Sati Ch. 02

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Sati, more of her.

Friday evening and here we are at Shore’s again, we’re becoming quite the regulars and a couple of the wait girls have got to know us a little or at least what we like to drink. Sati is wearing a tight black sleeveless blouse that is low enough to show the rise of her breasts and an ankle length black sari that shows off her tight little figure. When she had walked out onto the deck to join me a lot of male eyes turned to watch her.

We had drinks on the table and were quietly chatting about our days. When our second drinks arrived the sun was just beginning to set and the view across the water was incredible. All conversation at all the tables stopped as everyone took in the incredible vista.

“I have something for you,” she said as she pushed a small wrapped box with a ribbon around it to me “it’s just a token to show you how much I enjoy our time together.”

I touched her hand then lifted it to my lips and kissed her fingers. “Thank you, that is so sweet.”

I started undoing the ribbon and then pulled the paper off. I looked up and Sati had this huge smile on her face and a wicked twinkle in her eyes. I lifted the lid and there were all these curly black hairs. She started laughing and I got this big grin pasted on my face.

“I have been so horny all afternoon,” she said “I had to put tissues in my thong as I was getting so wet thinking about you.”

“Then we had better get something to eat and get you to bed before you ruin that sari.” I teased.

“Why don’t we get another drink and some shrimp and noodles to split then we should be all set?” she asked.

As we left in the taxi she snuggled close to me and dropped her hand onto my crotch and whispered “I want some of this'”

We had hardly got into my apartment when she crushed her body against me and kissed me deeply.

“Just a minute” I gasped “there is something I want to do in the bedroom.”

“I just bet there is.”She quipped with a grin.

When I had first moved in I had bought and installed a small air-conditioner in the window otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to sleep so the room was pleasantly cool. That morning I had bought candles and now proceeded to light them, when I turned the lamp off the room had a very pleasant glow. I turned on the mini CD payer and soft music filled the room.

“Okay you can come in now.” I said as I opened the door for her.

“Oh this is very sexy” she said “does this mean I may get laid?”

“Very likely, now just take your blouse and sari off; I wouldn’t want to mess them up as they look so good on you.”

“Okay but I need to use the bathroom to get rid of these tissues and give myself a wipe down, I am so wet.”

While she was gone I stripped down to silk boxers and lay on the bed. When she returned I gasped in awe, this beautiful doll like woman was standing there bursa escort in a small black bra that only just covered her nipples and pushed her breasts up. She turned around to show me the back view; her thong could only be seen on her hips before it disappeared between her cheeks.

“You like?” She asked with a grin.

“Come here and I will show you like.”

She came to me and dropped on top of me, her mouth and tongue became instantly active and I held her tightly to me. We kissed deeply and let our tongues dance while I stroked her back and sides. Her hips began to move against me as she felt my erection pressed against her groin. Our kisses became even more heated and then I rolled her onto her back and brought my hand to her breast.

“Oh I have so been looking forward to this” she said “I couldn’t believe how many times I climaxed on Wednesday.” “And my roommates wanted to know what had given me such a glow.”

I kissed all over her face, neck and hair. My hand was massaging her breast and then I moved the bra down slightly to expose the nipple to my fingers. She started moaning into my mouth and her hand dipped down and she grabbed my hard penis very firmly.

“Gently, sweetie,” I said, “just soft strokes on the shaft and light squeezing of my balls would be great.”

“Please suck my nipple.” She moaned into my mouth as her hand became this magic wand touching and feeling me.

Slowly I kissed down her neck, stopping to nibble on her collar bone and more moans followed. My fingers had her nipple standing very high and firm so I licked it very gently and started to slide my hand down over her ribs.

“Oh god, this feels so good, I feel like I could cum anytime now.” She said as she pulled my head tight to her breast.

My fingers reached her naval and toyed there a little then started moving down. Her hips rose to try to get me there faster but I wanted to tease her some more. I found the little black patch of her thong and pulled it up so that it slid into her lips. Her hand had started to get more demanding so I reached down and covered it with mine to slow it down; she went back to being gentler.

Her hair free lips were now my focal point; I slid the thong out and down and got it off her feet. My fingers found her pouting lips and started pulling them gently. Meanwhile I was still working on her nipple and her hand held me right there. Suddenly her hips rose and shudders ran through her as her first orgasm hit her.

“Oh, oh, oh.” She cried as her body continued to shake.

I snaked a finger into her and felt the convulsions begin again. She stayed like that for some time, her pussy squeezing and throbbing around my finger and a lot of fluids being produced her back was arched off the bed but she had gone completely quiet. I left her nipple and moved up and kissed her gently on the lips, her hand bursa escort bayan still held my head to her and slowly she started to come down from her climax.

“Damn, that was so intense,” she said with a ragged breath “I thought I was going to faint.”

Kissing her gently on the face and lips I helped her get down from her high. After a few minutes of this her lips started to become a bit more demanding, her tongue searched for mine and her hand, which had become very still, now started to stroke my penis again. She reached down and slid my boxers down; I wriggled them down further then kicked them off.

Her hand left the back of my head and joined her other hand on my penis. She started to gently rub up and down the shaft and the other hand gently squeezed and kneaded my balls, it felt so good.

“Tell me what you like” she said “It’s only fair that I make you happy too.”

“What you are doing feels really great but I would like to get inside you soon.”

“Umm yes that would be nice for me too.”

We continued kissing for a few more minutes her hands never leaving their task. Then I rolled her over on top of me and kneed her legs apart. Her breasts, still half in and half out of the tiny bra, were pressed hard against my chest as our kisses became more impassioned, tongues dancing in or on each other’s mouths. My erection stood between her parted thighs and I felt her start to shimmy down towards it.

“Now, I need you in me now.”

She reached down and held my penis ready as she moved her pussy down and held the head against her gaping lips. Slowly she took the head in until the ridge rested inside her.

“Don’t move” she commanded “I want to savor every inch of you.”

I wasn’t about to start fighting, her wet tight pussy felt wonderful, she moved again taking another inch in. Then again, another inch, she reached up with her lips and we kissed very deeply. Then, with a final lunge down, she took the remainder of my eight inches into her. The feeling was fantastic, completely enclosed in this wonderful pussy with her tongue buried in my mouth. Her moans into my mouth were a further stimulation. Very slowly she moved until only the head was in her, then again a lunge to absorb all of me into her. She kept up this very slow and deliberate pace for quite a while, each time she took me deep she groaned as did I, the feeling was amazing, her tight pussy clenching on the withdrawal and relaxing on the insertion.

I felt her start to change the pace, becoming slightly faster, I grabbed her shoulders and pushed her up into a sitting position, her face registered surprise as she felt the new depth that this made us reach.

“Oh my, that really feels good.” She said between breaths.

My hands reached up and cupped her breasts and moved the edge of the bra lower so that both nipples were now exposed escort bursa and available for my fingers. As I touched them she gasped and started to rise and fall on my very hard penis. Her vulva was working on me tightening on the rise, relaxing on the fall, I knew I couldn’t last long at this pace and didn’t want to end. I grabbed her hips and pulled her off me, she looked surprise and disappointed.

“Not done yet but I need a break in the action,” I sad smiling up at her “So now you need to take control.”

She looked confused. I was still very excited but needed to get myself under control. I pulled on her hips again and moved her onto my stomach. She looked even more confused. My hands found her breasts and fingers found her nipples which brought another loud groan from her. My hands slid down to her hips again and pulled them forward onto my chest. Confusion again.

“I want you to scoot up and straddle my face,” I explained “You are then in control of where my lips, tongue and teeth may take you, are you okay with this?”

“I had no idea where we were going but this looks like an awesome place to me.” She said with a huge smile.

She shimmied up until her knees were either side of my head and her beautifully bare and very wet pussy was right there in front of my waiting mouth. My tongue touched the outside of her labia, a little shiver ran through her thighs, I sucked her lip into my mouth.

“Oh dear lord” she groaned.

From side to side my tongue and mouth went, licking and sucking those outer lips, feeling her building up in intensity. Then she pushed down hard to get my tongue inside those lips. I reached under her and with gentle fingers parted her labia to give me access to the inner lips. As I touched her with my tongue she started to moan very loudly. When I inserted my extended tongue into her vulva her body tensed and I tasted her juices, I swallowed again and again, she was certainly cumming big time.

“What was that?” she asked “I’ve never felt all that before.”

I held her hips in place and started running my tongue up her now soaking slit, back down and in, up back down and in. Her hips were now pressing down on me really hard, I pulled her slightly lower and sucked her hardened clit into my lips. Her body nearly left the bed and a little scream escaped her. I continued to lick, suck and nibble her clit for some time until her body tensed once again and more juices flowed onto my waiting tongue. She rolled off me and lay there shivering; I took her in my arms and just held her while she came down from wherever that last one had taken her.

It took some time until she could even talk.

“You must be the devil” she said against my shoulder “no one can make someone feel what I have just felt.” She sighed and rolled closer, reached up and pulled my cum covered mouth to hers and licked and slurped until she had me clean.

“Now I have to sleep, but wake me in the night to do me again if you want.”

With that she went to sleep, I lay there with a big grin on my face, it didn’t matter that I hadn’t cum, she was addicted.

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