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Tracy had always been my sister’s friend rather than mine. Even after she turned eighteen I still barely realised she was there. This was probably a combination of arrogance on my part, shyness on hers, and that godawful school uniform she had to wear. I’d always assumed she was sort of dumpy under that uniform; memories from when we were little I suppose.

The day that I finally woke up to the fact that she was now a pretty young woman was when my sister had her stay the weekend. Tracy was still wearing loose clothing, but a couple of times I found myself looking at her more closely, trying to imagine what sort of figure she had.

Sunday morning I finally found out. The parent and my sister had gone to church, but unbeknownst to me, Tracy had opted out of church in favour of a lie in. I’d been having a lie in myself, but being a growing lad the pangs of hunger persuaded me to rise and shine. To rise, anyway.

I just tossed on a dressing gown and headed to the bathroom. I already had the gown half off as I walked through the bathroom door and there was Tracy. She was naked and lovely and looking at me with big round eyes and total shock on her face. Don’t blame me. She really should have locked the door.

As far as I was concerned, whoever designed the school uniform that had hidden a figure like that should be tried for a crime against humanity. Tracy had big proud breasts, a slender waist and curvaceous hips and legs, all put together the way they should be. To top it off, her hair was loose and tumbling down around her shoulders in a glorious black mass.

My dressing gown naturally continued its descent and then we were both staring at the naked other. I changed from strolling in with a flaccid penis to standing stock still with an erection I thought was going to slap me in the face, the way it leapt to a ready for action state.

I wouldn’t normally be embarrassed to be seen naked by a woman. I mean, what boy would? But the suddenness, the sheer unexpectedness, took me aback and I automatically reached for a towel. Tracy had the same idea and our hands met on the towel rack.

I can’t explain what happened then. The touch seemed to ignite something between us and I was taking a step towards Tracy and she was taking a step towards me and I could feel her breasts plastered against my chest and there was no way she couldn’t feel my erection pressing firmly against her stomach. Possibly it was my imagination but I could swear I felt heat radiating from her pussy.

My hands reached down and around, cupping her bottom and pulling her tighter towards me while at the same time lifting her. Tracy’s arms went around my neck and the pressure of my hands low on her cheeks as I pulled her tighter seemed to force her legs to part and slide either side of me.

Then I was lifting her higher and I could feel the length of my cock sliding along her pussy, pressing firmly against her slit, forcing it to part a little. Then Tracy was high enough for my cock to slide deeper between her legs and I stopped lifting.

A small drop and my cock was pressing against her slit in earnest. Tracy gave a little wriggle and then I was in her and advancing steadily. My hands were now no longer supporting her weight, even though they were still cupping her bottom, and Tracy just seemed to plunge right down onto me, taking me into her as though it was what she’d been waiting for.

We paused like that, but only for a second or so. Then I found myself pressing firmly up into her and relaxing and dropping out slightly. I started to press forward again, but Tracy took matter into her own hands.

With her legs locked around my waist and her arms around my neck, Tracy had manoeuvring room and she used it to her full advantage. By flexing her legs and pulling herself up with her arms at the same time she was able to slide up my cock and down, and in short order she was riding me while I stood there, bouncing up and down in fine style.

Neither of us had made a sound to this point, and apart from gasping with effort I was still silent, whereas Tracy finally found her voice.

She started off giving little squeals that jerked out of her every time she sank down onto me, interspersed with little cries of “oh, god,” every time she lifted herself up.

Please don’t think I was just standing there letting Tracy do all the work. I was thrusting into her just as hard as I could, every time I felt her start to descend. If she was taking full advantage of me, I have to admit that I was taking just as much advantage of her, and we were dancing our little dance in mutual harmony.

It was all happening awfully fast, and I could hear Tracy’s little squeals coming faster and louder as we accelerated, and I could feel my own breathing coming faster as well. That wasn’t all that was coming, and it seemed like no time had passed when Tracy started giving voice as her climax started to rush over her.

Next thing Tracy was clinging to me desperately while I was banging into her as hard and as fast eryaman gerçek escort numaları as I could, letting my climax loose to meet with hers.

Leaning back against the bathroom wall exhausted, with Tracy still wrapped around me, I was glad we were in the bathroom. Two steps and we were in the shower, with Tracy finally disengaging, and both of us relaxing as the hot water washed over us.

Then Tracy was gone, off to get dressed, while I wended my way back to my own room. Tracy successfully avoided me for the rest of the day, probably not knowing what to say when we did meet. I sure didn’t know what to say to her after something like that.

– – –

Colin is the brother of my best friend. I didn’t really know him all that well as he tended to avoid me and his sister, but he always seemed a bit full of himself. All boys that age are, I suppose; must be that testosterone running wild in them.

You might say I got to know him a bit better the weekend I stayed over at their house. It seemed to me that he spent most of Saturday just hanging around, trying to look through my clothes. He’s quite good looking and can be quite entertaining when he puts his mind to it. He just never had before where I was concerned.

Anyway, he was hanging around and I’ll admit to feeling a little flattered. I could feel my nipples crinkle slightly when he cast one of those wondering looks at my breasts, and I’ll admit to a little buzz at the bottom of my tummy.

Things change somewhat on Sunday morning. I’d just had a shower and dried myself. I’d no sooner hung up the towel when the bathroom door opened and Colin walked in. My own fault, I know. I should have locked the door. The annoying thing was the timing. A minute earlier and he would have heard the shower and stayed out. A minute later and I’d have had some clothes on. As it was, he walked in and I was starkers. You can imagine how I felt.

Colin just stared at me, at the same time shrugging off his dressing gown so that he was naked, too. His penis was limp when the dressing gown dropped away, but to my shock it just seemed to jerk and grow and swell and after what seemed like ages it was sticking right up in the air, a full blown erection. God it looked big.

We must have both been frozen to the spot for at least a minute, just staring at each other, the only thing moving being Colin’s cock, and that was probably of its own accord.

Finally I blinked and grabbed for the towel again, but Colin was too fast. His hand darted out and caught mine before I could touch the towel, and then he was pulling me towards him.

I took an inadvertent step towards him as he tugged on my arm and he took a step towards me, and the next thing I know he’s holding me with my breasts squashed against his chest and his cock was rudely poking me in the stomach.

I started to ask him to let me go, but sort of gasped instead. His hands had dropped down onto the cheeks of my bottom and fastened onto them like a couple of mechanical claws. Then he was hoicking me up off my feet and I had to grab him around the neck or fall over backwards.

He dragged me up against his body, forcing my legs to part on either side of him, and then to my horror he was dragging me slowly along the length of his cock. When I say me, I mean my pussy. I could feel that thing pressing between my lips, slowly rubbing them, while at the same time the width of that shaft of his was trying to force them apart.

I breathed a bit easier when he lifted me high enough that his cock popped free and shot between my legs, which was stupid of me, I’ll admit. As soon as his cock was positioned between my legs, he started lowering me, and the damn thing was pressing hard against my slit, wanting in.

Naturally enough, at this stage I started to struggle. I mean, who wouldn’t? This was another error on my part, as my struggling meant he loosened his hold on my bottom and gravity went into effect. You guessed it. I started to neatly skewer myself on his cock.

I tried to stop it, honestly. I was hanging around his throat like grim death, but I’m not all that strong. I don’t go doing chin ups and things. All my wriggling and trying to hold myself up only prolonged the pain, so to speak. Inch by inch I sank down onto that damned spear of his, and from my point of view, it felt like there were a lot of inches. It seemed to take forever, but eventually I found myself plastered against him, body to body and his damned body inside my body. I tell you, that thing felt absolutely enormous, rammed right up inside me and feeling proud of itself.

We stayed like that for what must have been several minutes. I was just watching him and hoping he’d come to his senses and pull out. Fat chance.

Eventually, Colin decided it was time for him to have fun. I could feel him press firmly into me and the pull back a little. Realising that if I didn’t act now I was going to be well and truly fucked, I tried to take action. Using my arms to pull myself up and my legs sincan escort for leverage I tried to slide myself up and off that cock, and I would have succeeded if Colin hadn’t given me this little bump, just as I was about at the top. Next thing I knew I was sliding straight back down again, squealing in fury.

I went a little berserk then, trying to heave myself up and off, while Colin kept stopping me at the last second and thrusting hard up into me, causing all sort of weird feelings. As a side note, I will admit that that man certainly knew how to use his equipment.

Anyway there we were, me screaming at him every time he poked his cock up me, and yelling, “no, god, no,” when I pulled up and tried to dismount, while he was laughing and thoroughly enjoying himself.

I couldn’t keep it up of course. All those weird feelings were accumulating, not helped by the way my breasts and nipples were being massaged by his hairy chest. I’d finally stopped trying to tell him no, but I was still squealing in earnest as that prick and his prick thoroughly worked me over.

And it all went on for so long, Colin thrusting and wriggling his cock around inside me, seeming pleased whenever I gave an extra scream. It was ages before I could feel my climax coming and I didn’t try to avoid it, just letting it rush over me while I screamed.

Next thing I really remember was Colin leaning against the bathroom wall, panting, with me sort of collapsed on him, also gasping.

I was about to see if I could push myself away from him, when Colin suddenly grinned, stepped into the shower with me still firmly attached, and turned it on. He promptly found out why people toss cold water on dogs to separate them. If he’d thought to ask, I’d have told him there was no hot water left.

A very fast dry off after that and I was out of there. I just grabbed my clothes and ran to his sister’s bedroom naked, and dressed in there. I didn’t come out until the others arrived home and I managed to dodge him for the rest of the day.

– – –

It turned out I should have avoided all night as well.

One o’clock in the morning, and I was thirsty. All I wanted was a glass of water. I hopped out of bed and went to the kitchen and got one. Wouldn’t you? I drank the water, put down the glass and turned around, and there was Colin, leaning against the doorway and just looking at me. And remembering. I could tell from the look on his face.

I sort of tried to sidle past him, meaning to go to bed. I said goodnight as I passed and walked towards Joan’s room. Colin was right there next to me, and when I went to stop at the room I was sharing with Joan he said no, grabbed my arm, and dragged me further down the hall to his room. Then he opened the door, pushed me in and came in behind me, closing the door.

I couldn’t scream or anything. I mean, if I did and Joan and her parents came, how could I explain being in Colin’s room at this time of the night, and what if he mentioned what had happened in the bathroom?

I stood there, not knowing what to do, flicking little glances at the door, wondering if I could get to it and out before he caught me. He saw me looking and just laughed.

“It’s locked,” he told me.

Colin took my arm and dragged me over to stand next to the bed, and all I could do was just stand there as he started undoing the buttons of my pyjama top. He pushed it off my shoulders and jerked it down so I was topless, and then he grabbed my breasts and started playing with them.

“I didn’t really get a chance at these this morning,” he told me. “Everything happened so fast. I think we should try to take it a bit more slowly this time.”

“Fast?” I thought. “It had felt like I’d been in that bathroom for hours while he ravished me.” If that was fast, what did he consider slow? Start today and finish tomorrow?”

I didn’t actually say that to him. I was too busy gasping and trying to squirm away from his mouth, which was busy chewing on my breasts and sucking my nipples. Not that I could squirm very far, his hand was on my back holding me in place. Colin seemed to enjoy what I was doing, damn him, even letting my squirming move his mouth from one breast to the other.

By now I was breathing hard, my nipples were standing to attention like good little soldiers and those odd feeling were radiating out of my breasts, encouraging that fire to start up, low in my tummy. I knew what Colin intended to do to me but I couldn’t think of any way to stop him.

Colin finally stopped suckling on my breasts and took a step back. He put a thumb inside my pyjama waistband, either side of my hips, and slowly pulled them down. You’d think a boy taking off a girl’s pyjamas would have the decency to just pull them down and off, but not Colin. He knelt in front of me and pulled them down slowly, pressing his lips against me and kissing and licking my body, starting at my navel and continuing down to my knees. I could feel his burning through the lace of my panties as he kissed batıkent escort me through them, which made my own internal fire seem to blaze that little bit higher.

He helped me step out of my pyjamas and now I was standing there wearing just this skimpy pair of lace panties, and I knew how long they were going to last. Colin was still kneeling in front of me, looking at my panties, then he looked up at me and told me to take them off.

Why should I have to take them off? He was the one who wanted me naked. I would rather put my pyjamas back on and go to bed, thank you very much.

Reluctantly I pushed them down and stepped out of them. Colin promptly put his hands on my bottom and pulled me closer to him, and then his tongue was darting between my legs and tasting me. Down there. I mean, really, what do you do, what do you say, when a man’s chewing on your pussy?

I had to jam my hand into my mouth to stop from screaming in shock and indignation. How could he do that? And what was worse, I was liking it. I was getting excited and wet and that damn fire was burning bright. If that bastard gave me an orgasm without his cock even touching me, I was going to kill him.

Colin stood up again, shrugged his shoulders and that stupid dressing gown of his dropped off. It was the same as in the bathroom with one little difference. He was naked, just the same, but his penis was already at full blown erection stage, so I didn’t have to stand there like a gawk as it stretched and flexed its muscles. Mind you, the damn thing seemed to have spent the day exercising. I’ll swear it was taller and fatter than it had been earlier.

I was just standing there quivering. He was going to lie me on the bed and take me again, and we both knew it. Colin pushed me back and the back of my knees hit the edge of the bed and I was sitting. Colin bent over, took my ankles and lifted them up and around, lying me flat and moving my legs apart at the same time.

Climbing up and kneeling between my thighs, Colin started roughly rubbing his cock against my pussy, slapping at my lips and brushing them back and forth. I was nervous and trembling and I so did not want to see this.

“Turn off the light,” I mumbled, but Colin shook his head.

“I want to see you as I enter you,” he told me.

So while I watched, Colin edged my lips apart and then pressed his cock between them. He didn’t seem satisfied, so he stretched me a bit further, and this time I could see the head of his cock vanish into me. And feel it. Oh, god, could I feel it, barging in where it had no right to be, as if it owned the place. Then he let my lips go and I had the fun of watching them snap closed around Colin’s shaft, effectively taking him prisoner.

Some prisoner. I’d trapped a raiding party, and as I watched the rest of the party joined in. This morning, I’d felt his cock moving into me, inch by inch. Now, as well as feeling it, I could actually watch it in live action, slowly creeping into me. I wanted to yell at him to just do it and get it over with, but I bit my tongue and let him have his way. He was going to anyway, no matter what I said.

How long does it take for a man to stick his cock in you? My last boyfriend could put it in in one second flat, stir around and be finished in under two minutes, tops. Come to think of it, that’s one of the reasons he’s now my ex-boyfriend.

Colin, on the other hand, seemed to want to take a good two minutes just getting in and acquainted, and I spent every second of that two minutes watching him slowly nail me to the bed and feeling him taking over my body and my mind. The further that instrument of torture descended, the less I was able to form a coherent thought.

Finally Colin was in me, and all I could think was cock, in me, start moving.

I just naturally pressed up against it, not because I wanted to, but because instinct had over-ridden my wants, and my body was doing what it wanted. So as I said, I pressed up against Colin, and he laughed and pressed back down against me.

The morning’s little effort had seemed to drag on and on, but I now found it to be lightning fast compared to Colin in action now. He pushed deep and slowly retracted, only to push deep again. And he wouldn’t do it fast. My body was twitching, my hips trying to hurry him up, my pussy prepared to bite him if he didn’t get a move on, and all he did was this long slow thrust. If I hadn’t already lost all sense of logical thinking, this torture would have done it.

Now please remember, Colin had effectively dragged me into his room, stripped me, and pushed me down on the bed so he could ravish me, so you can understand it if I felt a little miffed when he suddenly withdrew. Here I was, completely at his mercy and doing as I was told, like it or not, when he suddenly stops.

I was like, “Hey, what, why. What are you doing?”, while my body was reaching for something that was no longer there.

The monster just laughed at me and pushed against my side, lifting at the same time. I found myself flipped over onto my stomach, and Colin was lifting my hips high and pushing my head down at the same time. I was kneeling, bum up, and I could feel Colin moving behind me, and then he was in me again, driving me wild, but from a different position you might say.

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