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Maybe it is my conscious maybe I am not confident enough in believing I can have the attention, yearning and love of such a beautiful soul. Dreamt that you and I were working together. With you being the boss our budding relationship was a close secret. A few big wigs from corporate had come down for whatever reason. From a distance I had watched you greet them. The one guy was very hands on with you. This was driving me insane with jealousy. So bad in fact when you came over later that night we got in a fight about it.

Remember feeling like an ass. Here I am acting like an ass and driving you into this guys arm. I try calling and texting the next morning and get no answer from you. When I see you walk in the office that morning I am just stopped in my tracks. See you walk in wearing a very form fitting red sweater, pin striped pleated skirt and the sexy black leather boots you had shown me from shopping a few weeks earlier. You look absolutely radiant as you walk right past me as you are caught up in conversation with the big wigs.

Next thing I know we are sitting in a meeting. I am sitting in the back of the room watching you get ready to give your presentation I had seen you practice on me all weekend long. For some reason you say something about needing to turn off your black berry as I watch you fumble with it. Shortly afterwards I feel my cell vibrate and look down to see a text from you.

As everyone is intent on your words that I have heard quite often I open my cell to look at your text.

“Baby, I love you! I want no one but you! Mwah”

Instantly fills my heart with warmth. I just smile reading that as I look up watching you at your best. It finally dons on me that there is an attachment as I scroll down.

I see the top of your hip that my hands have slid over many times barely covered by the sheer lingerie. Following the taught garter over your creamy flesh snuggled nicely into your silk stocking. I stare intently at the silk stocking covering your thigh as it blends into the soft leather of your black boot. As I watch the leather bend around your knee, down your calf and wrapped around your ankle. Hearing you give your presentation as I look at the stiletto of your boot. I have never seen you in these boots before. OMG…these are the boots you are wearing right now. I can feel my cock swelling in my pants

I finally look up from my cell for what has had to be forever staring at it. You catch my eyes as I look up at you and just give me the biggest smile.

From that point on I just watch every move you make. Not paying to a word you say but I watch the lips I have kissed a thousand times slowly move as you annunciate each word. Staring at your tight red sweater, seeing how it accentuates your breast beneath. The breast that I have felt pressed into my chest many a time. Thinking of how just over the weekend how you eryaman bayan escort teased my mouth with your nipples as you swayed them back and forth over my lips as you slowly grinded on my cock. Watching your hips move as you walk from side to side. Staring intently at your skirt imagining your garter that I know you are wearing beneath. Thinking of how I have had the pleasure of kissing and nibbling your inner thighs as I worked my way up to your soft moist velvet lips. Watching your legs beneath your skirt wrapped in the soft black leather. Remembering how you told me you would change the way I thought about boots.

The whole time I am just engrossed deeply in watching you giving your presentation, you know what I am doing. You can almost feel me as I slowly fuck you with my eyes. As you scan the room looking at everyone, every time you catch me eye fucking you as our eyes pass. You can’t help yourself as you feel a warm burning feeling between your thighs.

As you start working around the room talking as you pass out some report. Someone else starts talking going over something in the report you just passed out. You reach between me and someone else to grab something off the conference table.

I smell the scent of your intoxicating perfume. The perfume that has been etched in my mind, reminding me of you. To my surprise I feel your soft sweater rubbing against my cheek as I feel your breast slowly press in me. “Excuse me, Bill.” As you slowly pull yourself back as everyone is listening to the other person. They look back to see you catching up in the report.

From there you stand behind me as we go through the report. I feel you place your hand on my shoulder. I feel the nail on your thumb slowly run up and down along the back of my neck. Running through my hair finding the one place that you found that drives me wild. As you stand behind me you look down over my chest and can’t help but notice the outline of my cock straining in my pants. Standing there as you clench your lips tight as you feel your dripping wet Gstring saturated with your sweet honey as I feel your nails clenching into my shoulder.

You quickly regain your composure as you work your way back to the room as the lights dim and you give the end of the presentation. At the end of the presentation the guy I dislikes walks up talking to you be touchy feeling with you driving me wild. They announce that you and the group are going to lunch and some other facility and was good meeting everyone as they whisk you away from me.

I text you “HAPPY…NOT happy”. Finally I get a text back ” I will handle it! LOVE YOU!!! Open the box in private!”

What the hell box are you talking about? Your assistant walks by a while later saying Brianna says to give this to you.

I finally open the box at home to find a saturated Gstring that you had been wearing and a note saying escort sincan you love me.

After waiting for you to come over I finally get a text from you.

“Sorry handsome, running late. Be there as soon as I can. Love you!”

I finally go in the bedroom taking your Gstring with me. I find myself lying in bed looking at your pic of you in your boots that you had sent me. Lying naked in bed, I wrap my hand around my cock looking at your pic. Finally I close my eyes and hold your Gstring to my face. Imagining you were there with me to please me.

You quietly walk in my bedroom arriving later then you had wanted to. Walking in you see me in bed stroking my cock with my eyes closed smelling your sweet scent that you had left me earlier in the day. You can feel yourself become instantly wet again. Standing there watching me you slowly peel yourself out of your skirt and sweater. You slowly slither from the bottom of the bed up between my thighs.

“Let me help you with that.” I hear you say right before you lower your lips onto the head of my cock. Your lips easily slip over the head of my cock meeting my hand that is just below the head. I feel your tongue teasing the tip as you flick along it. You ease the grip I have on my cock as your tongue is suddenly met with the precum I have been holding back. Hearing you purr as you slide my cock deeper in your eager lips. I look down to see your head sliding up and down my cock as my hands run through your hair. Fucking my cock with your mouth as you look up at me. Looking deep into my eyes as you never stop sliding my cock in and out of you. Giving me the look that you belong to me and no one else.

You feel my cock tensing inside your mouth. You are not ready for me to cum. Not just yet at least. I feel you grip right under the head of my cock as your lips make a popping sound as you release my cock from them. You run your ail along the belly of my cock easing your grip as you let some cum release from my cock. Taking your finger and wiping the cum from the head of my cock, I watch you lick your finger clean.

You slowly slither your way up my body. Feeling your lace covered breast sliding up my hairy chest. You slowly start kissing and nibbling along my neck. Your nails running through my hair putting me at ease. I hear you in my ear.

“I am all yours and no one else’s, handsome. I love you!”

Without hesitation I tell you how much I love you, as I look deep into your eyes. You reach down kissing my lips with yours. As once again you kiss along my ear I hear you whisper.

“From what I saw you love my scent, Do you want a taste?” Before I can answer I feel you sliding up my chest. I feel the soft leather boots that have been burnt into my eyes all day long as they slide up over my arms pinning me down as you straddle my face.

“I enjoyed watching you now it is elvankent escort bayan your turn.” I look up at you and watch you slowly teasing your lips in front of me. Running your finger up and down your velvet lips. Pressing your fingers into your piercing as you grind it back and forth. Watching you tease your clit right before my eyes. I can’t help myself but run my hands up and down your sexy boots, feeling the soft leather.

To my delight I watch you as you slip a finger slowly inside you. Watching you finger your pussy, teasing me. Watching as your eyes close as you bury your finger knuckle deep. That’s it sunshine tease yours tits for me as well. I watch you pinch your nipple with your other as you feel me leaning up to taste you. You take your hand off your breast pushing me down.

“Not until I give you permission, Bill!”

With that I watch you slip your finger out as you slowly suck your finger dry. You run that same hand down over your breast and back down to your piercing. Teasing your clit once more as you watch me entranced on how you tease me. You once again start fingering yourself as you slide your finger out tracing my lips with it. Finally you slide your finger in my mouth letting me taste you off your finger.

“Please Brianna, let me taste you.”

You reply “All you had to do was ask nicely handsome.”

Without hesitation you lower your pussy to my waiting lips. I slopply start lapping at your lips for fear you will again tease me and take them away from me. My hands finally free as they run up your soft leather boots to your silk stockings. I love your taste Brianna.

Without saying anything you do exactly as I want you to. You start grinding your pussy in my mouth. Riding my face as my hands slip up to your ass lightly running over it. I want to bury my tongue deep inside you.

I feel you pull up from me as you turn around. I feel you slide your lips once again on my cock as you reach back between your thighs teasing your clit right in front of me. Feeling you slide up and down my cock with your lips acting like a vice on my cock. I finger you from behind as you suck my cock. Feeling your pussy throbbing wanting to be filled with my cock you once again slither down me.

To my delight you slide my cock deep inside your pussy. Watching you from behind as my hands run up and down your boots, stockings and garter. Seeing my cock go in and out as I stare at your tight little ass.

Fuck me Brianna Ride my fucking cock.

I lean up as you ride my cock and pull your hair from behind. Forcing your head to one side so I can lock my lips with yours as you fuck my cock. Letting my hand slide down over your breast. You feel my hand squeeze and fondle your breast. Fingers running over your nipple. I can feel myself tensing up and know I can no longer hold back. I let my hand run down to your clit. As you ride my cock up and down you feel my hand start smacking on your clit. With each smack tremors run through your whole being at the same time you feel my cock exploding deep inside you. I feel your legs tremble as you are straddles on my cock fucking me as you cum with me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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