Special Delivery

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Fuck, how she hated working rainy Saturdays. Rainy weekend afternoons were always so slow. Hua — known as Ann to her friends — was the manager of a mailbox and delivery store, and disliked down times. An energetic person, she hated being bored. Like now, when she was alone in the store. Still, it gave her plenty of time to read. She was a big reader, sometimes had ten or more books on her nightstand.

She loved the customer service aspect of her job. She loved people, and loved to have fun. She was a spontaneous person, living for the moment. It was a perfect dichotomy to her job, which was dull routine. Still, it paid the bills. She wanted to go into public relations, or events coordinating. Something that didn’t have so much downtime, and would allow her to interact more with people. More than that, reading gave her ideas. She longed for an Adventure.

Outside it was pouring, again. Ann watched the drops spatter against the parking lot and gave a heavy sigh. She felt obligated to stay until the store closed at 5:00. She got a cup of hot tea and went back to her book, the sound of the rain providing a soothing backdrop.

At 4:03 a woman came in.

“Wow, it is raining cats and dogs out there!” she exclaimed, shaking her dripping umbrella in the doorway.

“Yes, it is!” Ann answered. “I’m glad I’m inside today.”

The water all over the floor didn’t make Ann happy.

“Has it been slow today?” the woman asked.

“Quite slow. I’m glad I thought to bring a book.”

“Oh well, it’s good day for curling up with a good book in front of a fire. Hot cocoa would be nice too! I think that’s what I’ll do after I get home. After I ship this.”

“Oh, I’m jealous,” Ann said.

They went over the details of shipping the woman’s small parcel. Then the woman paid for the shipment and left.

“May the day go by faster from here!” she called out, putting up her umbrella again as she stepped through the door.

“I hope so!” Ann called back.

She returned to her book.

At 4:50 she began doing a few closing procedures.

A guy wearing a poncho came in at 4:54. Ann rolled her eyes at his timing.

“Good! I’m glad you haven’t closed yet. I was afraid I’d miss you. Horrible traffic out there with all this rain.”

He took the poncho off, and set it outside on the ground under the awning. The guy was about her age, late twenties. He was tall, with short, dark sandy blond hair. He had a confident, yet geeky, air about him.

“We’re open for a few more minutes, so you made it,” Ann replied. “What can I help you with?”

“Well — I want to check my mailbox and mail this. It’s a Priority item.”

“Okay, please fill out this form. I’ll attach it to the package. Anything to declare value-wise?”

“Um, no, it’s just some family papers to my brother in Texas. I want to make sure he gets it before Tuesday. Come to think of it, yeah, let’s do a return receipt. Is that included with Priority?”

“Yep. Is Third-Day okay then?” Ann asked.

“Whatever it takes to get it there by Tuesday,” the guy smiled.

“That’ll work,” she responded.

He had a nice smile, she noticed. He walked over to his mailbox and took out some envelopes and a small package. It was narrow and about a foot long. He brought his mail back to the counter to finish shipping.

“Hey, what the hell is this?” he asked, examining the package. “I don’t remember ordering anything from — NP Enterprises?”

He took a pair of scissors from the counter and cut a slit in the packaging tape.

“How much do I owe you?” he asked, putting the scissors back.

“Nine dollars and 43 cents,” Ann replied.

He took out web tasarım a credit card from his wallet, and slid it through the reader. The transaction went through. Ann handed him the receipt after reading his name — Logan Miller — and matching it with the name on the card.

“Thanks,” Ann said, as he opened the box and turned it upside down.

To their surprise, a thin box containing a male masturbation sleeve fell out. It slid over the counter and fell off the other side, landing at Ann’s feet. She smirked, trying hard to keep from laughing. She bent down and picked it up. The guy’s face was bright red as she handed it to him with a grin.

Here, at last, was Ann’s opportunity for an Adventure. But should she? With a stranger? At work? If the manager happened to walk in, she’d get fired for sure.

“I…I forgot I’d ordered that,” he said with an embarrassed look.

Ah hell, satisfying two cravings at once sounded perfect. Besides, he seemed sweet. And she didn’t think the manager would show up. A plump older woman in her forties, she never came in on Saturdays.

Ann said nothing, but walked to the door and locked it. Then she turned the store’s sign to Closed. Meanwhile, Logan had returned the box to its package. Still red-faced, he turned to leave and met Ann walking toward him.

“Thank you,” he mumbled.

“Um, excuse me, but where do you think you’re going? Hey, I’ve been craving adventure all day. Come on in the back and we’ll see how that thing works.”

He stood with his mouth open for a second or two. Then he grinned, shrugged, and followed.

“Okay,” he replied.

The store’s office was narrow and cramped, filled with office and shipping supplies. There were minimal furnishings — a microwave, a small desk and a few chairs, a small computer, file cabinets. Ann sat down in the desk chair.

“Come closer,” she said.

Logan wasn’t prepared for her next action.

Ann rubbed the crotch of his jeans while looking up at him with a slight smile. Soon she felt a growing bulge. She didn’t take her eyes off him as she felt for his zipper, and then pulled it down. It was the sexiest, slowest zipper pull she’d ever done.

Ann fished inside his boxers for her treasure, still not taking her eyes off him. She pulled it out of his pants, and at last took her eyes from his. She took a good look at his still hardening cock.

“Nice,” she whispered.

She pulled his pants down around his hips and leaned forward. She slid her lips around the head, and swirled her tongue around it. Logan moaned, which spurred her on. She licked his shaft from base to head, then made little flicks around the upper part. Ann moaned this time. It felt good to give him head, and she felt herself getting turned on.

Ann wrapped her lips around the shaft again, and sank her mouth down around it. His cock went deeper into her mouth. Logan gave a loud groan as it slid in. She slid the rod in and out of her mouth, while looking up at him again. Her pussy felt tingly and wet, and she moaned as she left her slobber on his shaft.

Ann let his cock slip out, and she gazed at it. It was a little bigger than average, and had a beautiful shape. It was shiny with her spit. She tongued around the head in fast little flicks. Then she took it in her mouth, and felt his balls with her left hand.

“Oh, it feels so good. You’re real good,” he moaned.

“Mmm,” she responded, taking his shaft deeper.

Ann’s throat muscles worked around him until her lips bumped his groin. She made guttural throaty sounds as the thick head moved deep within her passage. She couldn’t keep that up for long, even though she web tasarım ankara had a mind to. She released his cock somewhat, to make it more comfortable.

She lifted her sweater with her right hand, and saw Logan eyeing her. She raised her bra, revealing two small, firm breasts capped by hard pink-brown nipples. Logan reached down and squeezed them. Ann moaned and sucked him harder.

Ann pulled his cock out of her mouth, and then stood up and turned around. She lowered her pants down to her ankles, making sure to give him a good view as she bent over.

“Nice view,” Logan said, as he stared at her in her lavender panties.

Kicking her pants off, she bent over again to pull her panties off, giving Logan an even better view of her firm ass. She knew he had to see the wetness glistening between her folds, and it turned her on more.

Logan have a low, breathy whistle. She was hot, with a luscious, firm body. Her figure was slender, a slight curve visible at her waist.

“You like my firm ass?” she said, slapping one cheek hard enough to produce a slight echo. “It’s a virgin ass. I don’t do anal, but my pussy is so ready for you.”

With that, she bent over the desk and spread her legs wide. She reached back and spread her lips open, revealing the wet pink inside. She waited as he moved up behind her and lined himself up with her slit.

He took a few tries to find her sheath. Then he pressed forward into her. He slid in with a smooth motion, moaning at her silky wetness. Ann moaned as she felt her sheath open up and envelop him, seeking to pull him in deeper.

“Fuck yeah,” Ann groaned. “This is what I’ve been needing all day — a hard cock pounding my pussy. Fuck me — fuck me good and hard!”

Ann leaned over farther and spread her legs wider. Logan grabbed her hips and slammed in and out, making her grunt with each thrust. She felt a damp index finger massage the outside of her asshole. She gave a loud moan. He eased the finger inside her, and she let out a little squeal.

“Oh, you’re bad! A real bad man!” she exclaimed. “I just might want to fuck you more often.”

She could feel his finger bumping his cock inside her, separated by a thin wall.

“Oh, fuck!” he gasped, as he pounded her cunt harder.

Ann grunted and squealed at each pounding. He pumped away, her ass jiggling on the down strokes. He pulled his finger from her ass and grabbed her hips. He slammed into her, and she had to hold onto the desk. Even so, her body bounced and inched forward from his pounding. The angle of his cock pulled on the hood of her clit each time he slid out. It made her juices flow, soaking their union.

She was being fucked like a banshee, feeling lewd as she bent over the desk in the office. A wave began to crest, and she had no choice but ride it. She glanced at her hands and saw her knuckles were white. She grunted, closed her eyes and bit her lower lip. Now her hips thrust back at him. The feeling inside as he pounded her drove her passion higher, and she knew she was going to come. Her breath came in short hard gasps.

“Oh! Fuck yeah!” she squealed as the wave broke.

Ann erupted in a cascade of moans and squeals, her body shaking with pleasure. Still he thrust in and out, making her moan with delight.

Logan’s breathing increased, and she felt a mounting pressure begin to move up his cock.

“Stop!” Ann said, sensing he was getting close to coming. “I have an idea.”

Logan pulled out of her, wondering what she had in mind. He stood heaving and panting.

Getting off the desk, she grabbed the masturbation sleeve and unwrapped it. Logan understood her plan. Then she took a bottle of hand lotion that was on the desk, and squirted a large amount on his cock.

“I’m honored to put this thing to its first use,” she said grinning, coating his entire shaft with the lotion. “Let’s see how this thing works, shall we?”

She laughed inwardly about the sleeve — inside and out it was a replica of a woman’s vagina. As she brought the sleeve to his hard cock, she realized that many dildos were also replicas of the real thing. Why not fake pussies? And who modeled for these things, anyway?

Ann slid the sleeve over his cock, and sat in the chair again. She looked into Logan’s eyes as she fucked him with the fake vagina. Teasing him, she found she could squeeze her hand around his shaft and drive him wild. No pussy could squeeze like that. She kept sliding it up and down his length until he was moaning again.

“You like that, baby?” she said in a low voice. “You like being fucked with this don’t you? I’m gonna milk you of every drop, baby. You just relax and let Annie make you come.”

She gripped his shaft harder and picked up the pace. Logan grabbed her waist and his moans became feverish.

“I’m gonna cum!” he grunted, and his body gave a lurch as his muscles tensed.

“Oh yeah! That’s it, baby!” she said as a huge smile crossed her face.

He let out an animal-like groan as the come shot right through the sleeve and onto her sweater, which had fallen back in place.

“Oh shit! That’s a fucking huge load! Oh my god!” she laughed.

The come kept spurting from his cock, now filling the sleeve.

“That’s it, give it all to me! I want every fucking drop you’ve got!”

She squeezed his shaft and massaged it in a corkscrew motion, milking him. The spurts began to subside.

Ann set the come-drenched sleeve aside and worked his shaft with her hand, continuing the squeeze and release motion. His groans became longer and more intense, and he had to brace himself against the desk. She managed to squeeze a few more drops out, and his cock began to soften.

She at last got what she wanted. He’d been milked — his balls were emptied and drained. His breaths were quite heavy now.

“Fuck! I’m done! You’re incredible!” he said, panting.

She smiled and removed her hand from his cock, then licked her fingers clean.

“It’s nice to know you offer special delivery service!” Logan joked.

Ann laughed.

“It’s been a pleasure serving you, Mr. Miller. I hope you’ll come visit me again sometime,” she said as she grabbed a tissue.

She wiped the come off her sweater as best she could. Then she took the sleeve into the bathroom. It was clean and dry when she returned, and Logan was dressed.

“Hey, so, um… What’s the shit with buying a masturbation sleeve? You’re a good lover,” Ann asked as she pulled on her panties.

Logan looked sheepish.

“Yeah, well… I like sex a lot, and I’ve been in between relationships for a while.”

“Hmm, that sounds familiar,” Ann answered as she zipped up her jeans.

“How getting some coffee? Could I buy you coffee on this rainy afternoon-almost evening?” Logan asked.

“I don’t think so, but thanks for asking,” Ann said.

She thought for a moment.

“Dinner would be good, though! Do you like Mexican food?”

“Yeah! The burrito place around the corner?”

“That’s what I was thinking. I don’t know if it’s the hour, the sex, or both, but I’m hungry. I have to ask you to leave while I close up, though.”

“I need to clean this sleeve,” Logan said. “It’ll take me just a minute, and then I’ll wait outside.”

“Sounds good. I’ll be about ten minutes.”

As she did the day’s closing activities, Ann wondered how she got so lucky. At the end of the day! She’d been craving an adventure, and not only got one she got laid too! She smiled. She was a lucky girl.

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