Princess Perched in her Electric Chair Ch. 02

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Having no clue just how tightly wound he’d become, twenty-nine year old Landon Ashby nearly reached for the loaded gun in his interior breast pocket when the heavy, ornate wooden door in front of him swung open. Thankfully he’d stopped his right hand in mid air before he ventilated a completely innocent young girl in the doorway of her parent’s home.

“…Oh…Hi…,” Landon’s voice quivered, his murderous rage suddenly discombobulated by the sight of the pretty teenager standing in front of him.

Trying in vain to gather his tongue, Landon could hear another set of footsteps approaching from inside.

“…Is your Dad home?” was all he could think of to say.

Before the youngster could answer, an older and tad taller replica of her stepped into view.

“No…he’s gone over to a friend’s house…its his card game tonight,” Maureen Cameron interjected, shooing her daughter away in a polite but certain ‘Mother-Hen’ gesture.

“Do you live around here?” she asked once she’d ensured the safety of her child.

“…Actually…uh… no…,” Landon stammered, his original game plan now strewn like thousands of random and mismatched puzzle pieces on the ground below.

“…I sort of know him from work…,” he was finally able to latch his eyes on the older woman’s and offer.


As of 11:15 the following morning, Landon Ashby’s hands weren’t those of a killer. In fact, they were cradling a two month old copy of People as he sat in Dr. Cameron’s office lobby, waiting for him to finish with his wife, Lisa’s root canal.

Considering how slow things had been at work with the slumping economy, Landon had no problem getting the day off, and was more than happy to be there during Lisa’s time of need.

Scanning the room, trying to get a feel for his surroundings every few minutes, Landon would size up the other folks waiting in the lobby along with the two office women working behind the glass partition. Every once in awhile he’d also steal a peek outside to see who might be pulling into the parking lot. Content for the moment all was well, he’d then dip his head back into the magazine and scan through the outdated tabloid fodder.

Checking his watch every so often, Landon estimated his wife had been in surgery for around a half an hour when a very attractive woman in her early 40’s walked through the front door of the office as if she owned the place.

In a roundabout way, she sort of did.

“Oh…Hello Mrs. Cameron,” one of the chipper girls behind the glass quickly greeted the wife of the office’s owner.

“Hey Tamara…I know Ned’s with a patient. Was just going to meet him for lunch and I’m early…I’ll just take a seat,” Maureen Cameron said in a hushed tone that matched the staid surroundings in perfect pitch.

Giving a casual smile to everyone waiting in the lobby, Maureen took a seat opposite Landon near the back of the waiting area.

Tossing the magazine in his hands down to the coffee table, Landon returned the married woman’s smile before picking up another to thumb through.

If there was a blessing, Dr. Cameron had stopped taking adolescent patients a few years earlier. The last thing a child needed was to be witness to what was about to happen.

Surveying the assorted gallery in the room, the dentist’s wife was seated directly across from him, an agitated woman in her mid 50’s was to Maureen Cameron’s right, most likely dealing with an abscess of some sort. There was one gruff looking older man to Landon’s left who seemed to ooze reproach with each dagger of his gaze.

“He should get a real kick out of this,” Landon thought merrily.

Then there were the two girls working behind the glass of the office. Those obviously would be the wildcards in a few precious moments.

Checking his watch one last time, Landon eased forward and dropped the magazine back down on the coffee table running down the center of the waiting room. Softly rapping his knuckles twice on the surface of the table before leaning back into his seat, Landon took a deep breath and locked eyes with Mrs. Cameron as she stood up, seemingly on cue, and began walking around the table to where he was seated.

The other two older folks waiting in the lobby barely looked up when the pretty, well tanned lady with dark blonde hair stood up and made her way around the table.

“Just walking over to grab a gossip rag to read,” they would have most certainly thought.


The two patients in the waiting room had problems enough of their own without eryaman genç escort bayanlar worrying what sorts of maladies were confronting their dentist. As long as Dr. Cameron had a steady hand during their exam, and possibly prescribed them some good meds if need be, the old man and woman in the lobby were fine. They were both experienced enough to know just because their friendly neighborhood cavity filler had a brand new luxury car in the reserved parking spot in front of the office, a beautiful wife and a house in one of the swankier parts of town, his life probably wasn’t the fairy tale it appeared to be on it’s facade.

If those two, along with the unsuspecting girls in the office, had been a fly on the porch of Ned Cameron’s house the previous night however, they may have well understood what they were about to witness. If they would have heard the young man seated between them describe how his young wife, the very one who the good doctor was working on at that very moment, had been carrying on an affair behind her husband’s back, or how Ned Cameron’s wife had admitted Lisa Ashby was only the latest in the line of such occurrences, they may have understood the drastic, but highly poetic action Maureen Cameron was about to take. If they had heard about the way Ned’s gambling habit, along with his incendiary need to keep his youth, had torpedoed the family’s finances, they may have even given the blonde woman approaching the man across from her a big pat on the back.

That said, they were still mortified when they first saw Maureen Cameron drop down to her knees and close both of her hands around the loop of Landon Ashby’s belt.


To the man and woman flanking Maureen and Landon, their brains still processed the act of the pretty blonde going down to her knees as a by-product of possibly dropping something and she was just bending down to pick it up. Even when Maureen put her hands down on Landon’s lap, it must have simply been to provide herself some leverage so she could stand back up.

It wasn’t until the audible sound of her hands unsnapping Landon’s pants and pulling the zipper down that the two witnesses were shook from their collective fog.

A sharp, “WHA,” left the older woman’s throat while the grizzled man’s eyes lit up more than they had in years. The two younger women in the office hadn’t noticed yet, but that would soon change.

Looking away from her computer screen to grab a patient’s records to file, Tamara Brevitz, a 23 year old Dr. Cameron had hired fresh out of college, turned to look just in time to see her boss’ wife’s mouth close around the seated man’s exposed and jutting appendage. The file in Tamara’s hand quickly became a scattered mess on the floor beside her desk, which in turn caused the other woman working with her, a 10 year veteran of the office named Vivian Delaney to turn from her work station and see the unholy site transpiring on the other side of the glass.

Sensing all four sets of eyes were now upon them, a visceral burst of adrenaline shot through both Maureen and Landon as they proceeded with their lewd public display.

Rubbing his fingers through the married woman’s long, silky hair, Landon made a point of visually engaging everyone watching. The rage he felt the previous day when he discovered his own wife’s infidelity still burning in his craw, it now mixed with the sublime sensation of Maureen Cameron’s tongue sliding over his erection until it felt like kerosene had been unleashed inside his veins.

Humping his rear end off the seat each time Maureen devoured more of his prick into her mouth, Landon bit down on the inside of his cheek, desperate not to cum before the real fun started. Before the four gawking strangers could even begin processing what they were seeing, Landon tapped Maureen on the shoulder and they simultaneously stood up.

The faint echo of an “Air Supply” song on the office’s in-house sound system the only noise in the waiting room, Landon stood the proprietor’s wife up, as if showing her off to the assembled audience. Reaching down and massaging the woman’s tanned thighs, when he pulled his hands back up, Landon brought the woman’s navy blue mini-skirt up as well until everyone watching could see Maureen Cameron hadn’t bothered to wear panties.

The shock still fermenting in the gallery’s gazes, in the blink of an eye, Landon used his left hand to pull the top of Maureen’s matching blouse down, allowing her two healthy and ample breasts to spill free. The confusion and awe plastered on the older patient’s face only ankara escort bayan intensified as she grasped her chest with her hand, while the older man to Landon’s side simply looked as if someone had pulled his power cord from the wall.

At some point, the two employees cooped up in Dr. Cameron’s business office began to stir into action, not that they really had a protocol to deal with what was unfolding on the other side of the window. In fact, Tamara and Vivian bounced into each other several times like two clumsy dancers before they could get to the door that led out to the lobby.

Vivian took off down the hall towards the surgical room where Dr. Cameron was putting the finishing touches on Lisa Ashby’s root canal while Tamara stumbled out towards the waiting area that suddenly resembled the set of a bad porno flick. Both were clueless as to what they’d say once they reached their ultimate destination.


One of the traits Ned Cameron had always prided himself was the ability to compartmentalize his job, being able to separate business from pleasure. Seeing his year-long extra marital conquest laying incapacitated in the seat beside him, every instinct below Ned’s neck urged him to reach down and steal a little squeeze or two over Lisa Ashby’s prone body. Despite the numbing effects of the local anesthetic, the twinkle in Lisa’s eyes told him to go ahead if he wanted.

Thankfully, Ned kept his focus on finishing the procedure. After all, considering how she’d used their affair as a bargaining chip to get the surgery done for free, the last thing he wanted to do was take a chance botching it.

Just as he was wrapping things up with Lisa, Ned couldn’t help but hear the rushed pitter pat of footsteps heading down the hallway towards his operating room. Before he could even turn his attention in that direction, there was the nervous rap of knuckles tapping on the closed door.

“Kind of busy…,” the dentist started to say through his surgical mask, but the door swung open before he could.

In all the years he’d worked with Vivian Delaney, he’d never quite seen that same look of befuddlement on her face.

“What is it?” Ned tried to ask, but Vivian just stood there with her head inside the door, speechless.

“…It’s…It’s your wife…she’s…out in the lobby…” Vivian finally managed.

Despite the crap he’d rained down on Maureen over the past year, some of it behind her back and some of it right to her face, something innate inside Ned tripped when he saw the look of concern on Vivian’s face.

“I’ll be right back,” Ned half muttered to Lisa in the chair as he pulled down his surgical mask and made a bee-line towards the door.

Her face numb, and her mouth stuffed full of gauze, Lisa watched as the older man darted past his office manager and disappeared out the door. Locking eyes for just an instant with Vivian Delaney from her utterly helpless position in the chair, there was a brief moment of shared feminine understanding.

Even with the foreboding hint of impending chaos, nothing could prepare Lisa Ashby from the freight train headed towards her.


Considering the expression on Vivian’s face, combined with how rare it was that she interrupted him during a difficult procedure, Ned’s logical assumption was that something serious had happened to his wife. It didn’t take long for him to round the corner and look up the hall to see the bad thing was actually happening to him.

By the time Ned had left Lisa in the dust, Landon had picked Maureen up and plunged his cock into her sopping wet cunt as she eagerly straddled his waist. Landon had just found his ‘walking and chewing gum at the same time” rhythm with Maureen the instant he locked eyes with her stunned husband.

Ned Cameron charged towards the carnal coupling, but was cut off at the pass by his two female employees who somehow wedged themselves between their raging boss and the target of his aggression. Using the brief diversion, Landon shuffled to his right, skirting he and Maureen’s conjoined bodies past Dr. Cameron’s outstretched hands before setting their sights on the room at the end of the hall.

On the way there, Maureen Cameron looked back and seared her gaze onto her husband’s, giving Landon’s buried cock an especially lurid squeeze with her vaginal muscles the instant she saw the glimmer of realization in Ned’s burning eyes.

Within a few seconds, Landon had whisked her inside the surgical room.


Less etimesgut escort than 24 hours earlier, Landon Ashby had been under the assumption he’d been a happily married man. Like all marriages, his had issues, but he was committed to it with every fiber of his mortal soul. Suddenly, there Landon was with a woman he’d only met for the first time the previous evening, straddled around his waist and impaled on his cock as his own wife sat helplessly in the operating chair.

“WWWWAAHHHHHH,” Lisa’s muffled scream of shock resonated through the entire office suite when the crude realization of what she was witnessing registered.

The two older folks from the lobby now straining their necks to see through the maze of tangled limbs flailing in the hall, the faint echo of sirens could be heard in the distance. So could the repeated slap of Landon and Maureen’s crotches slamming together.

Considering the layers of interwoven mayhem, it seemed the trek Landon and Maureen had made down the hall had taken an eternity. In actuality, it had taken no more than a minute.

Pressing Maureen’s back flush with the doorframe, Landon settled in the very spot that would enable the woman he was fucking to stare straight up the hall at her husband while Landon could look directly at his own wife to his left. Slamming his cock ruthlessly into Maureen’s sizzling cunt as he sandwiched her against the wall, the ferocity of Landon’s grunts increased with each thrust, as did the shrill vibration of the approaching police sirens.


Her head feeling as if it had been stuffed into an astronaut’s helmet that was quickly filling with cement, the numbness from the anesthetic seemed to spread all the way down to Lisa’s toes as she tried processing the image of her husband locked up with the wife of her own adulterous lover.

The sound of Ned cursing and struggling to get at Landon and Maureen, not to mention the cops storming through the front door were both drowned out by the symphony of rage and disbelief between Lisa’s ears. Even with the proof so vividly laid out before her very eyes, Lisa still couldn’t accept that Landon had found out about her year long indiscretion.

“This is all just a vivid nightmare,” she told herself, the sleepy way she tried pushing the surgical tray away from her chest so she could stand only adding to the sensation that none of this was real.

Any thought it was a dream came to a screeching halt when most of the stuff on Dr. Cameron’s work tray came crashing down to the tiles after Lisa’s left elbow rammed into it. The sound of all those expensive surgical tools hitting the floor mixed with the chaotic fuss from the hall, but all Lisa could seem to hear was the repeated collisions of her husband’s groin plowing into Maureen’s, along with the groans of lewd joy they took as the world unraveled around them.

All the pieces of the frayed tapestry came together for Lisa just as her husband fired his seed deep into Maureen Cameron’s womb. Opening her gauze filled mouth in a comic attempt to scream, only a raspy croak came out as Landon’s creamy white jizz oozed from the woman’s speared quim. Seeing the muscles in Maureen’s calves fire and flex as she wrapped them tightly around Landon’s waist, Lisa shuddered in horror as the other woman openly claimed Landon’s seed as her own.

Just as she was about to leap with claws bared at the rutting pair, Lisa saw Ned’s hands reaching into the doorway as well. He was now only a step or two from getting his grip around the back of Landon’s neck. Before he could however, Lisa’s world filled with a dark blue haze. There were two cops, ones that had strangely been tipped off mere seconds before the shit had hit the fan, that there might be something going down at the dental offices of Dr. Ned Cameron that would require swift and immediate police intervention.


It took a few minutes for Officers Coolbaugh and Wurtz to sort out everything. It was clear two folks were engaging in a graphic public display, but from the tenor of the people clustered around them, it appeared that even though both participants were married -, it likely wasn’t to each other.

Maureen and Landon would be taken into custody, booked for lewdness, disturbing the peace and public nudity. Ned Cameron would also be whisked downtown in the backseat of a separate car for the threats he openly made several times within earshot of the cops.

The one refugee left behind was Lisa Ashby. Her marriage now in tatters, she stood there in the hallway that was still thick with the scent of illicit sex, her root canal only half done as remaining people in the office stared on with a mixture of pity and salacious fascination.


Thanks to EJ and BT for letting me steal a lyric to use as the title.

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