Suite Memories #01

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He stood unmoving, staring through the window watching the first fat snowflakes start to fall. In the deepening twilight they took on a ghostly hue as they floated silently out of his site to the street below. The view the high-rise apartment afforded him usually gave him the comfort of being far above the confusion and noise of the city. Tonight, though he felt isolated and pensive. Would she come to him tonight? He couldn’t promise her anything. It wasn’t just another affair to complicate their lives, but a hunger that could consume them both with its intensity. He had a life of sorts, bound by obligations, conventions and honor. A lonely life and he would be damned if he let the greatest chance of happiness pass him by. She had doubts, fears. He couldn’t help that. He was married, so was she. Life had a played a cruel trick of fate. To finally meet the love of his life only not to be able to publicly claim her.

The ring of the doorbell sent his pulse into double time. So, she had made her decision. He crossed the living room and quickly opened the door before she had time to give the matter another second thought and bolt. Her quick gasp told him he had surprised her and he smiled a gentle smile. Her coat still bore traces of the falling snow and curly wisps of her hair clung damply to her forehead.

Softly she whispered, “I’ve come.” Her sentient eyes held his gaze as he stepped back and motioned her into the apartment. He watched as her hands fluttered over the buttons of the heavy woolen coat she wore. Just as he started to do help her remove her coat she deftly slipped the buttons from the holes and let it slide over her shoulders to sag on the floor. His breath caught in his throat when he saw she wore nothing but her black garters and stockings. A flush stole over her skin, whether from the warmth of his gaze … or the embarrassment of her own boldness he couldn’t be sure. But he knew at that moment that he wanted her as he had never wanted another woman. Slowly, he stretched out a long finger and traced a line from her collarbone down to the dusky tip of her round breast. Instantly the nipple reacted to his touch. His body hardened at her response. Her lips parted on a sigh and her arms reached out to encircle his neck to deepen the kiss.

Words were no longer necessary as his lips parted from hers and he took her diminutive hand in his. He led her past the smoldering fire to the entrance to the bedroom where he stopped and held her for but an instant. The heat from her was intense – almost as intense as her mood, which suddenly changed from one of embarrassment to one of desire. Hunger tempered by the assertiveness that whets the sexual appetite. It was all there … staring at him. He looked down at her. The firelight bounced off her red hair causing a luminous radiance to form around her shadowed face and he knew they would be as one.

Time has little meaning when a man and a woman are in need of one another, and they found themselves laying on the bed embracing. It would be mere moments before he felt the silkiness of her bare thighs on his face. Something he welcomed with eagerness. Then it all came together. Her taste … her feel … the warmth of her womanhood — all begging to be consumed.

When he felt the intense trembling of her legs and the first tremors begin, he grew harder, moaning against her heated flesh. Her orgasm was explosive, crashing like waves against a stone wall. Her hips rose in the air, her incoherent cries of encouragement filled the shadowed room. He held her small buttocks tightly, caressing the satiny crevice lovingly, sweetly with his tongue, driving her further over the edge until the tension in her body eased and she relaxed back onto the bed.

He moved up over her to see the satisfaction in her eyes, eyes that had gone a deep sapphire blue in the intense passion he had evoked. She smiled dreamily and slipped her arms around his neck, pulling him close to kiss him deeply. They shared the sweetness of her juice, her tongue plunging into his mouth, circling his tongue seductively. He groaned in response, his penis growing, becoming rigid. She reached between his thighs to stroke it, to tease the tip with her fingers. And then like a tigress claiming her mate, she pushed him onto his back and straddled him, her red hair hanging down to brush his chest. With the fire of desire in her eyes, she slid down his body, letting her full breasts brush illegal bahis his skin, until her mouth hovered over his penis. He could feel the heat of her breath, and then the quick wet flick of her tongue on the tip. Gasping, he reached for her head and pulled it down until she took him full in her mouth and began to suck gently, licking the velvety steel with her rough tongue. Slowly, she withdrew her mouth to the tip and then plunged back to the hilt, repeating the movement until he was praising her efforts in a guttural rasping chant.

“Cum for me, my love,” she urged between strokes, caressing his testicles and stroking the inside of his strong legs. “Give me what’s mine…. I want that creamy warm seed….. And then I want you inside me, deep and hard, fucking me, taking me over the edge again…

Her words did more than excite him. He knew that their special relationship had a chance of surviving. They had agreed that they had to protect their hearts by letting their friendship exceed any love affair in its duration. “Your eyes are a beautiful color Precious.” He said in a deep warm voice. A strong hand gently brushed the sides of her face and caused her to feel its warmth radiate through her body. Her lips were warm and firm as they engulfed his manhood once again. His knees bent in a spasm as her tongue once again brushed the underside of his engorged phallus. As much as she wanted him to climax … it was much too early for that. Savoring every inch of him, she continued to suckle at his very root of his passion, enjoying its feel in her mouth. Filling yet comfortable. Warm beyond belief but not hot. It would be hers to enjoy and she realized that by his forbearance. His eyes locked on hers as he watched her rise up and down over his thick shank. Had he not stopped her…. She would have had her wish come true, he thought.

Like everything else since he met her and fell enslaved to her seductiveness, he only wanted to please her. In a strong yet gentle move, he moved her once again to her back and knelt between her shapely legs. His eyes looked lovingly at her as he began to move down and find her lips with his. Her kiss was slow and comforting as she covered his lips with her hungry mouth … accepting his eager tongue with rapture. The kiss was short lived as he moved to her neck where his sent chills down her body with well placed kisses and warm lick that left chilling trails down her shoulders. She moved about almost in a spasm as his lips tugged at her sensitive ear lobes, his breath bathing them with its heat. The feel of his massive chest pressing against her breasts made her want for more, and her wish was soon realized as he moved down on her.

Firm lips found her erect nipples and pulled them in a tantalizing fashion. Deep into his mouth he took her hard flesh and whipped them slowly with an abrading tongue of chiffon. That titillating sensation grew in her loins as she felt his thickness rub smoothly across her well-lubricated crease. Everything was dream-like as he explored her upper torso with hungry eyes and famished lips.

Was it possible to have such joy without the trappings of some committal statement or promised love? Strange how the human mind worked once one came to the realization that some things are possible while others are not. She opened her eyes when he lifted up. She watched him as he gently parted her legs and placed himself between them. His thick penis looked anxious as it moved downward to that special place between her thighs. That place where the heavy dew coated her swollen lips. That ingress where two could become one. The feel of his bulbous tip pressing against her ruffle caused her to relax, and then she felt its invasion. Heated flesh engorged with passion began to give her a feeling of fullness that she had longed to have for many sleepless nights.

As the well-defined ridge of his penis slipped sensuously past her womanly lips she felt great delectation as her sensitive folds wrapped tightly around the silky wet shaft. Then when he gained full insertion, the experience of his pubic bone pressuring hers only heightened her arousal as she pressed her erect clitoris against him. The fluids that she produced only heightened the sensation when they started the ancient dance of a man and a woman in union. His strong hands took hers and held them out at her sides as he moved in and out of her with slow well-intentioned thrusts. In time he felt illegal bahis siteleri the inner sinews of her vagina start to spasm, then warmly tighten around him and her heightened his attention to her needs … her outcry of ascendancy was resonant, and he waited as she shook beneath him. Kissing her face, her neck, whispering to her softly. “I want to taste you again baby. But I want a drink and perhaps change the music.” His quick departure from her grasp made any attempt and holding him down senseless.

“Hey you sexy man! Please get back in here!” Her voice was mixed with humor and impatience as he reached the doorway.

“Why don’t you lay back?” His smile was soothing and their promise too interesting to risk with a bout with some childishness, she thought. “I enjoy your passion … your lust. I think I will grow to trust you Precious.” His voice went soft and deep. “I have a treat for you anyway … but you have to let me smoke a cigarette. You feeling game?”

His question was too tempting to ignore. That sudden departure of his had taken her off guard and she felt defenseless with regard to his honesty. “I could put up with you if the surprise was worth the price.”

How do you know it will? And by then it would be too late … I’d have smoked my cigarette.” His response was to quick for her to counter. “Just lay back Precious. I’ll be back in a moment … I promise.”

She lay back and listened to the rustling sounds in the den. Her senses were acute, and her need greater as she basked in the warmth around her. The music suddenly changed. The room began to fill with the erotic opening strains of ‘Enigma’, a CD she had at home. The sounds of soft sensuous whispering in the song filled the room giving her a sentient feeling of eroticism. It was a rush that seemed different than any before. Her mood and physical need suddenly overcame her. She jerked in alarm when she heard him walk into the room and moved up on her elbow. He had a pack of cigarettes in his hand and a gold lighter. His provoking look was enough to cause her vagina to momentarily spasm. But she endured and managed to hide her slight intimidation.

He walked over to the bedside chair and sat down. The music continued in the background. So erotic and suggestive were the pieces on the CD that one would be hard pressed to describe it. It was something you had to have heard to truly appreciate it ability to disarm.

“I hope you don’t mind my taking the liberty to get you a welcome gift.” He looked at her questioningly.

She shook her head from side to side in a childish manner and smiled. “That’s so sweet!”

He leaned forward and stroked her leg. “Good! Because I ordered you a massage.” He looked toward the window in the dimly lit den. “With all that snow coming down … why not just plan on the night? Hum?” He was always so open.

“I guess you know I had every intention of spending the night as soon as you opened the door … don’t you?” His nod was in agreement.

“Great … now I’m going to call her in. She’s a licensed Shiatsu therapist and doesn’t speak much English.” He turned toward the door. “Nishi! Please come in the room.”

Her eyes grew wide as she turned to look at the doorway. Standing there in a shadowy light was a slight built woman who looked to be of Oriental decent. She watched as the woman bowed, then came forward into the candlelight. She wore a black kimono that was decorated with the image of the White Heron. She gracefully swept her hands skyward as if scooping the air that had grown thick. The large sleeves of her kimono slipped down her arms as her hand drew together in some religious fashion. “Shiatsu is given on the floor Madame. And it can be given on the bed as well.”

“Oh do it in bed Nishi. She’s had a rough day. Treat her right … OK?” His voice filled the air before she could answer the woman … but it was what she would have said anyway. She turned to face the Japanese woman who moved to the foot of the bed. Her breath suddenly grew sharp when the woman opened her kimono and let it fall to the floor. Her hair was black as night … matching her erotic stare. “Would you care to start on your back or your stomach?” Nishi’s warm hand rested on Sandy’s upper leg. The room was spinning and the only sound that stood out was the sound of the cigarette lighter.

The soft feeling of the woman’s hands dragging her nails gently across that smooth area just canlı bahis siteleri below her apex were sending signals. “You decide for me Nishi.” Sandy’s reply was helplessly yielding … almost subservient. As Nishi placed her knee on the bed, her weight shifted the mattress enough to cause Sandy to move against the woman’s soft flesh. She lay patiently as the woman moved behind her and knelt back against the headboard and placed Sandy’s head on her upper legs. The Gregorian chant in the Enigma album was life giving in a most disarming way. Nishi’s fingers suddenly positioned themselves against Sandy’s temples and quickly brought a sensation of pure pleasure. Gradually her deft hands moved to the neck and ears of the limp woman in her care. As warm fingers worked their way closer and close to Sandy’s full breasts, she could only wonder how far the delectation would progress. She opened her eyes and looked above her. All she could see were Nishi’s breasts above her before she felt gentle fingers begin to trace gossamer circles around her erect nipples. As the woman moved in sweeping fashion transgressing Sandy’s body, her breasts advanced temptingly close to warm lips that were growing with hunger. As she thought, the Japanese woman’s movement was so extended that her hard nipple brushed Sandy’s lips … and escaped a wet tongue that darted out – barely missing its mark.

“Ahhh, Nishi,” Sandy breathed, lifting her hand to stroke the woman’s skin.

“Madame enjoys massage — I am happy,” the Oriental woman said softly in her symphonic voice. “Relax please … more pleasure to come.”

“Yes,” Sandy whispered opening herself fully to the luscious sensations that flowed through her body.

Nishi continued stroking her with warm scented oil on her fingertips. Her hands moved in slow circles along Sandy’s ribcage, down her stomach and across the pubic bone. Of their own accord, her hips rose from the bed and she felt the liquid warmth between her legs. Sandy’s uneven breathing carried in the otherwise silent room, a growing reaction to her arousal. As Nishi moved back up her body in a repetition of her previous strokes, Sandy detained the woman with gentle hands and took a hard nipple into her mouth, sucking — moaning with exquisite pleasure. After a moment, Sandy released her captive.

Deftly, Nishi moved to the foot of the bed and applied more oil to her hands. Sandy raised on her elbows, her eyes locking with Nishi’s, and watched in fascination as the beautiful woman began at her ankles and worked slowly up both legs, paying special attention to the inside of her thighs. Sandy stretched and purred, breathing deeply. She turned her head to the side and looked languidly into Alex’s eyes, sending him a silent erotic message. He held her gaze, his eyes dark with passion.

Nishi’s hands were massaging the creases close to Sandy’s womanly lips, brushing the downy red pubic hair as she stroked back and forth. Barely holding herself in check, Sandy whispered, “I don’t know how much more of this I can stand, my love.” Alex blew a line of smoke into the air and smiled sensuously. “But there’s so much more, precious . . . I want you hot and wet and begging me to love you . . . and when I push inside you for the first time, I want you to feel more passion and pleasure than you’ve ever felt in your life.”

Nishi sat up and instructed the aroused woman gently, “Please, Madame, relax . . . just relax.”

Alex’s words had inflamed Sandy’s level of desire to where her need for him was nearly painful, and yet the feathery woman who had worked herself between Sandy’s outstretched legs gripped the moment. Sandy wet her dry lips with her tongue and complied. She wanted to make love so badly, she wanted Nishi to keep stroking her. An unbidden picture came to her mind of the lovely woman on her hands and knees with her face buried between her legs, licking and sucking gently while Alex performed the same sweet service on the masseuse. Sandy moaned just thinking about it. She’d never had a lesbian experience, but it had always been in the back of her mind.

Trying to figure out the mystery of “love”. What is it? Why do we seek after it when its ultimate end is pain? During the course of it, do we tend to obsess rather than enjoy? Is sex and love intertwined? If not, why is it immoral to “cheat”? What makes a female’s view so different from a male’s? Is love a fantasy, we fall in love with the IDEA of love and then simply attach that ideal to someone? Have you ever been in love? How did you know, what made it “different”? Are you with that person now…if not, why? Just interested … so if you have a perspective to share, I would like to hear it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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