Second Coming of Adam

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It’s up to one man to re-populate the Earth.


All characters having sex are eighteen years of age or older. deltablonde did a great job editing this story. Go read his stories. He’s a great writer.

Billions die, OMG it’s the end of the world. This is a long story. Grab a beer and find a comfortable chair. If you persevere, you will find anal, first time, group, and lesbian sex as well as incest.


The sun shined brightly on the old, but still seaworthy 26-foot-long cabin cruiser. There was hardly a cloud in the sky. It was a perfect day for diving off the coast of Florida.

“Guys, this demand valve isn’t working right,” Matthew announced.

His large bicep flexed, but still he couldn’t adjust the dial on his scuba equipment. He frowned and said, “I noticed it acting up on the last dive. I’m done for the day.”

His fiancée responded, “Oh no.” There was a pause and then she added, “I’ll sit out with you.”

It pained Eve to pass up a dive. She really loved diving. However, she and Mathew were getting married in a month. She thought, “Soon I will be standing in front of family and friends, promising to be with him in good times and bad. I guess that means sometimes you have to pass up on an activity you enjoy if your partner can’t participate”.

“Nonsense Eve. You have to go. I know how much you’ve been looking forward to this and besides, your brother needs a dive partner.”

“Okay, honey.”

She beamed and thought, “Lucky me. He’s handsome, smart and nice”.

“Lunch is ready,” Sally announced as she stepped out of the cabin. She passed out bags of chips and sandwiches. Her husband gave everyone a drink. It was juice for their two kids and beer for the adults. As he handed a cold one to his sister, Adam teased her saying,

“Don’t tell Mom I gave you a beer. I don’t want to be charge with corrupting a minor.”

“Har har,” Eve said. “I’m eighteen and legal. Get used to it. Your little sister has grown up.”

Adam glanced at her well-formed, bikini clad body and thought, “Yes, you have. Mathew is a lucky man”.

After lunch, Sally waited until she and Eve were alone in the cabin. She shut the doors and then asked, “Can you do me a favor?”

“Name it,” Eve said without hesitation. She really liked her brother’s wife. She thought of her as the older sister she’d never had.

Sally smiled and said in a conspiratorial whisper, “I need you to look after the kids for a bit. As you know, today’s your brother’s 25th birthday and I owe him a birthday blowjob. I want to surprise him by doing it here in the cabin.”

Eve’s jaw dropped. She was shocked that her sister-in-law was telling her about her sex life.

Sally continued, “Don’t look at me like that! Married people have sex. I love my husband and I like having sex with him. Your brother is a very skilled and considerate lover.”

“Ugh!” Eve made a face. “Too much information!”

Sally sneered at the eighteen-year-old and said, “You’re acting like a silly little virgin.”

Eve blushed. She hesitated and then confessed in a quiet voice, “Well, as a matter of fact, I am a virgin.”

“Oh, Eve! I’m sorry I said that. That was mean of me. Matthew is so handsome and I know you love each other. I assumed you were sexually active.”

“We do stuff,” she admitted embarrassed. “My mom told me my virginity was a special gift to be given to a special guy. No one I’ve dated seemed special until I met Matt. He was impressed when he learned I was a virgin. It was his idea to save intercourse for our wedding night.”

Sally hugged Eve. “Oh, that’s so sweet. He’s a great guy.”

Sally pulled back, grinned and teased her sister-in-law saying, “So that explains the short engagement.”

“Yes! I’m so ready.”

Sally continued to tease her friend. “So I’m not the only girl in this cabin who likes to suck cock?”

“No,” Eve replied reluctantly. She was embarrassed. It was hard for her to admit that she was having sex, but harder still to confess that she liked it. She added. “I’m sorry if you thought my reaction was a put down of you.”

“You made me feel like I was a slut for wanting to give Adam a blowjob,” Sally said with a sulky pout. She was acting, acting well, and her accusation had the desired effect. Eve looked crestfallen.

“I’m sorry. I think you’re great.”

“Well . . .” Sally paused for effect and then said. “There’s only one way to make it up to me. Dish on Matthew. Is he well-hung? What do you like best about his junk?”

Sally gave Eve an impish grin and egged her on saying, “Friends share.”

Eve sighed. She really liked Sally. She felt closer to her than to any of her school friends and girls do talk about this stuff.

“Okay,” she gave in. “His penis gets really hard and big.”

She held up her hands giving a visual aid to how big he gets. Then she turned her hands palm’s up and she mimed holding large balls.

“He has huge, low hanging balls. When he comes he gushes gallons. I can never swallow it all. It spills out of my female agent porno mouth and drips on my boobs.”

“I knew it. He is a manly man,” Sally said impressed.

The women smiled at one another. That was a real bonding moment for them. Sally felt it was her turn to share.

“You’re getting married soon. Let me pass on a piece of advice my mother gave me about having a successful marriage, “Be the woman he fell in love with”.

“Time will take its toll. Kids and events will make demands on you, but remember to continue to do the things that brought you together.

“I insist we have “Date Night” at least once a month. We still make out in the car and smooch on the sofa just like when we first dated even if the kids think it’s “yucky”. Having sex with each other is something we’ve always enjoyed. It strengthens our bond so we do it regularly.

“Be that fun flirty girl that caught his eye. There are days when I “forget” to wear a bra. On a “nothing special night”, I’ll break out the sexy lingerie. We give each other things to look forward to. Come Valentine’s Day, I know I’m getting roses from the man I love and he knows come hell or high water, I will give him a special blowjob on his birthday. He looks forward to it and so do I.”

“Okay, but why on the boat?”

“Doing the same thing, the same way, in the same place is BORING! Mixing things up keeps it fun. He’ll never expect this.”

Sally unhooked her bikini top and tossed it aside. Eve grew slack jawed. She always knew the blonde had a nice set, but she’d never seen them before. She was surprised the twenty-six year exposed her orbs so nonchalantly. Sally chuckled and said,

“Honey, we know guys like boobs. Adam smiles and salivates every time he sees these “saggy because I breast-fed your two kids” tits. Why not let him have his fun? He’s a good man. Now go out there and tell him there’s a problem with the toilet and he has to come down here immediately.”

Sally winked at Eve and sent her on her way.

Adam pushed open the cabin doors and said, “So what’s wrong with . . .” He stopped mid-sentenced when he saw his smiling, bare-breasted wife.

“Hello, Birthday boy,” Sally said exuding sexuality. “Ready for your present?”

Adam looked at his wife and hurriedly closed and locked the doors. He whispered, “What? Here? Now?”

Sally licked her lips and pulled on a thick, engorged nipple. He watched it snap back. She then said, in a not so quiet voice, “I want some cock.”

Adam was nervous. He felt like the whole world could hear her. Sally walked over to him and started unbuckling his belt. Soon she had his shorts and underwear on the floor. He had a shit-eating grin on his face as his wife dropped to her knees. She licked the length of his growing shaft. She kissed the crown and then hefted his balls.

In a little girl’s voice, she said, “This was supposed to be a present for you, but I think you have something for me. Are you going to shoot a big load of nasty cum in my mouth?” She batted her eyes precociously and added, “Should I swallow it?”

Adam’s head nodded like a bobble head figure mounted on the dash-board of a car speeding down a bumpy dirt road. His dick sprang to life. He quickly grew to full mast because his wife had surprised him with the offer of a blowjob and was flashing her bare tits at him. The bawdy role playing was a turn on too.

“Oh, my gawd!” He groaned as she enveloped his cock.

She was not a reluctant cocksucker. Sure, Adam going down on her was more fun than her going down on him, but she liked giving head. Even though they were married, she still got a thrill being the naughty girl who would suck a dick.

Eve and Matt corralled the kids and involved them in a game. Eve had the misfortune of dropping a pretzel at the same time a big wave hit the boat. She leaned over to pick it up, the boat lurched and she got tossed to the deck.

By chance, her head was near a cabin portal. She looked inside and got a side view of Sally and her brother. “Oh my!” she said to herself. “There’s Sally topless, on her knees sucking on my brother’s dick. I shouldn’t be seeing this.”

Adam had his eyes closed and a big smile on his face. He loved the fact that his cock was in his wife’s mouth. He said, “I love you, Sally. I love your birthday blowjobs. Ahhh. Thanks, this is great.”

She said brightly, “You’re welcome.”

His wife returned to sucking, licking and stoking his prodigious member. Then she swallowed him deep into her throat. When she released him to breathe, she and Eve locked eyes.

Eve could feel her face turning red. Sally stroked Adam’s dick and mouthed “So Big”. She even held out the penis so Eve could get a good view of her brother’s erection. Then she showed off her skills by plunging it back into her throat.

“Are you okay Eve?” Matt asked as he helped her up. “You look flushed. Sit and rest. I’ll take care of the boys.”

Eve nodded thinking “Sally must think I’m a pervert because I spied on them. Some weird gizli cekim porno Peeping Tom who wanted to see her brother’s penis. Oh God! I’ve never been so embarrassed”.

Sally returned with love and vigor to pleasuring her husband. She pumped his shaft and suck his hard penis until he again cried out, “I love you!”

His dick exploded and forceful jets of sperm flew into her mouth. She milked every last drop out of her husband. She showed him a mouthful of viscous ejaculate, swallowed and then showed him an empty mouth.

“Oh Baby, you’re the best” he gushed.

Adam was breathing heavy and felt weak in the knees. He sat down hard on a cushion covered bench. His wife sat back on her heels and smiled, happy that he was happy. She slipped her top back on and said,

“I’ll let your sister know you’ll need a few minutes before you’re ready for the next dive.”


Adam and Eve fell backwards off the boat into the water with a big splash. They set about exploring the artificial reef.


Sally put her kids down for a nap. She and Matt sat in the open bay of the cabin cruiser enjoying the sun. They looked out on the expansive ocean and listened to the radio. She liked the tall, dark and handsome man. She thought he was an excellent match for Eve.


Adam had inherited this old boat from his father. He had a knack for keeping the old girl running. Since he went diving often, he had told his sister on this dive to explore to her heart’s content. He was happy to keep an eye out for trouble and let her have fun.

He marveled as his long-legged sister graceful propelled herself through the water. She moved with an elegant fluidity few possessed. His eye zoomed in on the large zipper-like scar on her knee. Seeing it brought back memories of the day three years ago when she underwent surgery to repair her damaged knee. That was the day her dream of being a prima ballerina died.

Since Eve could no longer dance like a fiend, she had gained weight and was transformed from a super-slender ballet waif to a normal, healthy high school girl. In the way only a brother would, Adam used to taunt his sister saying things like,

“Eve, I know your knee can no longer handle the rigors of ballet, but fear not, your dancing career doesn’t have to be over. Now that you’ve blossomed, I’m sure they’ll welcome you down at ‘Tito’s Bump and Grind’.”

Adam shuddered when he recollected his boorish behavior. What a jackass he had been. His regret didn’t prevent his eyes from wandering over his sister’s pleasing rump and ample breasts.


“Matt, I’m getting another beer,” Sally said. “You need one?”


Sally popped the top on two beers. “Hey!” she hollered. “That’s my favorite song. Please turn the radio back on.”

“I didn’t do anything,” Matthew protested holding his hands up. The radio was on the other side of the boat. He got up and went to the device.

“Could be the batteries.”


Sally tossed him a fresh pack of batteries. He put them in. Still, the radio refused to play. He said, “Sorry, that’s the extent of my electrical skills.”

The sky suddenly turned dark and gloomy. Sally said, “Oh no. Is this the end of our sunny day? That squall came in quick.”

Matt coughed. Sally asked rhetorically, “Where did all this fog come from?”

Then she began coughing. She felt like she couldn’t catch her breath. She dropped the beers and collapsed. Matt was also having trouble breathing. He fell to the deck and lost consciousness.


Adam and Eve surfaced at the back of the boat. They removed their masks and breathing apparatuses.

“That was so cool,” Eve gushed. “The half hour flew by.”

“Yes. This is a great place to dive. Turn around. I’ll get your tank.”

Adam unstrapped her tanks and set it on the boat’s dive platform. He pulled his off and set it beside hers. Then he climbed up the steps and helped his sister get out of the water.

“Hey everyone, we’re back,” he shouted. He thought it odd no one yelled back. He turned and saw Matt and Sally face-down on the deck.

“SALLY!” he cried confused and concerned. “Eve, something’s wrong.”

Adam ran to his wife. He lifted her head. “Sally? Sally?” She was unresponsive.

Eve saw her fiancée slumped on the deck. She rushed to his side. She could hear him wheezing. Tears rolled down her cheeks. “Oh Matt!” She cried out as she cradled his head.

Adam cried. He did not know how or why, but he realized his wife was dead. He held her lifeless body. He was crushed, absolutely devastated. He looked towards his sister and asked, “How could this have happened?”

A moment later he asked, “Where are the kids?”

He sat up straight and looked about. Not seeing them, he slipped away from Sally and ran into the cabin. His heart eased when he saw his darlings lying on the bed. He approached the elder one cautiously.

“No. God NO! They’re dead too. Everyone I love is dead!”

He collapsed. In his glory hole secrets porno mind, a reel played as he remembered all the fun times he had enjoyed with his wife and kids. Now he felt as if he had been punched in the stomach. All the joy that existed in his life seeped out of him as he lay slumped on the floor.

Eve heard her brother’s anguished cry and went to him. Together they held the children and cried. Eve knew comforting him was impossible. She could only share his great feeling of loss. Eventually, they both ran out of tears. They had cried so long and so hard, they could cry no more.

“Adam, I’m taking the boat in. Matthew needs a doctor.”

“Go to him. I’ll get us back.”

Adam raced the boat back to the marina. It was surprising that in his dazed state he managed to get them back to shore safely. His wife was dead. His children were dead. His future brother-in-law was seriously ill. He felt as if his whole world had suddenly, inexplicably ended. He was more right than he knew.

The marina was eerily quiet. Adam and Eve saw bodies in boats, some lying on the docks and others floating in the water. They saw no blood or wounds. They checked the bodies they came across. They didn’t find anyone who was alive.

The brother and sister hurried to the SUV. Adam carried Matt. He put him in the backseat. Eve crawled in beside him and put his head on her lap. Then Adam fired up his vehicle up and drove towards the hospital.

Out on the small road, he encountered a stalled car in his lane.

“What the hell?” Adam cursed.

He swerved around it and shouted at the driver, “Hey! Why are you stopped in the middle of the road?”

He stopped yelling when he saw that the driver was dead. He made his way to the highway ramp that led to the hospital. They were only on it a few seconds before he slammed on the brakes.

He cursed out loud, “Shit!”

Eve screamed as she and Matt were forcefully thrown forward. Her seatbelt restrained her. She struggled to keep Matt from rolling onto the floor.

“Sorry Sis. I’ve never seen anything like this.”

Before them was a massive accident scene. Many cars and trucks had crashed into each other. Others had gone off the road. It was a mess. The highway was blocked. Adam was flummoxed and said,

“This looks un-passable. I can’t go through or around them. We’re not getting Matt to the hospital.”

Dejected, he leaned forward and placed his forehead on the steering wheel. He closed his eyes and rubbed his temples. He was sad, frustrated and he felt a major headache coming.

Eve, too was disappointed. She was so worried about Matt. She looked down at her fiancée and caressed his handsome face. He did not respond.

Eva and Adam were startled by a tapping sound. Their heads snapped up.

“Hello,” said a tall, plain faced, gray-haired woman. She smiled in a non-threatening way, but Adam didn’t roll down the window. She had blood sprayed across her face and substantial chest and he didn’t think it was hers.

The stranger said, “As you can see, something dreadful has happened. I need your help.”

The septuagenarian glanced into the backseat and said with genuine concern,

“Oh dear. It looks like you have an injured party. I hope he’s not badly hurt. The chances of getting him to the hospital are nil. I’m a retired school teacher, high school science. I’ve had some first aid training. If you want, I’ll see what I can do.”

Adam opened the door and stepped out of the car.

“My name is Adam. This is my sister Eve and her fiancée, Matthew. I was hoping to take him to the hospital. Please have a look at him.”

The woman formally extended her hand and said, “Sorry we have to meet under these circumstances. My name is Darlene Donaldson. My friends call me DeeDee.”

Adam shook her hand and then opened the door to the back of the car.

“Hello,” Eve said weakly and she began to cry again. “We found him like this. He’s breathing, but just barely.”

DeeDee nodded. She checked his vitals and did a quick assessment. “He appears stable.”

“What caused it?” Eve managed to ask before dissolving in a fit of sobs.

“Many people are dead. I have found others here that have his same symptoms and there are a few like me who were unaffected by whatever caused this catastrophe.”

“What happened?” Adam blurted out.

“It’s hard to say,” DeeDee said. “My friend and I were headed into the city. The road was crowded, which is normal for this time of day. I was driving along and for some reason, the engine shut off. The vehicle was still moving, but it was harder to steer without the power steering assist. Then a misty fog came out of nowhere. Next, all this happened.”

DeeDee pointed to the accident scene. She continued, “It was chaos. Cars were out of control. They crashed into one another. By some miracle, I was able to pull off the road and no one crashed into us. The other drivers did not brake. It was as if everyone suddenly lost consciousness. I’m guessing the other drivers were dead or dying before their cars collided.

“I turned to my friend and I saw her twitch and spasm and then nothing. She stopped breathing. I could not revive her. I went from car to car. The scene was the same. Dead people wearing seat-belts. The only injuries I saw were done post-mortem by the crashes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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