Sam’s Back Down

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It had been a long week, College was becoming more hectic as A level exams were kicking in, stress levels were high but the weekend was finally here. I pulled into the drive to find my sisters car parked there, it had been a while since i’d seen Sam and quickly parked and went through the door. I was immediately jumped on by my sister with all the “miss you’s” I could ask for. We began to natter as we did, she didn’t get on with my brother much but he’s never much around any more. My sister was six years older than me currently working and getting married at the end of the year. All very exciting in comparison to my 18 year old lifestyle that was living at home and going to college.

As the evening came upon us mum and dad were going over to a friends house and we thought we’d catch up some more with some drinks and mindless TV. I drove up town and bought some wine, cider and a bottle of vodka, upon return I could smell soap in the air, Sam had used my shower and made the house smell lovely and fresh. I cracked open a bottle of wine pouring two large glasses knowing we were just gonna get drunk, the acute alcoholics we are!

Well into the night, the clock was at 00:43 and the phone rings, mum said her and dad were staying over as they’d been drinking. Sam and I had the whole house to ourselves, not surprising in anyway. We finished off the cider and I was beginning to feel the effects. I swiped up two shot glasses and the vodka. I asked Sam if she was up for a contest, she didn’t object. Shot after shot we went. After about 11 shots each we stopped both spinning on the spot and the sex chat started…

Sam had been with her fiancee for 4years now and was telling me all of the sex, issues with broken condoms, trying anal sex, deep penetration and her fetish of having her face ejaculated on. I was immediately rock tuzla escort solid, too drunk to care if she saw but i’m certain she had with a little wink. My heart had begun to race, a slightly dry mouth and pre cum seeped from the tip of my cock. Sam, like my mother, wasn’t stick thin, she was lovely and curvy with large breasts. Probably a size 36E but i have always been a boob man. Sam’s rack was just hanging out of her top, i could see her bra. I asked her if she thought it was hot in the room taking off my shirt, she agreed and took off her top. I played along resisting. in which she replied

“what? you’re only my brother”.

The breasts were just sat there, covered by a small bit of cloth, i wanted to see those nipples so bad. I moved closer too here and rubbed my nose against hers, saying “i do love you big sis” she replied “oh i love you too” and gently pecked my lips, with this our lips stayed together. Pursed and together. I gently relaxed and so did she, moving my lips apart slowly, testing the waters, i brushed her top lip with my tongue, her body came over with goosebumps and she followed suit, kissing me fully and passionately. I moved my hand around her pinging the G string she was wearing and pinching the clasp of her bra. She pushed me away, i was suddenly confused but then saw she was slowly relieving herself of the bra. Her boobs were beyond what i’d imagined, the nipples had perked up from goosebumps and just asking to be sucked, she pushed them together into an almighty cleavage and said.

“Do you think us doing something tonight would be a bad thing?” i replied

“probably, it wouldn’t be so socially acceptable but providing no mutant babies occur it’ll be fine”

She stared at me and said,

“good, cause I took my pill this morning, there;s no need to worry when you cum in me”

Suddenly tuzla escort bayan my cock was awake, my nipples suddenly shrunk and i was spewing pre cum.

Sam gently laid me down and unbuttoned my jeans, my boxers had a few stains on front from my pre cum, she ran her tongue across it and smiled at me. Pulling down the threshold of my boxers caused cool air to run into my groin, exciting my genitals, but before my cock even twitched Sam had the head in her mouth. Sucking really hard which got me really excited, then dropping down to my balls, taking as much of them in her mouth as she could, nibbling and licking. She followed up the shaft with her tongue working the back of the head before taking as much of the shaft as she could. I felt the head of my cock hit the back of her throat, she didn’t gag at all and i just moaned intensely. A satisfied moan errupted from Sam as my pre cum dripped in her mouth. She began to work it quickly up, down locking her lips tight gently using her teeth on the head. I was in pure ecstasy. She stopped just short of me cumming lifting up her tits to my face. I promptly licked her nipples, circling the areola before biting the teet. She gently moaned and i smiled.

She slipped my and her jeans off exposing my cock fully erect and ready, her G string awaited, damp. I ran my fingers over her mound and clit. Circling the skin toying her. I pushed aside the cloth of the thong and pressed my cock into her pussy. I was so excited, i was fucking my sister one of my wildest most unorthodox fantasies. She loved every minute of it. Slipping all the way down my cock until her lips met my pubic region, grinding against me. I bounced her on top of me, slapping her ass. She tilted back, resting her hands on my thighs pushing my cock up against her G spot. She moaned, more and more and more. escort tuzla Until i felt the spasms of her vagina surge around my cock, she gently moaned through the slow, raw power of the orgasm and i suddenly just blew my load joining her in this orgasm.

Slipping me out i was half as hard, letting my know the fun wasn’t over yet, she rubbed are clit upon my head then went upstairs. She came down with a tube of lube and her rampant rabbit deluxe vibrator. I’d seen it in her drawer rummaging around before. She placed down the vibrator and squeezed a bit of lube on her finger.

I remained curious as she was still dribbling some semen from her lips.

Slowly she began to massage lube around and into her asshole. My penis rose again,

“that’s not going in there is it?” i said pointing to her vibrator.

She replied, “no,”

walking over to my with the vibrator. She bent over doggy style pulling me up behind, i immediately pushed my cock into her cummy pussy. She moaned in pleasure but pulled the shaft out,

“that’s going in here”

She rested the head of my cock against her ass hole looking round at me, i began to orgasm out of pure excitement, with this she began to feel my warm semen run down her ass hole and pussy so she pushed against my throbbing cock until the head rested inside her ass.

“nice and warm” she said as my cock twitched around in her tight ass.

She pushed hard back against me and seemed to just eat up my cock. Neil clearly fucked her in the ass alot. She pushed the vibrator into her vagina and i felt the shaft of it through the vaginal wall. I began to pump as she switched on the vibration. She was moaning so hard, it really wasn’t long at all until she was cumming, her asshole clamped around my cock pulling the cum right out and in her ass. We collapsed together on the floor, my cock still erect in her asshole.

It slipped out and i eased it back in her vagina.

She pulled a blanket over us and we just lay there for a while. Satisfied with our catch up…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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