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Driving down the road in a little silver mustang and I was wearing some cut off denim shorts and a halter top that had a deep V neck in it, my hair was in a loose bun on top of my head with some of my curls falling down my back and around my face and ears. Listening to my favorite song on the radio and just speeding along, then all of a sudden I hear a loud BOOM and then my car starts to shake, I pull it over to the break down lane and turn it off.

Looking around I notice there is hardly anyone on the road and it’s getting dark. I reach for my cell phone to call a tow truck when I realize that it isn’t charged. I remember that the car adapter is in my suitcase in the trunk so I climb out and walk around the car opening the trunk and pulling the suitcase to the front of the trunk I open in and begin to dig through it. Cars are whizzing past me and not one stops to offer any help– the country girl in me is pissed at how rude people are these days– but the city girl is glad no one is stopping cause god knows what kind of freaks live in this area!

Suddenly I hear a car slowly approaching from behind me as I’m bent into the trunk reaching to the back to look for the adapter– my ass is high in the air and I know that my cunt is easily seen by those passing, it makes me fear the worst- that I’m about to get raped. I lace my fingers around the tire iron – I’m not going down without a fight I think to myself, and then I look over my shoulder to see you standing in front of your car looking at me but not coming too close — I assume its because you don’t want to frighten me.

“Hey do you need some help??” you shout out as I begin to stand up slowly, now blushing because I know you saw my freshly shaven cunt lips peeking out of my shorts, and that like most any man that must have turned you on a little.

” Yes I have a flat tire” I say over my shoulder then I start to turn around” if you just have a cell phone that I could use to call a tow truck I would appreciate it”

“I could fix that for you sooner than any truck could be here” you say as you pull your phone out and hand sincan escort bayan it to me.” may I??” you ask as you reach into the trunk for the spare tire, I tell you to go ahead before I realize that while rummaging through my suitcase in a hurry I have left some sheer thong panties out. I giggle nervously and grab them and put them in my pocket and move the suitcase for you.

You reach into the trunk, pull out the spare and the jack and walk to the side of my car. I notice your strong arms and jaw bone while you carry the tire, then your ass as you walk in front of me. I realize that I have gotten wet just looking at those features, embarrassed I begin to make some small talk about how beautiful the area is and the weather. I stand close to you — at the passenger door while you change the tire, my long legs in heels as I shift back and forth on each foot waiting for you to finish.

I notice you staring at my legs from time to time and licking your lips. I begin to wonder if you find me as sexually attractive as I find you. I get wetter each time I notice you eyeing my soft legs; soon I decide that I have to do something to see if you would make a move. I squat down next to you … my heels planted together on the gravel and my legs far apart, I feel the seam of my shorts grinding into my clit and my wet lips being separated by them. I pretend to be fixing my sluttish red lipstick in the mirror but I’m really just giving you a good show — I lick my lips and teeth slowly. You pull a handkerchief out of your pocket and wipe your brow as you tighten the last lug nut.

” That should do for now” you say but you warn me I should get a good tire on there and soon. We walk to the back of my car and you throw the jack back in and put the suitcase in the trunk for me. I sit on the trunk playing with the cell phone you handed me while trying to think of a way to thank you.

“Thank you ” I finally say and reach out to hand you your phone- but I let it drop to the ground so that you have to bend over and put your face virtually in my cunt to get the phone. When you bend over eryaman escort I reach out and place my hand on the back of your head and pull your face into my cunt. You smell the sweet musk as it rises from within me, and slowly lick your lips. I move off the trunk– saying” I really do need to thank you” as I lead you to my car. I sit you down in the front seat — you try and protest saying that you were just doing what any good human being would do for another– but you are silenced by my mouth meeting yours and my tongue darting into your mouth.

I begin to unzip my denim shorts and let them fall to the ground slowly, your surprised to see a freshly shaven cunt that’s shimmering with heat. You sit with your hands in your lap almost afraid to touch me — so I lean forward and unzip your pants to take your throbbing cock into my hand, I slowly stroke it and then begin to slide a finger along my own slit — I begin to finger fuck my hole at the same time I take your throbbing cock into my mouth and suck hard. You gasp and grab the bar along the doorframe and begin to thrust your cock into my mouth… I move myself into a squatting position so my legs are spread far and you can see it all. My swollen clit as it throbs while my fingers tease it; the red full lips as then get wetter and wetter. Soon you move your hands to the outside of the car — almost doing pull ups to get your cock to enter my sluttish red lips, I slide my shirt open exposing a breast so I can tease the nipple in the night air.

Cars going by are honking now – I’m guessing they can see us but I don’t care. I have never felt such raw desire for a man…. I let out a moan into your cock at the same time you moan loudly in my ear…. you look down and notice a small puddle on the ground below me…the next thing I know you have lifted me up and you are eating my cunt fast and hard while my breasts and head are on the roof of the car — I begin to scream and grind into your face quickly and then the next thing I know you have me standing up facing the road and your eating my cunt slowly from behind while you stroke your cock etimesgut bayan escort against my thigh.

Within a quick moment you thrust your cock into me I scream so loud it echoes in the night air but I find myself grinding against you begging you to fuck me harder and harder. My fingers reaching down to tease my clit and stroke your cock as it thrusts in and out of me… I begin to cum again and you pull out and start to lick my cum from my cunt — sucking on my lips letting your tongue slide between them and tease my sweet hole — suddenly I’m Cumming again and I get another surprise– you slide a finger into my asshole. Teasing it gently, moving in and out at a slow and steady pace, still sucking on my cunt.

I moan and fuck your face slowly — reaching down and stroking your cock I beg you to fuck me again — you stand up and slide your throbbing cock all along my ass crack and when I open my mouth to protest you smack my ass hard-I’m shocked yet aroused-so I close my mouth— you continue to slide your cock up and down my whole slit from front to back — letting the head enter me just a little each time — you can feel my cunt throbbing around your cock and you decide to ram me with it at the same time you slide your finger back into my asshole – I scream but I begin to fuck you — you are standing perfectly still and I grind up and down your cock and fuck harder…your other hand reaches up and pulls my hair so that my back arches too you giving you more penetration and you kiss and lick my neck and ears whispering ” your a hot little bitch, showing me that nicely shaven cunt, then letting me have it, sucking my cock so well, and now I’m fucking both of your tight holes……… I’m so glad I stopped to help you tonight…”

I feel one fast hard thrust of both hand and cock before you moan loudly and I feel your hot cum jetting inside of my cunt I moan in time with you and begin to cum again. MMMMMMMMMMMM! I moan as you pull out of me, I bend over and grab my thong I had put in my shorts pocket and slide them along the outside of my wet cunt– then I write my phone number on them for you, stuffing them in your pocket before getting my clothes back on. You stand by the side of the road smoking a cigarette with the most pleased look I have ever seen on a man as I drive away. I giggle to myself wondering if you will call.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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