Since You Asked

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Sure, I was startled when a pretty woman, a complete stranger stops and asks me anything. Let alone a personal question that makes your dick hard.

Since you asked, “What would I do with a cute little ass like yours?”

Give me a minute to shift this dick into a more comfortable position. There all better. Thanks for bearing with me.

Show me that ass again dear. What I would do with your ass…

As it is Saturday morning, I would spoon in behind that little ass of yours. My semi-hard dick is resting across more of our thigh than your ass. Reaching around your soft body, I would gently cup your breast with my hand and begin to caress the sides of your breast, especially along your arm – saving your nipples for later.

My left arm slides under your pillow and then turns you towards me so that you are resting on your back. While my left hand rubs the nape of your neck, alternating between an urgent, almost scratching the skin under your hair – to a gentle touching of your face, ear and neck.

We talk about the day, what you would like to do. While my right hand outlines the slope of your breasts, the rise, and fall of your ribs. My fingers trace the centerline of your body from your neck to the growing heat between your legs. While my fingers lightly tease the area along the sides of your pussy, above, below… I only tease. I give you no release.

You know my pattern and resign yourself to be late for the gym. You know I will escort ataşehir not release you until we are both in need of a shower. As the amusing thought of having to take a shower just to go to the gym reaches your face. You recognize the feel of my lips on your lips. First firm, then relenting, soft and firm, just the way you like. You focus on the feel of my mouth as I kiss my way from your face to your neck. When I reach your breasts you inhale deeply knowing I will languish each breast – each nipple for a lengthy time.

I gradually match your growing heat with my intensity. Moving from a gentle suck or touch to a more passionate – determined pattern. I do not relent the teasing touches on your pussy. Or pressing my wet, hardened dick against your thigh. Or my gentle touches along your torso until you beg for release.

You know the pattern. How I will shift my focus from your body to your pussy and you raise yourself up on your elbows to watch the show.

The sight of my arms flexing as I move your legs apart. You enjoy the view of my dick sticking out from my body and you take your time watching me move around the room.

Of course, I am taking my time. When you have a beautiful woman naked and spread before you – now is not the time for haste. Now is the time to kiss her. This is not the time to tell her you have a tee-time and this will be quick. Save quick for the back row of the movie theater or highway travel.

As kadıköy escort the pattern goes, I reach up and kiss your smiling face before beginning my tongue-lashing of your pussy with just a breath of a touch along the outer lips. Feather like touches of my tongue are replaced with increasing pressure until you are on the edge – and I retreat and begin the torture repeatedly.

The pattern continues until you fill both hands with my hair and pull me into your pussy. As your orgasm, builds and your arms begin to weaken your legs press in and around my head. Locking my mouth against your clit.

That little piece of flesh that I have sucked into my mouth and now hold between my teeth. You press against the hardness of my teeth while my tongue circles and flicks your now nerve bursting clit.

I reach up and grab your breast with my hands, pulling on your nipples at the moment your orgasm starts. You ride my face, humping against me as wave after wave race through your body.

At the moment, I sense that the pace of these waves has begun to slow, that your grip on my head has weakened to the point where I can take a long awaited breath… I release your breasts and slide them down along your body.

Long before the waves have become spasms, I grab your hips and begin my assault on your clit again. The pressure from my teeth, combined with the renewed sucking takes your breath away. I stick my tongue into you filling maltepe escort bayan you with the soft flesh and holding you until you have regained your bearings.

Still somewhat, dizzy from the workout your body just had, you watch as my dick moves in and fills the gap left by my tongue. Slowly I push it into you and you watch as it splits your lips. I only allow an inch or two enter you as a slowly begin to fuck you.

You know this game will not last forever, sooner or latter I will press the full length into you. You enjoy watching as I enter you over and over again. Some are deep thrusts while others are shallow teases, followed by a flexed hip that causes my dick to run against one side of your pussy more than the other.

Where once you were content to simply playfully tease your clit while you watched me fuck you. Now you rubbed with intent. I slow my movements and fill your pussy with my dick, hold it still, filling you – allowing you to concentrate on the impending rush. I could watch you cumm and never get tired of the show.

When you are ready, I roll you over and slide into you from behind. I press my still hard – now purple dick, into your pussy. Enjoying the heat and wetness, I find there. Before I begin the road to my orgasm, I press your legs together and have you cross your ankles. This forces your legs to squeeze against my balls and your pussy to tighten around my dick.

Of course, I take my time – I make sure I bring myself to the brink a few times. When I finally do cumm, I hear you groan and I feel you push up against me as you feel my cumm wash your pussy with its heat.

That my dear, is what I would do with a cute little ass like yours. Would you like me to demonstrate?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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