Samoan Pride

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Tamina Auva’a sat at the kitchen table nursing a hangover. Her head was in her hands and her eyes were closed as she concentrated on stopping the pain. The hangover wasn’t the only pain she was battling, though. Something happened last night, something she never dared dream, and now that it had, there was no going back. She had fixed herself a bowl of ice cream in an effort to make herself feel better, yet it remained in front of her, untouched for the past twenty minutes, more cream than frozen. She picked up the spoon, but dropped it immediately for the umpteenth time as she thought to herself, What am I going to do? At that moment her mother, Lelei, walked in through the kitchen door. One look at Tamina was all Lelei needed to say, “You look terrible, daughter. Drunk, yes, but distressed as well.”

Tamina slowly looked up, took a deep breath, then said, “I made a most grievous error last night, mother. One I am ashamed of and must pay heavily for.”

Lelei sat across from her daughter and said, “Tell me of this error, then tell me how I can help.”

Tamina laughed. “You will not be able to help me out of this one, mother.”

“Tell me anyway,” Lelei petitioned her daughter. “I may yet surprise you.”

Tamina sat there silent for almost four minutes. Lelei never said a word as she understood that whatever the case may be, it must be serious in nature, therefore she would allow her daughter all the time she needed to unburden herself. Finally, Tamina spoke. “I went out drinking last night with the girls.” Lelei immediately understood this to mean Robyn, Kelly, and Elizabeth, Tamina’s friends from work. “It was Trivial Pursuit night at the bar, and, of course, we won, like we most always do. As we were collecting our prize of two hundred dollars, this Deb comes in with her friends and starts shouting that we’d better be glad she wasn’t present or she would have beaten us all. Of course, Robyn jumped up in their faces and told them that they wouldn’t stand a chance against us, and that is when the leader of their group issued a challenge. She wanted a one-on-one with our best player, and she even said that she would allow us to pick the topic. Like a fool, I rushed in. I told her she was on, and the topic would be comic books.”

“This was very wise, Tamina, seeing as to how you have always had a love for them.”

“Yes, you would think,” Tamina agreed to a certain point, “but then the Deb added a stipulation. If I answered correctly, she had to take a shot of Goldschlager, and if she answered correctly, then I would. This, she said, was to make the event increasingly more difficult as time went by. Also, the loser had to pay the bar tab plus do whatever the winner said.

“We were tit for tat, mother. The questions started out simple enough, like ‘When was the first appearance of this character,’ or ‘Name the three people who wore this particular suit,” then things got more intense the more drunk we became. For four hours and thirty-seven minutes we went at it, and finally, in my drunkenness, I failed to answer correctly her query of ‘In what book did Dr. Strange first appear?’ I immediately answered, ‘Marvel Premiere
,” and she told me I was wrong, that it was in fact Strange Tales

10, and I knew she was right.”

“Daughter, I am so sorry,” Lelei said as she reached out a comforting hand.

“Well, the bar tab was almost four hundred—”

“What?” Lelei screamed in disbelief.

“It was a long affair, mother. We drank so much. I am sorry for that, but that’s not the worst of it. This Deb … before she left, she gave me her address”—she held up the slip of paper it had been written on—”and told me to meet her there at eight o’clock tonight because I have to perform oral sex on her in front of her friends. She says I have to give her three orgasms.”

“Why did she not just collect on this last night?” Lelei asked as she looked at the address.

“She said she was too drunk to get off, so tonight would be better,” Tamina answered. Then, with desperation in her voice, “Mother, what am I going to do?”

“You could always renege,” Lelei offered, “but then everyone would know your word means nothing, and your Samoan pride would suffer greatly. You could ask for something else, a different task, one not so demeaning, but that, too, would speak against your character. Perhaps …” Lelei paused as she began to think this dilemma through. “Perhaps you ask her to make it just one-on-one, for there is no need for her friends to be there. Would you feel better doing it that way?”

“I do not wish to do it any kind of way,” Tamina responded.

“I know,” Lelei said. She stood, hugged her daughter, then said, “Go back upstairs and rest. Try to sleep off your hangover.” Tamina did as her mother instructed.

Lelei made sure her daughter was in her room before leaving out. She made her way to her car and programmed the address she had committed to memory into the GPS, and she was on her way to the Deb’s house. “What a posh neighborhood,” she said to herself fifteen minutes later as pendik escort she made her way through Shady Acres, an upscale community. She finally found the home—more like a mansion—parked her car, and made her way to the door. She rang the bell, and soon was greeted by the maid. “Yes, I would like to speak with—” she recalled the name that had been written on the slip of paper “—Tyffani, please.”

“And whom shall I say is calling?” the aged maid asked.

“Tell her it is the loser from last night’s contest. She will understand.”

The maid escorted Lelei to the drawing room, then disappeared to retrieve her mistress. A few minutes later, a voice was heard before the face was even present. “Well, you must really want to eat this pussy pretty bad, showing up this early—Wait!” she exclaimed as she walked through the door. “You’re not her. What’s the meaning of this?”

“My name is Lelei. I am here on my daughter’s behalf.”

“Did she send you to talk me out of this?” Tyffani asked with a laugh. “Because if she did, then no way. Unh-uh. She lost fair and square and now she has to pay the price.”

“My daughter does not know I am here,” Lelei assured Tyffani. “She would not agree with it if she did know.”

“So why are you here, then?”

“To ask several questions of you, the first of which being, do you not think what you ask of my daughter is too severe a punishment for losing a silly trivia game?”

“That was the rules: Winner gets whatever she wants.”

“Then, why do you want this from a complete stranger? Is it to humiliate her?”

Tyffani laughed. “Do you want the truth? I’m bored. B-O-R-E-D bored. Having a complete stranger go down on me—and yes, to some degree, humiliate herself—breaks the boredom. Plus, you have to admit, an orgasm is an orgasm, regardless of from whom it may come.”

“How do you know so much about comic books? Tamina has collected all her life, yet you don’t seem like the type of person who would read them.”

“I have an Eidetic memory,” Tyffani admitted. “I see something once and it stays with me the rest of my life.”

“Does that not give you an unfair advantage in your trivia games?”

“No more than someone who had read them all her life,” Tyffani retorted. Then, “Look, let’s get to the real reason you are here. It is not to discuss comic books. What do you want?”

“I want you to rescind your proclamation,” Lelei responded. “Do not hold my daughter to this task, but tell everyone she accomplished it so that her Samoan pride remains intact.”

“And what do I get out of it if I do?”

“If you do this for her, then I will fulfill her obligation to you,” Lelei answered.

“Let me get this straight,” Tyffani said after a moment’s thought. “If I call the dogs off her then you will take her place?”

“Yes, that is my offer.”

Tyffani thought about this a few seconds, then said, “No, for you would face no humiliation, and that’s what it’s all about.” She watched as Lelei silently pleaded with her to reconsider, then an idea struck her. “Are you willing to do anything for your daughter?”

“Anything within reason,” Lelei answered, but when Tyffani did not immediately respond, she amended that to, “Yes. Anything.”

“Rosemary!” Tyffani shouted. Soon, the seventy-year old maid made her way into the room. “Today’s your lucky day, Rosemary, for this woman wants to eat your pussy for you.”

“What?” Rosemary and Lelei asked in unison.

“I doubt very seriously that you eating my pussy would humiliate you,” Tyffani said to Lelei, “but to eat the pussy of this aged wretch? Yes, I think that would humiliate you just fine.”

Lelei looked over at Rosemary, who was already stripped down to her panties and bra. This was nothing new to the old woman, for she had been at the receiving end of scenarios such as this for the past couple of years, when Tyffani first began her humiliation of her friends in her vendetta against boredom. Rosemary removed her bra and panties, then stretched out on the sofa, but, “No. Not like that. Get on your hands and knees, Rosemary. I think I will let this woman eat your ass for you instead.”

Rosemary did as instructed, and why wouldn’t she? If nothing else, Tyffani always ensured that her maid received sizeable bonuses on her birthday and at Christmas because of her service to her. She arched her back, allowing her sagging ass to blossom out.

“Now,” Tyffani said to Lelei. “Eat her ass good for her. Thirty minutes nonstop, then I’ll call your daughter’s debt to me paid in full.” Lelei moved without hesitation, such was the love she held for her daughter. She reached Rosemary and bent down, but then Tyffani said, “Remove your clothing first.”


“Because I said so,” Tyffani answered, and she waited until the Samoan woman shed her clothing, then said, “Bon Appetit.” Unknown to Lelei, however, was the fact that Tyffani began filming the moment Lelei’s mouth met Rosemary’s ass. She moved around the room so she could get different angles, and she began rubbing her own clit escort pendik as she moved around the room. Finally, she couldn’t stand it anymore. “Lelei, lay down on the couch on your back. Rosemary, eat her pussy.” She filmed the two assume their positions, then she sat her pussy on Lelei’s mouth, and with no hesitation, Lelei ate Tyffani’s pussy until she very quickly came.

“Oh, shit,” Tyffani shouted, and as she began to get up, Lelei pulled her back down and began sucking her clit again. “Oh, you like this pussy?” she asked. “Eat it up then,” and Lelei did. Her tongue went everywhere from Tyffani’s clit to deep within her womb to her asshole where she rimmed her good, then back to her clit again. “Oh, fuck!” Tyffani shouted as another orgasm rocked her body, and still Lelei wasn’t through. She manipulated Tyffani until she went from a reverse cowgirl to straddling her face, then she pulled her close and began her clitoral assault again, and after a few minutes, Tyffani came a third time. For the record, Lelei had two orgasms of her own, brought on by the expert tongue lashings of Rosemary.

“Whoa,” Tyffani said as she made to stand on wobbly legs. “You must love your daughter to no end, Lelei.”

“That’s Mrs. Auva’a to you, and yes, I do,” Lelei answered as she began dressing herself. “Now, is the debt paid?”

“Paid in full,” Tyffani answered.

“And you never tell my daughter of this, agreed?”

“I will never tell your daughter,” Tyffani reiterated.

“When she calls you this evening, tell her you reconsidered,” Lelei said. “Tell her that it was just a joke, that her picking up the bar tab was punishment enough.”

“You got it,” Tyffani answered. “Now, if there’s nothing else, you’re free to go.” Lelei gathered her things and left. Just as Rosemary had put on her bra and panties, Tyffani said, “Not so fast, old woman. Come eat my pussy.” With little reluctance, Rosemary did.

Lelei got home at a little past three. She checked in on Tamina, who was asleep, so she took a shower to wash away any evidence of her interference in her daughter’s business. Once dressed, she went to Tamina’s room and woke her. “You do not want to sleep the day away, do you?”

“The night as well,” Tamina answered.

Lelei shrugged. “It is inevitable. Still, do as I suggest. Call and ask if it can just be you and her. Perhaps she will allow you this one small concession.”

“I’ll call in a little bit,” Tamina said as she rolled out of bed and went to the bathroom. She found her mother in the kitchen making tea for them both. “You will not think less of me for having gotten myself in this mess, will you?”

“Unconditional love is exactly that for a reason,” Lelei said in way of a response. “Just learn from this mistake.”

“I will,” Tamina promised. Lelei set a cup of Ragamuffin in front of her daughter and bore one for herself. They enjoyed the tea in silence, and once finished, Tamina said, “I guess I’ll go call her now. No use in delaying it.” She left the table and went back to her room, and two minutes later she excitedly burst back into the kitchen. “Mother! You will never guess.” Without the benefit of time allotted for Lelei to answer, Tamina said, “Tyffani—that’s the Deb’s name—told me that she was drunk when she made her decision, and upon review she realized it was too terrible a thing to ask of me. She said that me paying the bar tab was good enough. Mother! She let me off the hook!”

“Oh, this is wonderful news,” Lelei said with a grand smile. She hugged her daughter, then pulled back and said, “Remember, no more betting, regardless of how much you think you will win. Nothing is certain.”

“Yes-yes,” Tamina said excitedly. “This calls for a drink.”

“Lay off the booze,” Lelei said. “Just be happy you are free from this burden. Go see a movie or something else that doesn’t require alcohol.”

Two weeks had passed and the incident from the bar had pretty much been forgotten. Once again, though, trivia night at the bar brought Tamina and her friends, but Tyffani and hers as well. It was a close match, and both teams went down to the wire, but it was Tamina’s who won. In a show of good sportswomanship, Tyffani bought the girls a round of drinks that just never stopped coming. She and Tamina had actually developed a weird sort of friendship, but in an effort to share a meme with Tamina, she sent to the Samoan woman not the file of the Bill Clinton head bouncing to the tune of “I’m Just a Gigilo,” but the file she had recorded of Lelei, Rosemary, and herself. Tamina opened it with a large, expectant smile, but that soon disappeared as she watched her mother eating some old woman’s ass. “What the fuck is this, Tyffani?”

“Oh, fuck,” Tyffani drunkenly said as she was made aware of her faux pas.

Tamina jacked Tyffani against a wall and screamed in her face, “Tell me now! What is this?”

“I’m sorry, Tamina. I didn’t mean for you to see it,” Tyfanni said. “Y-Y-You need to ask your mother.”

“I’m asking you!” Tamina shouted.

Just then, Tamina’s friends grabbed pendik escort bayan her and pulled her away as Tyffani’s friends did the same. Tamina broke away from them, hopped into her car, and made a beeline home. She burst through the door and found her mother in the living room watching TV. Without the benefit of a greeting, she stood between her mother and the TV and screamed, “What the fuck is this?”

Lelei watched the scenario play for a few seconds, then shook her head. “I was unaware she had recorded it.”

“So, you don’t deny this is you, eating some old woman’s ass?” She fast-forwarded it. “You don’t deny this is you not just eating Tyffani’s pussy, but greedily pulling her down so you could do it again and again?”

Lelei sat a bit more erect and said, “I deny nothing. That is me, Tamina, and yes, I was providing sexual favors for the two people on the screen.”

“Why would you do such a thing?” Tamina asked, near tears.

“It is as I told you before, daughter: Unconditional love. You were in pain, and I, as your mother, took action to ease your pain.”

“But she made you humiliate yourself for her own pleasure.”

“I was not humiliated, Tamina,” Lelei said in attempting to convince her daughter of this truth. “I acted out of love and preservation. There is no humiliation in that.”

Tamina, not knowing how to respond, turned and stormed off to her room. She replayed the video several times over, watching intently as her mother first ate the ass of the old woman, then Tyffani’s pussy as the old woman ate Lelei’s pussy. She saw all three orgasms that Tyffani had, but more importantly, she saw how the old woman got her mother off twice, and each time she watched it her anger subsided more and more and was replaced with loving appreciation for what her mother had done for her. She actually began to cry, for she finally understood what her mother meant by unconditional love: She meant that a person would do anything to ensure that the object of that love did not suffer needlessly.

Tamina lay on her bed, not knowing what to do next, when she was startled by the ringing of her phone. She answered to find, “Tamina? This is Tyffani. Please don’t hang up. I’m calling to apologize to you. I had forgotten that I had recorded that, and I meant to erase it after I did. Your mother was just trying to protect you. Anyway, I’m calling to let you know that I erased it. Again, I’m sorry. Can you forgive me?”

There was a long silence, then Tamina asked, “How was she?”


“When she ate your pussy, how was it?”

“Well, if you watched the video all the way through, you saw that she gave me three legit orgasms,” Tyffani responded. “Why is that important to you?”

“I don’t know,” Tamina said, then killed the connection. She sat on her bed another thirty minutes, then slowly made her way to her mother’s room. It was dark, but Tamina was pretty sure that her mother wasn’t asleep. “Can we talk?”

“Yes,” Lelei answered. She sat up and turned on the lamp next to the bed. “Come. Sit.”

Tamina did. She held her phone close. “I have watched this over and over again, and I finally understand why you did it. Thank you, mother. Your sacrifice for me is greatly appreciated.” Lelei rubbed one of Tamina’s shoulders. Tamina took a deep breath, then said, “I also noticed that there was no shame in your performance. You did these things with Tyffani and the old woman like they were not new to you.”

“New with them, yes. New to me? No.”

“What does that mean?” Tamina asked.

“It means that I am bisexual, Tamina,” Lelei answered. “I enjoy being with women just as much as I enjoy being with men.”

“Is that why Father left?” Tamina asked.

“What? Heavens, no,” Lelei answered. “Your father left because he found a younger woman to be with. He thought he was deserving of more than me.”

“So, you enjoyed what you did with Tyffani and the old woman?”

“The old woman gave me two orgasms, so yes, it was enjoyable. As far as Tyffani is concerned …” Lelei didn’t know if she should say what was on her mind, but she and Tamina were sharing a truthful moment, so she decided to lay it all on the line. “I enjoyed what I did with Tyffani. I may ask her to do it again.”

“No!” Tamina said abruptly, and her face showed every bit of hurt that her voice carried at her mother’s declaration.

“Why not?” Lelei asked.

Tamina stared her mother in the eyes, then moved with lightning speed as she kissed Lelei on the lips. She held the kiss, lingered, for several seconds, then pulled back.

“What are you doing?” Lelei asked, confused.

“I … I don’t know,” Tamina admitted. She covered her face with her hands and sat there, motionless, not knowing what to say or do next. As always, Lelei allowed her daughter the time to sort things out in her head. She waited patiently until Tamina finally looked up and said, “All this talk of unconditional love, and knowing what you did for me … I don’t know. I don’t hate Tyffani, but … She doesn’t deserve you, and you deserve better than her.” Tamina stood and faced her mother. “Besides, I still have my Samoan pride, and I did not do what I agreed to do, and since you acted on my behalf, then allow me to pay you back in kind.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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