Silky Adventures #06

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Silky Adventures

— Blue Who?

Prior adventures should be read first

As I have mentioned, I live with my uncle/daddy/lover George, and my sister/lover Jessica. We love George and always do what he wants. Anything.

“Silky, I have a special assignment for you,” he said one morning. “I owe a guy a nice bonus, and you’re it.”

George is very clear that we are NOT whores. No one can buy us, and we can always say no. But how do you say no to your sugar daddy? He lets me drive his new Volvo C70 with the folding hardtop. It rides so nice, and the sound system in it can make the rear view mirror rattle. I Love it! It’s silver with a light grey interior and looks so cool.

“This guy’s birthday is Friday, and he talks about blow jobs all the time. I want to provide one to him; and yes, Jess is better, but he also loves redheads, so this is solo. Can you handle it?” He queried.

“Absolutomomundoissima!” I was sure I could. “Leave the details to me!”

That’s why I was walking down the hall of an apartment building looking for

66, wearing my cashmere trench coat and my red 4″ stilettos. When I knocked, a guy in his late twenties answered. He didn’t look like most of George’s friends, who tend to be cool, calm, and well dressed. This guy was wearing 401 jeans, no shoes, and a Nine Inch Nails tee shirts, the kind that say NIN with a backwards N on them. Ok casual, I guess. He had average length light brown hair, brown eyes, pudgy lips, and was a little on the under shaved and overweight side. He had a neutral smell. All in all, no very stand out kinda guy.

“Happy Birthday!” I said when he opened the door. He froze for a second, and checked me out. I know my shoulder length red and curly hair looks great with my big navy trench escort ataşehir coat. I debated on the eye shadow — blue for the coat, green for my eyes? I decided I’d keep the eyes on, so went with green.

“Who are you?” he asked, suspiciously.

“I’m your present!” I smiled and tossed my head.

“Is this a joke?” He asked, looked up and down the hall.

“Do I look like a joke?” I said, and flashed him. Under the coat I wore a red bow that matches my shoes, so I’m red hair, red bow, red pussy, red shoes, top to bottom, with the blue coat behind it all. Who could resist?

Apparently not him, since he stepped back and let me in, bug-eyed. You’d think he never saw a hot chick naked before!

“I need for you to know that my instructions are specific. You can touch me or yourself as much as you want, but I am supposed to suck you, not fuck you. You can cum in my mouth if you want, or on my tits, but no fucking. OK?”

He still stood there like he was lost, so I lost the coat, and then put his hands on my bow.

“Aren’t you going to unwrap me? I’m awfully hot in this ribbon?” I am so original I amaze myself.

He must have gotten a hint, certainly he got wood, and he pulled my bow, which fell off, leaving me oh-so-naked.

The boy still seemed dazed. He just stared; finally I said “Try this, honey,” and pressed his hand to my breast.

“OWWW! Those are me, not plastic, cowboy! Can you please be a little more gentle?”

He sorta caught on, because he began to grope me. Yeah, grope. As in, like, no idea what he’s doing. He actually grasped both boobs and squeezed like they were tennis balls (well, cantaloupes, but you understand).

I mentally shrugged and said, “Here, touch this. But don’t poke it, ok, kadıköy escort just feel how nice and soft I am down there. Notice the slit in the middle? It’s wet in there, isn’t it? Try to gently slide one finger in there. Ohhhh, purr. My little pussy likes that.” There was some hope of him learning about my body. But, I had to remind myself, this was strictly a blow job. Period. Nothing else.

As he digitally explored my lower lips, I became increasingly excited. Damn, working on a virgin! (‘Cause that’s what I thought he was.) He had a pleasant bulge in his pants, but I think he had forgotten about everything except that one tight little tube his finger was sliding in. I leaned over and undid his belt, and started un-buttoning his jeans.

“Won’t you fell better with a few less clothes?” I cooed. He never said anything, but pulled off his shirt with his left hand, never taking his right from my soft little fire crotch. I think he liked me!

So eventually we were both naked. I stopped his hand, stepped back, and grabbed a pillow from his couch. I dropped to my knees. (Seems like I’m always doing that, and Jess likes to suck cocks… anyway)

“Do you want to cum in my mouth or on my tits?” I asked as I slowly stroked his shaft. He couldn’t seem to form words. “I’ll just start, and you stop me if you want to shoot, ok?”

He wasn’t bad, size-wise. I bet he could learn to please a woman, but he needed to hit the tanning bed. I’ve never seen anybody so albino as this guy. His dick was darker than his arms! But it was really hard. I thought maybe the banana was going to split its seams. I’ve heard that not cumming makes your penis harder; I don’t know if it’s true, but he was like titanium.

I leaned in, and licked the head as I maltepe escort bayan rotated my head from side to side. Then I pulled the whole thing down my throat, nose to pubic hair, and did a slow slide out. I licked from the base on one side to the crown, and then down the other, slowly moving my little hand up and down to counter my mouth. I sucked one ball and then the other into my warm little entrance. Then I settled into my best move, just holding the swollen glans with my lips and dancing under the end with my tongue. I squashed his shaft with my fist as hard as I could, and he quickly began to fuck my face. I had to remind myself this was just oral, because my pussy was asking for more.

In just a few seconds he turned to rock and then deluged my throat with his sap. He seemed to have saved up a lot for me, because he shot and shot and shot. It also had a bitter aftertaste. Never tasted such before.

When he began to soften, I cleaned him up and swallowed. I looked up into his eyes (slightly glazed over) and told him he was the best in the world, I loved blowing him, he tasted great, yatta, yatta. It’s all mostly true. Then I regained my coat, left him the bow, and high tailed it home, confident George would get a glowing report.

I walked into a hailstorm of anger. “Where the Hell have you been? I had to send Jess to cover for you! My friend really wanted a red-head; I just hope Jessica is good enough to change his mind!”

“But, but, but…” I stammered. “I did it. I blew the guy! And I did a really good job, too!”

“He called an hour ago, and you hadn’t been there. What’s going on?” One nice thing with us and George is that we never lie to each other. He knew if I said I did, then I was truthful.

“I went to the address you gave me, went up to

66, and sucked off this nerdy guy who looked like he needed it.”

“166! Silky, he lives in 991! You blew the wrong person!”

“OMG. I wasted a lot of effort. And George, it made me really horny. Can you fuck me now and punish me later?”

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