Staying with Aunt Jannie Ch. 08

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The morning came and me and Nicky woke up together.

“You should’ve gone back to you room,” said Nicky.

“No way. I wanted to wake up like this at least once more before you leave. And I just don’t care anymore.”

“Three more days…”

“I know!… I know.” I said. I felt horrible, as if knowing a terrible destiny was inevitable, and that the date for it came nearer every minute without you being able to do nothing about it.

Me and Nicky hugged in bed for a while. It was very early in the morning still, but we nevertheless decided that it would be best to skip trouble, and I went back to my room. It took some courage to leave him in bed while I had to go away from him. I wanted to stay by his side that morning more than any other before. I walked downstairs and through the halls without any problem, my husband was most likely in his deepest dream.

The day advanced and I got out of my room and into the kitchen, to make some breakfast. At about that time, Nicky came down too. We exchanged looks like that of a couple that woke up from their honey moon night, and before any of us could say anything, here came my husband. He tried to look at me, but I avoided his eyes. There was an awkward silence while the bacon fried, and the household was clearly divided now between parties: cheaters and cheated. Nicky came close to me and helped around, while my husband read the paper, or faked like was doing it, and tried to hear whatever we said to each other.

“Here, I’ll prepare the eggs while you finish with that. Will you want some cereal? Yeah? How much milk?” Nicky was saying, all while I responded tenderly to all he said to me, and ignored my husband like he was not there.

“I’d like some cereal too,” said my husband in an attempt to get involved.

“Sure,” Nicky said, looking at him briefly and then continuing his business by my side.

We sat and ate at the table, and kept quiet for a while.

“I’ll have to be absent today all day,” my husband said, “I thought I could keep you guys company for the next few days but apparently it won’t happen. Business isn’t as well as I had imagined, something came up…” and then he attempted to give us details, but he noticed we had barely been listening to him and stopped. He probably felt the sting of loneliness, and decided to throw us off with a bomb, to finally get a nice reaction from us.

“So why didn’t you go to the movies last night? Wasn’t that your plan, Nicky?” he said.

“You got heated when we were heading out, uncle. So i thought I’d rather stay home.”

“Is it true that you rather go out with your aunt than with me? You don’t like me or something?”

“Oh please, not again!” I said, irritated.

“It’s OK, aunt. I have nothing against you, uncle, I just got close to my aunt in these two weeks, and she is very nice to me and all. It took me by surprise that you were going yesterday, so maybe I wasn’t fair in my reaction. Sorry,” said Nicky, in a cool manner.

“Well Nicky, I think that there’s more to that than just her being nicer to you. I think that you like her… in a more physical way,” he was going for it, he wanted to hurt me without having any real reason for it. Yes, me and my nephew were lovers, but he never had a hint of that, he wanted to say something this bad just to spite me, that’s the kind of person had become. “I think that a virgin like you found a hot woman like her to pay attention to you, and you want her to be close to you, you want her for you only all these days, don’t you?”

I was enraged at him for doing this. Any sort of attack to Nicky hurt me twice as much, and I wanted to smack his face badly. I know I didn’t had the right to complain. No matter how bad my husband was for this, we were as bad for cheating on him. However, before I could say anything, Nicky responded.


“What!” my husband said.

“I said maybe. Maybe you are right, maybe I really like her and want her for me. It’s not like you treat her like she deserves anyways. That, or maybe it’s her that wants to be with me, to escape you!”

“I let you stay my house, take care of you, feed you, and look how you talk to me!” said my husband, pissed.

“I don’t owe you anything. I can pay for all the food I ate here, if you want, and even pay you for each day I stayed in this house. That’s what you care about more isn’t it? Money. Except that I won’t give you a nickle. You attacked me with your offensive words and I responded. That’s why I said yesterday that you should avoid saying anything you might regret!” Nicky said, a little more aggravated now and staring at his uncle defiantly.

“You little shit!” now my husband was losing it and stood up. He was going to hit Nicky. He had no excuse to do so, but he was going for it. He had been mad since the call, and he was just not the same man. I got in between and bahis firmaları stopped him.

“I want a divorce!” I said, I couldn’t help it.

“What the fuck?” he said, in utter shock. I felt sorry for him, but I just couldn’t help blaming him for everything. If only he loved me more, if only he had taken care of his wife, I would’ve never been so horny as to lay eyes on my own nephew. He frustrated me enough, and now it was time for him to get out of my life, and let me be happy, with my love.

“There’s someone else,” I said.


“It’s been a while now since I met him. I got tired of having such a cold husband. We’ve discussed this many times and you won’t give me the happiness I deserve. I’m tired…” I said, sobbing, “I’m tired of you! I’ve been tired since the first year of our marriage! I can’t stand this anymore! I had always been a radiant girl, living my life to the fullest and taking pleasure on every small thing. But with you I feel trapped, and you don’t even try to make it better by giving me love inside this jail that you call a house. You have turned into a different man, and no matter how I avoided hurting you before, I know now that it’s over.” I then covered my mouth and kept crying, while I held the table to avoid falling from the dizziness the whole burst of anger had caused me. My husband looked at me in shock, and extended his arms to me trying to comfort me. I shook him off me and looked away. It was over for us, at last. Nicky put his hand on my shoulder and held it tight.

“Did you know?” my husband asked Nicky, he didn’t respond. “I have to go to work. I’ll talk to you later,” he said finally, bitterly, and left.

I saw him go and I felt a wave of warmth in my heart. I felt free. I felt reborn. I turned around to Nicky and hugged him.

“Jesus, this got ridiculous,” I said to him, and laughed a little.

“It was uncomfortable, but it had to happen at some point. I think you looked brave, and hot,” he said, mocking me playfully.

“Oh, you!” I said laughing.

We had the entire day to ourselves. The day was cloudy, and a nice breeze was blowing outside. Instead of spending the day in, we decided to go out and spent time enjoying that breeze and the lessened heat. We took an umbrella, just in case, and went to a public park near by, and walked through the green landscapes and nature. It was a very pleasant day, and we felt amazing with a big weight off our backs, and just walked along in mutual joy. We talked about the future, and held hands all the way. Under a big tree, we hugged, and making sure no one was around, we kissed passionately. The feeling of his lips just like the fist day. We kept holding each other while we recalled our first day together, our first kiss shared, our first sex, and the first orgasm than each induced on the other. We talked and got horny, and he got a massive hard on that made a big bulge in his pants, right there in the middle of the park.

“Would it be crazy to ask you to be mine, right here and now?” he asked me.

“I think we have already done some crazier things together, babe,” I responded, acceding to his proposal.

We walked to a nearby bush, that was next to the one of the smallest roads of the park, which less people frequented. It was far enough from the rest of the park, but still in a dangerous zone for any jogger that passed by, or any other person. The bush was big enough to conceal us in, but too much noise and we would be discovered. We had find a little pleasure in making love in weird situations that involved the unaware strangers (or husband), and their chance of discovering us.

“Here!” he said, finding the spot, and brought me there and laid me on the grass. “You look beautiful this morning, babe,” he said to me, with his handsome features. He kissed me softly, and started touching my waist, and caressing my arm up and down. I closed my eyes, and focused on his kiss. I tasted his delicious tongue and sucked it thoroughly. He then moved to kiss me on the neck with small, intermittent kisses here and there, while he moved his hand to my panties. I did the same, and reached inside his pants to feel the big snake that was waiting to devour me. I squeezed it a bit, and it started to want to get out of his pants. I stroked it there inside his underwear, while my pussy got slippery and wet to his touch. His fingers moved all around and gave me that rich sensation of heat and cold through your skin and body. The electricity was being sent to my brain and then back to every muscle in me. He would tickle my clit, use a finger and put it in between my two labia, and tease me moving it up and down. He would also stick his finger inside and touch my G spot, all this while kissing my neck, and while I stroked his cock. He then used his other hand and started to get my tits out of my summer dress. Those two massive things that barely fit inside. He looked hungry for them, as if kaçak iddaa it were the first time he saw them and while still messing around with my vagina, he started sucking my boobs. He sucked as if it were a child drinking his momma’s milk, only that while he sucked hard, he also licked with tremendous skill. My nipples always made my body weaker when he licked them, and I could do nothing but stay still and let him do with me what he wanted. He got his hand out of my panties and licked it clean, and then put one of his fingers inside my mouth, and I sucked it, enjoying his saliva, and the sensation of knowing that that finger had just been inside my pussy. I got his dick out of his pants now, and pulled it towards my cunt.

“Give it to me,” I said. He got his hips closer while I held his dick with both my hands, and put its tip on my pussy.

“The panties are on the way,” I said, in a begging voice to please get them the hell out of there.

“Leaven ’em there,” he said. He started pressing in with my panties still on, and only his head will go in, while my underwear got so stretched that it put pressure on my clitoris, and it felt amazing. Besides, it was hot to be doing this, so my mind increased the pleasure several times more. He kept teasing me like this and kissing me, when without notice he gave me a thrust with his dick so hard that my panties snapped out of the way, and I felt the sudden filling of my insides with his tasty monster. I gasped for air, for no matter how good it felt, it hurt a little, but even this pain was so alluring that contributed to me getting hornier and hungrier for that kind of behavior.

“I’m going to rape you honey, OK?” he said, knowing there was no rape in our situation, but that the word carried heavy sexual intention, and this made me nod like a little girl with a big smile. He then started to penetrate me at a faster rate, and held my hands back against the grass, and sucked on my titties very hard. I started moaning out loud, forgetting where we were, and he spat and licked my tits, while his saliva ran down the round things to my neck, my chest, and my belly. My breasts moved up and down in a majestic picture of beauty. They asked to be slapped, eaten, sucked, anything. They were tools of lust for anybody, and they were his. He was fucking me even harder now. His dick slided easily inside me because of how wet I was, and each thrust carried flames and electricity with it. My womb was really being raped by his cock, and it started asking for her favorite milk.

“Baby… Agh!… when…when you cum… do it in…inside!” I said between heavy breath and moving up and down with the rough pounding of his dick on me.

“Of course!” he expressed in a broken voice.

“I think I’m going to cum. Yes, yes I will!” I said to him, feeling the sudden rush.

“Hold it in! wait for me, I’m about to cum too,” he said


“3, 2, 1…” and we both came at the same time. The best sensation on earth, feeling his cum filling me inside, the hot, wet, delicious cum of his tasty and huge cock, with his throbbing and spasms, while I came as well and squeezed his thing inside with the walls of my pussy. We both moaned loudly at the same time, while releasing our juices on one another.

“What in the world is that? Who’s there,” said a voice coming from right next to the bushes. Nicky got his dick out, while cum poured from my pussy to the grass, and peeked between the leaves. It was an old man in a wheelchair, that got scared by out expression of release. Nicky told me, and helped me get up. I was very weak, and laughed when I found out who was calling. I shook the leaves of my dress, and left the panties there on the grass. We tidied ourselves and started running away. When the old man saw us, he yelled to stop and said a few nasty things, but he was incapable of coming after us.

We laughed so much while running and holding hands, and when we were out of breath, we stopped and seated on the grass.

“Damn, I’m going to miss you,” I said looking at him, panting.

“I won’t be gone for long.”

“Whatever time it is, it will be long enough,” I said. He looked at me, and I said, “it’s incredible how far we have gotten. I just wanted to tease you, you know? I saw you as fun.”

“Oh yeah? and what made you come to this point?”

“I loved how you behaved like a sweet man, and how you gave me love and respect, the amount I deserve. That, and that amazing cock of yours! Ha ha,” we both laughed and kissed. It started raining, and we had forgotten the umbrella at the bush we ran away from! But we looked at each other and didn’t care. We walked under the rain, and kept enjoying that beautiful day together. We walked and flirted with each other, when I had an idea that wanted to communicate to my lover.

“I just thought of something that you might like as a good-bye present,” I said.

“I don’t like the sound kaçak bahis of good-bye, more like a see you soon… But what is it that you have in mind?” he said. When he said see you soon, I looked at him as if sorry I had said it, and he look understanding, then I kept going.

“Well sweetie, how does a threesome sounds?”

“Well, it sounds good, but I’m not sure. Would it mean I’d have to be with another woman? I just want to be with you. And you’d have to be with her too, right?”

“That’s so sweet of you! However, this time it’ll be fine, because it would be with a girl that I know from a long time ago. She knows me very well, and even though I’m not really a lesbian, nor like any other women, if I had to do a threesome to satisfy you, then she would be the only one I’d do it with. She’d be delighted too. I’d just do it for you, honey. And yes, I don’t like you being with any other woman, but if it’s her, then it’s fine.”

“It sounds like you two would be comfortable with each other, and I wouldn’t have to be feeling bad for doing anything to her, since you are fine with it. I guess you are really good friends. Then OK, I’ll be smart and take this unique opportunity, but only if it is as OK as you make it sound,” he said.

“It is! Trust me. But can only be there as my lover, or boyfriend. She can’t know you are my nephew!” I said.

“OK” he responded.

We had walked a little under the warm rain, and my dress had gotten really tight against my curves, and my tits wanted to burst out free, while they looked very hot. My wet hair fell on my shoulders, and I had no panties on with still some cum dripping off my pussy. Nicky had his wet hair thrown back a little, and looked all grown up for a young man. His pants were of a very thin material, and his dick could be seen tight against it, no underwear either. We were still a little horny so we got into a movie theater to do some dirty stuff, after waiting for a while out and getting as dry as possible under a random roof. Inside, the theater was almost empty, and we sat all the way back. In there, I gave him a rich suck to his dick, getting out all the cum left in him for the day, in an explosive orgasm that choked me a little, and sent my mouth away from his cock, trying to gasp for air, since my nose was covered to. He ejaculated and got all his pants wet with it, as well as my hands, face and hair, and his seat and the back of the one in front. He let out a big moan of pleasure that got camouflaged with the special effect sounds of the movie, while I laughed out loud and licked his delicious milk. The same way, it was my turn and he ate my pussy while on his knees in front of my seat, and I squirted on his face and on his shirt, and then someone the floor and on my seat. We were both exhausted, and decided to go home.

When we got there, my husband wasn’t there. In fact, he never came back home that night. So we just took that time for ourselves and enjoyed the rest of the day together.

Next day was a Saturday. Nicky was supposed to leave the next day, and I wanted to give him his present as soon as possible. I called Lisa, my friend that I had met at the gym after so long without contact. I told her that I had some fun for her, and that we should get together for old times’ sake. I explained that I had a new boyfriend that was only close to his 19th birthday, and this turned her on and said to meet her that night at her place, that she would be alone. And so the date was set. I liked Lisa, because she never made me feel too uncomfortable, even when we shared men in the same bed back in college. She had been my best friend, and she kept my deepest secrets very well, and I never had anything to complain about with her. I didn’t like her for getting me to try bisexuality, but at least it worked for something, since now I could please my darling in ways he would never imagine. And honestly, I didn’t mind that much, that’s how comfortable I felt with her at all times.

My husband arrived that morning, worn out and looking dead. He said hi and went to take a shower while I walked around the house cleaning a little and making lunch for Nicky and myself. When we were done eating, he got out. While Nicky sat down to watch some TV, my husband took me to a corner of the house and asked me if I really intended to divorce him. I said that I was sorry for yelling at him the day before, but that I really thought for some time about it and that it was the best choice for her. He told me that he was going through some tough times at he office, and that he couldn’t afford to divorce now and to loose me, to which I said that it wasn’t my fault that he had problems at work, and that I needed to go. I didn’t want his money, and eventually when the papers came, I didn’t ask for any of his houses, or his cars, or his money in general. It was over. He went back to sit down and mind his own business, while I beckoned Nicky to come to me.

“Come Nicky, we’ll call your mother and tell her to be ready for you tomorrow. We’ll call from my room,” I said, and we went upstairs and didn’t call anybody, but fucked and got horny enough in preparation for that night.

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