Spoiling My Sister

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As I drove home from the family cottage, my mind pleasantly replayed the amazing events of the last couple of days. After years of fantasizing about it, I had finally made passionate love to my sexy sister, and I couldn’t have wiped the smile from my mug for all the money in the world. Snuggled under my arm as I drove was the sleeping form of my big sister Jennifer, a look of total contentment on her pretty face.

Jen’s divorce had been finalized this past week and she wanted to get away from everything, so we decided to head to the cottage for a little R&R as it was supposed to be a wonderful autumn weekend here in New England. Although I had two other siblings, Jen and I always had a special bond, maybe because she was a bit older than I and had looked after me when I was a child. At 44, Jen was still quite attractive. She maybe had put on a couple of extra pounds over the years, and her face had a few tiny worry-lines, but she was still the same beautiful girl I remembered growing up.

I knew she was upset about the divorce, so I wanted to do everything in my power to make her weekend special and her worries go away. I picked her up at her home on Friday afternoon, and presented her a dozen red roses. Tears filled her eyes as she pulled me into a strong embrace. “You’re always so good to me Paul,” she stuttered, trying not to cry.

I held her tightly and whispered “I’m good to you because you’ve always been so great to me Jen.” We stayed in the embrace for a while, then I pushed her back and looked into her eyes. She gave me a weak smile so I lightly kissed her forehead and asked “are you ready to go?”

“Yup, just let me grab my bag,” she answered and reached for a small suitcase by her feet.

“Here, let me Jen,” I said and grasped it before she could.

She smiled at me again and said “see, you are good to me little brother.”

I looked her directly in the face again and told her my plan for the weekend was to pamper her. “I know the last few months have been very hard on you and the kids, so I want to help you forget your troubles, even if only for one weekend,” I said trying to sound as cheery as possible. She smiled back but didn’t say anything, her eyes watering up again. With that, we headed off to my car, her with the roses, myself with her bag.

The trip to the cottage took just over an hour, so we quickly settled into the car and made our usual small talk. Jen filled me in on the lives of her two girls who were in college, and pretty much everything else other than her ex-husband and the divorce. I brought her up to date on my recent happenings, yet didn’t tell her about the recent dates I’d been on, thinking it best to avoid romance altogether under the current circumstances. All and all the trip was pleasant, and we made it to the cottage without much trouble. I had done the shopping prior to picking her up, so once we got there and unlocked the place, we set about unpacking and putting things away. Jen noticed I had brought a couple bottles of wine and asked “do you mind if I open one, I could really use a drink after the last few days?”

“Why don’t you go make yourself comfortable in the den, I’ll bring you a glass then finish up in here,” I told her with a smile.

“You don’t have to pamper me Paul, I’m a big girl and can take care of myself,” she responded with a grin and grabbed a bottle.

I walked over and gently took it from her hand and said “of course you’re a big girl Jen, but this weekend I’m in charge and I will pamper you if I want to. Now go get comfy on the couch and I’ll bring you a glass in a moment.” With that, I smiled and gently pushed her towards the den.

“Okay, you win little brother,” she said, her face glowing as she left the room. I opened the bottle and poured two glasses, then finished all the unpacking. When I brought the wine to the den I found her sitting on the couch with her knees curled up under her, looking very much like a little girl. She gave me a big smile when I handed her the wine saying “thanks Paul,” and I dropped down beside her.

We made small talk for a couple hours, and each downed another glass of wine, then I got up to start dinner. Jen of course wanted to help, but I insisted she just sit in the kitchen to keep me company while I did all the work. She beamed at me and said “you know, Dave never helped out in the kitchen.”

I looked at her and said “first of all, I’m not Dave, and second of all, I’m not doing anything too fancy. I hope steaks on the grill, salad and corn on the cob is okay with you.”

“Perfect,” she replied with a grin and took another sip of wine.

Dinner was ready in no time and we sat across from one another, her roses now in a vase at the end of the table. I poured us each another glass of wine and I could tell my sister was feeling no pain, her cheeks flushed and she spoke more openly, so I figured it might be okay to ask her about David and the divorce. She appeared taken off guard at first, but then proceeded to give me all the intimate details http://www.izmirlitv.com/ she had never shared before. In her words they didn’t hate one another and never fought, they simply just didn’t talk at all anymore. They had become more like housemates than husband and wife. There was no passion between them any longer, and she admitted they hadn’t made love in over three years. “You know Dave, he’s kind of a bible thumper and didn’t think it was proper since we weren’t going to have anymore kids,” she stated somewhat plainly.

“Do you mean to tell me you haven’t had sex in over three years Jen?” I blurted out, before I could catch myself.

“Yup, I could never cheat, you know that,” she replied, blushing. “What about you? You’ve been divorced for five years, have you been getting any?” she asked giggling.

“Sure, I go on lots of dates, just nobody special in my life right now,” I said with a smile, making her blush once more.

“We never had it very often anyway, so it wasn’t really a big change for me I guess,” she admitted and looked away from me in what I assumed was embarrassment. My sister had always been pretty shy, so talking about her love life was probably not something she did very often, particularly with her little brother. She finally looked back at me and smiled weakly, before taking a long drink from her glass.

“How often?” I asked, trying not to pry too hard but wanting to know.

“Paulie, I can’t believe you just asked me that!” she responded with surprise. I told her I was sorry and we sat in uncomfortable silence for a while until she looked at me and said sheepishly “I don’t know, maybe once a month. Is that a lot or not?”

I looked at her in wonder for a while, then said “Well, Mary (my ex) didn’t really like sex, but we still did it at least once a week, even towards the end of the relationship.” Then, after a short pause asked “you do enjoy sex, don’t you Jen?”

Once again her eyes bugged out as she gazed at me in surprise until she uttered softly “Yeah, I guess so.”

I tried not to laugh out loud, yet responded with a grin “what do you mean, you guess so? You don’t know or are you just too embarrassed to tell your brother?”

The color of her cheeks deepened as she replied “you know Dave and I were high school sweathearts.” She looked somewhat distressed when she added “well, I’m not sure if you know that Dave is the only guy I’ve ever been with, and he was not very, I don’t know, maybe creative is the right word, or open-minded.” I tried not to appear too amazed, so I nodded and tried to look as understanding as possible. She went on the say “it was always the same, Dave would kiss me, touch me a little, then roll on top of me and it was over before you know it.”

By then the wine was getting the better of me too and I asked somewhat incredulously “are you telling me that’s the way it was all the time, nothing else?”

“Yup, nothing else,” she answered with a nod and looked down.

“Wow,” was all I could think to say at that moment, but once I processed it for a while many other questions came into my head. I didn’t want to embarrass her, so I tried to choose my words carefully. “So sis, did you guys ever try other positions or do other things, like oral sex or anything?” I asked softly.

“No, never,” she answered. “Dave thought oral sex was dirty, so we never did it,” she added quietly.

“I know this may be embarrassing for you Jen, but since Dave was your only partner, does that mean you’ve never had oral, giving or receiving?” I asked, trying not to sound too surprised or overbearing.

“Never,” was her sole response, and she looked away once more.

I was simply shocked into silence. My sister was a beautiful, sexy woman, how could her ex-husband not want to explore every inch or her body? How could any guy not want to do everything possible to please her and make her as happy as she deserved to be? Suddenly, erotic images of my sister and I together came back into my brain, images that I had pushed out of my mind for years came flodding back. Me spreading her legs wide and licking her pussy for hours, making her wild with passion and showing her how wonderful it could be. In my head I could almost hear my shy sister scream out in orgasm while she thrashed away under my tongue. Blood flowed to my cock as I looked at my sister as a sexual being for the first time since I lusted after her as a teen. “What the fuck was I thinking?” I asked myself.

I needed to cool off a bit and assumed that maybe I had pushed things too far too fast, so I quickly changed the subject and we finished dinner covering more urbane topics. After dinner I sent her back to the den with a full glass of wine while I cleaned up. In no time at all I was done and went to join her. I found her on the couch once more, and sat myself beside her. She asked “it’s getting cold in here, do you think we can have a fire?”

“Good idea,” I responded, and got up to make the fireplace ready. My Dad kept the place well stocked with wood, so before you knew it the fire was crackling away and I took my place next to my sister once again, only this time closer. I thought to myself how erotic the scene between us was, and wondered what things would be like if she were not my sister but rather a date.

I turned the lights off and we sat quietly watching the flames for a long time when my sister looked at me and finally broke the silence with “can I ask you a personal question Paul?”

“Sure Jen, I asked you a few earlier,” I responded and smiled at her with encouragement.

“Did you and Mary have oral sex?” she pondered softly.

I let her question sink in and said “Yes Jen, we did it pretty often.” I added “Mary wasn’t real big on doing it to me, but loved to receive it, so I did it to her all the time.”

“I though guys didn’t like doing it,” she questioned meekly.

“I can’t speak for all guys, but I love giving pleasure to my partner, and women really seem to respond well to my tongue,” I told her trying not to sound too full of myself.

“I’ve always wondered what it would be like,” she said almost in a whisper. Blood flowed to my cock once more upon hearing her admission, and I had to shift so she wouldn’t see my growing erection. Now I had a few glasses of wine in me, but I still wasn’t ready to volunteer at that point, after all, she was still my sister. We sat in silence for another long while when she asked “did you guys do lots of positions, you know, other than guy on top?”

I tried not to giggle at my sister’s naivety, and simply said “yes Jen, we tried lots of things.” Even in the soft light cast by the flames I could see her face was red hearing my reply.

Having a conversation like that with a beautiful woman in such a romantic setting, my body started working on instinct. My prick was throbbing in my pants uncontrollably and in need of adjustment before I embarrassed myself, so I told her I had to take a pee. She said “me too,” and fortunately stood before me and started towards the bathroom, giving me an opportunity to fix my problem prior to standing. She went in first to do her business, so I went to the kitchen and poured us each another glass of wine, then put them on the table in the living room. I waited outside the bathroom until she exited and upon seeing me smiled weakly as she walked past and said “your turn.”

I closed the door, splashed cold water on my face and stared at myself in the mirror. “Get a grip man!” I told myself, and shook my head trying to get these new sexy images of my sister out of my mind, but the more I tried to push them out the more fresh ones came in. I was in love with my sister as a kid, but had tried to erase the illicit thougths of my sister ever since. I moved and stood over the bowl for a while, unable to pee at first because of my semi-erection. After finally doing my business, I adjusted my cock upwards in my boxers giving it room to grow in case of future issues, and exited the room.

Upon entering the den, I was surprised to find that Jen had taken the cushions off the sofa and placed them on the floor in front of the fireplace and covered them with a blanket. She was laying with her head propped up on a pillow, our two wine glasses standing on the floor near her head. She looked so beautiful stretched out before the fire, the golden flames reflected on her pretty face making her eyes sparkle. The sight was simply amazing and I just stood and stared, my cock hardening once more.

“Come join me Paulie, it’s warmer here,” she said softly, and patted the cushion behind her. Almost in a trance I walked over and eased myself down behind her, carefully hiding my erection. She wiggled her body back into me in the spoon position and said “hold me Paul, it’s been ages since anyone held me.” I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tight, yet eased my ass back to avoid contact between her bottom and my groin. With a contented shy, she then shook her ass a bit which brought her bottom against my hard cock, our bodies completely touching from head to toe.

I tried to stay as still as possible, praying she could not detect my arousal, my senses totally alive. I could feel the heat of her skin and the subtle movements of her breathing as I held her close. Her hair was in my face and it smelled heavenly, making my pulse pound even harder. I closed my eyes and tried to think of anything else; work, baseball, religion, anything at all to make the erotic images of my lovely sister disappear, all to no avail. I couldn’t remember being this turned on or more nervous than at this moment.

We snuggled in silence for some time when my sister asked almost in a whisper “Paul, can I ask you a favor?”

“Sure sis,” I replied, half hoping she wanted me to fuck her, half hoping she wanted me to move away, my mind was so conflicted.

“For the rest of the weekend, or maybe just the rest of the night, can we pretend we’re not brother and sister?” she asked softly.

My cock pounded in my pants as I pondered the possibilities of her statement for a moment. “Wha, what do you mean Jen?” I stammered, my mind racing.

She rolled onto her back, turned to me and slowly said “well, I mean like we’re not brother and sister, but maybe just two people on a date or a romantic getaway.” Other than the cracking sounds of the fire, the room was completely silent as she stared at me intently while I tried to come to grips with her words. Before I could respond, she leaned her face into mine and gave me a short, soft kiss on the lips, then pulled back and gazed into my eyes once more.

Sweat formed on my brow and I asked “are you saying what I think you’re saying? Do you want this to be like a date, a romantic date?”

“Yes Paulie,” she said breathlessly and gave me a weak smile while she brushed her fingers across my cheek. After a long pause, she added “I want you to do anything you’d usually do in front of a fire with a date.” She then moved her head back away from me and closed her eyes as if awaiting her sentence from a jury.

I knew implicitly that those few words must have been the hardest thing my sister ever had to say in her life, and at that moment I felt more love and compassion for her than ever before. My mind was made up in an instant and I wanted to make her feel better than she ever had in her life. I wanted her to experience pleasures like never before. I wanted to make her feel as giddy as a schoolgirl for the first time in ages. The die cast, I moved my face forward and pressed my lips against hers, for the first time not as her brother but as her lover.

She sighed into my mouth as we kissed, softly but then with more urgency. We kissed with eyes closed for what seemed like hours until I pulled away and whispered “I told you I wanted to pamper you sis, so please lie back and let me take good care of you.”

She looked at me with fire in her eyes and said “okay little brother, you’re in charge.” With that I leaned over her and began kissing her once more, my tongue entering her mouth to play with hers. As we kissed my hands moved to her blouse and I began to unbutton it, top to bottom. She opened her eyes and looked at me with fear for a brief instant, like it all of the sudden it hit her what we were about to do, but then she closed her eyes and sighed a soft “yesss Paulie.”

I kissed her again and opened her blouse completely, revealing a lacy white bra which firmly held her lovely breasts. She grinned at me, then arched her back and snaked her hands under her to unclasp it for me. When she removed her hands, I pressed my lips to hers once more and lightly traced my fingers up and down her belly. I slowly moved them upwards and gently slipped them under the fabric of her bra. Her breasts were soft and warm, and I lovingly stroked them for a long time. When I finally made contact with her nipples, she moaned into my mouth and kissed me harder, using her hands to pull my face into hers.

As I toyed with her nipples, I moved my kisses away from her mouth to her cheek, ears, neck and shoulders. I lightly kissed, licked and nibbled her all over, drawing contented sighs from my big sister. My kisses slowly moved lower until I reached her chest. I pushed her bra out of the way and looked at her uncovered tits for the first time; perfect, with tiny pink nipples standing amid her aureola. I softly kissed each one, then began licking and sucking them, one at a time while my fingers played with the other, her fingers running through my hair. Sometimes I was gentle, sometimes a bit more ruff, trying to find what pleased her most. She made all kinds of soft sounds as I showered attention on her breasts, her body rising up and down with her heavy breathing.

I then slowly kissed my way down her belly, touching and tickling her ribs as I went. I placed soft butterfly kisses over her tender skin as I softly stroked her sides. Her head was moving side to side and her legs couldn’t keep still, opening and closing over and over. I moved my face to her belly button and started to softly kiss and lick it, just like it was a little pussy, making her sigh “ohhh Paulie.” I moved my left hand back to her nipples and started caressing, while my right hand moved to her crotch. I cupped her womanhood in my hand for the first time and she moaned “yesssss.” I started to slowly add more pressure on her groin and began rubbing my fingers up and down her slit through her pants. She opened her legs completely and began pushing her snatch into my hand. I continued this for some time, hoping to stoke her fire like never before.

After a while I sat up on my hips and moved my body down hers. I reached for the front of her jeans to find her button and zipper, then opened them both. She raised her head and stared me in the eyes, but the look on her face told me she didn’t want me to stop. I grasped her jeans at the hips and started to pull them down, and she put her head back down and arched her back to assist me. I pulled them off and tossed them on the floor, then gazed at her nearly naked form with awe. She had a little pair of white lace panties on which matched her bra.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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