Smile For The Camera Ch. 02

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Alina Li

The first chapter of this story got a lot of positive feedback and constructive criticism, for which I am very grateful — thank you all, your support and feedback is what motivates me to write. I took a brief hiatus for personal reasons, but I’m back to writing regularly now, and chapter three of ‘Becoming part of the family’, chapter four of ‘the gardener’ and my first attempt at a horror based story, are all in the pipeline.

As for this story, I’m already writing the next chapter, and I’d love to hear any suggestions on what to include or how to improve my writing. All characters are of course 18 or over, and as always a massive thank you to KenjiSato for editing.


Mia’s fingers glided over her keyboard, as she swiftly logged on to her laptop. Her eyelids were too heavy and her hair was too light, but the early start was worth it for her. The room was dark, apart from the beam of light bursting from the edges of her drawn curtains — she had forgotten to close her blinds the night before. She rubbed her eyes and the sleep dust disintegrated, as she waited for the application to load.

The young woman stared into the sharp pixels of the screen, their aggressive blue light piercing through her sleepy haze. The ones and zeros coordinates, themselves, and got to work. Their work: enabling the perverted habit Mia had begun two months prior. The camera, the laptop, all those busy electrons rushing back and forth to deliver the image to the screen, they were all accomplices. Accomplices to Mia’s incestuous crime. She knew the moral implications of her acts. She knew of the potential consequences of being caught, both legal and social. She knew that both her actions and her fantasies were criminal, but it was this very taboo that never failed to quicken the pulse and moisten the vagina with arousal.

Her breath was light and fast, as if being too loud would attract her brother’s attention to the camera. She found herself fully immersed in the screen, as Nick stripped down. She thought herself lucky that he faced the camera, as he undressed — he usually stood out of the shot — but little did she know that this was a performance, with her as the audience.

Nick tugged his shirt over his head, revealing those chiselled abs she so loved to see. The tee slid over his toned pecs, past his nipples and his splash of dark chest hair, up over his strong jawline and what seemed to be a smirk, before eventually leaving his body and being dropped to the floor. Mia examined his chest, fixating on the small trail of hair that led to his hidden member. After too long a wait, he pulled down his joggers and boxers, his semi-erect cock springing free. She watched her brother’s dick, his long shaft protruded from its well-groomed bush, and Mia began to touch herself.

The laptop lay on the bed beside her, as she drew small circles around her clit, allowing a small moan to escape. What her brother did next, surprised her. He turned on the shower, but then retreated back outside of it. She watched on, now just as curious, as she was aroused. His plan quickly became clear, when he perched himself on the side of the bath — facing the camera — and took out his phone. He opened it with just one hand, as the other was occupied with taking slow strokes up and down his gradually-hardening shaft.

She had learned over the last eight weeks, that her brother rarely used porn when he wanked — he simply used his imagination. She had several videos to prove this. However, it appeared he had a particularly good video or something, as Nick started to jack his cock harder. Mia followed suit — he was closer to the camera than usual, and this higher definition wasn’t a sight she could resist. She made sure to hit the record button, before taking down her pyjama bottoms, in order to allow better access to her pussy.

She grabbed the dildo from her bedside table — a toy she had bought specifically to emulate the size and shape of her brother’s rod. Mia pushed the tip inside her, her eyes still trained on Nick’s masturbation.

She started slowly, simply bahis siteleri teasing her pussy with the toy; its size was still slightly too big for her. However, she soon found that with her natural lubricant to help her along, she was able to fully insert it inside her. The dildo filled her up as she imagined Nick was there with her. She began to mimic the speed of Nick’s thrusts as he continued to watch his phone screen. She wondered to herself what he could be watching. What could be on his screen right now? What was so good he didn’t just use his imagination? She found herself wishing she could see what he saw, to know what he was thinking…


I pumped my cock hard and fast, potently aware that my twin sister could be watching. I hoped she was watching. My eyes remained trained on my phone, however, as what lit up my screen was far more stimulating than any other pornographers I had ever seen: a photo of Mia’s laptop — the screen showed her in the shower, hands squeezing her tits as she washed herself. I had taken the photo while spying on her for a second time, the night before. I imagined those supple breasts clenched around my cock as she knelt before me. My mind leaped from scene to scene, next depicting my twin backed up against the wall. I would pound my cock into her, as she moaned gently into my ear.

I approached orgasm, finally landing on the image of Mia on her bed. I was fucking her missionary, and she was massaging her breasts as she was in the photo. At that moment, cum blasted across the room as I shot my load. My seed splattered against the wall in front of me, against the toilet and onto the floor. Most notably, one rope landed directly on top of the toilet roll, just an inch away from the camera, I was pretending not to see. I wondered if she had bore witness to my orgasm; had she seen the eruption I had let out for her?

It’d been a full week since I first found out about my sister’s secret, and so far, I had jerked off three times while watching her; two, I have already told you about. Yesterday, I had spied on her through her laptop, as she came in her underwear again. The previous days, Dad came home before she had a shower, and I couldn’t risk him finding out about my little habit. This morning was the first time I had a photo of her to masturbate to, but every morning, even if I didn’t masturbate, I was sure to put on a show, enough to excite Mia without her realising that I knew I was being watched.

I still hadn’t told her I knew, of course. She might take the camera down, or refuse to talk to me out of shame. Both of which were risks not worth my privacy. After cleaning up the stains and actually taking a shower, I proceeded with my regular morning routine. Eventually, I made my way downstairs to get some breakfast. Dad had already left, but Mia sat at the table, juggling the task of doing her history homework with shovelling cereal into her mouth. A large mug of tea sat in front of her, and I was pleased to see she had also made one for me.

“Thanks, sis,” I said casually, as I took a sip from my mug. “You really shouldn’t leave that to the last minute you know.”

“Nick, I’ve seen you do maths homework as Mrs. Baker took the register. When did Henry VII die?”

“How should I know? I don’t even take history.” I pulled out my phone and searched it up. “1509. Mia your A-levels are in four months, you should really know this shit by now.” She didn’t reply and simply got on with her work, though I knew she had taken my words under consideration. She had been doing worse in school over the past few months — perhaps she was distracted.

I took the opportunity to close all of my open tabs. I flicked Safari, Snapchat and Alarm into the void before landing on the only tab left: Amazon. ‘Hidden camera Bluetooth attachment arrives Tuesday,’ the screen read. Today was Thursday, meaning I had to wait five days before I could see my sister use that dildo of hers. I had already found the perfect hiding spot, and after having debated it long and hard in my head, I had rid myself of any doubt that I wanted canlı bahis siteleri to do this.


I bit into my pre-prepared ham and cheese sandwich, cut into rectangles, for convenience. I chewed. I swallowed. I bit. I chewed. I swallowed. I bit. I chew–

“Earth to Nick. Earth to Nick,” Josh mocked, as he sat down next to me, snapping me out of my deep contemplation. “What’s on your mind, pal?”

“Err. It’s nothing.”

“You’re a shit liar, Nick.”

“Okay, there’s this girl right…”

“Oooooohh. Nicholas, the playa, is in the house.”

“Shut up.”

“So, who is she? Is she hot?”

“You don’t know her,” I lied, hopefully better than my previous lie. “And yes. Exceptionally. And she’s totally dropping hints that she’s into me.”

“What sort of hints?”

“Big hints,” I replied, with a chuckle. “But I don’t know. Like we’ve known each other for ages and I don’t know if I wanna go there.”

Josh considered his words carefully. “I don’t know, man, but sometimes what a girl ‘wants’ and what a girl wants isn’t the same thing.”

“That literally makes no fucking sense.”

“Yeah. It totally does. Okay, let me put it this way. Sometimes, chicks like to flirt. They like to fantasize about shit, but if they actually could do it, they wouldn’t. Ya know?”

“Huh,” I replied, after a brief pause.

“For real, man. There’s a difference between thinking something and doing it.”

I finished my sandwich.


I didn’t see much of Mia throughout the school day; the only lessons we shared were maths and biology, and we didn’t have either on Thursdays. We sat together on the bus home, however.

“What you said this morning, about A-levels being around the corner…” Mia began, turning to face me.

“Yeah?” I looked up from my phone screen.

“Look. You know I’m failing maths. And I know you’re not. Can you, like, give me some advice, or something?” Her words were awkward and clunky — she’d often been competitive, and I sensed it had taken a lot to accept and even ask for help from me.

For a second, I considered her question. At first, I thought it would be funny to take the piss, or to demand payment for my tutoring, but I looked into those shining-blue eyes, as they stared back into mine, and I accepted. “Yeah sure. I’ll give you a hand. How about this weekend we set aside a few hours to go over everything you don’t get.”

“Thank you!” She beamed at me.


I had been on the fence about whether to confront Mia about her secret or not, but Josh’s words had pushed me firmly into the ‘no’ side. I didn’t want to risk losing what I had already. And with that in mind, I waited for her to take a shower again.

I heard the shower door close, and immediately made my way to her room — I wasn’t gonna waste any time. I opened her laptop and logged on as usual. When I opened the app, Mia was stripping down. She hooked her thumbs around her belt loops, and tugged down, revealing her round ass covered only by a dark-grey thong, the very one I had come in, just a week prior. Soon, this too came off, revealing that perfect pussy I had listed over, since I first saw it. If only I could get a closer look.

I took my cock out and started wanking as I watched my sister step under the shower, fuck she was perfect. As I had done before, I jerked my dick hard as my sister scrubbed her body. But then, to my shock and excitement, she started doing more than just washing. I watched in complete awe, as my sister closed her eyes and began to finger her pussy, leaning back against the bathroom wall. Holy. Shit. My strokes almost involuntarily sped up, as I bore witness to her masturbation.

Her left hand fondled her right breast as two fingers dove in and out of her pussy. I needed to see that in more detail. Was there an enhance feature? I tried pressing some buttons, realising how useless I was at computers (at least I wasn’t as bad as Mia). Instead of zooming in, the screen suddenly changed slightly, a small red word appearing in the bottom left: recording.


“Fuck. canlı bahis Fuck. Fuck. How do I stop it? How the fuck do I stop recording?” I said, under my breath, completely forgetting my arousal as I was flung into a frenzy of panic. I was so engrossed in working out how to delete the footage, I didn’t hear the shower spray stop. I finally found the stop recording button, and sighed in relief. I then navigated to her files, where I found and deleted the video I had just taken.

Phew. Anyway, now I could go back to watchi–


I brought up the video feed again and saw the bathroom was now empty. Fuck. She was coming back. Fuck fuck fuck. I put my cock back in my jeans with phenomenal speed, before slamming her laptop shut and making my way to the door. No. I couldn’t step out, what if she was in the hall. I could hear her footsteps getting louder. I didn’t have much time. There was only one thing I could do.

I hid in Mia’s closet.

I struggled to stifle my heavy breath, as my sister entered her room. I heard the door close behind her, followed by what I guessed was a towel being removed from her body. Time crawled forward as my mind raced to find a way out. I realised there was no other way; I would have to simply wait for her to leave.

‘Okay, so, no big deal.’ I thought to myself. ‘I just need to sit here and not make any sound.’ However, it wasn’t that simple, and sure enough, my curiosity and teenage horn got the better of me — I cracked the door open. Just a little. Just for a moment. Just one peek.

Just a little turned into no less than an inch. Just a moment turned into a good few minutes. Just one peek turned into what I could only describe as a gawk. My brain told me to close the door, but I wasn’t thinking with my brain, now was I?

I gave in to my sexual urges, as I watched my sister give in to hers. Mia lay naked on the bed, staring at the laptop she had open beside her. Her breathing was as heavy as mine, as she slid a purple dildo of a similar size to my own member, in and out of her pussy. Her eyes remained fixed on the image on the screen; the image of me in the shower. With her free hand, she massaged one breast, gently pinching and pulling her nipple to create a cacophony of pleasure. Pleasure I was now witnessing firsthand.

For the first time, I watched my sister unhindered by the screen. Sure I’d seen her body before, her supple tits, her clean-shaven pussy. But this was different. This was… real. And it was fucking amazing. I couldn’t help but stroke my throbbing cock, as I watched her fuck herself. She wanted me. I knew she did. I mean, obviously she did, she was wanking to a video of me. And I wanted her. There was absolutely no reason not to swing open the door and give her the dick she’d clearly been pining for.

But, my cowardice defied me, and I remained within the closet. She began to speed up, forcing the toy as deep inside herself as she could. Her other hand held her mouth shut, preventing the moans that threatened to escape; she was close. And so was I. My own masturbation matched hers, and I felt my balls tense up.

She closed her eyes, her mouth opened into a large ‘O’ shape, as she forced her head back into the pillow. I frantically reached for the nearest piece of fabric, as I felt hot cum flooding up my shaft. Her body tensed up and began to spasm violently, as she pushed the dildo into her one more time. Our simultaneous, silent orgasms shook through us, as we both came, her onto her toy, and me into one of the school shirts hanging up in her closet.

By the time I had caught my breath, Mia had already started playing with herself again. As my cock recovered, I watched closely, trying to turn every moment into a permanent photo in my brain, until —

“Helloooo!” Dad’s voice boomed through the house.

“Shit,” my sister whispered under her breath, quickly slipping into her pyjamas. “One second!” she replied, rushing to the door. By the sounds I was able to pick up on, I gathered that Dad was downstairs, having just got home from work. When I heard Mia going down, I left my hiding spot to join them.

We ate the pizza Dad had bought for us in the lounge. And so, my Dad sat watching TV, unaware that his two kids had been wanking to the thought of each other just minutes earlier.

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