Robbie’s Mother Has Regrets

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Carla woke up full of regrets. She shouldn’t have teased her son yesterday. She shouldn’t have invited him into her bedroom. Most of all she shouldn’t have had sex with him.

“It has to stop, right now!” she decided firmly. “It was all a big mistake. I’ll get a different nightgown and start locking the door. It’ll be okay.”

She closed her eyes a moment. “Robbie will listen. He’s a good boy. Heaven knows he isn’t interested in girls his own age. Certainly, he can’t be that interested in an old lady like me.”

Carla sat up and turned her head. Robbie lay next to her. Naked, just like last night. When they had sex. It wasn’t good sex but she could train him how to use his cock the right way.

“Stop it!” she told herself. “He’s your son.”

She looked down. Her son had tossed the covers off in the night. His morning boner stood tall, angling away from his soft pubic hair.

“Look at that big thing. I could swallow it whole,” went through her mind. She couldn’t stop the thought.

Her hand reached out and lightly touched her son’s cock. It bounced a little. Her mouth moved toward his crotch.

“Don’t you dare do that!” Carla’s sensible self was not going to allow those kinds of shenanigans.

Carla tore herself away and got out of bed. She went into the bathroom. Out of sight, out of mind.

Except her son’s big cock wasn’t out of her mind. She had barely finished peeing when her hand went to her pussy and two fingers thrust inside.

She heard a noise. Robbie was up. Carla heard him pad down the hallway to the other bedroom. She imagined him stroking himself in the shower. The woman literally slapped herself.

“Stop thinking that way. That’s the first thing I have to do. Self-control is all I need.”

She rushed into the shower and turned on the cold water. That helped. After hurriedly getting dressed, Carla grabbed her purse. She would go for a drive and calm down.

She was on her way out, passing the other bathroom. The door was slightly open.

“I won’t look,” she told herself. Out of the corner of her eye she ‘accidentally’ saw her son. Robbie had his cock in his hand, stroking it.

“I wonder if he’s thinking about me.” Carla shook her head. “Cut it out! Self-control, remember?”

“I’m going out. I don’t know when I’ll be back,” she shouted. The woman almost ran to the car. She had to get away and clear her head.

Carla drove to a coffee shop she had once been to on the other side of town. She didn’t want to bump into any of her friends. She needed to think, not talk.

“I should never have looked. That first time. When I peeked at him masturbating. That’s what started this. I never looked before. Why did I look that time?” She took a bite of her bagel.

“At least I didn’t look this time. I saw him but it was an accident. I didn’t look on purpose.” It was the first of many lies Carla would tell herself.

She stayed for nearly two hours. One thing Carla needed to figure out was whether she wanted sex with her son or just wanted sex. Maybe all this was only because Robbie’s penis was conveniently nearby.

Sadly, Carla knew that wasn’t true. Several male teachers, and one female teacher, had made passes at her. If she only wanted a penis, or a strap on, there were options readily available. She wasn’t interested.

“It’s Robbie,” she sighed. “I want his penis, not just any penis. But that’s so wrong. I’ll just put it out of my mind. Never think about it again.”

She pondered some more. Without noticing, Carla weakened her resolve. It was just a tiny crack in her defenses.

“It’s okay to want his penis. There’s no harm in wanting something if you never do anything about it.” So much for ‘never think about it again’.

When she left, Carla was resolute. She would end this. It would never happen again.

Carla arrived home. Robbie was nowhere to be found. There was a note. ‘Gone to Joey’s’.

That was a good sign. Robbie was probably feeling bad about what happened too. He didn’t want to face his mother. He was ashamed. Carla was sure of it.

She decided it was time for spring cleaning. It wasn’t Spring and the house was clean but Carla needed to keep her mind occupied. She put on some old clothes and mopped the kitchen floor. When that was done, she clambered up on the counters to dust the tops of the cabinets.

She was kneeling on the countertop dusting the last cabinet when Robbie came home. He had come in the front door and she hadn’t heard him.

If she had seen his face, she would have known he didn’t regret last night. He wasn’t ashamed. But Carla had her back to him so she didn’t see his face.

Robbie wore a broad grin. His mother’s ass was pointed right at him. She was wearing the raggedy jeans she used when cleaning. The jeans with the big tear in the back. She was also wearing a thong under the jeans. Robbie could see part of one bare ass cheek sticking out through the tear.

He wanted to go over to her and make the tear even bigger. He wanted to rip the jeans off her entirely and bursa escort ravish her again.

Not that Robbie had ravished her the night before. He was a virgin with absolutely no experience with sex. He didn’t even watch porn. His idea of good sex was to ram his cock in as fast as he could until he came. And then do it again.

But Robbie restrained himself. He was old enough at 18 to realize some things have to wait. Attacking his mother out of the blue was not a good plan. They probably needed to talk first. He cleared his throat.

Carla jumped, startled, and almost fell off the counter. She turned around.

“Hi,” she said tentatively. “How were things at Joey’s?”

“Fine. We played video games for a while and tossed the football around. Nothing special.”

That was true but just barely. Joey had been one of the friends teasing Robbie about how hot his mother was. Robbie wanted to get back at him. He had come very close to telling Joey what had happened. How super hot his mother really was.

He pictured her in his mind from last night. Lying on the bed with her legs spread, fingers moving in and out of her hairy pussy. His hand moved to rub his cock through his pants.

“Robbie! Stop it!” His mother’s tone was sharp. “We have to talk” He watched her ass wiggle as she got down from the counter.

They sat in the living room. He was on the couch, she was in the rocking chair. Carla wasn’t going to take any chances by sitting next to her son and his yummy penis.

“It was wrong what we did, Robbie. You know that and I know that. We can’t do it again. Ever.” She had tried to tell him this before but failed. Instead, she had encouraged him.

“I shouldn’t have teased you at dinner the other night. I shouldn’t have let you watch me masturbate. I shouldn’t have brought you into my room last night. I’m sorry.”

Robbie remained quiet.

“You understand, don’t you? That it was wrong? That we can’t do that again?”

Robbie nodded his head. He knew it was wrong. He just didn’t care. Carla walked over and kissed him on the head. She headed for the kitchen again. Robbie watched her ass cheek jiggle through the tear in her jeans as she walked down the hallway.

Carla felt good about their conversation. Robbie understood. He knew it was wrong. He was a good boy. He wouldn’t try anything again.

She ignored the fact that Robbie hadn’t tried anything the first time. She had let him watch her masturbate, she had led him to her bedroom, she had said ‘Come to momma’ and spread her legs.

Carla was determined to get things back to normal. If she had to ignore a few facts along the way, so be it.

Robbie desperately wanted to have sex with his mother again but he was faced with the same problem as before. He didn’t know how to make a move on her. Sex was foreign territory for him. He resigned himself to the idea that he had gotten lucky once but it wouldn’t happen again.

His mother went to bed at the regular time. She brought her book as usual. Robbie saw her close the bedroom door and heard it lock. No walking in without warning any more. Carla was serious that this wouldn’t happen again.

Robbie was headed for the kitchen when he noticed his mother’s raggedy cleaning jeans in the laundry basket. He took them out and smelled them. They smelled like jeans. That was disappointing. He had hoped they would smell like her pussy.

But looking at the tear, he got an idea. Robbie grabbed the jeans and pulled. The tear increased in size by several inches.

The boy smiled. Now he just had to get his mother in the cleaning mood again and he could watch her whole ass cheek jiggle and wiggle all day long. It wouldn’t be as good as having sex but it was better than nothing.

It was the next afternoon before he thought of an approach. He would offer to help with the cleaning. Why it took him so long to come up with such a simple idea was not a mystery.

Robbie didn’t have many friends because he wasn’t used to approaching people and chatting with them. He was something of an introvert. He also spent most of his time pondering intellectual ideas. Dealing with real people didn’t come naturally.

“Want me to help you with the cleaning?” he asked his mother. “You were doing the cabinets yesterday when I got home.”

“That’d be nice. Thanks. I’ll change into my cleaning clothes.” He saw his mother pull the torn jeans out of the hamper.

When she returned wearing the jeans, Robbie was surprised his mother hadn’t noticed the tear had gotten bigger.

“Maybe she did notice Maybe she wants to show me her ass,” he thought hopefully.

“Let’s do the living room with those tall shelves,” his mother said. “Bring the step stool.” She turned and walked down the hall.

Bingo! Robbie almost laughed he was so giddy with success. One of his mother’s ass cheeks was fully exposed by the enlarged tear. It jiggled as she walked. Robbie put his hand down his pants and stroked his cock a couple times. Then he picked up the stool and followed his mother.

When Carla bursa escort bayan cleaned, she got very focused on what she was doing. Robbie made sure to stay on the side of his mother with the exposed butt cheek. Because of his repeated glances at her ass, Robbie didn’t do a very good job with the cleaning.

“What’s wrong with you today?” his mother asked. “You’ve done that shelf twice and it’s still not clean.”

Robbie figured he better shape up or she would know something was going on. For the last 30 minutes, he kept his eyes on the job and not his mother’s ass.

There was only the highest shelf left. If she hadn’t been so focused on the job, she would have asked Robbie to do it. He was taller by a couple inches.

Instead, Carla stepped on the top step of the stool and lost her balance. As she tottered uncertainly, Robbie stepped up and braced her. His hand landed square on her bare butt.

“Well, that’s that,” the boy thought. “She’s going to realize the tear is huge and change her pants.”

But Carla didn’t notice. She was too focused on the cleaning.

“Thanks for catching me. Better stay there and make sure I don’t fall,” she said.

Robbie kept his hand on her ass as she stretched upward. He dared to squeeze the cheek a little. His mother didn’t notice. He edged his thumb toward her ass crack. His mother didn’t notice. He slid his hand forward, going under the jeans toward her pussy.

“Hey, watch yourself, buddy,” she said sharply.

“Sorry. My hand slipped.”

He moved his hand back to her bare cheek. Robbie couldn’t believe his mother hadn’t noticed his hand on her ass. Maybe she was teasing him again? Maybe she really didn’t want to stop? Robbie knew that was unlikely but he was an optimist and would take hope where he could get it.

The truth was more complicated. Deep down, Carla knew the tear was bigger and knew her son had put his hand on her bare butt. But she refused to admit it.

Carla had convinced herself that Robbie wouldn’t do anything, that his desire for her had gone away, and she wasn’t going to let a little thing like reality change her mind.

As long as she kept her own desire under control, everything would be fine.

“I am totally in control of my desires,” she thought proudly. “I haven’t imagined having his big hard cock thrusting inside me, spewing his seed into my pussy, at all today.”

As the old joke says, denial isn’t just a river in Egypt.

They finally were done cleaning. His mother changed into clean clothes and tossed the jeans back in the hamper. They comfortably chatted as they ate dinner. Robbie didn’t even try to look down Carla’s blouse. He knew he wouldn’t be able to see anything.

Carla had put on a tee shirt with a high neck. It wasn’t going to gape open. On the other hand, it had shrunk some after numerous washings. The fabric stretched tight over her breasts. Robbie noticed. Carla didn’t.

His mother went to bed early. She had been working hard and tomorrow was a school day. They both needed to be up early.

Robbie lay awake thinking. He retrieved the jeans from the hamper. Examining them closely, looking at them as an engineering problem, Robbie saw how he could create another tear on the other side of the jeans. Done correctly, it would leave his mother thinking her ass was covered but most of it would be hanging out.

Testing his idea would have to wait for another day.

At school, Robbie put in more time following his mother through the halls. He watched her hips move and her ass wiggle. He checked for panty lines and saw none. Carla was wearing another thong. Robbie went and masturbated in the boy’s bathroom.

Joey, his friend, spotted Robbie following his mother and teased the boy.

“Are you getting hot for your hot mama?” Joey said, kidding. Nobody gets hot for their mother. Or so Joey thought.

Robbie just grunted and walked off after his mother. Joey thought it odd, even for Robbie, and decided to pay closer attention.

At the end of the week, Joey pulled Robbie aside.

“You dog! You’ve been following your mother around all week. Scoping out her ass. You really do think she’s hot.” Joey was almost laughing.

“No! I don’t think she’s hot. I just happened to be behind her,” Robbie said, trying for a plausible excuse. The blush covering his face didn’t add any credibility to his explanation.

“Sure, dog. You got the hots for your mama,” Joey snickered.

Robbie realized he better be careful or he’d be the butt of jokes for the rest of his life.

Over the weekend, Robbie convinced his mother it was time to start planting the garden. Carla wore the same raggedy jeans. Only now the jeans had tears on both sides in the back.

She didn’t seem to notice that most of her butt hung out into the cool air. She didn’t notice Robbie take a picture with his phone. She didn’t notice her son jack off behind a lilac bush when he was supposed to be getting more seeds to plant.

“Or did she notice?” thought Robbie. “Is she playing a game? Saying escort bursa one thing and doing another?”

Deep down in a hidden recess of her mind, Carla’s lustful self knew her butt was hanging out. It reveled in that fact. Her lustful self wished the back seam of the jeans had been cut too, so her pussy would hang out too. So her pussy would tempt her son to put his hard cock inside.

Carla refused to acknowledge her lustful self even existed. “What a lovely day we had planting the garden! Everything is definitely back to normal.”

Looking at her ass and jacking off was okay but it wasn’t enough. Robbie needed a find a way to get her back in bed.

Sunday night, Robbie was walking past Carla’s room when he heard noises. He listened. Clearly, his mother was masturbating. Suddenly, he heard his name.

“Oh god, I want Robbie’s cock again,” she exclaimed.

At least he knew his mother was suffering too. Now, how to stop the suffering? Again he was stuck. It wasn’t like you could Google ‘8 ways to convince your mother to have sex’. He had already tried that. It wasn’t helpful.

But Robbie got lucky. An answer dropped from the sky – literally. He was about to take a shower and noticed the heater wasn’t blowing much air. When he fiddled with the vent, a webcam dropped out.

“She’s been filming me masturbating!” he realized. “That hypocrite!”

But it gave him an idea. Time to up the ante on her suffering. Robbie put the camera back in place. He would start putting on sexy webcam shows for his mother. Letting her know how much his cock missed being inside her pussy. Certainly, that was a can’t-miss idea.

Let’s face it. There are few things more obvious than a teenage boy trying to subtly impress a girl. So it was with Robbie and his dick show.

To begin with, he played to the camera. Instead of facing the toilet, he faced the wall with the vent (and the camera). Instead of stroking his cock, he waved it around like a magic wand.

Instead of saying “I’m cumming”, he said things like “Oh mom, I wish we could have sex again.”

Carla watched the video and laughed. She knew exactly what he was doing. But self-delusion was her friend. She held on to the belief that in a few more days, his desire for her would fade away.

“But what about your lust for him? Will that fade away?” The voice in her head had been silent ever since the night she had sex with Robbie. Now it was back, ready to fight for control.

“Go away,” she said out loud as if another person was in the room. Carla couldn’t escape that easily. The voice was her own lust and desire.

Her lustful self mounted a campaign of subversion, swaying her unconscious decisions.

“Wear the thong. You feel sexy in thongs,” the voice suggested. Carla thought “I’ll wear a thong today.”

“Buy those panties. They look pretty.” Carla thought “Those tiny g-string panties look cute. I’ll buy them.”

She began waiting until late in the evening to put her bra and panties in the laundry hamper. They were always right on top whenever Robbie went by.

“Leave your undies on top of the laundry. So he can find them,” the voice urged.

“My undies are delicate,” she told herself. “They could get damaged if they were under all the jeans and towels.”

Carla didn’t try to hide her underwear even after she watched a video of Robbie where he smelled her panties and wrapped them around his cock to masturbate. Instead, she got wet when she saw her son spurt cum on her panties.

The voice in her head reacted, “I bet his cum is still wet on those panties. You could get them out of the laundry and taste his cum again.”

Carla was tempted but, for once, she resisted the thought.

Standing at the sink washing dishes, she would unconsciously shift her weight from leg to leg. In effect, wiggling her hips. But she only did it when Robbie was in the room.

“My feet are tired. I’m on my feet all day at school.” Another flimsy justification.

She stumbled once and fell backward into his lap. Carla’s ass ground into his cock before she tried to stand again.

Carla clung firmly to her delusion that all was okay. Everything was back to normal. Absolutely 100% okay.

But the reality weighed on her. The sexual tension weighed on her. The constant struggle with herself weighed on her.

Carla was masturbating every night and it wasn’t relieving the itch she felt. She had to force herself not to look at Robbie’s crotch. Her pussy got wet whenever her son was near.

And the voice in her head was constantly poking at her will power.

“You want him, he wants you. Go for it.”

“You miss his cock. It felt so good.”

“Just leave the bedroom door open. Let him see you naked again. Nothing wrong with that.”

And the worst one of all.

“You’re getting older. You don’t have much more time to have his baby.”

Carla had always wanted more children but her no good ex-husband had killed that idea when he took off with the wife of his business partner. Now Carla might have a second chance.

“God, I want his baby. I want his baby so much,” she thought in agony. Every time the voice said that she had to steel herself so she wouldn’t tear her clothes off and rush into Robbie’s room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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