Samantha and the Lamp Post

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Sean hadn’t really known Samantha very well, but he had wanted to for a while. Her long black hair and sparkling blue eyes got his attention during the orientation day. Her mischievous laugh piqued his interest when he found her in two of his classes. What really made him want to know more was how she always seemed to be about to wiggle out of her clothes. It was as if fabric didn’t really want to stay on her body because her curves were just too much. Sean agreed. They were something.

To tell the truth, Sean had a terrible time focusing on the lectures in History class because he kept stealing glances at Samantha. She wore short skirts and low-cut shirts that always seemed to be made out of something soft and textured. They hugged her body in a stretchy, comfortable way that also tended to stay out for brief moments when she moved. She moved a lot, and each time a slightly different part of her skin would be exposed for a while. She always seemed to be too intent on whatever she was doing to notice that her lower back, her shoulders, part of her bra, or the top of her g-string could be seen by anyone who was looking. When she did notice, she would lazily pull her clothes into place without seeming to care. Sean found her lack of concern for modesty incredibly attractive. He had grown up in a strict Christian family where women always wore yards of fabric and generally looked miserable. Samantha seemed to feel her body was a sumptuous gift that she had no concerns about showing off. Sometimes Sean even got the feeling she thought it was meant to be shared.

Whenever he caught a glimpse of Samantha’s skin, Sean would suddenly be flooded with intense desire. Though he tried, he couldn’t seem to do anything about it. It was both highly arousing and embarrassing because he wasn’t in control of it.

One day in class when Samantha leaned down to pull something out of her bag, her top accidentally slid up so far Sean caught sight of one of her large, round breasts. He could see it shifting in response to gravity as she rooted around in her bag. It shocked him to realize simultaneously that she wasn’t wearing a bra and that she had what looked like the softest, creamiest skin he could imagine. He felt his cock bulge against his pants as she sat back up and pulled her top down without checking to see if anyone had noticed her D-sized breast with its unusually small and pert nipple that had been clearly visible a moment before. Sean still had the image of the small, dark circle against the white skin in his mind. He was also wondering why the nipple was so obviously erect. It was actually very warm in the room.

Two weeks later, Sean found himself at the Sidrería sitting next to Samantha as a waiter reached high above his head to pour a stream of the fermented apple beverage into two pint glasses in quick succession. The man sat them down in from of them. Sean impulsively raised his glass towards Samantha and said “to our night.” He surprised himself at his boldness, but she just smiled and returned the toast.

He blushed uncontrollably as he found himself looking straight into her eyes. It was something his face did that he really wished it didn’t. Nothing about him was good at hiding how he felt. There was something in her eyes he hadn’t expected to see. It looked like desire or excitement, with a strong helping of mischief.

Things began to speed up after that. At the third bar, Sean found himself dancing between Samantha and her friend Claire. Claire was a French student whose family had immigrated from someplace Sean wasn’t exactly sure where it was. She had dusky tan skin, huge almond shaped eyes that were a startling green and slinky, nimble curves that she could move like water.

Where Samantha’s body was soft, ample and full of wiggles, Claire’s was elegantly muscled and moved like a snake. They were an almost overwhelming pair. Samantha enthusiastically pressed her big round ass against Sean’s crotch. Claire slid up behind him. As Samantha bounced to the beat against his bulging erection, Claire ran her hands down over his shoulder and under his shirt. Her long, sharp nails expertly dragged across his skin as he reached out for Samantha’s waist. She seemed to know he what he was doing because she flipped around suddenly to face him. Her skirt had ridden up almost to the point of disappearing kaçak iddaa by that time and she made no move to cover her thighs. She smiled as she wrapped herself around Sean and Claire together. It felt to Sean like she had decided there was just too much loveliness about her and it had to be shared.

Soon all three of them were kissing in a slippery swirl of tongues as the lights flashed. Sean reached out and found his hand on Claire’s pussy. She calmly removed his hand and slipped her own slowly down over his thrusting belly and into his pants. She began to jerk him off while the three of them kissed. Sometimes it was unclear to Sean whose tongue was in his mouth. He felt his balls rising and tightening against him in response to Claire’s expert technique. She must have felt it too, because right as he was about to reach the point of no return, her hand slid up and out of his pants, across his chest and to his left nipple, where she pinched hard. He jerked back in surprise and uncoupled from whoever he had been kissing.

“We can’t have you blowing your load yet. We’ve got to make sure you are full for later.” Samantha’s husky voice whispered in his ear. Sean felt a thrill in knowing she had made plans that involved him and in knowing both of them had been working together on this.

Samantha took his hand and led him off the dance floor. Claire turned towards a tall man with impressively chiseled features and powerful arms. Sean saw their eyes connect and got the feeling he wouldn’t be seeing Claire again that night.

Sean and Samantha went over to the bar where she ordered a couple of brightly colored cocktails in tall glasses. It wasn’t busy there at the moment, so the bartender made them right away. As Sean watched the elaborate series of pours, he felt Samantha take his hand and slide it up under her top. She was standing in front of him, so this also pulled him against her from behind. His cock slipped in between her ass checks as she moved him forward. She wiggled against him and placed his hand on her belly. Sean hard a hard time believing skin could be so soft.

She leaned back. Her mouth was almost at his ear. Once again he heard her sexy voice whisper. This time it was saying “You can dry-hump me while we wait. I’ll make sure you don’t blow your load.” The intoxicating softness of her belly and the thrill of her words were almost too much. It was a fantasy he hadn’t known he possessed coming true.

Sean began to move his cock up and down against the skirt pressed in between her cheeks. He was still wearing his pants, but the fabric was soft enough and his pants were just loose enough that her ass could swallow him almost all the way. She leaned back into him and began to gently moan with each thrust. Once again Sean felt his balls rise in preparation for orgasm. By this time, his erection was so large it almost hurt. It took all of his willpower not to unzip his pants so he could thrust it deeper into Samantha’s ass.

Right as he was going to cum, the bartender set the two drinks on the bar. Samantha took his hand off her stomach and stepped forward to pick them up. As she broke contact with his body, Sean suddenly became aware of what they had been doing.

Over of the dance floor it had somehow seemed normal to be in a threesome because everyone else was grinding against each other in some way. Over here, there were just a few people standing and talking. They must have been very obvious.

Sean felt his body shake as the denial of orgasm and arousal at being out with a girl who could so easily get him to almost cum while dry-jumping her ass in line at the bar argued with each other in his nervous system. He felt super-charged with arousal.

Samantha handed him a drink and raised her glass. “To our night.” She said, then looked at his crotch and smiled with such open lasciviousness Sean almost came then and there. He felt like a delicious dinner she was going to eat and he loved it.

Nobody had ever had this effect on him. He had plenty of experience dating and dancing, but those other times were fairly mundane if he was honest with himself. If sex was involved, it was always indoors and in bed, usually under the covers. This was something else entirely.

At the next club, they found themselves in a strange phantasm of pseudo-Moroccan tents full of little kaçak bahis tea tables and leather poofs to sit on. House music thundered through the place, but it took a while to figure out if there was a dance floor or not. The rest of their party moved towards the dance floor.

Samantha pulled Sean into one of the small tents farthest from the dancing. She sat down on one of the poofs and nearly went over backwards. As Sean reached out to help her up, her top slid down and exposed both of her breasts. Instead of covering them up, she looked up with a twinkle in her eye and said “do you like them? I saw you looking when one fell out in class. Now you get to see both!” Then she giggled.

Sean could only gape in awe. They were the most beautiful breasts he had ever seen. He told her so and she seemed very pleased. She picked the left one up in her hands and brought it up to her mouth. As her tongue met her nipple, her eyes rolled back and she moaned. Sean watched in shocked silence. Everything she did was so sexy he didn’t know what to do with himself. It felt like she was reading the parts of his sex fantasies he couldn’t look at because he was afraid to, then making them all come true.

She let go of her breast and asked him if he would like to try. Without speaking, he knelt in front of her and took the same breast in his hands. As he brought his mouth up to the nipple, he could feel her hand sliding down over his stomach and into his pants.

She giggled as she whispered into his ear “I need you to be ready again.” And started to jerk him off. His cock was still mostly hard from the edging at the previous club. Soon it was throbbing under her stroking hand. Claire’s technique had been smooth and precise. Samantha’s was more direct and a little messy, but she also touched more of his cock than Claire had. It felt like her sexiness was a magnet that uncontrollably called up a response in Sean’s body that he had no way of denying.

Soon he found his lips on her other breast. She began to whisper into his ear that his cum was hers. She wanted him to make it for her and give it all to her, but only when she asked for it. As she spoke, her strokes quickened. Sean felt like he couldn’t possibly delay orgasm any longer. His back was arching and his body was going rigid. Soon her hand would be full of his load.

Suddenly she said “not yet,” giggled, took her hand out of his pants and got to her feet. He found himself alone of all fours panting and feeling the confusion that can only come from being edged expertly multiple times. As he fought to regain his sense of where he was, he wondered how many times this would happen. It was a delightful torment that he hoped to endure as long as she wanted. Then he noticed she was leaving the tent. From his position on the floor, he could see directly up her skirt as she walked away. The light was dim, so he couldn’t be sure, but he thought he could see a shiny patch of liquid on her inner thigh, just below the bark area that must be her pussy. She was also definitely not wearing any underwear.

Three more clubs and three more near-orgasms and Sean felt like he was on fire or plugged into an electrical socket, or maybe both. Colors were starting to blur together and he could no longer speak. Samantha’s smile got bigger and her eyes got more intense each time she brought him to the edge of ecstasy. At the last club, she kept edging him over and over until he lost count. His muscles felt like they were pulled so tight she could play him like a harp. Her pupils were displayed like someone on drugs. Sean felt like he might burn up and turn into a pile of ashes in her hands. It was the best he had ever felt.

Soon they were outside in the street. It was a part of town the Sean didn’t know. The rest of their party didn’t seem to be with them any more. Now it was just the two of them. She was a very fast walker and had pulled ahead. Sean fell behind as he appreciated the motion of her body. He quickened his pace and caught up to her as they turned a corner from the alley where the club’s doorway had been onto a larger street. A row of metal lamp posts lined the sidewalk.

Samantha turned to look back over her shoulder at him. She smiled and beckoned with her finger. All of her gestures were so full of luxurious ease that they seemed like come-ons. Since this illegal bahis one actually was, its power seemed to be drawing Sean towards her like he was on a string.

She walked in an exaggerated sashay down the street. With every step, her ass slipped and bounced from side to side. With each bounce, her skirt flirted with hiking up, then dropped back down again. Sean followed, entranced by her movement. At the first light pole, she reached out and grasped the metal. Then she looked back, obviously enjoying the attention. Sean quickened his pace so he could be closer to her.

At the second pole, she pressed her belly against the cold metal and raised her right leg slowly up the pole. Sean moved up behind her, his erection straining against his pants. She arched her back so her ass pressed out towards his.

“It felt like you were really enjoying yourself at the first bar.” She said.

“Yes.” He replied.

Before he could say anything else, she twirled away from the pole and stood in front of him. With a saucy grin, she reached over, unzipped his pants and quickly pulled out his cock. A trail of precum glistened under the lights.

“My favorite!” She giggled as she wiped it up with her finger, then slowly licked it off as she looked straight at Sean. His cock stiffened more than he thought was possible. She pulled him to her.

“I want you to fuck me from behind and fill my pussy with your cum. I can see your load is so big it is dripping out. I need it all inside me. ” she said in a sultry voice. Sean could see the intensity of her desire in her eyes.

She released him and returned to the pole, where she once again pressed her belly against the metal. Her leg caressed the steel rod as her back arched. She wiggled her ass and her skirt began to slide up.

Sean ran to her and slid his cock up under her ass. She was so wet it popped right into her dripping pussy. He was impressed with how tight she was and how expertly she angled her body to help him enter her.

He started to thrust as she began to moan loudly. He couldn’t believe they were fucking out here on the street. The thrill of danger and her incredible body brought Sean once again to the brink of orgasm. This time she did not edge him. She arched back into him, matching each thrust.

“Give me you come. All of it. Fill me up with your cum. Give it to me now!” She moaned.

Her words seemed to reach into him and take control. His body tightened as he thrust into her even deeper, pinning her up against the pole. His cum exploded from his pulsing cock. He felt like he was flying and his body shook. The orgasm seemed to go on forever as he shot more and more cum deep inside her, filling her pussy with his juices.

Her body stiffened. She cried out and he could feel the throbbing of her orgasm around him. Her pussy seemed to be milking every drop from him as she began to shake with pleasure. She bucked and rocked against him. He was sure someone was going to notice and stop them, but nobody did. Samantha just kept cumming. It was the biggest orgasm Sean had ever seen. He felt dirty and exciting having brought her so much pleasure right here, up against a lamp post on the street. As she rocked against him, her breasts popped out of her top and squished against the pole, one of either side of it. It looked like the lio was fucking her tits.

Eventually her spasms of pleasure calmed. With a sexy wiggle, she pulled herself off of his cock. She stood up and shook her hips. Her skirt slid back down. She lifted her breasts back into her top.

Sean noticed that the whole front of his pants was soaked with her pussy juices. She was both the tightest and the wettest he had ever felt. He wondered if his cum was going to drip out of her and slide down her inner thighs. He was hoping he would get to see it if it did.

She caught him looking as she turned to face him. With a devious smile, she lifted her skirt and flashed him a look at her pussy. No drips in evidence. Sean looked up, surprised. She winked and puckered her lips into a kiss, then bounced over next to him and put her arm around him so they were standing side-by-side.

“Are you going to walk me home?” She asked. Her voice was light and innocent, like a girl on her first date. Sean laughed and took a step forward.

“Remember when I said I wanted all your cum?” She said coyly. Sean nodded.

“Well, I’m keeping it.” She said and swung her hips towards him so they squished against him as the walked. Sean smiled a smile so broad it almost hurt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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