Short Ride

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The trip started off exactly as I planned. We loaded up the Tahoe with all of the hiking gear that we had accumulated over the past two years. Mainly the hiking stuff belonged to me, tents stoves, water purifiers. We had purchased a sleeping bag and a backpack for her. This was going to be our first trip into the unknown for multiple days. We planned a trip for Big Bend National Park. It is the biggest National Park yet has one of the lowest volumes of visitors.

As we drove, my girlfriend Kelly and I talked and she watched TV, It is a long 8 hour drive from OKC to Big Bend. After a while she hopped back up to the front seat. She brought up a spare backpack and left it in the second row, just behind my seat. We started talking about our Halloween costumes. Every costume idea that she told me about had some slutty portion to it. This is much different than her typical conservative nature. Finally she looked at me and said “All the outfits I am thinking of have one thing in common,” and with that, she quickly and without hesitation removed her underwear.

She was wearing a little tennis skirt, which didn’t surprise me when we got into the car considering we had a long drive and would not be doing any hiking until the next day. But what did surprise me was how smooth her pussy was. I had seen her shaved before, but casino şirketleri not this smooth. She must have gone and gotten waxed without me knowing. As I sat there mesmerized, trying to watch the road and her glistening pussy, she remarked ‘My Halloween costume also has something in common with this. I am trying to make all your fantasies come true.”

She reached behind me and grabbed the backpack that she had left there. She unzipped the bag to show everything she thought we may want to use on this drive, from DVD’s to her favorite toys. She asked me what I wanted to see, but I was so worked up that all I could say was that I wanted to see her get off. Kelly put her feet up on the dash and started thumbing through a Palyboy that I bought because it had a girl that attended my high school in it. After a few minutes, she said that she could feel the sun beating down on her pussy and that it felt great. It was at this point I realized how great of a trip this is going to be.

She was wearing a tanktop and after she took off her bra, I could see the corners of her breast, which was driving me crazy. She turned to the page of the girl from my high school and asked if I new the girl then. I said I did, but that she was not popular or unpopular, she was just a cool girl. This got Kelly excited and she started to stroke casino firmaları her clit and rub her pussy. She reach in her bag and grabbed a vibrating egg, her trusty vibrator, and anal beads.

Traffic was moving pretty steadily and multiple cars passed us as we drove. At one point we were driving next to a car for a good five minutes. Little did they know that the girl in the car next to them had her fingers buried in her cunt. After a few minutes if her fingers, she upgraded to the vibrating egg. As the egg vibrated Kelly’s clit, she ran her hand all along her inner thighs, and up to her breast. She pushed her tanktop in and it stuck in the space between her breasts. She continued rubbing her body and began to treak and pinch her nipples bringing along with it, heavy breathing.

The heavy breathing plus the erotisism of the situation was all I could handle and with one hand on the wheel, I pulled my cock out with the other and started stroking it. When my girlfriend saw me do this, she switched from the egg to the vibrator. She was also trying to watch herself, but her tanktop was now in an ideal place to block her view, so she left the vibrator in her pussy and took the tanktop off. Now my girlfriend was in my passenger seat wearing only a small skirt that covered very little when it was not bunched up at her waist. güvenilir casino She started moaning and it was at this point that another Tahoe passed by. Although they could not see all the details, I knew they saw kellys breast sticking out and her lost in ecstasy. She was getting close and so was I. She reached for the anal beads and started rubbing them against her tight hole for insertion, but the stimulus was too much for her to handle and she started bucking her hips up as she had one of the most intense orgasms I had ever seen her have. I usually would be disappointe because I have never seen my girlfriend use anal beads or anything anal for that matter. But in this situation I didn’t care. I has jackin’ away. After a few second of post orgasm bliss, Kelly leaned down and started sucking my dick. She sucked me off for a few minutes, playing with her soaking pussy the whole time and still twitching from the little stimulus her clit could take. I started coming and as I came in my Kelly’s mouth she she shoved the fingers that were buried in her pussy, in my mouth so I could take her.

It took me a couple of minutes to come to my senses. When I did, I realized I was only going 40 miles an hour. Kelly Put her tanktop on and said all the playing had made her hungry. We stopped at a local food joint and as we were getting out of the car, I tossed Kelly her underwear. With a sly grin she looked at me and said “I don’t need those right now,” as started skipping into the restaurant. I knew, this was going to blow awat any camping trip with the guys.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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