Summers with Grandma: The Sequel

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Thank you for the wonderful response to “Summers With Grandma”. While this was not intended to be a series, some readers asked for a continuation, so this is a sequel. It is NOT a second chapter.

While I believe this story stands alone and it isn’t essential to have read the first story to understand this one, I hope you will give that a read too.

Chapter One: Grandma’s wishes

“It’s completely up to you,” Grandma explained to me when she told me what she wished would happen. “It’s just that I think the world of her, and I think you two have a lot in common.”

“Besides, Richie,” Grandma said as she stroked my cock, which was coming back to life despite having just deposited a copious load of cum deep inside my grandmother’s pussy not fifteen minutes earlier. “You’re wearing me out.”

I supposed it was true, I thought to myself as the events of the last few days rewound in my mind. Ever since that night when she had come into my bedroom, we had been having sex at a frantic rate. Not enough for me, as I had a lot pent up inside of me after lusting after my Grandma every summer for just about my whole life, but apparently too much for her.

“It’s not that the sex isn’t great, or that you aren’t the best,” Grandma was careful to add, quite aware of my easily bruised psyche. “It’s just that when you get to be 60, you can’t take as much as you’re used to, especially after not having a man for so long.”

Indeed, it had been a dozen years since Grandpa had passed on, and she said that she hadn’t been with a man again until I came along. That didn’t mean that she had been celibate though, as I was soon to learn. She had inferred earlier what she was telling me now, but I wasn’t really that swift when it came to sexual matters anyway, and what she was explaining to me wasn’t something I would have ever expected from my grandmother anyway.

“She’s a sweet girl,” Grandma explained as she told me about her ‘friend’ Rose. “I think you two would really hit it off too. She’s a lot like you in that she doesn’t know how wonderful she is, and besides that she’s had a whole lot of pain packed into her 20 years.”

The pain, she said, was mostly delivered by her ex-husband, who she described as a sadistic brute who had a lot of anger in him that needed an occasional release. That release wasn’t dished out to anybody in a boxing ring, or man-to-man with another willing guy, but was directed at Rose, who took it because she was in love, or thought she was.

“She married very young and very dumb,” Grandma said. “I met her at the grocery store – she’s a cashier there – and we hit it off. Soon our friendship grew and then all of a sudden, there we were.”

“You mean that you and her…”

“Does that bother you, Richie?” Grandma asked. “Me making love to another woman?”

“No,” I said. “I mean, I don’t know. Never expected to hear that, I guess.”

“Probably never expected to doing what you’ve been doing to me all week either, right?”

“Expected?” No,” I admitted. “Dreamed about? Yes. My whole life.”

“Like I said, it wasn’t planned,” Grandma said. “Back in my youth I had a few flings with other girls. Mostly my basketball teammates, so it wasn’t like it was something I was unfamiliar with. It was new for Rose, and she’s so fragile and adorable that I couldn’t help myself.”

“She’s very sweet looking, but like me she’s no raving beauty,” Grandma continued, cutting my protest off with a sharp look. “I would just like you to meet her, and if you both like each other, let things run their course. Okay? It would mean a lot to me.”

“Sure,” I said, not wanting to disappoint the love of my life, and besides, my curiosity had been piqued by all of this. “If you like her, she must be nice.”

“She is.”

“What about her husband?” I asked, not wanting to find myself flying through a wall just because I said hello to his wife.

“Ex-husband,” Grandma corrected me. “She just divorced him, and he’s in jail. Will be for a long time, but not enough to pay for what he did to that poor girl.”

“That’s good,” I replied, watching my grandmother get up on all fours and straddle my thighs.

“He’s an animal and he’s where he belongs,” Grandma said. “As for you, I think you deserve a treat for being so nice.”

My treat was something she had done to me once before, and involved her bending over and placing my erection in between those massive bell-shaped breasts and squeezing them together in a delightful fleshy vice.

“Oh, that’s nice,” I said as I watched the tip of my dick emerge from the deep crevice with each thrust of my hips. “You want to relax and let me do the work for a while?”

“You’re reading my mind,” Grandma said, rolling onto her back and putting her hands behind her head. “You’re a thoughtful boy, even if you do have ulterior motives.”

“Who me?” I said with feigned shock while I climbed over Grandma’s waist and put my cock between those enormous globes while pulling them around me.

The ulterior motive she referred to was the opportunity to look bahis firmaları at the light brown hairs which were now pasted to her armpits with sweat, yet still provided me with a great deal of visual pleasure.

Grandma’s thick nipples had popped out in all their glory while I rode her, and I took delight in the way she would try and lick the head of my cock when it emerged from the sweaty valley it was buried in.

As I felt my orgasm rise within me, I quickened my tempo, and as Grandma leaned her face forward and opened her mouth, my dick started spurting. A thick rope of it landed in her mouth, but the rest shot wildly all over Grandma’s face and even into her silver grey hair, causing us both to laugh.

“Rose will love this big boy,” Grandma said as she reached up and pulled on my dripping dick as it came out of her cavernous cleavage. “She’s only been with one man, and he wasn’t a man in any way at all. Not like you Richie.”

Chapter Two: Meeting Rose.

Grandma went to pick up her friend Rose at the store where she worked as a cashier, while I waited for them back at my grandmother’s place. When I heard the car pull into the gravel driveway I raced to the window to get a glimpse of Grandma’s friend.

Grandma had said that Rose was no raving beauty, and while she was probably correct about that, the young woman that walked up the path to the house was certainly pleasant looking. She was slender and had strawberry blonde hair that was short and curly, making her look younger than her almost 20 years, but her pale blue eyes made her appear nervous and cautious.

That was the way I felt too, but I tried to relax as best I could and smiled as the two women entered the room. Rose was biting her lip as Grandma brought her across the room to meet me, and her little hand I clasped was damp with sweat as we were introduced.

“Here’s Richie, my favorite man in the whole world,” Grandma said to Rose, who probably noticed the same thing about my sweaty paw when she felt it.

“Hi Rose,” I said, and of course my voice cracked when I first spoke, making feel just like the nerd I was trying so much not to be.

“Hi,” Rose said meekly, and after Grandma gave us drinks she sent us out to the back porch to “get better acquainted” for a time.

We were so much alike in many ways, I thought as I looked at the shy girl who jiggled her glass and watched the ice swirl around in between taking tiny sips. The silence was awkward, and so I tried to think of something to break the quiet.

“You work at Food King, I see,” I said as I nodded toward the logo on her uniform t-shirt, my voice thankfully managing to sound somewhat normal for me. “How it is there?”

“It’s okay, I guess,” Rose said shyly.

“Is that where you met my grandmother?”

“Yes,” Rose said, nodding as a hint of a smile appeared at the corners of her mouth.

“She said so many nice things about you that I feel I know you already,” I said, not mentioning the parts that I wished I didn’t know about.

“I love Nancy,” Rose said excitedly. “She’s so wonderful.”

“I know,” I said, trying to get used to someone calling my grandmother by her name.

“You know about us, I mean, me and your Grandma?” Rose said, and when I nodded, Rose took a deep breath before adding, “You probably think I’m weird.”

“No, not at all” I replied. “Has Grandma told you about me and her?”

Rose nodded.

“Then I guess if anybody is weird, then I am,” I admitted. “I can only imagine what you thought when you heard that.”

“Jealous,” Rose said, blushing a little. “I know it’s not fair, but ever since we met I’ve wanted her all to myself.”

“That’s how I felt at first too,” I blurted out, and we both laughed.

Rose was cute when she laughed, and the school-girlish sound of it was adorable. After that broke the ice, we began talking about stuff that we had in common, and by the time Grandma came out to the porch to join us, we were both chattering away like old friends.

“I knew you two would hit it off,” Grandma declared as she joined us on the deck.

Grandma had changed from the modest blouse she wore into town when she picked up Rose, and was now wearing a light blue tank-top with no bra, and when I saw her I beamed with delight.

“Nancy!” Rose said with a grin at seeing a new side of my grandmother, her eyes going right where mine went.

“Richie’s idea,” Grandma said as the two of us stared at her massive breasts which strained at the cotton fabric of her top, the thick pegs of her nipples threatening to explode right through the fabric. “I’d never go out in public like this. This is just for my loved ones. Dinner will be ready in a couple minutes.”

Grandma ducked back into the house, which was a good thing too, because I was about to pop my load just from watching. Surprisingly, I didn’t know what was more erotic; seeing Grandma looking the way she did, or observing Rose as she practically drooled over my grandmother. Both made me hot.

“That was your idea?” Rose said, and when kaçak iddaa I nodded she shook her head in amazement.

“Doesn’t she look incredible?” I gushed, and Rose nodded excitedly.

“She’s always so prim and proper,” Rose said. “I’ve never seen her like that. I mean, I’ve seen her – you know. But not dressed like that. Probably shouldn’t be talking about her like this, huh?”

“It’s okay,” I assured Rose, putting my hand on her arm, and the fine down that covered her forearms felt silky to the touch. “I think I know what you mean.”

“It’s like, the first time we were together, and she took off her bra,” Rose said suddenly before stopping and blushing an even deeper red.

“Go ahead,” I said, running my hand up and down her forearm gently. “I love hearing this.”

“She was just so… voluptuous,” Rose explained. “I never expected… you know, that there would be so much of her. Made me feel so pathetic compared to her.”

“I bet you’d get some attention if you wore a top like her,” I suggested, enjoying my new role as fashion advisor.

“Me without a bra?” Rose said as she shrugged. “There’s not much me under there.”

Just then Grandma came out to herd us into dinner, and as we all sat at the table Grandma asked us how we were getting along.

“Great!” I exclaimed. “I think Rose is really neat.”

“You’re right,” Grandma agreed. “She is neat. She must have hit the right switches on you, because I could hear you yakking away non-stop out there. Both of you gabbing away, and you’re usually so quiet.”

“Plus, Rose is really pretty,” I continued, enjoying Rose blushing again. “You said she was cute but I figured you were kidding.”

“Grandma never lies,” she said, and as she spoke I felt my foot being nudged under the table.

When I looked up, Rose bit her lip and looked down at her plate, so I nudged her foot right back.

“So what do you think about my Richie, Rose?” Grandma asked. “Is he everything I said he was?”

“He’s really nice,” Rose said, giggling nervously. “I like him.”

“Great!” Grandma said happily. “We’re going to get along wonderfully.”

“One thing though, Nancy,” Rose said, scrunching her face a bit. “You told me that Richie was a big boy, but when we were outside standing next to each other it looked like we were the same height.”

Actually, Rose might have been a bit taller than I was, and I was happy that she didn’t think so, or was too kind to notice, but it only took me a few seconds to realize that wasn’t what Grandma was talking about.

“You’re so sweet and innocent, Rose honey,” Grandma said as she smiled over at her.

“It don’t matter to me,” Rose said quickly. “I was married to a big…”

“Jerk,” Grandma said, cutting Rose off. “Not a man, and let’s not bring that jerk up again, okay?”

“Fine by me,” Rose said, a little smile returning to her face.

Chapter Three: To bed.

The three of us combined to make quick work of the dishes, and Rose made me smile when she would brush up against me, even giving my butt a squeeze when my grandmother wasn’t looking. Despite Rose being more than a year older than me, she was acting like a kid, and I found myself enjoying her more with ever passing moment.

“Feel like watching TV for a while?” Grandma suggested, but before we could reply she answered her own question. “Kinda tired myself, though. How about you?”

“I guess,” I replied, and when Rose shrugged, Grandma put her arms around the two of us and led us down the hall.

“Uh – just a minute,” Rose said when we got to the bathroom door, and as she ducked inside Grandma told her that we would be waiting for her in her room.

Leaving the door ajar, Grandma took me aside as we waited.

“You really like her, don’t you?” she asked.

“Yeah, she’s nice,” I said.

“She’s very scared, you know that don’t you? Remember, she’s only been with one other person before.”

“Me too,” I said. “I mean, I’ve only been with one person in my life too, and I’m nervous as I could be.”

“You”ll be fine, honey. Just treat her like you treat me and she’ll have the time of her life.”

The squeaking of the bathroom door opening alerted us that Rose was done, and we tried to make it seem like we hadn’t been talking about her as she timidly entered the bedroom.

“No need to close the door,” Grandma said, beckoning Rose to come over to us, and when she did, Grandma put her arms around the two of us and drew us to her sides.

“My two loves with me at the same time,” Grandma said, pulling us closer to her.

We must have been a strange sight, two skinny teenagers clinging to the hips of a silver-haired amazon of a woman who was a head taller than both of us, but I noticed Rose was looking at Grandma with the same reverence as I was, and this made me feel good.

“Never did anything like this, so I don’t rightly know where to start,” Grandma said, so I brought my hand up to Grandma’s right breast and began kneading the huge jug.

My hand was over-matched by the size of kaçak bahis her doughy breast, but when Rose saw what I was doing, she started doing the same thing to her left breast

“Oh my!” Grandma exclaimed as her breasts were kneaded in tandem, and she didn’t protest when I grabbed the bottom of her tank-top.

When Rose followed suit, Grandma lifted her arms and let the two of us yank the top up around her massive bosom and up over her head. I wrapped the blouse around her wrists and held her arms up behind her head while moving my face over.

My tongue swept up and down Grandma’s underarm, tasting the sweet, salty hairs as I pasted them to her skin while Grandma shivered with delight.

“You two are like peas in a pod. Remember that I told you that Richie likes my armpits too, Rose,” Grandma said, and when I raised my eyes to look over at Rose, I saw her face heading over to do exactly what I was doing to Grandma’s other side.

Grandma’s nipples popped out like bullets under this treatment, and the sight of Rose doing what I was doing and seeming to enjoy doing it just as much as I was, only made it more exciting to me. When Rose glanced up and saw me looking at her, she blushed yet again, and I was even getting to enjoy the way she would get embarrassed.

“Rose here has a little hair of her own growing,” Grandma said, trying to get all of the attention away from her for a moment.

“Nancy!” Rose said at this revelation, but my grandmother just laughed it off.

“Well, Rose honey, it isn’t like Richie isn’t going to see it soon enough, right?” Grandma told her. “Richie’s a very through young man and he doesn’t miss a trick. Do you, Richie?”

“I try not to,” I agreed, watching Grandma pull away from me and move behind Rose.

“Now that you’re off of work Rose honey, why don’t we stop giving Food King all of this free advertising,” Grandma suggested. “Richie’s been staring at the logo on your shirt long enough. I’m sure he wants to get a look at what’s underneath.”

Watching my grandmother pull the t-shirt off of the petrified teenager was one of the most erotic sights I had ever witnessed, and I guess it was obvious to the two ladies as well, because I realized that I was wheezing like a locomotive as the shirt came off.

Rose dropped her arms down right away and covered her chest, even though she was wearing a bra. Her pale skin was contrasted starkly by the black bra, and I was a bit taken aback by how slender Rose was. Her collarbone was prominent as were her shoulder blades, and the faint outline of Rose’s ribs were a little visible as well.

“We’re going to put a little meat on the poor girl’s bones, now that she’s going to eating right,” Grandma said. “No need to be so modest, honey.”

“I feel naked,” Rose said.

“Well, you’re going to be soon enough, aren’t you honey?” Grandma advised her.

“Here, I’ll take my shirt off too,” I offered, and pulled my shirt off, exposing a body that was just as skinny as Rose’s. “Some muscle man, huh?”

“You look nice,” Rose said.

“Wait until you see the rest of my baby, Rose. And speaking of seeing, let’s show Richie some of your goodies,” Grandma said, and took Rose’s arms by the wrists and lifted them up over her head.

Rose’s armpits were deep sunken hollows, and there were little patches of fur – peach fuzz would be a better description – nestled in the center of the pale recesses.

“Sexy,” I said, as Rose dropped her head and giggled again.

Tentatively, I reached over and stroked the sparse strip of hairs, feeling the moist bristle tickle the backs of my fingers, and when Rose shuddered at that, I leaned over and ran my tongue down the length of her moist underarm, the mild scent of baby powder filling my nostrils, and that drew a gasp from Rose as Grandma held her arms up.

“Now let’s get this contraption off of you,” Grandma said, letting go of Rose’s wrists and unhooking her bra so quickly that Rose didn’t realize it was off until my grandmother tossed it on the floor in front of her.

Rose’s hands came up to hide her breasts, but Grandma would have none of that and tried to pull them back down, exposing Rose’s titties to me.

Rose had hinted out on the porch that she was wearing a padded bra, so I wasn’t as shocked as I might have been when I saw how small her breasts really were. The kiwi-sized breasts were capped by tiny pink nipples not much larger than my own, and I was struck at how totally different my grandmother and Rose were.

The amazon-like stature of my grandmother, with her voluptuous figure, contrasted so starkly with the petite and waif-like body of Rose that it made the wide variations seem even greater. It was clear that Rose was ashamed of her body, but to me she was just as incredible in her own way as Grandma was.

“Don’t hide yourself, Rose,” I said with a smile as I slipped my hands under hers and cupped her breasts.

The buds were firm, and as I held them I could feel her nipples get stiff in my palms. When Rose saw that I was sincere in my praise, she seemed to relax, and didn’t resist when my grandmother eased her jeans and panties down, revealing shapely and slender legs and a pussy that had only a wisp of strawberry blonde hair around the channel of her opening.

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