit daring, maybe… ” as she hesitates and looks Andrew in the eye ” I told her I’ll go, but I am a bit undecided. What do you think, may I go dear?”

“You can if you want, Mary. Go, it will be fun. I’ll remain home with the children, not a problem.”

She kisses him on the cheek as she says “thanks dear, you are the best husband in the world” as she gives his cock some skillful sexual strokes.

He kisses her back with some passion and adds “I think there will be other guys.” he says leaning back on the bed as he enjoyed her hand job.

“Yes, dear, but only a few. Carla says two or three guys, no more, just to introduce me to new friendships. What do you think about your sexy wife choosing from a discreet group of men to find a possible lover?” she bobs her head down to suck the crown of his cock. “You are excited hon…” she strokes and sucks him closer and closer as she controls his tempo.

Andrew is in sexual agony as she backs off and slows down as she brings him close to the edge “I think about another cock in your mouth, Mary” as his brain is stimulated as well as his body. Andrew cannot wait any more and pulls her hips onto him. Both are ready to make love.

As she bucks up and down on his shaft, “will you get mad if I go with another man?” asks Mary.

He doesn’t answer but he rolls her over so that he is on top and with passion in his eyes, kisses her deeply and after a few minutes he comes deep inside her already orgasming pussy

Four days later. It is the evening of Carla’s party. Andrew is alone in the lounge watching television. He has mixed feelings with strong amounts of excitement but doubts are consuming his mind also. He keeps replaying his excitement a few hours ago watching his lovely wife getting ready for the evening. As she showered, then choosing her favourite summer dress and put on her makeup he was really proud of her beauty, but jealous also. Eight o’clock she called a taxi and left. Andrew remained home with the children as he promised, but feeling nervous. It’s about half past one when he hears the key in the door and Mary comes back home.

“Hello dear.”

“Hello Mary… you’ve come back soon… how did the party go?” he said rather surprised at his own excited voice.

“Rather uneventful, dear” she said as she put her purse down on a table beside him.

“Are you disappointed?” he asked with a little relief in his voice.

“Not at all, dear” she takes off her shoes and seats herself next to her husband leaning her head on his shoulder. She is showing a lot of legs from her short dress.

“Who was there?”

“Carla of course, Paula, Laura and Elizabeth, which is Carla’s cousin…” as she rattles off some names.

“No guys?” he asks curiously.

“Yes dear, a few guys too… John, which is Carla’s boyfriend and four others” she says more excitedly now that she is relaxed.

“Five girls and five guys. May I know their names, the guys names I mean?”

“Of course, dear. Peter, Mark, Roscoe which is Paula’s ex lover and George” she says rather dreamily.

“Did you like any of them?” Andrew detects something in his wife’s voice.

“Well… all of them were rather handsome if you mean it. John is charming. He is tall, well bursa sınırsız escort built, intelligent. I can’t blame Carla,” she smiles, “and Laura maybe has a secret crush for Peter… George is very nice… I spoke a lot with him then he offered to drive me back home and I accepted.. we left the party first”

“You were in a great hurry to be alone… together” he smiles teasingly.

“Don’t say that… we wanted to talk a bit… we did it quietly, then he drove me home” she explained.

Andrew nodds “I heard the car… what did you talk about with him?”

“O George was very formal… he loves music and good books,” she says being a bit abashed

“Didn’t he pass you a compliment?”

“Well, yes… he passed me a few compliments for my dress.”

Andrew smiles “I know why… your dress is rather revealing…” he alludes her legs and her deep cleavage.

“O no, he said I was elegant… he was very nice as I had only a little summer dress after all…” she said innocently.

“Nothing else?” he asked teasingly, knowing there must be more.

“Nothing special… he said I have lovely legs” she reaches over and kisses her husband on the lips.

“I agree… you have lovely legs and when you sit down, that short dress of yours raises higher… I think he got an eyeful of your legs in the car… and maybe he gazed your boobs when you bent… isn’t it, honey?” he kisses her back and moves a hand to cup a tit in one hand as she sat next to him on the sofa.

“Maybe dear…” she kisses her husband again

“Hasn’t he made a move to you? You are so sexy after all…” asks Andrew

“He played with the hem of my dress and caressed my thighs. I didn’t want to be unkind and I let him play for a while but in two or three minutes I tried to pull the hem down…”

Andrew interrupted “But you didn’t, hu…”

“What a devil you are… he stopped my hand from pulling the hem down and continued to caress my skin, but he wasn’t rough” they kiss again.

“Let me see how high your dress was raised” he asked teasingly as his hand began to rub her nipples while they talk.

“You can see for yourself. I sat in his car like this,” as she seats up straight on the sofa, breaking their embrace.

He looks at his wife’s legs. The dress covers half of Mary’s thighs, “Great sight indeed… What did he say to compliment your legs?”

“He said you have lovely legs Mary,” she pauses, “and he asked to see a bit more of them”

“Not very original, but very sensual. Did you make him happy?” asks Andrew.

“I only raised the hem a bit more, like this… see,” Mary slowly lifts the dress and crosses her legs. A hint of pink panties with a small wet spot peeps out between her thighs. This causes Andrew to moan as the smell of her arousal hits his nose.

Andrew is getting very excited and kisses her again while she strokes him on his fly. With a quick movement Mary takes her husband’s cock out, then she lowers her damp panties and impales herself on him on the sofa. They start to make urgent and lustful love.

They both came very quickly after so many hours of mental and physical foreplay.

The evening after. It is ten minutes past ten pm. Mary and Andrew are in the bedroom. He is on the bed in his brief. She stands naked at the full length mirror brushing her hair. He looks at his wife’s slightly red backside.

“What a beautiful wife I have” he says.

She smiles to him via the reflection in the mirror. “Thanks, hon. Fourteen years after our marriage you are still a dear.”

“From your ass cheeks I can tell that you were in Carla’s garden this afternoon.”

“Shhh… what a bad speech tonight,” she giggles, “OK… it’s true, I went to Carla between three and five o’clock when Claire, our cleaner was here doing her house work. I asked her to keep an eye on the children too.”

“I can definitely say that you sunbathed in the nude too. Your delightful little ass is rather sun burnt”

“Yes I sunbathed in the nude, and got a bit burnt.” she smiles again and going to the bathroom she turns back and sticks a playful tongue out at him cheekily.

Watching her go with a playful smile of his own, Andrew adds, “Sun burnt or not, you are the sexiest woman in the world.”

“And you are the most loving husband,” as she blows him a kiss then continues to wash her face. In a moment or two she seats on the wc.

“Who was there today in Carla’s garden?” asks Andrew as he hears her moving around.

“The same team. Paula, Laura, Elizabeth and Carla of course” says Mary.

“What did they say? Did they stay for a long time after you left?” asks Andrew while she starts to piss.

“Yes they did, but not for a long time. Paula and Elizabeth left with Roscoe and Mark in half an hour. Laura and Peter went away only a bit later.” Mary’s tinkling is heard in the silent bedroom. He turns on his side looking at his wife through the door in thought of the other ladies. She has a little fart too and smiles at him saying “sorry, dear,” but he doesn’t mind at all and recalls the matter.

“So Carla remained home with her boyfriend. Do you think they had sex?” Mary moves in the shower cleaning her pussy. Andrew never tires of watching the spout of water playing on those lips. His cock now stirring.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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