Plans Ch. 01

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All characters are fictional and at least eighteen years of age. Nothing in this story are real events that transpired.


I had been waiting all week to spring the plan I had had on Casey. Casey and I had been boyfriend and girlfriend before we even knew what boy friend and girlfriend were. We had sat beside each other in kindergarten, that is where it started and at twenty-five, we were still together.

Most everyone had given up on asking why we never married. My dad had left when I was fifteen years old with his secretary and Casey’s mom left when he was eighteen with her eye doctor. So we had pretty much agreed marriage usually ended up in divorce.

I mean for all respects we may have well been married we had been together so long. I think we had the healthiest of relationships. Best friends even though we both had friends we would go out and do things with, we were still each other’s best friends.

The two of us being so close had made our families close, after dad left Jimmy, Casey’s dad, had often come help mom with things around the house that needed a man’s touch. Stopped up sinks and such. Mom had really helped Casey when his mom had left. Any time he needed a motherly figure mom was there and any time I need a fatherly figure Jimmy was around. They even helped chaperone prom. So I was probably about to freak him out with what was on my mind.

We were having dinner and Cactus Lee’s steakhouse a favorite of ours, I figure he had drunk a beer, so I would spring my question.

“Babe, you think our parents ever had sex?”

He sighed and looked a little green around the gills as he called it. “Babe,” he whispered, “yeah they had us.”

“No Case, I mean do you think my mom and your dad?”

“Oh gross!”

I could not help but laugh. “So my mom is gross?”

“What? No! That is not what I meant. Our parents are old you know.”

Our parents were not old, Jimmy is forty-five and still a damn good-looking man. Other than a slight hint of gray he looks a hell of a lot like Casey. Mom is forty-three and young guys always hit on her. Same height as me 5″5′ maybe twenty pounds on my one thirty and bustier. Neither had dated any since their divorces that we knew of.

“So you mean when you and I are in our forties and fifties we aren’t gonna be fucking?”

“Gee-sh, Megs of course we are.”

I dipped my chip in the queso, “Well your dad is still a hottie, I’m surprised he hasn’t bagged a younger girl.”

“Ugh Megs.”

“I’m just saying he’s like you, good looking… Say is he hung like a horse too?”

Casey nearly spit his beer out getting strangled. “How the heck do I know. What’s got into you?”

“I just think our parents could be good together. I mean isn’t mom attractive from a man’s view?”

“I… I guess. I mean… I don’t know.”

Now I was laughing. “Such a sweet liar,” I winked at him. “I have seen you check out mom’s ass now and then and last Christmas when she kissed you hard under the mistletoe, I saw that big cock come to life.”

“Megan… I…”

“Oh stop. I think it’s cute you think mom is a babe. You do think mom is a babe right.”

Cheeks full of color, “Yeah, she’s pretty much just a little older version of you.”

“So if we like one another, how come our parents never got together?”

He caught me off guard then, “Did you ever bang dad?”

“What? No. Why would you ask that?”

“You know Shelly Lang banged her boyfriend’s dad, just wondering.”

“Nope. Never.”

“Would you if you’d been given the chance?”

“Would you mom?”

“If I were single yeah… maybe…”

“Well sure… I mean if we were not together and your dad had interest. I mean he’s sexy and a good man like you baby.”

“Yeah your mom is a good woman too. She was there for me like he was you. Oh god now it is weird again.” Case brushed salt from the chips off his hands, “So what’s your plan?”

Shit I was not sure now, the thought of blowing his dad… While mom blew him was circling in my head suddenly. I mean it was not wrong, we were not married, and they were not.

“Megan… Helloooo,” Case ran his hand in front of my eyes. “You in there.”

I knew my cheeks were red, so red I felt the sweat pop out on my forehead.

“You were thinking about blowing my dad weren’t you.”


Casey laughed, “Relax I’m not mad, I know you. You are the blowjob queen. Asking about dad’s cock. I mean that was maybe not what you had in mind, but I bet but it at least ran through your mind now. So are we hooking our parents up or are you just blowing dad?”

I tried to find my words.

“Funny now I’m wondering how well your mom sucks cock,” Casey said.


“Well yeah Megs, since we are just hypothetically speaking.”

“So I mean if my mom wanted to blow you… Would you let her?”


“I mean seriously, I’d wanna watch.”

“You’re fucking serious, aren’t you?”

“I mean maybe… Yeah I am. Be hot to know my mom had the same cock I did.”

“So you blow dad and she blows me?”

I did not know how to answer, yes that was my thought, but I was not sure how he felt about me blowing his dad.

“To answer your question eryaman gerçek escort numaları yes dad has a big cock,” he said sipping his beer.

“How do you know?”

“Mom walked in on me once before she left.”

“In on you?”

He made a jerking motion with his fist making me laugh. “Oh god, what did she say?”

She starred a minute, me trying to hide it, “Like father like son. Then she walked out.”

“How old were you?”


“Was it before I was eighteen and we started doing it?”


“Then why were you jerking it and not letting me take care of it?”

“It was when you had your appendix out.”

“Ahhh. Ok. Besides, I know you guys jerk it just to jerk it,” I laughed.

“Oh like you girls don’t just flick your beans.”

“Anyways, so your dad is handsome, smart, successful and hung like a moose and she left?”

“Well what about Betty? I mean she’s got class and sexy down pat and your dad left.”

“I know, what the hell were they thinking,” I asked.

We looked at one another and at the same time said. “Younger.”

“So Megs how serious are you about this?”

“Which part?”

He laughed, “All of it my little minx.”

Case had been calling me a minx shortly after us becoming sexually active in our relationship.

“It just got a little wild,” I said. “I really want our parents to have a good person. I mean the rest is just probably unrealistic fantasy babe. Ya know?”

“Yeah I know. I guess I never really thought about it, but they would make a great couple. You know Megs maybe they did not get together for us.”

“What do you mean?”

“Maybe they thought it would make it weird for us. Ya know?”

He was right. How had I not seen it. They probably choose to be alone for us, well not alone, not just with each other. They were as perfect for one another as we are. I put it out of my mind for the night and we enjoyed the rest of our date night.

Saturday I already planned on spending some time with mom, Case was headed fishing with Jimmy. We both agreed to ask about why they never dated. But would I bring up all we talked about to mom was the question. I knew Case would not go that far…

Mom came to the door to let me in, and we headed into the kitchen for coffee.

“So how’s that dreamboat doing,” mom asked?

I smiled, mom was attracted to Case, I had known it for a long time. She checked him out a lot too. This might make things easier.

“He’s fine, he said tell your sexy mom I said hi.”

“Oh Megs don’t tease your mom like that.”

“Mom what would you say if I said he really does think you are a sexy woman.”

“Oh bull, now stop that. You’re making your mom blush.”

I just smiled sipping my coffee.

“Megs does he really think… I’m decent looking?”

“Yeah mom we were talking about it a dinner last night.”

Mom had rosy cheeks but was a smiling really big.

“So what about Jimmy, I asked?

“What about him?”

“He’s a good-looking man mom.”

“Well yeah he is… A fine-looking man,” she agreed.

“So mom you and I have talked about sex and stuff before, right?”

“Yeah, but by now you probably know more than me,” she laughed.

“Mom my question is did… Well did you and Jimmy… Ever?”

Sipping her coffee now, I could tell she was formulating her response. She sighed, “We almost did once.”

“What happened?”

“You kids came home. Remember your seventeenth Christmas party at school? The fire alarms went off and you came back to our house early. Jimmy was there, so we acted like he was fixing the lights on the tree.”

“Yeah mom I remember. So that was the end of it?”

Twirling her spoon in her cup, she nodded.

“You were afraid it would upset us, weren’t you?”

Mom nodded.

“We had no idea. We both think you two would be a good couple,” I added with a smile. “Neither of you have even had a date.”

“Oh Megs, Jimmy probably doesn’t want me. I mean he’s still a fine man, successful could have any woman he wanted. I’m surprised he does not have a younger woman.”

“Maybe he’s waiting on the woman you are. Seems you are waiting on the man he is.”

“I’m no spring chicken.”

“Mom not every man is dad. Casey thinks you are a MILF for sure.?

She was red and laughing again. “Well he is quite the stud muffin for sure.”

“Mom…” I was trying to work up my courage.

“Megs what is it? I never seen you like this before? It’s like you are afraid to say what is really in that pretty head of yours.”

“Case and I got to talking, you remember the Christmas party last year when you kissed him?”

“Oh lord I had to much nog and not enough egg.”

“Maybe, but he popped a woody from my hot mom.”


I could not help but laugh as she tried to hide a grin.

“Uh-huh you felt it. How could you not?”

“Ok. So yeah maybe,” mom laughed.

“Wanna have sex with him,” I just blurted it out mom dropped her spoon clattering to the table. “Yes I am serious.”

Mom searched my eyes for a bit. “You little shit, you are serious. So is that all? I mean you start off about me and Jimmy, now it’s have sex with Casey.”

“Can sincan escort we not be mother and daughter for a bit and just be two women talking?”

“Sure Megs you know that.”

“Well we both agreed we would like you two to be together it won’t bother us… But we both admitted we want to have sex with you. You know me and Jimmy and you and Casey.”

“Casey admitted all that did he?”

I nodded, “he calls me the blowjob queen and said he knew I thought about Jimmy and he was wondering about you.”

Mom died laughing and got up to refill her coffee cup. Sitting back down, “You are the princess not the queen,” mom said winking over her cup and taking a sip.

“Oh shit mom,” I laughed.

“We are just being girls, right?”

I nodded.

“I was blowing Jimmy when you two came home.”

“Oh shit! Sorry mom.”

“He is really hung too,” mom said.

“Oh really?”

“Yeah exactly nine inches and really fat. I was so shocked, I got him to let me measure it with my sewing tape. Nine on the money. So I was blowing him, he was going to return the favor then fuck me and…”

“We came home.”

She nodded.

Case is just over nine and fat too mom.

“Damn. Big cock must run in that family.”

“So never tried again? Or anyone mom?”

“No just toys since.”

“I have a fantasy mom.”


“Us all going to dinner… Jimmy driving with me in the front. You and Casey in the back.”

“Mom died laughing, you naughty thing. Road head. Oh it’s been years since I sucked a cock especially on the road. Is that all?”

“We suck them off on the drive home, then swap when we get home you fuck Jimmy and I fuck Casey… In the living room together.”

“So you don’t want to fuck Jimmy, just blow him?”

“Both. But I want you to fuck him, so he knows that pussy is his,” I laughed.

I saw mom grind a bit on the chair yeah, she wanted it too.

“One-time thing Megs?”

I shook my head no.

“So what then?”

“Well you and him could be a couple and you know we could swing now and then.”

“Mom’s jaw was on the floor. You really have put thought into this, haven’t you? I should spank you butt you naughty girl.” But she laughed and smiled.

“I probably got it from you,” I said.

“Oh no doubt, your dad just wasn’t wild. If it wasn’t missionary, he was not interested. Hell I even had to ask to suck him.”

“So, what do you think?”

“Honestly as long as it’s been, I’m afraid I might hurt the first man that tries,” mom was smiling. “Tell you what, if you can get Jimmy to let you blow him on the drive home, I will blow Case in the back seat if he will let me.”

“Oh he will let you I guarantee that mom.”

“That sexy shit, damn I do want to fuck him too Megs,” she said looking me in the eye.

“I wanna fuck Jimmy too.”

“And Case is ok with that?”

“If he can fuck you… Oh yeah. So let’s say dinner in Shreveport Saturday night, that’s little over an hour away. You know Jimmy will want to drive so it should be simple. I get motion sick in the back, so that puts me and him in front.”

“And me and Casey in the back.”

“Right, but let’s start at the same time. Deal?”

I know I had a big shit eating grin on my face I could feel it.

“What’s so funny,” mom asked?

“I had no clue it would be this easy to talk you into mom.”

“Honey, mom hasn’t had cock in thirteen years, except almost blowing Jimmy. Then you offer not one, but two sexy men. Apparently, both with big cocks.”

“Thirteen years? But you and dad have only been divorced twelve.”

“And we were not doing anything, just like Jimmy and Cheryl weren’t.”

“Shit mom I could not imagine ten days.”

“So we are just being to women talking still right Megs?”

“Yeah, honestly mom I want us always to be like that.”

“You are right, you are twenty-five, not a baby anymore I suppose we can. So have you ever had a DP?

“You mean two?”

Mom nodded.

“No, I ‘ve only been with Casey and he with me.”

“So sweet childhood lovers. Wait you never been with a girl either?”


“I just wondered it seems to be the in thing with younger people.”

“Have you?”

“No, wasn’t really the thing when I was young.”

“What about the DP though?”

“No but I always wanted too. I mean if we are going to fuck them both now and then, why not make it a party?” Mom had the biggest smile. I think mom was becoming my best girlfriend now.

“Mom you said Jimmy is nine?”

She nodded.

“Casey is like nine and a quarter, that’s eighteen inches of cock.”

“Oh god,” mom almost moaned. “Saturday better hurry up and get here.”

“I could send Case over for a little pre-game.”

“As much as I’d like to no., I have another idea.”

“Oh? Let’s wait till we get back to blow them.”

“Umm… Ok. Why?”

“I want the boys to watch us blow them both at the same time. Then I wanna watch you ride up and down on Jimmy’s cock while I ride Case. Then we switch and fuck our men senseless. I wanna own Jimmy’s cock like he’s never had, and I want the boys to know we expect them to fuck us both from now on… All of batıkent escort our holes.”

“Fuck mom,” I ground my pussy on the chair now out of reflex. “Can we suck their cocks together. I mean both on one cock at a time?”

“Oh hell yes!”

“Off the subject, but did dad have a big cock?”

“Nah average, it wasn’t no slouch. But when I saw Jimmy’s. My god girl.”

“Mom life is about to get really interesting and fun.”

“How does Casey like his pussy?”


“Shaved? Isn’t that the rage now?”

“Oh no, he likes a little. Like a racing stripe.”

“Really? So it is like father like son,” Mom said sipping her coffee.

We talked about a lot of other things, Case text he was headed home, and his dad agreed to dinner. Mom and I hugged and laughed at our plans and I went home.

I decided not to fill Case in on all mom and I talked about today. Snuggled up after dinner on the couch flipping channels…

“So what did your dad say about dating?”

“He said he’d had one date a couple years ago, but they really did not hit it off. Said something was missing and looked a little sad.”

I sat up surprised. “He did.”

“Yeah. I asked how come he and Betty never dated, he got all weird and would not really say more than he did not know. After that he wouldn’t talk about it.”

“Did you tell him they should?”

“Yeah Megs, after I confirmed the dinner Saturday. Something tells me if I’d done it before he would have said no.”

“So maybe he doesn’t like mom that way.”

“Oh yeah he does, that’s why he got all quite and weird about it babe.”

“You really think?”

“Sure, he’s like me or I’m like him. His face burned red, so yeah, he likes her. I told him, dad she is a babe so maybe ask her out, but he just kept turned away from me to the front of the boat. I think Betty will need to make the first move.”

Smiling inside, she was. She was gonna move on Case and I was Jimmy then we would swap. I was so damn horny from mine and mom’s talk. I had to play it off for now.

“So what did she say?”

“Remember our junior Christmas party?”

“Oh yeah the fire alarms went off and we went back to your place.

“Yeah that’s right. Well, we interrupted them.”


I looked at him.

“Oh! Wow! Really?”

I could not help but laugh at his reaction. “Yeah she was giving Jimmy head.”

“Oh shit we cock blocked them babe.”

“Yeah, mom was going to blow him then he was going to go down on her then they were gonna fuck she said.”

“Your mom said fuck? I’ve never heard her really curse.”

“Oh mom said a lot, maybe some things you don’t want to hear.”

“Might as well lay it out.”

“Ok so, that was the one and only time. I guess after the close call of nearly being caught by us they decided not to anymore.”

“How come?”

“Like we thought. They thought it would make it weird for us.”

“Damn, I feel bad that we kept them apart Megs.”

“Me too. Seems your mom was right though.”

“About what?”

I leaned against him and rubbed his cock which was hard. I wondered if the thought of mom or his dad and mom had him up. “Like father like son.”

“Oh shit Megs.”

“Mom was so impressed she measured it.”

He was laughing now, “sounds like someone I know.”

“Hey, the girls in my family are cock measurers what can I say? Don’t worry stud, you have him beat by a smidge.”

“Suddenly I know way to much about my dad’s cock. So Betty is interested though?”

“Oh hell yeah she is. She always has been. I’m pretty sure your dad was then too, so he probably still is from what you said. Mom is worried, you know she feels old since dad ran off with a young woman.”

“Oh that’s bullshit, your mom is a total babe.”

“I love that you think she’s sexy. Does it bother you that I think your dad is?”

“I thought it would but no. You’re mine and I’m yours, I know that. I even had a dream you blew him last night.”

“What? Really?”

“Yeah, so if you get a chance you can,” Case said.

“I told mom how hard you got under the mistletoe last year.”

“Ah Megs. Damn”

“Relax babe she felt it and was impressed. Made her feel sexy.”

“Well good, she is.”

“So if she tries let her.”


“To blow you silly. You said it was ok if I blow Jimmy.”

“Yeah but babe you know if you suck my cock, I wanna fuck you too.”


Now is when I really saw shock, “You really mean…”

“I do.”

I felt his cock jump under my palm. “Sounds like he likes the idea too.”

“Megs, I’m sorry… I…”

I stopped him with a kiss. “Don’t be. If I wasn’t ok with you being balls deep in her I wouldn’t tell you to fuck her. Now fuck me and fuck me hard. My pussy has been soaked all fucking day.”

Case slid a finger under my sleeping shorts. “Fuck you are soaked, and your pussy feels like it’s burning up.”

I nodded and kissed him again. Fuck he was turned on too. Usually we would kiss for a while, but he got me on my back on the couch yanking my sleeping shorts off and buried his face in my soaking pussy. My god he could eat pussy and fuck. He made me cum four times before he would give me cock even with me begging, then tried his dammed’est to literally knock the bottom out of my pussy. Three more orgasms and I was full of his delicious cum. I loved to tasted him, but I needed it in my pussy, and I could tell by the lust in his eyes he needed it there too.

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