Sophie and Julie Ch. 02

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At the end of part one, you left me in Sophie’s bedroom having just given Julie very neat and smooth pubes. I was about to leave my naked daughter and her equally naked best friend, to seek some relief in the bathroom.

My swollen cock was desperately in need of attention. Having been denied everything from my morally enlightened wife, Sally, I had been suffering. As Sally now washed undies every day this deprived me even of the private comforting I’d been reduced to. I no longer had any panties to sniff and I had become very depressed.

Just as I opened the bedroom door in my very uncomfortable state I was stopped in my tracks.

“And where the hell do you think you’re slinking off to?” asked Julie, arms akimbo.

“Well, I’m finished here. I’ve done what you asked and I’ll leave you two alone,” I answered, rather awkwardly.

“Oh no, I don’t think so. You spend a while in here with two naked teenage girls and you think you can just slime away and wank your socks off?” Julie came across as somewhat annoyed. “Besides,” continued Julie, “Sophie and I have favours to repay.”

Repay? Payment had been made in advance by Julie. Several days of her x-rated panties had been more than enough. I had been floating in pussy paradise almost constantly since I’d done the deal. And as far as Sophie was concerned it has been my fatherly duty to ensure she felt comfortable at all times. It was no different to … to … hmmm. There must be some logical comparison to make, but every excuse eluded me.

Julie beckoned me to sit on the bed she’d just vacated. A quick word in Sophie’s ear and two old school ties magically appeared from Sophie’s very messy wardrobe.

“T-shirt off and lie down!” Not a request but an order. I refused. “Maybe we should tell Sally you tried it on with us?” added Julie. I had little option but to do as I was asked.

Each of my wrists was securely but comfortably tied to a bar on the bedhead rail. I could now see Julie from a completely different angle – a totally bald pussy and sticky-out tits on view above me.

Not for long! Another quick rummage in Sophie’s wardrobe brought forth an old school scarf. It was folded and firmly tied behind my head, covering my eyes and nose with no way of me removing it. I couldn’t see anything. The girls were quiet and it came as a big surprise to me when the gussets of both girls’ panties were wedged firmly between the scarf and my nose.

So just step back and teen porno imagine the scene: I was now laid on the bed, eyes and nose tightly covered. Able to breathe easily, but not exactly fresh air. Jeans were then unbuckled, unzipped and removed, swiftly followed by my tented boxers leaving my rock hard cock to spring up. And I could now feel my ankles being secured to the base rail by what? Did it really matter? Being tied and spread-eagled like an elongated X on Sophie’s bed began to worry me. My previously rock hard swollen cock became just a semi. I was well and truly at the mercy of my daughter and, more worryingly, her best friend – a playful but well experienced cock teaser.

“Well, well, Brian. You never told us about this, did you?” I could feel Julie prodding at my cock. “What do you think, Sophie? Bet you’ve never never seen your dad like this before.”

I could feel a flush of embarrassment move across my face. One of them was lightly squeezing my cock now. The proximity of blended pee and pussy scents wasn’t helping my thinking and my cock was rapidly regaining its former state.

“Wow,” said Sophie, “None of my boyfriends have been as big as that.”

Even more embarrassment. My 18 year old daughter feeling my cock, comparing it to her boyfriends? I thought she was a quiet, shy, unassuming girl. My sweet little girl had grown up faster than I thought. Some whispering, some giggles. What next?

“I think, Brian, you’re in need of a shave. We can’t have two nicely trimmed girls here looking at a man with messy pubes, can we?”

No? Never? Surely Julie wasn’t going to shave me? I felt several splashes of now cold water on my nether regions, followed by a generous application of shaving foam.

“It’s OK Brian. I’ve got a much steadier hand than my boyfriend. I haven’t cut his cock or balls off yet.”

Yet another giggle from Sophie.

I had little option but to lie and wait as Julie manoeuvred the Gillette around my cock and balls. Being lightly moved back and forth by a pair of female fingers, my cock was again solid, rigid. Another “wow” from Sophie.

To be be truthful it felt great, having three small ultra sharp razor blades gently gliding round my cock and balls. You neatly shaven guys out there will know what I mean when I say there was also a light tingle round my balls from the shaving foam. I tried hard to unlatch my dirty mind from the task being performed but instead of anaesthetising tricky masseur porno me the pantie gussets close to my nose just heightened my arousal.

Sod it, I’ll confess. Despite the thought of my daughter seeing her father in a completely different way, it felt fantastic; whoever was holding and moving my cock was doing a good job. The coolness of the shaving foam and water and the gradual loss of hair felt fantastic. On the other hand, the whole feeling of total helplessness and enforced submission, coupled with the embarrassment, took quite some getting used to.

I just laid still and waited till Julie was satisfied every single hair had gone. Several times I could feel both pairs of hands there; I suppose two pairs of hands made awkward places easier to reach. Finally she was finished. I felt the towel gently wiped over the area. I just hoped that Julie didn’t find any aftershave in the bathroom cabinet!

“Well,” said Julie, “That looks good.” Both pairs of hands now checking. “Feels good too, agreed Sophie?”


The next thing I felt was kisses being applied to the newly shaved area, copying what I usually did. Kisses all over my balls, all over the skin between my belly button and my cock, then finally kisses (by who?) all the way up my cock to the very tip. Unlike most American guys my foreskin is still intact and, retracted, my cock-head under it is very sensitive. The kisses there imparted a very nice feeling – very nice indeed.

Some more whispers and giggles and I could feel two pairs of hands lightly stroking and tickling me, firstly on my legs then working very slowly upwards to the insides of my thighs and back down again. Then at the same time the other girl stroking my sides, chest and over my nipples. I could feel one of them lean over the bed, running her breasts along the skin from my chest down to my groin. This was repeated very slowly several times. Having done that, the other one took over. By now my rock solid cock was oozing pre-cum and felt like it was going to burst.

The tit treatment was repeated, this time from my ankles, all the way up my legs and over my cock. I guessed all that this was Julie’s doing and her ideas repeated by Sophie, though I had no way of knowing.

Some more whispering.

The next I knew was kisses again on my cock followed by a single lick right at the very tip, licking off the pre-cum. I’ve known since türkçe alt yazı porno early teens that the uncovered tip was ultra sensitive but, man, when you can’t see and when you have pissy pussy fumes constantly up your nose and particularly when you totally unable to do anything to stop it, then the feeling is truly electric.

One of the girls was again leaning over me, kissing then sucking the tip whilst the other was licking my nipples. If my daughter was previously pure and innocent before that day she was encountering a steep learning curve. On the other hand, of course, it may have been my naievity that thought she was so. Certainly she’d had her share of boyfriends, but tickling, tit rubbing and licking her father’s naked body and particularly his cock just had to be real wild. Doing it while her father was tied up and helpless was unbelievably wild.

Little by little the tension built within me. Each lick, each wide open mouth taking in my cock bit by bit, each quick assault on my nipples — pulling, pinching, licking — brought me nearer and nearer … until there was no going back. The lack of self-pleasure for a couple of weeks, the lack of interest from Sally, the pantie smells I couldn’t get away from, the thoughts of my own daughter and her best mate having me tied up and at their mercy … all these combined to make me shoot my load as I’d never done before. It seemed as if gallons of cum were erupting like a mini Mount Vesuvius. Time and time again I pumped and pumped.

And then the sound of Julie, laughing her socks off.

She quickly removed the scarf and panties for me to see my own dear, shy daughter wiping cum off her mouth, nose and cheek, with just a little in her hair.


I’m going to leave it there — the climax of my story.

After releasing me, the girls stayed a while in Sophie’s room, chatting away, laughing and giggling. Later they went off to Julie’s house, leaving me alone until Sally returned, muttering on about Evil Lynn and why did SHE have to be the one who went to see her in hospital?

Just to round things off; yes I did get a regular job shaving Sophie. She didn’t offer me any hand- or blowjobs afterwards but very often, in the warmer weather at least, Sophie would wear very little whilst Sally was out of the house — sometimes topless and sometimes in just a g-string.

After a week or two Sally resumed a fairly regular supply of panties into my jacket pocket, though sex was only an occasional treat. Only twice after that did I shave Julie, the second time with an utterly fantastic blowjob to follow, and on both occasions Sophie brought home pairs of Julie’s panties for me to savour. All xxx rated.

I would have loved to fuck Julie but, hey, you can’t have everything!

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