Sam and Lisa Ch. 04

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On Saturday morning, Lisa woke Sam at 3am saying, “It’s time for our fishing trip daddy, can I bring some friends?”

Sam answered, “Of course baby, whoever you want.” thinking she would bring Toni, Dina, and Alecia.

But after they got all their gear loaded, Lisa said “We need to pick up Sally and Amanda.”

Surprised Sam asked, “Who?”.

Lisa said, “Just drive, I’ll show you where.” She did, and the first house they stopped at, she jumped out and ran to the door. Lisa entered the house for a few minutes and when she came out, she was with a sexy girl much taller than her.

She was over 6 feet tall with short orange hair, pale skin covered with freckles, very small tits, and a thin waist.

“Dad this is Amanda” she said, as they climbed into the car. “Ok, go left at the next corner.” The sun was breaking dawn when they arrived at the next house.

“Be right back.” Lisa giggled, and ran to the door. When she returned, Sam was shocked to see that, Sally was almost an exact copy of Lisa, with red hair and the same body. “Sally, this is daddy” she said as she climbed in the car.

The drive up to Sam’s cabin seemed to take forever, but they were there by 10am. As they unloaded the car, the girls talked about swimming until dark, when fishing was better. So Sam went into the bathroom to change.

When he returned, he was greeted by three very sexy women in string bikinis. As his dick stirred, he said, “Ok, lets go.” then he quickly walked out the door, and down to the dock.

Moving quickly so the girls wouldn’t see his excitement, he dove in and surfaced about 6 feet from the dock. Sam turned around just in time to watch all three girls strip off their bikinis and dive into the lake.

Amanda surfaced first about three feet away, then Sally a bit closer. Then Sam felt hands on his trunks pulling them down, before Lisa came up in front of him, wrapping her arms and legs around him. She shifted her hips, and pushed down on his manhood, engulfing it to the root.

“Mmmm! that feels good daddy.” she moaned as she moved up and down on his pole.

While fighting to stay above water, Sam gasped “Let’s swim out to the floating dock.”.

“Ok.” Lisa said reluctantly letting him go, she swam toward the dock yelling, “Sally , Amanda come on.”. When Lisa reached the dock, she jumped up and spun around, landing on her ass with her feet in the water.

Sam swam up between her legs, and planted his face in her crotch, licking like mad. “Oooh yes daddy! That feels great.” she said as she grabbed his head, and ground her pussy into his mouth, as she began to orgasm.

“Get up here and fuck me!” she ordered so he obeyed. As his cock slid in and out of her sleeve, she whispered in his ear, “Sally is a virgin, and she wants you to pop her cherry.” Then she came again, and her muscles kneaded his cock, pulling his seed deep in her womb.

Lisa fell onto her back, as Sam moved away. Then Sally got into a 69 with her, and started sucking his cum out of her pussy. Sam turned and fell on his back.

Immediately Amanda walked over and lay on him in the 69 position. As her crotch hovered over his face, he admired her beautiful pussy, it was pale pink with many freckles and bright orange hair hidden between the lips.

Sam stuck out his tongue and tasted her pussy, as she sucked him into her mouth. Sam licked her twat up and down a few times, and when she bucked her hips and moaned around his prick, he grabbed her ass and speared his tongue deep inside her, causing her sweet creamy juices to flow into his mouth.

As she came she slammed her mouth down on him, making him squirt into her mouth. Off to the side, he heard the other girls as they orgasm’d as well. “I need to rest.” he said. So Amanda moved over to Lisa and Sally and they formed a daisy chain.

Sam must have dozed off because, he was awakened by three voices in unison saying, “Wake up daddy. We’re hungry!”

“Ok.” he said, “Lets swim back.” Back at the cabin, bursa escort Sam grilled some meat, as the girls sat tittering in the living room, giggling now and then and sneaking peeks at him.

“Suppers ready.” Sam declared, as he brought the food to the table. “Lets eat” and all 3 girls giggled.

Then Sally said, “I want some meat!” and they all giggled again. Sam admired his 3 lovers as they came to the table, he noticed that all three had changed into tank tops and biking shorts that hugged their bodies nicely complete with camel toe. The meal was over quickly, since no one had eaten all day.

Then Lisa said, “Amanda and I will clean up here. Daddy why don’t you show sally what the bedroom looks like?” winking at sally as she said it.

“Ok.” he agreed, taking Sally’s hand and leading her into the bedroom. Then sally closed the door behind them. Sam could feel her hand trembling as they walked, so he gripped her hand tighter to comfort her.

Sam led her to the bed, and gently sat her down, then sat beside her. He couldn’t get over how much she looked like Lisa. He put his arm around her, and she leaned into him breathing deeply, and letting her hand rest on his thigh. “Are you scared?” he asked

“A little.” she answered. She was trembling like she was freezing.

Sam said “It’s ok, I’ll be gentle.”

“Ok.” she said. So he turned her head, and sweetly kissed her lips, rubbing her shoulders as he did. When he felt her hand slide up to his hardon, he slid his down to cup her breast.

Soon she was breathing heavily, and rubbing his cock through his pants. So Sam slid his mouth to her nipple, and ran his hand down to her crotch, rubbing between her lips through her shorts.

With this action, she spread her legs wider, and began to unzip his jeans. She released his hardness, and leaned over to lick it, just as he slid his finger under the crotch of her panties.

“Mmmm.” she moaned, as he rubbed her clit. “That’s nice.”

“Let’s get more comfortable.” Sam suggested.

“Ok” she said planting a kiss on his cockhead.

As they undressed, Sam noticed that her bush was a bit thicker than Lisa’s, and her boobs a size smaller. He gently sat her down on the bed, and she reached out and grabbed his cock, pulling it toward her open mouth, and popped it in.

She could only get about 3 inches in, but she worked the rest with her hand, jacking him as she sucked on him, like she was sucking a baby bottle.

“Wait.” Sam told her, pushing her off of his dick. “I wanna taste you.”

“Ok.” She said. “Lie on your back, I’ll get on top.”

Sam said, “Ok.” as he climbed up, and laid on his back. Sally then climbed up and straddled his face, as she popped his rod back in her mouth. As she slowly lowered her pussy to his face, he noticed that he couldn’t see her lips through the hair.

So he reached up and spead her bush, seeing a sweet tiny pussy, he opened his mouth and put her whole twat in his mouth, stabbing his tongue as deep into her as he could before hitting her hymen.

“Hwuuuhuu” she grunted around his cock head. That set him off and his cock quivered and began to squirt into her mouth. To his surprise she managed to swallow his load. She kept sucking him as he ate her to orgasm then rolled off and spread her legs.

“Please put it in me now.” she begged

“I’m not finished with you yet.” he stated, kneeling between her legs and licking her lips again.

“Ooh that’s it.” she moaned, pushing her hips up at him. Then he ran his tongue down and circled her anus a few times making her hiss

“Ooh daddy, that is so good!” then, he stabbed his tongue deep in her asshole causing her to cum again squeaking “Yesss daddy that’s it!” before slumping down onto the mattress.

“Ok now?” Sam asked, climbing up between her legs.

“Yes please,” she begged him “Give it to me!”. He laid his cock along her slit, and slid it up and down a few times, as she bucked up to him. Then he bursa escort bayan put his dickhead against her hole, and slowly pushed forward, until the head popped in.

He could feel it hit her hymen, and she grunted “Push it in daddy, I need it in me now!” Then she wrapped her legs around him and pulled him down, causing her cherry to pop as Sam’s dick went balls deep in her.

“Gaaaaaaggh!” She screamed and squeezed him tight, so Sam stopped, to let her pussy adjust, to this new sensation of being filled with man meat. As she relaxed, he began moving in and out slowly, until she was moving up to meet him, then he sped up.

The feeling of her virginal pussy had him close to cumming, so he said “I’m gonna cum soon.”

“Yess!” she hissed. “Cum in me daddy! I want to feel it.” Sam felt her start to shiver, and he knew she was close as well, so he relaxed and shot his sperm deep into her loins. This sent her over the edge, and she screamed, “I’mmm cummmminnng daddy! I’mm cumming so hard!”, as they laid there with his softening cock still inside her he heard the door open.

Lisa and Amanda came in and Lisa said, “Good job daddy!” Then she pushed him off of Sally, and swiftly went down on her, cleaning up the blood and cum off of her sweet pussy. Amanda swabbed his cock with her tongue, cleaning it thoroughly, before swallowing it into her mouth.

Sally was squirming under Lisa’s mouth, but she looked over at Sam and said, “Thank you daddy. when can we do it again?”

“After we get some sleep.” he told her, before darkness covered his eyes. That was the last he remembered, until he woke up in the morning, with Lisa and Amanda snuggled up to him. He noticed that Sally was not there, and then he smelled the coffee, and the smell of bacon frying.

Then he felt Amanda slide down and slide his cock into her mouth, as Lisa climbed up and sat on his face. “Good morning daddy.” they sang in unison. All he could do was moan into Lisa’s sweet pussy.

As he gobbled on his daughters pussy, he felt Amanda climb up and sit on his cock, taking him all the way in. They all got a rhythm going, and soon Lisa and Amanda were quivering in orgasm, which caused Sam to shoot his load deep into Amanda’s tight pussy.

Sally walked in saying “Wake up sleepyhead, Breakfast is ready.” but, as she entered the room, she whined “No fair! It was supposed to be my turn.”

“After breakfast, I’m yours.” he told her, bringing a smile to her pretty face. As they ate, the girls chatted about how his dick throbbed as he was cumming deep inside them, “It feels real good when he cums in my ass.” said Lisa.

The other two looked on in amazement, “Doesn’t that hurt?” they asked as one.

“No.” she stated “Well maybe a little at first, but then it gets wonderful, and when he squirts up in there, it makes you cum harder than you ever have.”

Sally and Amanda were hanging on her every word, as she described the feeling, and when she was done both girls wanted sam to fuck them in the ass. Sally jumped up squeaking out, “Breakfast is over daddy, lets go!” grabbing his hand and leading him to the bedroom.

Once inside the room, she shut the door. “Take off your clothes, daddy.” she ordered. After he stripped, she said, “Lie on your back, I’m doing it all this time.”

“Ok.” Sam said, following her orders. Sally climbed up in a 69 position, and lowered her sweet red twat onto his mouth. Then she began mouthing his hard-on.

“Mmmmm.” he moaned into her pussy.

“Mmmhmm.” she moaned around his cockhead. As he licked her pussy, he swirled his tongue around her clit, before pushing it deep in her hole, causing her to gulp his cock. He saw her pretty pink asshole pucker, so he swirled his tongue around it before plunging it as deep into her butt as he could.

“Hunngghh.” she grunted on his cock. She pulled him from her mouth and groaned, “Oohh! that feels so good daddy! Do it some more.” So Sam started pumping his tongue in and out of her asshole, escort bursa causing her to moan, “Yes daddy that’s the way. It feels so good!” before engulfing his cock in her mouth again.

Suddenly, Sally raised up and turned around, straddling his hips and slowly lowered her twat onto his pole. “Baby your pussy is so tight.” he said, as she slowly lifted it up again.

“I was just wetting your dick daddy. So you can go up my ass.” Sally said, grinning at him as she placed his cock against her pink pucker and pushed down.

“Aaaaggghhh!” She screamed, when the head popped past her sphincter into her ass.

She stopped moving and started to lift up, but Sam held her down and said, “The hard part is over baby, just relax.”

“Ok daddy.” she whimpered, and then she began to slide down his pole, until her ass rested on his groin. “Just rest there and let your ass adjust to my presence.” he told her, as he played with her clit to relax her.

As he played with her pussy, she started breathing harder, so Sam asked “Ready?”

She breathed “I think so.”

He said, “Ok, slowly lift up until just the head is still in, then go back down.”

He felt her quivering, as she slid up then down again. After three more strokes, she began to move faster, until she quaked violently screaming, “Oh yesss daddy. I’m cumming! please cum in my ass” as she had a massive orgasm, her ass muscles squeezing his cock and pulling his cum out into her colon.

Just then the door burst open, the other girls rushed in as Sally fell to the bed. Lisa latched her mouth onto Sally’s asshole and as Amanda swallowed his cock, she looked up at him and grinned “My turn daddy.” Then she bent and went back to work on his rod.

As Amanda sucked his cock, she twirled around into a 69 position and offered him her honeyhole. Sam wasted no time grabbing her ass and pulling her onto his waiting mouth, causing her to moan around his cock. Then he saw Amanda’s little pink asshole winking at him, so he ran his tongue across her taint and licked around her anal ring.

She tilted her hips and pulling her mouth from his glans moaned, “Yesss! Daddy like that.” He jammed his tongue up into her asshole, causing her to buck, then she whispered “I think it’s ready don’t you daddy?”

Sam moaned “Not yet.” as he stabbed his tongue deeper.

“Almost though”.

A few seconds later she sat straight up screaming “Oh god daddy! I’m cumming”.

Sam quickly lifted her off his face and helped her into a doggy position, kneeling behind her he pressed his knob against her opening, asking her “Are you ready?”

She answered by pushing back at him, allowing his cock head to pop past her ass muscle along with an inch of his shaft. “Gaaahhhh that hurts” she groaned.

“Want me to stop baby?” he asked her.

“No just push it in slowly.” she pleaded. Sam slowly slid his pole deep inside her, allowing her to adjust as he did. Finally he was all the way in.

After a minute she told him, “Daddy that does feel good! Now fuck me please.” As Sam fucked his meat into her ass, she began moaning and shaking as she began to orgasm around his shaft. As she was going through her third orgasm with her ass clenching and massaging his cock, Sam released his load and filled Amanda’s colon with his seed.

A week later the girls all left for college, promising another fishing trip at spring break. Sam sat in his living room toking on a joint, slowly stroking his pecker, while watching his favorite porno”Daddy,s Darling Daughter”, fantasizing about the trip.

Just before he could cum, the doorbell rang, he stuffed his cock back in his shorts and went over to answer the door. Standing on the porch in a bikini was his niece Len, she was a short girl, about four eleven. Her long black hair and alabaster skin contrasted with her candy red bikini. Her tits were about a mouth full and her pussy mound looked edible in her bottoms.

As Sam ogled her, she smiled and said “Hi uncle Sam, uh Lisa told me I could use the hot tub, if I kept you company. But I have to call you daddy.” Sam grinned and said, “Of course. Come on in sweetie.” as he stepped aside admiring her ass as she walked past him.

{to be continued…}

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