Revenge Can Be So Sweet

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They had been 18 the night the accident occurred. Ethan had wanted Jamie with every inch of his Six foot three inch frame for as long as he could remember.

They had been childhood playmates…but sometime in those years between 12 and 15…Jamie became a goddess. Ethan knew he wasn’t unattractive by any means…in fact many people considered him more attractive than Jamie. 6 foot three and a woodsman…that’s how most described him. He grew up working his father’s ranch.

Thick dark brown hair…almost black, and eyes that were as blue as cornflowers. Straight white teeth… and a smile that would melt an icy void between any woman’s thighs. His voice was deep and coated with a gentle southern drawl, and his figure…that man could have been an ox.

All the ranch work left him muscular, lean, and tanned but Ethan wasn’t the type to flaunt what he had. He often wore loose jeans and workboots, with a tshirt, or button down in winter… and it was his modesty that drove women absolutely crazy. Ethan was shy and quiet, but intelligent. He took care of his father, cooked and cleaned, and worked the ranch during the day. He had wanted to go to college but his father needed him at home, and Ethan stayed.

Ethan could have had any woman he wanted, but the woman he wanted was Jamie. Jamie was the best, not only because she was his best friend but because he knew that behind her girlish playful exterior beat the heart of a demon.

Jamie was liquid sex…perfect in shape and form. She was Five foot three inches of playful wood nymph. Short cropped brown hair, and dark brown eyes kept her face youthful. Jamie had the type of face that wasn’t gorgeous, but beautiful to behold. Jamie could pull off every look in the book, and god was gracious when he handed her a generous helping of curves. Her hips were round, and her breasts large, and her ass… was to die for. Ethan felt guilty the first time he masturbated to the thought of her ass…but he soon got over it.

Because she was his best friend, Ethan had a hard time conveying his feelings for her. It came down to one night, there one night together before Jamie left for college. Ethan knew this wasn’t the greatest opportunity, but he had to try.

Jamie was always a dangerous type of girl. To adults she seemed the sweet innocent child, the good student, the fun flirtatious normal type of teen. But to those who knew her…especially Ethan…they knew that underneath the opposite reigned. Jamie had been driving that night…it was Jamie that caused the accident…it should have been Jamie that went to prison…so why did she let Ethan take the blame?

Jamie woke with a start, remembering where she was…who she was… and what today was. Ten years later…Jamie had been through college and had become a journalist, while Ethan sat in prison. She had moved home when her father passed away, and bought a little house of her own. Jamie and her mother always looked in on Ethan’s sincan escort bayan father, and brought him groceries. Jamie swung her legs off the bed and got up for a glass of water. She rubbed her face as she looked in the mirror. She had felt guilty every single day of her life. She had visted Jamie once while he was in jail…he had told her of his feelings…but she had been scared! Scared someone would find out the truth…so she lied and told him she did not have feelings for him. Jamie always had loved Jamie, but he was so much smarter and more attractive that she was too nervous to ever ask him out. That day in the booth…through the bulletproof glass she had watched the color drain from his face and lips…he had growled at her and told her never to come back, and she never had. Today he’s a free man, and he will go home. She knew she wouldn’t sleep for the rest of the night.

They saw each other in town many times over the next few months, never speaking, Emmy always looking away. It was in church when they first spoke.

“Why if it isn’t Miss Jamie Lynn”, a deep voice growled from behind one Sunday morning.

Jamie stopped washing her hands and stood stock straight, she had needed to use the ladies room and had quietly slipped out after the sermon to go to the bathroom. Ethan had followed her.

Jamie couldn’t think or breathe…her heart was pounding… she could see him in the mirror behind her…leaning in the doorway in black slacks and a white dress shirt rolled to the elbows… looking relaxed and very menacing. But god in heaven did he look delicious. Not as tanned as he had once been, but every bit as handsome, and muscular. There was a small scar above one of those gorgeous blue eyes, and his smile had become lopsided…teasing…and malicious. This was a dangerous man.

Ethan noticed the fear in her eyes…and her inability to say anything at all. He spoke again.

“Oh yes it’s me…and your right…I have changed. Ten long years James. Ten years and the only thing I had to think about was you turning me down. I had to fight off cocksuckers every damn day…and all I had to keep me warm at night was the sight of your back as you walked away from me.”

He had growled this last part.

Jamie was frightened, and did not know what else to say but,

“What….what do you want. You’re not supposed to be in here…you can’t trap me in here I’ll scream!” Jamie realized she had said the wrong thing. His eyes flashed lightening, and he reached her in two steps, and slammed her against the bathroom wall, his hand cupping her throat in a stranglehold.

“Go ahead and try”.

Tears ran down Jamie’s face…she thought surely he was gonna kill her for lying to the police. Sure he had been ready and willing to save her then…but he wasn’t that way anymore.

“Please don’t kill me…I … I don’t know what to do”.

Ethan cursed under his breath. The feel of her body pressed eryaman escort to his…the slight smell of lavender that she always wore…the tears on her cheeks…gave him a massive hard on. He wasn’t going to let her get the best of him…even if his anatomy wouldn’t respond the way he’d like it to. Ethan smiled a bit. He had a plan.

“Do you know what prison does to a man…” he squeezed a bit tighter on her soft neck. Jamie shook her head no. “Prison…turns a man into a monster…” He growled in her ear and rubbed his erection on her thigh”.

Ethan got lost in the smell of her, and tore his hand away from her throat and up her skirt, deftly ripping off her underwear before she could blink.

“No… please don’t… don’t…what are you going to do?” Jamie cried.

“Something I’ve dreamed about since your high and mighty cunt walked away from me years ago”.

“You…you told me too!” She cried softly…

“Doesn’t matter”… he drawled. With that Ethan tore her head back and kissed her roughly, thrusting his tongue between her teeth, and his hand…

Received a wet greeting. Ethan stopped long enough to growl something about always knowing she was a slut, and tore her mouth apart again…leaving light whisker burns on her cheeks…he began to kneed her inner thigh.

Jamie was angry at herself for what she had done to her best friend so many years ago to turn him into this crazy, foaming fiend. She was scared that she was about to be raped, and she was confused by her very apparent arousal…as was Ethan.

“P..p..please Ethan…I…I haven’t…I’m a…”

Ethan stopped cold. She was a virgin.

Jamie panting, and crying tried to close her legs against his hand, which he all of a sudden withdrew. Ethan stood up with a pained look on his face, and all of a sudden kissed her again, with a minor amount of ferocity compared to the first kisses. He walked out of the women’s room to his truck. Inside his truck he thought to himself,

“Goddamnit you still want her! After all the fucking hell she put you through…” He knew he couldn’t rape her. But he’d be damned if she wouldn’t be begging for him too in the next couple of weeks”. He roared out of the church parking lot…he had to get somewhere private and fast.

Jamie picked up her torn panties, and threw them away, and tried to patch her makeup while she caught her breath. She was still scared, but oddly wasn’t angry. Jamie didn’t know what to expect from Ethan, but she knew whatever happend she had gotten was deserved.

Jamie knew there would be bruises on her thighs, and whisker burn on her face… she knew this wasn’t the best time or place ( the church bathroom! Scandalous!!) but she had to finish! He had melted her insides, to a living stream…and just because she was a virgin did not mean that she didn’t indulge every now and again. That teasing stroking finger that had encircled her clit had nearly driven her over the edge, while etimesgut bayan escort he had raped her mouth.

She could taste him on her lips, and smell him…feel his hard chest pressing against her hard nipples through the cloth of her dress… She pulled on her nipples with one hand, rubbing her ass against the stuccoed walls creating a lovely feeling of friction on her fanny. She yanked down the top of her dress and pulled away her bra cups pinching and flicking her nipples biting on her lower lip. She began to moan loudly…creating a rhythm between her pulling on her tits…and tickling her soft uncovered ass with the wall… Jamie moaned Ethan’s name aloud…creeping her other hand to her dripping slit…making tiny circles around the outside of her button just as Ethan had done…Jamie began to pull on her clit…

Faster and faster…she cummed violently on her hand…moaning Ethan’s name again and again …bucking violently…wishing it was Ethan’s finger and not her own that had been stroking her clit.

Ethan had pulled into an empty parking lot behind an old factory that was no longer being used.

His massive erection was straining to be let free from his slacks. He unzipped, and pulled out his best kept secret. There was no doubt among the women in the town that Ethan was the best looking bachelor around…

But if they had witnessed the massive cock that came out of his pants…he would never have had a moment’s rest.

A rigid 12inch ramrod was pulled out of his boxers…it was solid steel… with a massive mushroomed purple head at the tip. It was a good 9 inches in diameter…and it was oozing precum due to his recent encounter with his old flame.

Ethan had expected that he would want her…had expected to exact his revenge…but what he hadn’t expected was her virginity.

“FUCK…” he thought to himself as he…using the precum as lube…began to jack his massive stiffy.

“I’ve got to have her cherry…I’ve got to get what I wanted so long ago…”

His thoughts drifted to their outing today. She had worn a nice cotton dress to church, with little sandals. She looked the same as she had when they were teenagers…just more mature…more wise and if possible more beautiful. He had followed her to the bathroom silently watching the sway of her hips…watched her scratch her calf with one foot as she stooped to quench her delicious lips…lips he had roughly kissed and licked…and bit… “Oooh Fuck…” Ethan groaned at the thought of her taste… he thought of the way her tits jutted out of her dress as he rubbed her thighs…and at the thought of her wet slit, and hard clit…

Ethan growled loudly as he began to shoot cum all over the bottom of his steering wheel…thick, hot, white jizz …he longed to shoot it in Jamie’s pussy…and mouth…and

Her beloved little asshole.

Ethan finished and chuckled to himself. His shirt, slacks, door, and steering wheel were covered in thick white sperm. Ethan had always been proud of how much and how often he could cum, and today was no exception. He reached in the back for a towel and said aloud to himself…

“I’m gonna make you my cumslut if it’s the last thing I do.

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