Room 209 – Day 03

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The evening time was family time in our home. Hubby would often stop at Redbox for a movie to them, I would shower and shave my legs. Evening attire usually consisted of something modest, like a baggy pair of sweatpants, but tonight was gonna be different. If I wore just the right thing and positioned myself just so in the living room, I could provide my handsome son Ricky a wonderful at home display. I shivered excitedly at my naughty plan.


My sister and I groaned as dad announced the selection for the night. As usual, it was a boring family movie, meant more to entertain my youngest sister more than anyone else.

“Babe, the movie’s starting.” Dad called out as he moved to his recliner.

“Coming.” Mom answered from upstairs.

Her response made me think about Room 209 and watching mom cum for the very first time. It was quite something.

Mom reached the first floor, carrying the baby in her arms. She was in a white short silk robe and bare feet. Her hair was still damp from the shower. She stopped and seemed to be studying the seating arrangement. I took the opportunity to gaze at her strong naked legs.

“Amanda, would you mind sitting over here tonight honey? I think I might be more comfortable on the couch.”

My sister Amanda huffed and sat in Mom’s usual spot. This left mom and I sitting behind everyone else as she gently sat down on the opposite side of the leather sofa. She brought her silken legs up and curled them beside her. God damn did they look sexy!

Soon everyone but me was engrossed in the movie. I couldn’t take my eyes off Mom’s silky tan legs. In my head, I replayed Mom displaying them for me in room 209, first in her nightie, then in a micro bikini. I still couldn’t believe how she had splayed them open for me, displaying her spread. My own mom, holy shit what a spread she had.

About ten minutes into the movie, Mom adjusted her position so she was practically sitting sideways facing the tv. The hem of her robe crept up and I was greeted with a site that made my prick even harder than it already was.

There it was, Mom’s luscious meaty buttocks, clearly visible through a pair of white transparent mesh panties. Just the site of mom’s ass made my heart race excitedly. I got even more excited as mom peeked back at me over her shoulder and gave me a knowing wink.


I smiled delightfully and turned back to the TV. Everyone else was engrossed in the movie, everyone but my sweet Ricky. I could practically feel his eyes glued to my exposed ass. I glanced at my loving husband, feeling just a tinge of guilt. That feeling was soon brushed aside by the overwhelming thrill of knowing that I was doing something so naughty only a few feet away and with our own son.

My poor boy didn’t last long. Soon he excused himself, saying he was tired, but I knew better. I pictured what I’m sure he went upstairs to do and that was to stroke that big teenage cock with the vision of mommy’s ass so fresh in his mind.

I couldn’t focus on the movie. My nipples were hard and cunt was throbbing in my panties. All I could do was picture my teen stroking his impressive dick in Room 209.

“Honey, I think I’m gonna take the baby up to bed.”

“Ok, babe, you coming back down?” Hubby asked.

“No, enjoy the movie. I’m pretty tired so I think I’m just gonna turn in.”

I climbed the stairs and put the baby in her crib. Stepping into the hallway, I gazed at Ricky’s closed door. With the other family members downstairs I couldn’t fight the naughty urges swirling through my mind. I wanted to expose myself to Ricky again. I wanted to see him gaze at me while he stroked his erection.


Lubricated with lotion I pumped my dick with long steady strokes, all the while picturing mom’s perfect ass.

Suddenly, I heard a soft voice whisper from across the room. “Ricky!”

I looked in that direction and found the door half-open. Mom’s curvy silhouette was leaning against the doorframe as she stood there watching me wack off. From the light in the hallway, the shapes of her curves looked amazing. One of her legs extended out the slit in her robe and was curled inside the door. It looked so strong and sexy!

I continued masturbating, fueled by the site of her standing there watching me. For two full minutes this went on, until we heard someone downstairs. I saw mom look down the hallway, then back at me. She kissed her hand, then blew the kiss towards me. I pictured her pouty lips floating across the room, then landing on mine for a passionate smooch. She closed the door and I was left to finish.


Later that night I raped my husband. My poor love was shocked as rode his cock like a bitch in heat.

“Damn babe, what’s gotten into you!” He whimpered as my big tits swung wildly above his face.

I redoubled my efforts, throwing my cunt up and down his pole. I clutched and clawed at him, out of my mind with lust. “Oh God just fuck me…fuck me harder!!” I cried.

I pictured my Ricky stroking his big meaty prick. I already knew it was longer and thicker than my husbands and wondered what bursa escort it would feel like thundering through my mature pussy.

“Oh shit, I’mgonnacumm!!” I grumbled as my body started shaking.

“Oh damn, babe..I’m cumming too!”

I slammed my fists down on his chest. “Nooo, not yet. Please not yet!!”

“Aaannghhgoddamn!!” Hubby wailed as he trickled his little wad.

I frantically rode through my orgasm, yearning for more, but Paul’s dick soon withered and slipped out. I fell on to my side in frustration.

“Sorry babe, when you start to cum like that it just feels too good.”

“It’s fine.” I said, faking a smile. I wondered if Ricky were still masturbating. I let out a quivering sigh as I pictured that big juicy cockhead slipping through his circled fist.

“You ok?” Hubby asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I lied.

The next morning, as I nursed the baby? I couldn’t stop looking at my phone as I anxiously waited for the Room 209 schedule. Soon, my phone chimed.



12 – 12:15: MOMS ON DISPLAY

12:15 – 12:30: BREAST SUCKING





Immediately mothers began to respond to the schedule.

GloriaV69: OMG I can’t wait! Hubby hardly ever sucks on my tits anymore.

Penny38: We get to masturbate with the boys today. YAY!!!

ToraR:: A room full of boob sucking baby boys. Our little darlings are gonna be in heaven.


I giggled at Gail’s comment, wondering how Ricky would react to a mouth full of breast milk.

MichelleD: lol I know right.

LadyLeslie: Don’t worry Michelle, I’m lactating too. Guess our two boys will get a real lunch today lol.

MichelleD: That’s true Leslie, one they’ll never forget I’m sure.

DebraG: hey ladies, maybe since our boys are gonna be smothered in big titties today we can give them a nice cleavage display before school this morning.

Gailgirl: I like it, Deb!!

GloriaV69: awesome! What a great idea. An at home display for those cute boys.

I smiled wide, eager to give Ricky a flash of what awaited him later in the day.


I chomped on a bowl of cereal as the usual morning chaos transpired in the kitchen. While dad sat across from me reading the paper, I watched Mom move about the kitchen preparing lunches. My sisters were fighting as usual.

“Stop it!”

“I didn’t even do anything you big baby!”

Mom chimed in. “Girls, enough please.”

“So how did the tutoring hour go yesterday?” Dad asked, looking over at me.

I decided to be funny. “It really sucked.”

Over at the sink, Mom burst out laughing. Dad curiously looked at both of us.”How’s that?”

I shrugged my shoulders and smiled. “It just did.”

“If it sucked then it’s not really helping you.”

Mom looked over at dad. “Oh I think it did help. What Ricky meant was, it was REALLY HARD for both of us. That’s why it…SUCKED so much.”

“Wow, hard for you too huh, just assisting?” Dad asked.

Mom stepped over and poured dad some coffee. “Very hard, but I think I handled it pretty well, don’t you, sweetie?” She asked, peering over at me mischievously.

“Yeah, Mom…super well.”

“I think that’s why they have us helping the boys. When things get…HARD like that, we moms know exactly what to do.”

“Well hey, whatever helps those grades.” Dad said, going back to his newspaper.

Leaning over, Mom turned towards me and gazed through fluttering lashes. “I’m sure it will be SUPER-HARD again today, but that’s ok, we’re gonna bang it out together, aren’t we sweetie.”

Before I could answer I took a big dry gulp as I noticed the neck of mom’s robe had parted, leaving an obscene amount of cleavage exposed. The way mom was stooping with her hands on the table she had her huge tits trapped between her arms. This made them balloon outward and I could clearly see the fat tips of her nipples through the fabric.

“Um, yeah…for sure, Mom.”


I quickly glanced back at hubby, just to make sure his eyes were on his newspaper and not the display I was giving Ricky. I was filled with wicked delight, gazing down at my teen as he stared straight ahead at my hanging breasts.

My cute son looked up at me in clear arousal and I smiled naughtily. I glanced down at the mile long cleavage separating my jiggling jugs, then back at Ricky. He squeezed his hardening pecker and I took notice. Quietly, secretly, we got lost in our forbidden exchanges.

Hubby’s voice startled us both. “All right, time to get out of here. You ready son?

I quickly headed back to the sink, adjusting my robe.

“Yeah, dad.” Ricky answered, his breath short.

They both got up from the table and I could tell Ricky was struggling with an erection. I followed them to the front door and hubby turned and fed me a peck on the lips. “Have a good day, babe. Love you.”

“Love you too.”


Dad stepped out the doorway and I bursa escort bayan went to follow, trying to conceal my hardon with my backpack. “See ya, Mom.”

Mom swung the door nearly closed behind dad and gazed at me with a dreamy-eyed look. “Hold on a second.” She whispered.

Mom stepped up to me, took my backpack and set it on the floor. She quicky rose on her tip toes and embraced me tightly. I sighed audibly as I felt the her spongy-soft boobs flatten out against my chest. “I love you, darling.” She whispered.

Before I could answer, Mom reached down between us and squeezed my hardened cock- muscle between her fingers. My body trembled excitedly. “Ohh, so hard. Only a few hours, darling.” She whispered.

After a quick kiss I rushed awkwardly out the door. Holy shit, mom’s huge braless tits felt amazing pressed against my chest. It was all I could think about, and the way she squeezed my prick. Holy wow she was getting daring!


“God I love this store.” Tora said as her, Gail and myself entered Kate’s Lovely Lingerie and bikinis.

“Oh my God, look at this form-fitting cami. My tits would look so good in this.” Gail said.

Tora held one up to the swell of her large breasts. “Those are nice. Maybe I should get one. I don’t think Steven’s seen me in a camisole yet.”

“I have a couple I’ve purchased from here. They both came with a cute little matching g-string.” Gail said.

I looked over some other nearby goodies. “Wonder how the boys would react to seeing us in garters?”

Tora smiled. “Mmm, are you kidding, with a stretched lace garter belt and sheer stockings…instant hardons.”

“Mmm young hardons. Yummy!” Gail said, making Tora and I giggle.

“Back again, huh ladies.” The store owner Kate said as she joined us.

“Hi Kate! Yup, back for more Room 209 attire.” Tora said.

“Excellent. What are those hot young studs gonna be treated to this time?”

“Body stockings.” I answered.

Kate smiled. “Mmm, well then, right this way.

We followed Kate over to the section we needed.

“We have several different styles…halter, crotchless.”

“Oh, I want a crotchless.” Tora said.

“Do you have a white lace bridal in the crotchless?” Gail asked.

“I do. It comes with a matching thong or you can just go bare.”

“Hmmnn, what do you girls think?”

“I’m going bare.” Tora said.

“You know what, I think I’ll skip the panties and go bare as well..” Gail said.

Kate looked at me. “What about you, hon, anything catch your eye?

“This one is nice.” I said, lifting one from the rack.

“That’s a fishnet halter with an open crotch. Very popular.”

Gail shook her head. “Damn, Michelle, that would look amazing on you.”

“I’ll do this one I think.”

“Do you want the matching thong?” Kate asked.

“No, Michelle, go bare with us.” Gail said.

“Let’s let those boys see our cute little mommy pussies.” Tora added.

I smiled. “Ok, I guess I’ll skip the panties.”

“Good choice and if you need some grooming, Karen down at the other end of the mall does amazing work.”

“Oh I know, that’s where I go. I’m dying to get a postage stamp cut.” Tora said.

I giggled. “Postage stamp?”

“Yeah, it’s like the martini cut, but they square it off at the bottom, sort of frames in the outer labia.”

“Oh, well I had a little landing strip, but I shaved it off a few days ago.” I said.

Gail patted me on the shoulder. “Good move, Michelle. Boys prefer shaved pussies.”

Tora laughed and rolled her eyes. “Whatever, girl. I think our boys prefer wet pussies, regardless of how they’re trimmed.”

I giggled. “That’s probably true.”

“Well how bout we get our pussies waxed and Tora can get her postage stamp?” Gail said.

“Sounds like a plan.” I said.


“Hey dude, did you get flashed this morning?” Ryan asked as we sat in class.


“Yeah, did your mom show you her tits? All the guys from room 209 are saying they got an eye full of boob this morning.”

“Did you?”

“Fuck yeah, mom came into the laundry room, changed her fucking bra right in front of me.” Ryan said.

“Holy shit! Well, mom leaned down at me at breakfast. They were practically falling out of her robe. My dad was right there, it was crazy.”

“See, I’m telling you, dude, our moms are in to this. They don’t care if our dads are around, they just wanna show us their bodies.” Ryan said.

“Wonder what they’re gonna do to us today. Think they’re gonna suck our dicks some more?” I said.

“Nah, Robbie seems to think they’re gonna let us suck on their boobs. How fucking awesome would that be?”

“Wait, why does Robbie think that?” I asked.

“He said his mom woke him up this morning, then started swinging her naked tits right above his face. She looked down at him and told him that later he’d get to suck like a baby.:

“Holy fuck, I bet that’s it. I bet we’re gonna suck on their boobs.” I exclaimed excitedly.

“Damn dude and your mom’s tits are full of milk. You’re gonna be swimming escort bursa in it, buddy.”

As I smiled I actually felt a little light headed as a rush of excitement surged through me. I knew sucking on mom’s huge lactating tits must be the most wonderful thing in the world.


“I can’t believe we get to masturbate with the boys today.” Gail said as we got naked in the Room 209 dressing room.

“Our darling’s might be surprised when they find out their moms like to play with themselves as much as they do.” Tora said, unclasping her bra.

I slipped off my panties, revealing a baby-smooth, waxed pussy. “True. Kinda cool that the boys get to see a side of us here that they never get to see at home.”

“Mmm, the naughty side.” Gail said, making us giggle.

We slid in to our body stockings and marabou slippers and did our last minute primping. The three of us, along with several other mothers, posed in front of the big mirrors, practicing how we would display our bodies for our boys.

With her hands on her hips Gail thrust her chest, making her big tits balloon out, stretching the nylon. “God our big tits look amazing in these.” She said.

Tora and I thrust our boobs out, gazing at them in the mirror along with Gail. We each had huge sets of areola, which were clearly visible through the fabric and centered with thick rubbery nipples. “Their tongues will be hanging out for sure, while they stroke those long teenage dicks.” Tora said.

“The bell just went off, ladies!” One mom shouted.


“What the fuck, dude, wait up!” Ryan said as he trailed behind me across the ball field.

“No way, man! I’m not waisting a second.”

As usual my heart raced excitedly, especially when I saw mom’s car parked out front of room 209.

Horny classmates filed through the front door. We rushed downstairs and took our usual spots. I wasted no time shedding my shorts and started pulling on my pecker in anticipation.

As usually there was erotic music, but a female voice suddenly came over the intercom. “Sit down and put on your blindfolds, boys.”

I looked at Ryan curiously. This was new. “Blindfolds?”

Ryan and I sat down on our leather benches. “Yeah, you heard her, put it on dude.”

“No peeking boys.” The female voice said.

Mixed in with the music, I heard the sound of high heels clicking against the floor. My hand instinctively squeezed and stroked on my already rock-hard erection as I imagined who must be entering the room. A minute passed before the voice returned. “Ok you handsome studs, blindfolds off.”

“Wooaah!” I muttered.

“Holy fuck!” Ryan sighed.

Only a few feet away from us were our moms, standing in a sexy poses. My eyes widened as I took in what mom was wearing. It was a black fishnet body stocking with a halter top and no sleeves. The most apparent thing of course were her enormous melons, clearly visible and encased in fishnet. The outfit hugged her form, showing off every luscious curve, as if she were naked.

My eyes drifted down to exposed skin. Holy fuck, the stocking was crotchless! The shaved V of mom’s pussy was right there in front of me. At the base I could see the hood of her clitoris, peeking out of her clamshell.

Of course her legs looked stunning, strong tan and smooth beneath the fabric and her feet were propped in matching black four-inch heels with sexy ruffled feathers.

Mom’s hair and makeup was flawless and she smiled naughtily as she watched my reaction.

I raised my hips, flexing my dick as I stroked it from balls to tip. This time it was mom’s eyes that got big as she watched my hand fly up and down my meaty column.


“Hi boys! Miss us?” Gail said, posing for her son.

My clitoris throbbed as I watched my son’s fist stroke his big beautiful dick while he drooled over my new outfit. “We missed you.” I said, giving Ricky a saucy wink.

“What do you think of our body stockings?” Gail asked.

“Fucking awesome!” Her son answered.

“Yeah.” Ricky agreed.

“Kinda cool how you can see right through the fabric huh? You can see our titties, our pussies…” Tora said.

I spun around, peeking back over my shoulder as I exposed my backside. “And our asses.” I added, watching Ricky’s reaction.


“Holy hell…look at those fucking asses dude!” Ryan shouted while beating his meat.

I could see mom’s tan bare buttocks through the fabric, clear as day. Her meaty mounds looked heavenly.

“Should we give these hot studs a closer look, ladies.” Ryan’s mom said.

Mom strode up to me, stopping right between my outstretched legs as I slouched on the bench beating off to the site of her. Holy fuck what a view! I gazed up at the huge rounded undersides of mom’s boobs through the fabric. She peered over her giant rack, looking down into my eyes.

I set my sites straight ahead. I was pulling my pecker mere inches from mom’s shaved pussy. My tongue literally hung out as I beat my meat and imagined her hot mommy-cunt plummeting up and down my hardon.

“Mmm, look at them pull on those hard shafts..” Gail said.

“I know, their erections are so strong. Just imagine how hard they could fuck.” Stephen’s mom said, making me whimper excitedly. Was mom really imagining what it would be like to fuck my cock. Holy shit!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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