Sailing Lessons Ch. 06

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I puttered around the deck of the Princess, tidying up the sails and making sure the instruments all were working. Now and then I checked to see if Judith was swimming back from the beach and waited for Audrey to wake up and join me.

The sky was dotted with big puffy clouds and the breeze was steady out of the west. Presently, Audrey poked her head out and asked if there was anything I wanted from below.

“Just you.” I replied, smiling.

She brought a bottle of wine up with her, and joined me near the helm. She had her skimpy black bikini on and looked a little tousled, but absolutely beautiful.

“What are you up to?” she asked, sidling up next to me and smiling sweetly.

“I was just straightening up.” I said.

“Is Judith still wandering around on the island?” She asked.

“Yeah,” I said, “I hope we don’t have to send out a search party.”

“Well, it won’t be much of a search. I can see her near the beach.” Audrey said, pointing towards the island.

“That’s good,” I said, “I’m too worn out to do much searching.”

Audrey moved closer and looked up at me. “Did we wear you out?” She asked, smiling and running a finger up and down my chest.

“Almost!” I said, wrapping my arms around her and pulling her to me. I shouldn’t have, but she was so close and smelled so good, and once in my arms, she just melted against me. She was so soft and warm, and wrapped her arms around me in a warm embrace. She looked up and we kissed deeply.

Audrey pulled back a little and said, “You know Dave, you’re a really good kisser.”

“Thanks,” I said, “you’re pretty good yourself.”

We heard the splash from the direction of the island, and turned to see Judith swimming back to the boat. Audrey went back down below and reappeared shortly with three wine glasses (polycarbonate, of course).

When Judith climbed up the ladder, I handed her a towel so she could dry herself off.

“Did you have a good swim?” Audrey asked as she lined up all three glasses and filled them up.

“That was great!” Judith said, toweling her blonde hair and fluffing it to dry in the warm sun. “This is turning out to be a really excellent day!”

Audrey handed Judith a glass of wine and then handed one to me. “Here’s to a really excellent day!” she said, and we all clinked glasses.

“Well”, I said, “do you guys want to hang out here some more, or would you like to do a little more sailing?”

“Sailing!” they both said in unison.

“OK, then,” I said, “you guys get the sails up and I’ll pull up the anchor.

Not only did they get the sails up, but before I got the anchor on board and stowed, Judith had the Princess under way, taking us out into the main part of the lake and heading further north.

The breeze was steady, but wasn’t strong enough to make the sailing terribly exciting, so Audrey and I just relaxed with our wine and watched Judith sail the Princess. Judith had her yellow bikini on, which showed off her tight abs and her long slender legs. Audrey’s bikini was much skimpier and bordered on just plain naughty. I watched Audrey pull a bottle from her bag and begin to smooth baby oil on her long tan legs. It truly was a really excellent day.

We sailed for a couple of more hours, arriving back at the marina about mid-afternoon. Judith and Audrey had changed back into modest shorts and tops before we arrived, and after docking the Princess, Audrey and Judith decided to go up to Audrey’s cabin and take a nap. We were all pretty worn out from the sun and the wind, and yes, the little romp below deck back at the bay.

After making sure everything was secure on the Princess, I headed up to the lodge. I was going to use the phone in Fred’s office to call Louise in Germany. She was expecting me to call this afternoon. Fred was nowhere to be found, so I let myself into his office and closed the door.

I dialed the number in Germany, and let it ring. On the fourth ring a female voice at the other end answered: “Bonjour.” It was definitely not Louise.

“Hello,” I said, wondering if I had gotten a wrong number, “is Louise there?”

“Hello!” the voice came back with a French accent. I could hear music in the background. “I’ll get her for you.” she said. “You must be Dave.”

I heard her call for Louise, and heard laughter in the background. In a minute, Louise picked up the phone and with a smile in her voice said, “Hi Dave! How are you?”

“Hi Louise! I’m doing great. How are you?” I said.

“I’m doing fine, Dave. Things are going pretty good here. Are you having fun at the lake?”

I could hear more laughter in the background, and at least two more voices.

“It’s going pretty good here.” I said. The weather was a little rainy earlier in the week, but it was really nice out today. I thought I got the wrong number at first when I called.”

“That was Marie that answered.” Louise explained. “She and Dieter stopped in to see me. They’re staying in town for a couple of days.”

I heard a very German male voice in the background laugh and say, “Tell Dave bursa escort we’re recovering from spending the week with Marie’s parents!” I heard Louise and Marie laugh in the background.

Louise said, “They’ve been in Paris at Marie’s parents, and they came here to regain their sanity.” More laughter in the background and clinking of glasses. It sounded like a party. I remembered that it was almost ten PM there.

“Sounds like you’re having a party there tonight.” I said.

“It’s a small party, Dave. Just the three of us.” Louise said.

I could hear Dieter in the background say, “Here’s to the three of us!” Then I heard Marie laugh and then say “Stop that!”

“It sounds like Dieter is recovering nicely from his stay with Mother-in-law.” I said.

“Dieter is in the party mode tonight, I think.” Louise said.

I heard Marie say something in French in the background, and Dieter laugh and say, “What happens in Dusseldorf stays in Dusseldorf!”

Louise covered the mouthpiece and said something to the other two, but I couldn’t hear it. She came back on and asked, “So who’s at the lake this week?” (Neatly changing the subject, I noticed.)

“The usual crew.” I said. “Edna and Albert are here, and Bill and Norma Thompson.” And a few more that I can’t remember their names.”

“So what did you do today?” Louise asked.

“I went sailing.” I said. “It was a really nice day today.”

“Did you go by yourself?” she asked.

“No, I took Audrey Wilson and Judith, Edna and Albert’s granddaughter.”

“That was nice of you to take the girls out on the Princess, Dave.” Louise said.

“Well,” I said, “it beat the water-skiing episode.”

“The water-skiing episode?”

“I let Judith drive the ski boat while I attempted to ski.” I said. “Did I tell you that Uncle Ed’s got a new ski boat that will do a thousand miles an hour?”

“No, but that sounds exciting.” Louise said with a laugh. “No broken bones, I hope.”

“No, I’m all in one piece, but I’ll know better next time.” I said. “What did you do today?”

“Marie and I went shopping and Dieter practiced for October-fest.” Louise said. We’re just going to kick back tonight and take it easy.”

“October-fest is months away!” I said laughing.

“Conditioning is key, according to Dieter.” Louise said, and got a huge laugh from Marie and Dieter.

I heard Dieter say something in the background in German. I don’t understand German, but it sounded naughty, just the way he said it. Then I heard Marie say something in French that sounded naughty and it included the word Louise, and there was general laughter all around in the background. Then I heard Louise cover the mouthpiece again.

Louise came back on, still chuckling. “Dieter was just saying how much he liked staying at Marie’s home in Paris.” She said. That got still more laughter. (Now I wished I had stuck with the French lessons a little longer. Maybe German too.)

“Marie’s mother must be very interesting.” I said.

“Oh she is.” Louise said. “She’s a very interesting person.” Louise suddenly switched gears again. “Does Fred have his boat on the lake yet?”

“No,” I said, “It’s painfully close, but it still needs a couple of things. Maybe next spring.”

“Did you get all the cabins wired up for Uncle Ed?” Louise asked.

“I have a couple more to go and then I’m done.” I said. “I just have to wait until the guests all check out before I can do it.”

“Well, don’t work too hard there,” she said, “be sure and have some fun while you’re there.”

“Oh I’m having fun.” I said. “You have fun with Dieter and Marie tonight.”

“Thanks, Dave, we will.”

“Well,” I said, “I just thought I’d check in and see how you’re doing.”

“It’s going great here,” Louise said, “I love you Dave.”

“Love you too.”

“See ya.”


I hung up and looked in the mirror by Fred’s desk and said to myself, “That was interesting.”

I was headed back to my cabin when I ran into Bill and Norma heading down to the dock.

“Hey Dave, how’s it going?” Bill asked. He had his tackle box with him.

“Pretty good, I think.” I said. “You guys headed out?”

“Yeah,” Bill said, “Just for a little bit. Wanna come along? We’ve got extra poles.”

Norma chimed in, “We’ve got lots of leeches.”

“Uh….” I started.

“If you don’t like leeches, we’ve got lots of other snacks along.” Bill said.

Norma cracked a smile at that and said, “And we have lots of beer in the cooler too.”

“OK then,” I said, “you talked me into it.”

We headed down to the dock and Bill and Norma loaded their gear into their boat. We headed out and started through the maze of little islands to the west of the lodge. After a while, Bill shut off the engine and lowered the trolling motor near one of their favorite fishing holes.

We fished for a while, talking about nothing in particular. They had lots of snacks in the cooler, as well as lots of cold beer, which we worked at while we fished.

I had to ask Bill bursa escort bayan about how their water skiing episode had gone with Judith at the wheel.

“Bill screamed like a little girl!” Norma said in response. “Judith reminds me of how Louise was at her age.”

“Was Louise that competitive and crazy?” I asked, my interest piqued.

“Louise was hell on wheels, but I guess you know that.” Norma said, opening another beer. “She hadn’t settled down very much by the time she met you.”

I opened another beer myself and said, “Louise was only shy and reserved for about ten minutes after we met. Then again, that was at a party after the homecoming game, and we were both partying pretty hard.”

“We had some pretty wild parties, didn’t we?” Norma said, realizing she had a fish on her line. She played the fish expertly and Bill scooped it out of the water with the net. He removed the hook and held it up for Norma and I to admire before returning it to the water and releasing it. After she re-baited her hook, she cast her line out again.

“Norma’s got a new boss at work.” Bill said handing me a fresh beer and fishing one for himself out of the cooler.

“Really?” I asked, looking over at Norma. “Is he nice?”

“It’s a she.” Norma said, looking over at Bill and rolling her eyes.

“Yeah,” Bill said, “and Norma thought her plan to screw her way to the top was goofed up, but it turns out that her new boss is bi and was putting the moves on Norma last week!”

“Really?” I asked, looking at Bill and then Norma. Norma just nodded and waited for Bill to carry on.

“I told Norma we could go down to the Pleasure Palace when we get back and pick out a nice strap-on.” Bill said with a big grin.

Norma rolled her eyes and said, “Only if I get to try it out on you first.”

Bill and I grinned at each other.

Just then, Norma jerked her line and started reeling. She obviously had something big on the end of the line.

“Looks like Norma’s got dinner for us!” Bill said, putting his rod down and getting the net ready.

Norma looked at me and rolled her eyes again. Whatever it was on the end of the line, it wasn’t putting up much of a fight. As she continued to reel in the line, a muddy pair of swimming trunks emerged from the water, dangling from Norma’s hook.

“I’m not eatin’ that.” Norma deadpanned.

“Yeah,” I said, “I think catch and release is better in this case.”

Norma held the trunks near Bill so he could disentangle them from Norma’s hook. Bill dipped the trunks in the water, and rinsed the worst of the mud off of them, then wrung the excess water out of them and threw them on the bottom of the boat.

“Saving them for later?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.

“They’ll make a fabulous addition to my wardrobe, don’t you think?” Bill said.

Norma gave Bill one of her looks and said to me, “He can use those to replace the ones he lost when he was water-skiing.”

“Oooh,” I said looking at Bill, “you didn’t tell me you lost your trunks.”

Norma chuckled and said, “That was the best part!”

“Let me guess.” I said. “Judith was driving the boat.”

Norma and Bill both grinned and held their beers up in a toast. I toasted them back.

Much later….

I stepped out of the shower and was caught a little off guard when I heard Audrey calling my name from the door of the cabin.

“Dave?” she said, “Are you here?”

“In here.” I said.

I hadn’t bothered to close the bathroom door, so Audrey walked right in as I was wrapping a towel around myself. She was wearing a pink top and matching shorts, and as usual, looked stunning.

“Hi Dave!” Audrey said cheerfully.

“Hey,” I said, “how are you? Did you have a good nap?”

Audrey blushed a little and said, “Yeah, we had a really good nap.” Then she said, “And then we went down to the lodge and had some of Fred’s lasagna. Did you eat yet?”

“Yeah,” I said, “Bill and Norma and I went fishing, and they had all sorts of snacks along.”

“I kind of wondered where you went to.”

“I ran into them as they were on their way down to their boat.” I said, “I couldn’t resist going out fishing for a little bit.”

“Did you catch a lot?” She asked.

“A few.” I said. “I’m not really much of a fisherman.”

“You’re good at lots of other things though, Dave.” She said brightly.

I had finished drying off with another towel and was planning on shaving.

“Do you want to watch me shave?” I said, opening up my kit and taking out my shaver and shave cream. “It’ll only take me a few minutes.”

“OK, that’d be cool.” Audrey said, sidling up behind me and watching over my shoulder.

As I started to shave, Audrey started rubbing my back. That felt really good, and I groaned in appreciation. “I’ll give you just an hour to quit doing that.” I said.

“Like that?” she said, kneading the muscles in my back in the most wonderful way.

“Oooh yeah, that feels good.” I said, trying to shave and not cut myself.

Audrey’s escort bursa hands were all over my back and sides, rubbing and caressing, and making me way more relaxed than before. I finished shaving and rinsed my face and turned to reach for a towel. Audrey had quit rubbing my back just a second before and managed to be in my way with a towel to dry my face. She gently patted my face dry with the towel and then moved in closer to kiss me, wrapping her arms around me and pressing herself against me.

She rubbed her cheek against mine and said, “Nice and smooth!”

She pulled back a little and said, “I came to show you something.”

She pulled her tee shirt over her head and threw it aside and then, slipping her thumbs into the waistband of her shorts, pushed them down so her shorts puddled on the floor. Underneath, she had on a rose colored lace bra and boy-shorts set that was just short of being transparent. She stepped back so I could see it, and twirled slowly in front of me.

“Wow!” I said. I could feel myself start to get erect just seeing that. Audrey looked perfect in that. They could have been painted on her. Her smooth, supple curves filled out the lines of the shorts, and her nicely rounded breasts filled the cups of the bra to the brim, with her nipples perfectly visible and standing at high-alert. The sight was riveting. She turned again so I could see her one more time from every angle. Her skin was so perfectly smooth and tan, and her long legs ran up to a beautiful heart shaped ass that was just barely covered by the skimpy lace shorts. Her breasts defied gravity and gave the lace bra a reason to exist. Audrey watched me look at her, and she enjoyed the effect she had on me. Her big dark eyes sparkled and her smile at my reaction made me wonder if I was unconsciously drooling or something.

“You should get a job as a model, you know that?” I said. “You look so hot in that outfit that I almost can’t stand it.”

She blushed again and said, “You look pretty hot in that towel yourself, did you know that?” She was looking down at my almost instant erection poking at the towel.

I looked down at the towel poking out too just as she reached for it. She pulled the towel away and let it drop to the floor, exposing my now raging erection.

“You look pretty hot without the towel, now that I think of it,” she said, wrapping her fingers around my prick and moving in closer to me again. As she stroked me slowly, she gave me another kiss and then sank to her knees in front of me, sitting back on her heels. She leaned in and planted a kiss on the head of my prick, and studied it for a short minute before running her tongue around the purple head. She spotted a tiny drop of pre-cum at the tip, and daintily touched the tip of her tongue to it. She looked up at me and smiled and took the whole thing into her mouth and sucked greedily.

I looked down. Audrey’s nipples were almost poking through the lace. She lapped at the sensitive underside of my cock and ran her tongue around the head. Then she took it in completely again and her head bobbed as she stroked it into and out of her warm, wet mouth. She was smiling and sucking at the same time.

My cock swelled to the point of maximum hardness, making the veins pop out and the head turn shiny and purple. She slid it in and out of her mouth and seemed to enjoy the feel and texture of it. Now and then, she took it out just long enough to study it up close for a second before sucking it back into the warmth of her mouth.

God, she looked so completely into this! I watched in fascination as her right hand snaked into her panties and busied itself between her legs as her left hand held my balls. The sight of my perfectly sexual plaything, playing with herself as she sucked me, drove me wild. I wouldn’t last long with this kind of treatment.

Audrey knew this. She was watching my eyes. She loved getting me off. She used her left hand to fondle my balls and the base of my cock while she slid the length of my prick in an out of her mouth. Her right hand was busy pleasuring herself, and I could tell that it was starting to get to her. Her breathing was getting heavy and she was getting distracted by what she was doing to herself. The sight of that sent me towards the edge, and I started to jerk and spasm involuntarily. Audrey looked up, and holding my cock right in front of her, watched intently as it spewed ropey gobs of cum across her face and the tops of her breasts. She seemed to bask in the glory of making me cum so much.

She pulled her right hand out of her panties and used a finger to scoop up some of the wayward sperm and then lick it off of her finger. She smiled, and scooped up some more. I pulled her up until we were face to face. I couldn’t resist tasting the glob suck to her cheek. As I licked her cheek, she turned just enough that it turned into a kiss. A warm, wet, sperm-flavored kiss.

I could see that she was almost frantically close to coming herself, and led her into the bedroom. As we indulged in another long, wet, passionate kiss, I began to peel the lace bra up, freeing her succulent boobs. She pulled back long enough for me to lift the bra over her head. With the gorgeous breasts set free, I felt compelled to lean down and take one of the ripe little nipples into my mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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