Summer Panty Delight

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The fact was I had a true moral conundrum on my hands. That would be consistent with her behavior. It would seem inconceivable, yet, but psychology is an interpretable science. We’re all malleable or as I prefer to say, moldable. You see, I believed that despite the squawk and fuss …. Made when her spanked her or more specifically paddled her, that deep inside she knew she had done wrong and welcomed the cleansing pain. You could see it in her face and the fact I was spot in the pools of her deep brown eyes.

But, the truth was I wouldn’t mind going deep in her brown eye. I mean the small aperture I saw that seductively lured me into watching its pucker-pulse like a flower in blossom. It was as if it, now stay here with me was beckoning for a penile performance. One that would leave Juli standing up just like when her aunt had finished whomping her beautiful, bare butt. As I squatted on the support boards my eyes did not deceive me in the slightest as Juli winked in what I took to be some kind of erotic morse code from between her parted bright cheeks. And, now I am ashamed to say my penis was out and manually manipulated had become rock hard and swelled with blood. at me as Juli carried on as she would buck thus opening and closing her butt cheeks and the naughty enticing view from between her legs.

“Yes, I admit I was an ‘ass man.”

The moment of truth had come. Dare, I advance part of the conversation too taking her butt? I was after all was taking college psychology while we were still both eighteen and in our senior year of high school.

In Juli’s summation she seemed please I hadn’t got off on seeing her get a paddling. She actually seemed relieve when I told her it was the winking of her little brown eye that had driven me wild until I was out of control and came. And, boy, how did I cum. What seemed like buckets of white spew shot from my penis and my sizzling load dropped right on top of her red-hot bottom. I swear you could see steam rising from erotik film izle it. Nah, that’s a little farfetched, but seriously as my juices dripped into the brown-haired triangle of her vagina and dripped onto the blood-filled puffy pink lips, Juli came on the spot.

“I don’t think so!”


“Juli, at the time of your paddling, you said you were of the opinion it had been your spanking that had turned me on.

“Yeah, don’t you remember you blew your wad all over my bottom from your squat perch in the attic. That’s kind of proof, mister!”

“You see, you kind of.”

“What do you mean? It was crystal clear from your actions!”

“Really, Juli. Let’s examine that, shall we.”


“Are you familiar with the reddened hind quarters the baboon uses to attract a mate?”

“No, but what does a baboon’s brightened hind end have to do with why you claim not to have gotten erotically excited when you saw me getting spanked?”

“I know you were embarrassed by what happened, but it is what it is. It’s as simple as that and you know it.”

I had no intention of letting Juli get off the hook, so I turned to my psychology studies for the correct solution. And, boy was it a doozie.

No,I was determined to have it, ‘THE BIG BANG.’ More specifically the smaller hole beween her cheeks!

We were both grown up in our eyes, but still lived at home. Both with our aunts which was something else we had in common.


“May I prepare you missy,” I said with a tinge of romance in my tone.

“Oh, randy, are we? Prepare away!”

“Fine, here it comes, but you better spread your cheeks wide.

“Humph, okay, how’s this? Juli asked as she grunted.”

“Wider,” the driver of the brown machine gently ordered with a hint of steel in voice.

And, his willing southern belle obeyed even straining from her effort to open her cheeks farther than she ever had before

“How’s, that?” film izle The chestnut brown-haired girl’s butt of art note, perched over

Ready or not Juli here comes the choo choo train. It’s the Silver Bullet Express!”

“Oh my-ooo,” Juli cooed as the butt plug made entry through her sphincter with a ‘pop’ sound.

Anally Yours!

She took his hefty flagpole which he stuck up her anus to remain there during the pain adjustment, hankering back she asked for a retentive rectum red zone anal fucking. So, as her brown fringed anus flexed and farts fluttered and escaped through her small hole as air was forced out of her as by the magnitude of his tool going into the deepest depths and then pulling out to very tip of his pink penis man-crown.

Every single stroke punished her and it was all to her liking and submission..

Her mind shuttered at the big bang… And, so as her trip back to accountability had made being able to sit on her sore bum cheeks at all was a wonder by the time I cum in her butt and pulled out all done.

The rough penetrating sex of anal, back door nature had become easier for her to handle.

So, much, so she wept and forgot the pain and the guilt from whatever it was as an adult had taken responsibility for an adult action as an adult in college herself. We hugged and kissed and it was bliss.

He may be a UPS Driver, but in the back of his truck as he looked at Juli adult cousins or not that butt was looking fine. I had arranged a comeuppance for my uppity cousin in her silver Mercury Marquis. However, I did not intend on being marquis De Sade.

But, hurtful teasing and heated rhetoric, lent itself to rectifying her harmful verbal joust through what would be most certainly be an amount of rectal pain in the beginning of her butt fuck.

I made up my mind I was going to be very strong. Thus, with Juli’s butt below me and both of us plied by a Gibson, we agreed to continue with her anal exploration. As the medium seks filmi izle sized butt plug was sucked in by her, by her own butt, not by my hand, but as if by magic from Juli’s anal clutching muscles.

Now, that was a neat trick like any butt aficionado would readily agree. And, I have to admit it left me quite randy.

Ass Fuck:

Let me tell you, no, moss grew under me. I didn’t have to be asked twice! I saw the whole of Juli’s white bottom. It was magnificent. And, to think I had permission to put my blood-filled tool in between those cheeks. Juli knew where it was going. It wasn’t a mystery what I had in mind. Still ever since she had expelled the butt plug out with a sound, farther than ever I was ready to go. Juli had told me earlier she was wearing a tampon and now that was confirmed as I saw the tell-tale string hanging down from her vagina between her cheeks.

With a wink from between there, yah, know her anus. Juli reached back and spread her plush butt cheeks as wide as she could possible manage. I told her I wasn’t going to fudge it. She nodded her acceptance, so with a nudge from my swollen member and a chipmunk-like squeal from Juli’s lips.

As a good UPS man I delivered my dick in with one firm push until it was into the hilt. At this time I had planned a lull in the fucking, but as her ass twice twitched, I got the surprise of my life!


“Note how I first emphasized in that first the first part of the word in afternoon Aft. “Get it …, aft, Juli?”

“No shit, Dick Tracy. Of course it hurt especially at first, but you see in actuality I used you.”

“You mean

“If you are referencing that ‘rectum wrecker,’ that big dick you put up my poor ass. Now that hurt my butt, cuz”

“Hey now, Juli you asked for it harder and then you started yelling at me to slap your ass harder and harder,. So, don’t come crying to me after the fact, missy!

“You are right, I asked for it hard and the bright butt to boot. Will you get Subway and then take me to Ariel at the drive in?


“Good and can we have ‘afternoon delight’ in the back of her UPS truck again. I like it like that.”

So, do I. it’s a deal.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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