Smelling My Sister

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Here’s my excuse for what happened:

My girlfriend and I had broken up two months prior to that night. I was glad it ended because she was a nut job, but the year-long relationship had been VERY satisfactory in the physical intimacy department. We’d routinely do fun, spontaneous stuff: hand jobs under the table at TJI Friday’s, dry humping against a wall at prom, eating her out from behind as discretely as possible in my living room shortly after my parents went off to bed, etc.

So when we broke up, despite being relieved to be getting away from crazy, I was tortured with a lingering hunger for a woman’s body… and all those smells that I’d found so intoxicating. With no outlet (aside from my hand), that hunger had only increased over the weeks. See, I’m not a “ladies man” by any means; I was reasonably good looking and was blessed with a naturally muscular build, but was nothing to be fawned over. I had some female friends but since the breakup I’d had no serious prospects or even casual hookups (perhaps my association with “nut job” scared them off…). And sure, you can get the equivalent sights and sounds from porn, but you sure can’t get the tastes, the smells, the touch, the heat, the thrillingly unpredictable chemical interactions that occur between you and a partner… so, to summarize:

**I was horny as fuck.**

That’s the state of mind I was in when my sister Rachel, two years older than me and freshly home from college for the summer, wandered into my room while brushing her teeth and proceeded to bend her glorious ass over my computer desk to get a closer look at some old Facebook photos of me and “nut job”.

Rachel, I had only recently discovered, was hot, but she didn’t really know it yet because (a) she hung out with the nerd crowd, and (b) it was only in the past year or so that her lanky frame filled out with perfectly proportioned B-cups and hips meant to be gripped. Today, those B-cups were perking up an old thin t-shirt, and those hips were stretching the elastic of a pair of thin white pajama bottoms. Up top, her deep brown eyes matched the dark brown hair that she was wearing up in her pre-bed ponytail.

We were close enough that I knew that she hadn’t quite capitalized on this newly developed hotness yet; she’d lost her virginity clumsily to a highschool friend and, more recently, she’d broken up with her first semi-serious boyfriend. When I asked for the reason, she’d confided that he’d refused to engage physically with her for his own religious reasons. Yes, “engage physically” were her words. Sex wasn’t something openly discussed in our house.

So anyway, I was kneeling on the floor by my desk, busily discarding my senior schoolwork from the past year, and here was this perfectly round mouth-watering butt on display about two feet from my face. With a glance I noticed that the pajama bottoms were thin enough to make out what appeared to be- holy shit was this my sister? – lacy cheeky panties underneath. Not only that, but she was standing so close that I could smell the laundry detergent on her pajamas and… what couldn’t have been anything other than a hint of the scent of her sex emanating from between her legs. Blood surged to my groin. In my fragile, horned up state, I was about to lose my mind.

“Oh my god you are so better off without her, Josh… no self-respecting girl would wear a dress to prom that exposes that much midriff…” she mumbled through a mouthful of toothpaste as she reached out with her purple painted toes to playfully nudge me in the ribs.

The kick gave me an excuse to turn towards her ass.

It also gave me an excuse to retaliate, but the way I chose to retaliate was preceded by zero rational thought.

Impulsively, animalistically, I lunged over and pressed my nose up into the cleft of her ass. In the fraction of a fraction of a second that my face was engulfed in her soft cheeks before she reflexively tensed and reared upward, I swear I could feel her soft hairs through the thin bottoms on my face, and I’d inhaled just enough to catch a stronger whiff of that familiar, heavenly scent of pussy with a touch of ass.

Meanwhile, above, toothpaste sprayed all over my laptop monitor. “What in the HELL, Josh!!”

Immediately realizing the absurdity of what I’d just done and not knowing what else to do, I just… started laughing, and rolled onto the floor.

“Was that your nose??!?”

I nodded as I continued laughing, my face now fully flushed.

“You are SO weird!! Oh my god. What is wrong with you??”

Oh shit… she was really offended. Of course she was! What WAS wrong with me??

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! It was just a joke! You kicked me!” I was flailing now for an explanation that didn’t involve admitting an urge to smell my sister’s vagina and asshole.

“A joke?! Real hilarious, Josh. Comedian of the Year over here. Noses girls butts, what an act!”

“Plus you have a great butt, Rach, what can I say?” I said in a way that I hoped would come off just jokey brazzers porno enough for her to let it pass.

“Oh thanks!” she said sarcastically. “So your first instinct when you see a great butt is to smell it??”

“Yeah, I LOVE the smell of girls’ butts!” I responded, putting on my best annoying gross little brother act.

She rolled her eyes, obviously annoyed and disgusted, and stomped out of my room and back to the bathroom.

When she was done she passed by my bedroom on the way to hers, pausing at my open door long enough for me to look up, to which she shook her head judgmentally as if to say “I can’t believe you did that”.

But what she said instead was her usual, semi-affectionate, “g’night, dork.”

Elated that I had seemed to get away with it with minimal repercussions, I called, teasingly, “g’night, stink butt!”

But there were some self-inflicted repercussions: I was slightly embarrassed and feared I had embarrassed and offended Rachel, so over the next few days I was doing my best to not be my usual obnoxious self. But that just made things more awkward, because me being obnoxious and relentlessly teasing her was the norm.

We were in this awkward state when we gathered in the living room to watch a DVD a few nights later. My parents were finishing cleaning up in the kitchen and told Rachel to pick out a movie.

As I sat on the couch, she bent over to browse my parents’ DVD collection, and, well, there it was before me. Her loose pink Adidas shorts did nothing to hide the depth of the valley between her cheeks. The briefest glance had me enraptured again, immediately recalling the scent from a few nights ago. Still sensitive to my previous transgression, though, I didn’t allow my eyes to linger for more than a glance.

And I’m glad I wasn’t looking because Rachel almost immediately looked back to see if I was doing exactly that. Seeing that I’d been acting appropriately chastened, she smiled and teased,

“Don’t you even think about it, ass fiend!”

I gave a quick embarrassed grin, unable to hide my relief that we were back to teasing each other again. I feigned offense, “You wish, ass-haver!”

She rolled her eyes and laughed, “That’s ‘great’ ass-haver, though, right?”

“Oh. That’s correct,” I confirmed, sheepishly.

We watched Adam Sandler’s “Grown Ups” and it was terrible.

A few nights later I was bored and noticed Rachel’s door was open so I popped my head in. She was lying on her bed on her side, her knees brought up perpendicular to her torso so that her beautiful ass was on full display to the door. In that position, the bulge of her vulva was pressed against the same thin pajama bottoms she had worn on the first night.

This time, no longer feeling abnormally sheepish, I allowed myself to drink in the sight. There was something about that particular arrangement of curves that seemed to bypass my visual cortex and open a line of communication directly to my crotch. I wondered what her crack tasted like. My mouth began watering at the thought. After a few seconds of admiration I looked up to see Rachel giving me a scolding look over her shoulder. I was caught.

No turning back now; it was time to own this thing. I playfully smiled and surged aggressively toward the bed, my nose on a beeline towards her puffy lips. It took a second for her to realize my intentions and react, reaching her hand down to cover her butt just before my nose made contact. I managed a faint musky whiff regardless.

We both sprung up to sitting positions.

“Oh my god, Josh, you have a problem…” she said, giving me a smack on the shoulder.

“You know me, I love to smell girls’ butts!”

She rolled her eyes and sighed heavily, “Josh. Are you being serious or are you just being an obnoxious little brother?”

“Honestly?” I hesitated…and then proceeded as earnestly as possible, “Yeah, Rach, I do love the smell of girls. It’s intoxicating. It’s like a drug.” She looked to the side skeptically. I continued, “it’s NOT that weird… lots of guys love ALL of a girl’s smells… maybe not your ex…”

She could tell I was being serious now. “Okayyyyyy… but I’m your SISTER”.

“Okayyyyyy… but you’re a GIRL. With GIRL smells. It’d be nice if I could ignore that, but it’s a fact.” This was starting to get way too serious for me… I had to lighten it up. “Even if it smells like you forgot to wipe.”

She smacked me hard on the shoulder, “You ass! I did not!”

“Yeah right I smelled it! Prove it!” and reached around and landed an awkward light smack on the side of her ass.

I caught her hesitate for just a second… maybe pondering how she would go about proving it… before snapping out of it.

“Ugh you are so weird. This is weird. Get out of my room!” She pushed me with her bare foot off the bed. Feeling free after admitting my urges, I grabbed the foot that had nudged me and pressed it to my face, inhaling the clip4sale porno mild sweet scent before she pulled away.

“Auugghh you are SO GROSS go go go!!”

I gave her a mischievous grin and stuck out my tongue as I hurried out.


From there, the game of me teasing her by trying to “catch whiffs” became routine.

For example, if she was washing dishes and my parents were out of the kitchen, I’d walk by her and bend over to place my head next to her ass to get a quick whiff. Or if she was reaching up to put dishes away and I was walking by, I’d quickly stick my nose in her armpit to catch a whiff of her body odor. If she had any skin exposed, really, like if she was reaching up to put a glass away and her shirt rode up, I’d smell her waist. Rachel washed so many dishes.

Rachel would invariably respond to these incidents with a smack to my the head and a scowl. She couldn’t usually do much more because I made sure to do it only when my parents were just out of sight. With time, the scowl was gradually replaced by an eye roll as she had begun to resolve herself to my weird habit.

But then one day our parents left for a few hours, and with them the boundaries that their presence created.

I was thrilled to walk by her room on this day to see her kneeling on her yoga mat, back to the door, wearing those same short pink Adidas shorts and a white tank top with her hair done up in a messy bun that exposed her toned neck and shoulders. Drawn magnetically to her femininity, I came forward planning to plant my nose right under and behind her ear, a less egregious intrusion than I’d normally go for. But as I approached her, she put her hands down and went up on all fours in preparation for her next pose… and it was only then that she noticed me behind her.

We made eye contact and she must have immediately assumed I was going for my most common target, her ass, because she didn’t move. Accustomed by now to my frequent intrusions, she just sighed and gave a resigned, “alright, make it quick…”

Shocked at my luck, and not about to reveal my original intentions, I hesitated only a second before pushing my nose into her crack, the loose shorts giving no resistance to my incursion.

“Are you happy, perv?” she chided.

Delirious with the approved (if temporary) access, I deeply inhaled her scent. Oh god it was incredible. It was pussy. It smelled like a pussy. Not an “overly ripe” one and not a freshly cleaned sanitized one, just a regular, beautiful, delectably fragrant pussy. After about ten seconds of this bliss, with the soft weight of her orbs suspended by my cheekbones and my mouth inches from her clothed vulva, she said, “You done??”

“Uh uh just a few more seconds,” I begged through her legs without pulling away. She gave a sigh then that was no doubt meant to signal impatience and exasperation, except… that it lasted longer… to the point that I could’ve sworn that mixed in there was a sigh of pleasure, too. Could she have been reacting to the vibrations and breath of my speaking?

Encouraged, and hoping that the more she liked this, the more she’d let me do it, I began breathing out hotly through my mouth onto her thinly clad lips. My sister tensed briefly but said nothing, perhaps thinking it was unintentional. Then, as if uncomfortable from kneeling and accepting that this was going to last more than a few seconds- perhaps even permitting it to last- she slowly brought her chest down and stretched her knees out behind her so that she was lying on her stomach. As she did this I continued to firmly press my nose into her. She began breathing deeply as I continued to exhale my hot wet breath onto her.

In my revelry I began to maneuver my nose up inside the leg of her loose shorts, my nose skin-to-skin with her soft and springy lower ass cheeks. When she realized what I’d done there was a sharp intake of breath and the briefest verbal attempt to dissuade me, “Josh…”

Blinded- my eyes pressed to her soft cheeks- I felt with my nose and realized I was now pressing against, oh my god, thong panties. My hot sister doing yoga in a thong. I pressed my nose onto her cute stinky little anus and continued to breathe onto her cunt. Rachel was fidgeting, struggling to maintain her composure.

“Is it really that great?” she asked as normally as she could muster, sounding genuinely curious.


“Well… guess I’m glad you like it…” the sarcasm in her voice reduced to nothing by the end of the sentence.

At this, I couldn’t help it and stuck my tongue out and lay it flat on the thong fabric that covered her lips.

Rachel gasped.

“Josh!” she said, annoyed, but pulled away only an inch and an instant before halting her retreat.

I followed the slight forward movement, inhaled deeply, and again placed my wet tongue against the fabric, now tasting the saltiness of her obvious arousal.

“I don’t think…” she began to protest colette porno before the thought flitted away and was replaced by an ambiguous groan… some combination of disapproval and pleasure.

My nose, pressed into her ass, was now caressing the bare rough skin on either side of the thong. The smell of her ass was perfectly mild, just enough to put the intrusive thought into my head that we were both just animals with animal urges to create more animals.

Despite the effect it was having, I sensed her begin to pull away, no doubt due to the weirdness of it all. So I took one last lick at her thong covered lips, this time trailing up into her crack and over her barely covered anus. She pulled away fully.

“Oh my god…” she said, not horrified, not thrilled, just awed.

She twisted her ass away from me as if protecting it from further assault.

“Wow,” she let out softly. I could tell she was conflicted; she was avoiding eye contact, probably simultaneously furious at my impositions but also near boiling over with arousal, and was taking the middle ground of processing before deciding whether to be upset or, at best, just shocked. I awaited her judgement, also needing to process what had just happened and realizing she had every right and reason to kick me square in the face. After spending a few moments distracted in thought, she finally broke the silence. “I can’t believe you licked my ass.”

I just smiled and shrugged, “…it was really good?”

Now the briefest smile as she laughed, “what, my ass taste??”

“Oh yeah!”

As she got up and walked to the bathroom I added, “…do it again whenever you want!”

She sighed, “I don’t know about that…”

I was totally exhilarated by what had happened but this soon devolved into an intense guilt that I had pushed things too far, and so I laid off the “whiff” games for the next few weeks. Rachel similarly seemed happy to keep a relative distance but, to my relief, at no point did she behave coldly to me. I wondered if this was because she felt some guilt herself for allowing it and maybe even enjoying it. Gradually, though, we began to engage more, and before long we were teasing each other relentlessly like normal.

But… it wasn’t QUITE normal; the teasing now seemed a bit more… flirty. For example, if I walked by behind her while she was doing the dishes for the 45th time in the day, she’d step back and bump me with her butt. Or if she saw me watching her yawn, she’d flash me a smile and finish it off into a cute sexy pose, arms stretched out over her head, chest pushed out, hips thrust out to the side, sultry look and all.

Evidently, being cooped up in a house all summer with a guy extremely interested in “engaging physically” with her was having an effect on Rachel; the same effect I was experiencing from being cooped up with an exceedingly hot brunette who’d effectively allowed me access to her bodily fragrances.

Eventually the whiff games began again, and now she was actually even initiating. For example, if she butt-bumped me while doing the goddamn dishes, she’d follow it up by looking back and giving me a challenging look, motioning with her eyes to her backside, which was still protruding from the attack. These incidents always happening in ear shot of our parents, I couldn’t do anything except indulge in a quick sniff. But I couldn’t help to fantasize that, had my parents been out of the house, I’d drop to my knees, yank her shorts off, and begin rimming her bare crack. And good god, the way she’d been behaving, she might even have let me.

One night, our parents in bed hours ago, I was sitting on the couch watching TV when she walked over to deliver the soda I’d requested. I held out my hand, and instead of handing me the can, she lifted her foot and stuck it in my face, saying, “foot tax!”

“Foot wha-?” I questioned only briefly before happily accepting the opportunity, pulling the sole of her foot to my nose and inhaling.

“Yep, smell the foot, get the drink,” she explained.

She was probably just expecting me to smell, but I surprised her with a long lick from heel to cute magenta-painted toe before letting it go. Her sole was perfectly salty and sweet. She squealed and acted grossed out but gave me the can anyway. Then she sat across from me, drew her beautiful long legs up beside her and gave me a flirty look as we began to watch Jack and Jill.

The movie being terrible, I couldn’t help but make constant disparaging comments. On a typical night Rachel would’ve just told me to shut up but tonight each comment elicited a foot jab. Eventually she got fed up enough that she began demanding a “foot tax” for every comment I made.

I paid the first few taxes with quick sniffs. Her feet were cute and naked and had a mild sweaty odor that stirred my cock. “Mmmmm you know Rach taxes are supposed to be a penalty, but this is something I like to do.” I took her foot from my nose and began to massage it, pushing my thumb up her sole from heel to toe.

She responded, “Oooh that feels good… Taxes aren’t supposed to be a penalty, though. They’re a payment for the greater good.”

“Fair enough. What’s the greater good in this case?”

“Seeing you smelling my gross feet like a weirdo,” she giggled.

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