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This is the mostly true story of my best friend and me and our journey of discovery to the knowledge that we are both submissives. Only a few details have been changed in order to make a more comprehensible story. A good portion of it is via text message, so the formatting is different than typically written dialog.


Several years ago, my best friend and I were on somewhat of a sexual journey together. Not together, as you’d think, we just happened to be learning things about ourselves at the same time. And since we talked to each other about everything and without reservation, we were able to go through the experience in a way that was wholly unique.

You see, I’m a straight man and she was a lesbian woman. We had no real attraction to each other sexually, but we loved to tease each other whenever possible. It’s great fun to know that your best friend is squirming in their seat because you put them in an uncomfortable position around people who might not understand what’s going on. Let me explain…

Sis (she was like a sister to me) was disabled and, after divorcing her husband (she only married to get a kid), she went back home where her mother was her caretaker. Sis’s mom was a staunch evangelical who was always going on about how ‘the gays’ were horrible people. Then Sis came out. Instead of blowing up and kicking her out of the house, she just told her that she really wasn’t a lesbian, every woman has fantasies about other women. That was a bit of a shock to both of us and we both came to the conclusion that her mom was a closet lesbian.

Sis’s mom never brought it up again and tried to ignore the fact that the conversation had ever happened. Hear no evil, see no evil, right? However, this left Sis in an awkward position. Having a girlfriend was not going to happen as long as her mom was alive. Having one in the online world, however, was another matter.

While she had been a lesbian for as long as she could remember, she had never had the opportunity to be in a relationship with another woman. Dating online provided her the perfect opportunity to learn the in’s and out’s of lesbian dating without the hassle of being in the same physical space. It was a great experience for her to get to learn who she was and what she liked in a relationship.

At the same time, she and I had been discussing my rapidly declining marriage. My wife at the time didn’t feel like it was necessary to work at a relationship and would rather watch reality TV than pay attention to me. What is the natural thing for a guy to do who is neglected by his wife? Internet porn, of course!

Every time my wife left the house and I was feeling frisky (which is pretty much all the time), I would turn on a video and enjoy myself. Since we texted each other quite often, Sis would inevitably interrupt my ‘alone’ time. Eventually, she started to clue into this. I would normally answer in full sentences in my texts. When I started answering in one or two-word answers, she was confused.

Sis: “What’s going on?”

Me: “Nothing.”

Sis: “Nothing? That’s it? How was work?”

Me: Good.”

Sis: “You’re not very talkative today. Is something wrong?”

Me: “No.”

Sis: “Then what the hell are you doing?”

Me: “Just watching something online.”

Sis: “And what would that be?”

Me: “Uhhh…Nothing.”

Sis: “You know you’re a horrible liar and even worse when you try to lie to me, right?”

Me: “Fine. I’m watching a BBW girl get her ass pounded, ok?”

Sis: “Seriously?”

Me: “Yes.”

Sis: “Oh. Cool. Is she hot?”

Me: “Very. lol”

Sis: “That’s the one thing I miss about not being with a guy.”

Me: “What’s that?”

Sis: “Anal”

Me: “Really?! I didn’t know you were into that.”

Sis: “I love it. Because I’m paralyzed, I can’t always feel something in my pussy unless it’s really deep. I can feel everything in my ass for some reason, though.”

Me: “Oh wow. I had no idea. That’s kind of hot. Lol”

Sis: “You’re such a guy! ;)”

Me: “Hey, it’s not every day your best friend tells you they love taking it up the ass!”

Sis: “I guess you’re right. Does Becky ever let you do her that way?”

Me: “Are you kidding? I have asked a couple of times but it always ends up killing the whole rest of the night. I don’t get many nights as it is. I have to play it safe if I ever want to have sex.”

Sis: “That’s too bad. She has no idea what she’s missing.” Several seconds later… “Are you touching yourself right now?”

Me: “Yeah.”

Sis: “Should I let you finish?”

Me: “Probably. ;)”

Sis: “Send me the link for that video. No one’s at home. I’m feeling kind of horny right now too.”

Me: “Ok.”

And thus began our sharing of videos and learning what the other’s tastes were. Big girls and anal were my things (still are). Skinny ones with big tits were Sis’s. One other trait started to emerge, though – both of us always seemed to share videos with some element of submission. Neither bahis şirketleri of us was into BDSM or anything like that. If it’s your taste, great, no judgment here. It just didn’t fit into what we found ourselves enjoying. What we liked was when there was definitely one person who was in control. For me, it was when the woman was in control. For obvious reasons, it was a little harder to define for her. Mostly it was when the woman who was her “type” (the skinny one with big tits) was the one dominating. This way, she could picture herself as the other woman.

Once we started to realize this pattern, we made the best of it. I would find pictures that I knew would turn her on and save them until I knew someone else was close by her computer. Then, I would send it without warning. Luckily for her, she had quick reflexes and was able to close her messenger screen quickly, most of the time. But she always got a glimpse of what I would send her. Inevitably it would turn her on and she would be frustrated for hours until everybody either left or went to sleep and she had a chance to look at it properly. Of course, she did the same thing to me. Fortunately, I had a phone that I used for my message app and could keep it hidden a little more easily.

Eventually, we started to talk about our obvious preference for the types of videos we watched. Neither one of us had ever really thought about it before. We just thought we were two relatively normal people. We decided to see what the general consensus was and, through casual conversations with other people, we began to think that maybe it wasn’t as typical as we had thought. As it turns out, most people do not always (or mostly always) like to be told what to do in the bedroom. We did.

What made it seem even more strange was the fact that we are generally very independent people. Outside of the sheets, we are both very obstinate and like to do things our own way. When making love, however, we both craved being told what to do. Looking back, I think that’s part of the reason we both got off on sending each other pictures and videos; we were forcing the other to do something; to look at something we might not have intended to.

Shock value always had its place in our sharing too. We would often send each other things that might be outside our normal comfort zones or things the other might not have thought about before. One evening, Sis send me a video that changed everything for me.

Sis: “Here’s something a little different. I guess it’s a little more my taste than yours. Hope you like it.

Me: “Ok. I’ll check it out.”

The video started out with the typical girl I know she liked. Fairly skinny, big tits, kind of short. She was turned slightly away from the camera and it looked like she was playing with her pussy. So far, so good. She was pretty hot and I was definitely turned on. Then a guy enters and gets on his hands and knees in front of her (profile to the camera). That’s a little unusual, I thought. When the girl turned to face him, I could see that she had not been playing with herself but had been putting lube on the strapon she was wearing. It was not obvious at first because of the lighting, but it was plain what it was now.

Needless to say, the video had my full attention now. I had never seen this before. I knew it was common practice with lesbians; I had seen my fair share of those videos before. But I had never seen it between a man and a woman with the roles reversed.

The woman seemed so confident. She was poised and obviously knew what she was doing. She wasted no time in applying lube to her lover’s asshole and working it in with her fingers. The guy had obviously had this done to him before. He was relaxed and calm but he also knew his place. He was the one on the receiving end and would take whatever his partner chose to give him.

In short order, she finished making sure he was slick and shuffled up behind him, placing her fake cock at his entrance. In one smooth, slow, motion, she impaled him on her rather impressive cock. She was clear she was a skilled lover and loved being in charge. Once buried to the hilt, she stayed still inside him for a short time so he could get used to it.

As soon as his ass had become accustomed to its size, and it was rather large, she took it like it was his pussy. She wasn’t harsh or mean, but she did not hold back. This was her ass, to do with as she pleased. And he offered it willingly. Then I noticed something…his cock was hard as a rock. He was really enjoying the pounding he was taking. I was enjoying it too! Four minutes later, he had cum hard and so did I. I wanted to try this. I needed to try this.

A couple of minutes after the video had ended, Sis texted me.

Sis: “So, what do you think?”

Me: “Amazing.”

Sis: “Really? You liked it? I wasn’t sure if it would be too much for you when she revealed what she was wearing.”

Me: “No, not at all. I was surprised, to say the least, but it was not a turn-off. I really enjoyed it.”

Sis: bahis firmaları “Somehow, I knew you would.”

Me: “How could you possibly know that I would like watching a guy get fucked by his girlfriend?”

Sis: “For the same reason I like watching a girl get a fist shoved up her pussy by a tall girl with big tits. I have finally realized who, or what, we are.”

Me: “…And what would that be?”

Sis: “We’re submissives.”

Me: “I thought submissives like to be tied up and degraded or whipped or whatever. That’s not really my thing.”

Sis: “I used to think so too. But I started doing some research when I suspected what we are. Submissives loved to be controlled. The degree doesn’t matter.”

Me: “Huh. I guess that makes sense. I don’t know if I’ve ever been more turned on watching a video before.”

Sis: “I felt the same way when you sent me that fisting video.”

Me: “I didn’t know that.”

Sis: “You didn’t ask, silly. I would have told you if you had. So, would you ever try something like that in real life?”

Me: “I think I need to try it.”

Sis: “Oh my. It really did get to you, didn’t it?”

Me: “Unbelievably so.”

Sis: “Do you think Becky will ever do that for you?”

Me: “Not a chance. She is too uptight. If it’s not ‘normal’ sex, it isn’t happening. Which, to her, means she rides me until we cum and then fall asleep. End of story.”

Sis: “That’s not fair. She should be willing to at least try it with you.”

Me: “It’s never going to happen.”

Sis: “You really need to leave that relationship. It’s not healthy.”

Me: “I know.

Sis: “Hey, maybe you could get a dildo and try it by yourself?”

Me: “I can’t. She controls every penny that goes in and out of our house.”

Sis: “What a bitch.”

Me: “Yeah.”

We carried on sharing videos and occasionally stories, but I kept going back to that video. I needed to find a way to experience being filled like that guy in the movie. Or better yet, being taken up the ass by a beautiful woman.

Several weeks later, I got a message from Sis. She had just ordered a new vibrator and couldn’t wait until it came in the mail. On the day it arrived, her twelve-year-old daughter opened the door and took the package from the UPS guy. Not realizing what her mom had ordered, she opened the package.

“Hey Mom, what is this?” Rachel asked.

“Oh shit!” Sis mumbled under her breath. How the hell was she going to describe a sex toy to her daughter!? “Uh, it’s a massager, sweetie.”

“Is it just for girls?”

“Uh, yeah. Why?” Sis asked, concern in her voice.

“Because it’s got a picture of a pretty lady on the front,” said Rachel. “I’m not sure why she’s naked though. Is it for in the bath?”

“Oh, yes, it’s for the bath,” Sis said, thankful for the unexpected way out of this embarrassing episode. “Bring it to Mommy, please.”

Sis: “Guess what came in the mail today?”

Me: “Ooo! Your new toy come in?”

Sis: “Yup. Guess who got to it first?”

Me: “The dog? Lol”

Sis: “No. Rachel.”

Me: “Oh shit! Hahaha. How did you explain that one away?”

Sis: “Luckily she suggested it was a massager and I went with it.”

Me: “Lucky bitch. Lol”

Sis: “No kidding. Now, this lucky bitch is going to go spend some quality time with her new massager. ;)”

Me: “Have fun! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

Sis: “How is that supposed to limit me? Lol”

Me: “Good point. Carry on.”

Sis: “Be back in a bit with a full report.”

Only a few minutes went by before she wrote back.

Sis: “You have a very sad friend.”

Me: “Oh no! What happened? Did Rachel walk in on you? 😉 lol”

Sis: “Dear lord, no. I would have been mortified. It was bad enough that she saw the vibrator, to begin with. No, I couldn’t get it inside. My arms are too damn short!”

Me: “That sucks!”

Sis: “Tell me about it. I haven’t had sex in I don’t know how long and I thought I bought one that was long enough for me to get all the way up inside so I could feel it. Unfortunately, my stupid body won’t bend the right way for me to get it in.”

Me: “That’s no good. I wish I could help but that would be weird. Lol”

Sis: “The thought crossed my mind but it would be like asking my brother to help. Ewww. lol”

Me: “Yeah, lets not even talk about that. Haha.”

Sis: “I just thought of something.”

Me: “And were you planning on sharing this thought?”

Sis: “Yes. And also sharing something else. I know where you can get a toy to try playing with your ass. I know how much you want to try it.”

Me: “You want to share your toy with me?”

Sis: “Well, I want to give it to you. I don’t want it back after it’s been in your ass. Lol”

Me: “I could see that. 🙂 This is kind of weird. Thank you. I’ll pick it up next time I’m over.”

Sis: “Cool! I was hoping you would say ‘yes’. I really don’t want to just throw it away when someone else could get some use out of it.”

Me: kaçak bahis siteleri “I’ll definitely give it a shot.”

Apparently, I was now the proud (albeit intimidated) owner of a vibrating dildo, which was meant to be used to fuck myself in the ass; given to me by my lesbian best friend. What a strange turn of events. I was heading over there in a few days to visit in person so I figured I could pick it up then.

In the intervening days, I had been talking to her about how she could pursue her newfound submissive tendencies in a safe way. It was always a concern for us because she was wheelchair-bound. It is dangerous enough for a person (man or woman) to enter into a relationship built on one person essentially giving up control. It is doubly so when the person is not able to free themselves if the situation gets out of control. We decided the best course would be to have her find a dominant partner online for a while before stepping out into the real world. This would also help keep it hidden from her overbearing mom.

She began setting up accounts on several websites and chat rooms specializing in…atypical…relationships. She was pretty sure that a dom lesbian looking for a lipstick sub wouldn’t be looking in all the usual places. Things were going slow, though. Every girl she met was looking to degrade her. Sis wanted to be controlled and have her boundaries stretched but still wanted to be respected.

In recent weeks, Sis had rekindled a relationship with a person we had known in middle school. At the time, she had actually dated him for a while. That’s what girls did in middle school and high school, right? They’re supposed to date and kiss boys. At least that’s what everybody told her. It just never sat right with her, though. As it turned out, this kid had a few issues of his own to work out over the intervening years.

The little boy we spent time with as children was now a beautiful woman. A lot of things started to make sense. Shay, as she is now known, has fully transitioned and is visibly happy in her new form. It was nice to see that she has found peace in a body and identity that she had longed for her whole life.

While she loved to be tied down be ravaged or forced to serve bi couples, Shay also had a bit of a dominant streak herself. She loved to take an innocent man or woman and turn their world upside down. Taking a curious sub and turning them into a willing pet was one of her greatest pleasures. Finding out that her old friend was not only lesbian but wanted so badly to explore the more submissive side of her sexuality was an opportunity she couldn’t resist.

As their friendship rekindled, Sis soon realized the great opportunity she had in front of her. She knew this person, although not in quite the same way she once had. She also had a personal relationship with her in the past, so trust was not as huge of a hurdle to overcome as it would have been if she was getting involved with some random person. This was a perfect match for my dear sister. I was very excited for her. Here desires were about to be realized for the first time in her life.


As I approached Sis’s front door and walked inside, I was thinking that my life was on a path of change too. Today, I was getting my first toy. Would I really like it as much as I thought I would? I thought I would but it was still scary. I had never done anything like this before. I was finally taking my sexuality in my own hands; my wife be damned!

“Hey Bear,” Sis said.

“Hey. What’s going on?” I asked, uncharacteristically shy around her.

With a wicked little grin, she said, “Oh, you know… just enabling my best friend.”

“I guess so,” I said with a small laugh.

She was reveling in the fact that she was in the dominant role right now and had complete control over me. I think there is a touch of dom in every sub. At least that has been my experience.

“Should I give you your present now or later?”

I looked around nervously. “Shh! Keep your voice down. Isn’t there anybody else around?” I asked.

Laughing she said, “No, silly. I wouldn’t have embarrassed you like that in front of anybody else. At least not unless you want me too, anyway.”

“Please don’t. I don’t think I could handle that right now. My nerves are shot. I’ve been thinking about this all week.”

“Are you excited to try it?” she asked.

“Yes. But I’m also feeling kind of guilty.”

“Why the hell should you feel guilty?

“I don’t know,” I replied.

“Look, your wife doesn’t take care of you; for the life of me, I don’t know why. You want to explore a different aspect of your sexuality and she won’t even consider talking about it. It’s not up to her anymore. You’re on your own, sweetie.”

“I guess you’re right.”

“Of course I am. I’m your sister. That means I’m always right,” she laughed.

“I suppose I should have figured that one out by now,” I laughed with her. “The only problem I see with having this toy is finding a place to use it. If I have it at home, she’s going to find it eventually. That is not going to go over well.”

Rolling her eyes, Sis said, “That woman has some serious issues. She doesn’t even own one of these herself, does she?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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