Rainy Rendevouz

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It was a warm breezy summer night… walking through the park I could smell rain in the air. As I walked under the trees I looked up and saw a full pale moon in the middle of the dark summer sky. I decided to sit on a nearby bench and inhale some of the fresh night air. I look down at my watch and decide to relax for a few minutes before heading home. I look up and saw a familiar face heading my way. A smile comes across my lips as his steps lead him closer.

He greets me with a soft kiss taking my breath away. He is well aware of his capacity to make me weak with just a simple graze of his tender lips. He sits down beside me and begins to stroke my hair as he gazes intensely into my eyes. With his hand on the back of my neck he pulls me towards him and plunges his tongue into my parted lips. While I was lost in his closeness the rain had started delicately falling upon us but neither of us noticed, for we were lost in another world.

As his tongue explored every inch of my mouth I felt intoxicated by his familiar scent. He languidly worked his way down my neck while running his fingers down my back producing a soft moan from my lips bahis siteleri while he sent chills down my body. With the rain now falling harder we were becoming fully drenched. He could now clearly see the hardness of my nipples through my wet shirt. He started to rub them through the thin material. He stood up and took my hand in his and led me down a moonlit path to his car. I sat on the hood of the car and pulled him close to me between my open legs. I started to unbuckle his belt as I stared hungrily into his eyes.

I lifted his shirt and began to nibble and kiss my way down his wet chest reaching the little patch right below his navel I paused while I stroked his hardness with my hand. Softly at first I then began to gradually increase the speed of my strokes. I massaged his tip between my fingers, with his head thrown back and the rain drops rolling down his bare chest he looked as if he were in complete ecstasy. I slowly placed my lips upon his moist tip and twirled my tongue around the head while taking him further into my mouth, he pushed against me while gently placing his hands upon my head. I continued to gratify him with my canlı bahis siteleri mouth as he was grinding against me obviously enjoying every minute my mouth was on him. Getting harder I could feel his veins pulsing in my mouth, I slowed down my pace for I didn’t want him to finish just yet…

I lifted my shirt over my head sitting there nude , I tilted my head back letting the rain hit my face and roll down my neck then my bare chest. He took one breast in his hand and put my hard nipple in his mouth sucking gently as he caressed the other. Arching my back and pushing against his mouth, I rubbed his head lovingly caressing his hair. He was now kissing and sucking his way down the middle of my chest, down to my stomach, he grabbed the waistband of my pants as I lay back and lifted my hips so he could ease my pants off. Now fully naked he lay me back as his hands and mouth began to explore my body once again.

He worked his way down my stomach and gently lifted my legs upon his shoulders as he buried his face between my legs. Gently he parted my lips with his fingers he slid his tongue into my wet hole. As I moaned with satisfaction canlı bahis he continued plunging his tongue in and out ever so slowly. He moved up to my hard stiff clit and took it between his teeth pulled at it delicately while he slid a finger into my dripping hole. I spread my legs wider wanting him to go deeper and deeper. My legs trembling from extreme pleasure he continued to lick and suck until I felt an undeviating warmness all over my body as I released with the fervor of a tidal wave.

He then crawled up and kissed me, tasting myself on his lips aroused me even more, holding him close to me he slid inside me. Going deeper and deeper with every stroke I urged him to move faster as I clenched my muscles around his hard penis. He sucked on my breasts as he moved slower bit by bit, running my fingers and nails all over his back feeling the tightness of every muscle.

Still plunging in and out of me we moved together in a simultaneous rhythm as the rain poured down upon our hot naked bodies. Slower and slower the strokes became then finally with one long deep stroke he trembled in my embrace as he pushed as deep as he could possibly go, not knowing where he started and I began we both trembled in the after glow of our love making session in the rain, both of us exhausted we lay there for what seemed like an eternity feeling the rain fall upon us…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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