Susan and Alissa

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Susan was sitting on the sofa in her best friend Alissa’s house with a drink in her hand. Alissa sat next to her, giving her eager, hungry looks. The last thing Susan remembered was Alissa stroking her face, leaning in to kiss her then blackness.

Alissa had grinned, as she watched Susan black out. She’d slipped a little something into her drink, and now the fun could begin.

She called out, “Okay everybody, she’s out!”

Her Daddy and her three Uncles appeared, grinning as they saw Susan out like a light. They helped carry Susan downstairs to the rumpus room, where Alissa had set everything up.

Alissa said, “Susan likes to brag about how she’s the best cocksucker, so, let’s put her to the test!”

She stripped Susan naked, listening to the pleased murmurs of her Daddy and Uncles as they eyed up her 18-year-old body. Nice, perky tits, the soft curves, the trimmed tuft of blonde pubic hair, as Alissa re-dressed her in an old-style black bullet bra, a black garter belt, long black nylons stretched up her legs and were fastened to the garters. Her blue satin panties were left off, leaving her asshole and pussy bare.

Alissa stripped, now she was almost totally naked, save for a white garter belt and white stockings, she was behind Susan as they lifted her body, placing her on her knees on the carpeted box, they gently leaned her upper body downward, and fitted her wrists and her neck into the grooves. They swung the top half shut, and Susan was now restrained in a stocks-style restraint, just like the kind that had been used for punishments many years ago. A strap fastened to the top was fitted around her forehead, keeping her head up. Alissa had dreamed about this scenario for years, getting Susan under her control, and having her way with her. It was perfect, the large carpeted box lifted her off the floor, and her mouth was at a perfect level to suck the hard cocks that her Daddy and her Uncles were going to give her. And, Alissa had a few things in mind about what she was going to do with Susan’s sexy rump, her tight, pretty pink asshole and her tight pink pussy.

She saw her Daddy and her uncles strip quickly, she saw Daddy’s prick, a stiff, uncircumcised 9-inch beauty, ummmm, it made her pussy tingle to see that hot-looking cock.

She waved smelling salts underneath Susan’s nose, and Susan came to, confused, blinking her eyes. She tried to get up, and suddenly realized she could not, she was kneeling, her wrists and her neck had been fitted into stocks style restraint. What the hell happened, she struggled to recall it.

She remembered being on the sofa, having Alissa giving her hungry, lust-filled looks, Alissa had leaned in to kiss her, then…blackness.

It felt like she was not wearing what she had before, and she was right, clad in an old-style black bullet bra, her lower body was clad in a black garter belt with long black nylons. When Alissa had stripped her while she was unconscious, her panties had been removed, leaving her asshole and pussy bare.

Alissa’s voice, behind her, cooed, “Susan, you like to brag about how you are the best cocksucker ever, we’re going to test that right now.”

Susan felt hands stroking at her naked cheeks, then the stinging pain as a long wooden yardstick was smacked hard against her ass. She let out a shriek of pain as the sting made her ass burn.

Alissa’s voice said, “Enjoy this baby, you’ll love getting paddled!”

Alissa’s Dad stepped up, standing in front of Susan, his swollen 9-inch cock ready. She couldn’t look up any further than straight ahead to see whose cock it was, but Susan licked her lips as she saw his rock-hard erection. She felt the pain as another lash of the yardstick smacked hard against her ass. He moved forward, Susan’s mouth was at the perfect level to receive his eager prick.

Alissa whispered, “Suck that hard cock Susie, suck him while I paddle you. Show us your cock sucking skills.”

She opened her mouth, and took in the hard cock, letting him push it in right to the balls. He gave her a moment to adjust, taking her head in his hands, then began fucking her face.

“Yeah, suck my cock, be a good cock sucking slut!” Alissa’s Dad growled.

Being called a cock sucking slut made her want to be the best cock sucking slut she could be. She eagerly applied her cock sucking talents to the hard cock plundering her mouth, giving that hard eager pole the best blowjob he’d ever felt. Alissa’s dad grunted, Susan sure was not any novice at cock sucking as he fired his throbbing cock in and out, pistoning Susan’s mouth, the tight sliding ring of pleasure milking at his shaft.

Alissa drew her arm back asyabahis yeni giriş and smacked her ass again, Susan was silenced by the big cock filling her mouth, and Alissa continued to paddle her, stinging zings of pain crisscrossed the cheeks, Alissa was tanning Susan’s ass over and over again as her Dad’s rock hard cock slid between her tight crimson lips again and again.

Alissa’s Daddy looked over at the spectacle of his nearly naked 18-year-old daughter spanking her best friend’s ass. Ummmm, Alissa’s natural red hair, her big, luscious melons, big stiff tits, and those sexy pouty lips, as he fucked Susan’s mouth his mind fantasized, he was fucking Alissa’s tight mouth, the idea of exploding inside her hot mouth, then pulling out and shooting his cum all over those tits, oh yeah, so fucking hot, he could feel the heat of orgasm start to build.

Alissa could feel the heat of her lust bubbling, she wanted to suck her Daddy’s cock, it was such a nice, big cock, and it looked like Susan was enjoying it, as Susan’s muffled howls turned to muffled grunts of pleasure. Susan’s pussy was heating up, the stinging burn of her ass cheeks was making her cunt throb, her juices slicking up her cunt lips.

“And now,” Alissa said, “after the punishment, we must have the pleasure!”

Alissa strapped on a 12-inch dildo. With a grin, Alissa saw the red, heated glow of Susan’s well-spanked ass cheeks, crisscrossed with the stokes of the yardstick. She reached for a butt plug that had been lubed up in preparation. Nudging it against that tight pink pucker, a good hard shove, and it swiftly violated Susan’s tight twitching asshole. Susan grunted as she lost her last vestige of virginity.

Alissa positioned herself, she was going to fuck her best friend’s cunt, and it made her lust churn crazily. Nudging the dildo against Susan’s burning core, she slammed the dildo deep inside Susan. Susan howled around the cock fucking her mouth as her cunt was split open, and Alissa slammed every inch up Susan’s fiery cunt. The dildo forced her cervix open, lodging deep in her womb. Alissa drew back, and slammed it in again, splitting her open again.

As far as Alissa’s Dad was concerned, Susan was the best cocksucker that had ever sucked him off, he could his cock throbbing, ready to explode, and he growled, “Oh yeah, suck it, suck it you little cock sucker, yeah, yeah, YEAH!!”

Holding her head steady, his cock pushed into the maximum, Susan was indeed very skilled at sucking cocks, she had learned several things, how to control her gag reflex, and to hold her breath with what she was about to do. She could feel that cock bury deep, letting the head slide down her constricting throat. Susan made swallowing motions with his pulsing cockhead nestled deep in her throat. That did it, and he growled with pleasure as his cock burst inside her mouth, two thick gooey streams went sliding straight down into her stomach, he pulled back and let two streams splatter against the roof of her mouth, coating her tongue, he pulled his spurting cock out, his cock pulsing crazily inches from her face, and a torrent of thick hot streams jetted from his cock, shooting thick hot strings of spunk all over her face, she could feel the wet splatter as his thick cum plastered her face.

The thick gushing facial, the taste of his hot spunk in her mouth, and the splitting open of her cunt drove her over the top and Susan exploded, her orgasm crashing into her. Her body was shaking and jerking with aftershocks as she felt the last bit of his cum deposited on her face.

Alissa’s Daddy quickly stepped aside, and her Uncle Ed stepped up. Without him even needing to ask, Susan opened her mouth, and Ed grunted as his 8-inch cock was quickly engulfed in the hot, wet heat of Susan’s mouth.

Ed gave her mouth a few moments to adjust, then began to pump, fucking Susan’s mouth, grunting with pleasure at the hot, wet clutch of her mouth around his shaft. He eagerly pumped her mouth, his cock agreed that she was the best cocksucker, she knew just how much suction, her tongue was painting designs of pleasure all over his shaft, and he could feel his cum rising quickly.

Watching his sexy niece dildo fucking Susan, plundering her willing hole, and the swallowing motions Susan made on his throbbing cockhead as it nestled deep in her throat took him over, and he felt the rise of his cum, making his cock sizzle. Ed pulled back until his cock was halfway out, and he let his load go, three hot gushes painted the roof of her mouth, two more thick streams spewed out to cover her tongue, and she sucked eagerly, wanting every last squirt, every last asyabahis giriş dribble in her mouth. The taste of his big load was awesome, and she savored the thick creamy texture before she swallowed every drop.

Alissa’s Dad didn’t miss the heated gleam in his daughter’s eyes, as Alissa had watched Susan sucking his cock. He’d wanted to fuck that sweet daughter of his since she turned 18, and this looked like the perfect opportunity. He stepped over to Alissa, and she eagerly motioned him forward, turning her head to face him and swallowing his cock as she continued to fuck Susan.

Oh god, it was so fucking hot, I’m committing incest with my Dad, and her lust became a raging beast. She wanted all of them, and as Susan opened wide and eagerly sucked in her Uncle Carl’s cock, Alissa eagerly sucked her Dad up to another rock hard nine inches.

“Now, lick Susan’s sweet cunt, so I can fuck the cunt of my sweet daughter, let Daddy fill you up with a nice thick coating of incestuous sperm.”

Alissa’s pussy was dripping, she eagerly scrambled into position, kneeling behind Susan and applying her mouth to the hot, wet fuck hole of her best friend. Her Dad moved into position, and he lifted her hips a bit. Perfect, her hips were cocked up to the right angle, her legs were spread, that wet pink hole dripping with the juices of her lust. Her Dad nudged against her lips.

Dimly, Alissa could hear her Uncle Carl grunting, “Oh fuck yeah, I’m cumming!” and muffled shrieks of pleasure from Susan as another cock burst in her mouth, giving her lots of thick cum to swallow, right at that instant her Dad penetrated her, Alissa’s pussy lips were parted and a long, thick, hard prick was slammed into her cunt. It was the thickest, longest dick she ever felt. It took her breath away, then Alissa let out a shriek of pleasure as she felt the stunning hugeness of her Dad’s 9 inches of rock-hard pleasure stuff her cunt, oh fuck, the stretch of her tight walls made her mind spin. She heard her Dad grunt as he bottomed out, then he grabbed her hips, and started a rhythm, giving his daughter a doggy-style ride.

Alissa was in heaven, no wonder her mother smiled so much, having a cock like her Daddy’s to fuck her when she wanted it. Alissa had wanted her Daddy, she had heard the cries and howls of pleasure as he boned her Mom every night. The sounds had made Alissa’s tight little pussy a hot, wet pink hole of lust, she loved to peek in on them, and her tight little cunny would drip as she watched her Daddy pounding his rampant prick into her Mom. She got a first hand, illustrated look, her Mom riding that big cock cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy style, face to face, and Mom would always squeal and howl with pleasure as she orgasmed, and Daddy would grunt, ram in one last time, and deposit his payload in her Mom’s well-stretched pussy. She would creep back to bed and masturbate furiously, wanting to be the one that Daddy was pounding his prick into, and her wish was now coming true.

Her Dad grunted as his cock was surrounded by a hot, wet, lust-filled tunnel, Alissa’s tight little pussy wrapped around his cock. Oh yes, that tight little pussy that he’d dreamed about fucking, had even fantasized about sometimes while fucking her Mom, was now his. He took full advantage of it, driving his 9 inches in, pumping her pussy as the wet juicy squelch of her pussy being pounded filled the air. His cock was building back up, he was going to give Alissa a long, hard ride.

Oh yeah, so good, so fucking good, the feel of her Daddy pounding her tight pussy was beyond compare. He drove his rampant prick in, over and over, and Alissa enjoyed every thrust, every inch stuffed between her tight pink walls. She was getting the long, hard plunging ride that she’d dreamed of, it was a driving fucking pleasure like she’d always thought it would be. Her Daddy started to fuck her faster, letting out grunts and growls, his cock was getting ready to explode. She felt his cock jerk, swelling tight with a massive urgency, his cock head lodged against her cervix, and pierced her.

He growled, “Cum baby, cum for Daddy, cum with me, cum all over Daddy’s big cock!”

Oh fuck, her own Daddy’s cock was going to flood her womb, and that took her spiraling over the edge, her shrieks of orgasm filled the room as her tight pussy exploded, spasming crazily.

Her Dad felt the gush of hot juices, the milking pull of the spasms, and he went roaring over the edge. His cock exploded, Alissa felt a rush of wetness being pumped all over her womb, the feel of his hot sperm filling her womb made her cum again instantly, and a third time as her Dad let the quivering asyabahis güvenilirmi spasms of her tight pink walls suck every last drop out of his swollen prick.

As she drifted down, she heard her Uncle Will growling, “Oh yeah baby, suck my prick, gonna fill your tight hot mouth, yeah oh fuck YEAH!” and the muffled grunts from Susan as another cock exploded in her mouth, gushing another thick creamy load into her eager mouth.

She wanted to see her Uncles fuck Susan, so she motioned them forward, and she quickly swallowed her Uncle Ed’s cock, relishing the mixed taste of her cum and Susan’s juices, and she eagerly sucked his cock, working him over to another fully renewed 8-inch hard-on.

“Now, fuck Susan, fuck her tight little pussy, and fill her up!” Alissa growled huskily.

Her Uncle Ed grinned as he took the position. Alissa stepped around and was now face to face with Susan. She saw Susan’s eyes open wide, then the look of pleasure filing them up, as Ed penetrated, impaling Susan’s tight cunt with his renewed 8 inches, stuffing his prick in right to the balls. He gripped her hips and got into a doggy-style rhythm.

“Oh yeah baby, how do you like it?” Alissa growled huskily.

Susan growled, “Oh… God, it… it’s wonderful… beautiful… I love it… I love it…”

Alissa shoved her hips forward, wanting her snatch against Susan’s face. She wanted to make Susan lick her clean.

“My Dad just fucked my cunt, and blew such a big load. Lick my cunt Susie baby, eat my box, and suck out every drop!”

She maneuvered into position, and let out a loud grunt of sheer pleasure as she felt Susan’s tongue burrow past her lips, and her Daddy’s big glut of cum started to pour out of her, and into Susan’s eager mouth.

“Oh yeah baby, lick out all my Daddy’s thick cum, clean my cunt, fuck, you lick cunt so well!”

Encouraged, Susan eagerly licked and sucked, while her pussy squelched with the juices of her lust, as Alissa’s Uncle Ed boned her, building up to another cum, Susan was going to get a long, hard, filling ride.

Alissa, feeling Susan’s tongue swiping at her clit, and watching Susan getting fucked made her cum quickly, with a shriek, her pussy sent a river of juices all over Susan’s face, as she mopped her friend’s face down with her orgasmic relief. When she pulled away, she got face to face with Susan and they were kissing, long deep tongue-filled swirls.

“When my Uncles and my Daddy blow their loads deep inside you baby, I’m going to suck it all out of you.”

Getting behind Susan, she reached under, grabbing Uncle Ed’s balls, and squeezing them gently. That gave him the final push, and he buried his cock one last time, letting out loud grunts as his cock erupted inside Susan’s fiery core, pumping a volley deep inside her. When he pulled out, Alissa saw the freshly fucked pinkness, lined with a big white glut. Oh god, she buried her face into her best friend’s tasty snatch, and licked, probed, and sucked, feeling the thrill as a big glut of cum spilled out of Susan, and into her eager mouth.

Susan had been nearing orgasm, and when Alissa applied her lips, sucking and licking out the fresh cum, then working over Susan’s hard, bulging clit, that took her over.

“Yes, oh fuck I’m cumming, lick me, lick me, yes, yes, yes, YES!!”

Susan’s voice rose up to a shout of pleasure, her pussy dissolving in a wash of hot juices as Alissa eagerly licked up the offering, her taste buds riveted by the awesome taste.

Turning to her Uncles, she eagerly took in her Uncle Carl’s cock, it was still semi-erect, and Alissa’s hot sucking mouth didn’t take long to bring him back up to full glory.

She grinned, and cooed, “Your turn Uncle Carl!”

The day went on, as her uncles were treated to Susan’s hot, fiery cunt, and she eagerly sucked up her Daddy to full erection, so his cock could get a long deep ride inside her best friend’s sweet pink hole. Her Daddy was a real stud, fucking Susan’s mouth, then her own dripping pussy, and now, he was rock hard and ready again, and Alissa enjoyed the sight of her Daddy reaming Susan’s dripping pussy, and Alissa was there to suck out every load, she loved servicing her Uncles, her Daddy, and Susan.

After Susan was almost delirious with pleasure, she’d been taken over and over, her pussy was stretched out, red, and well used with a pleasant soreness, her ass cheeks were still stinging a bit, and her mouth had been filled, and she’d loved every second of it.

Her Uncles and her Daddy carried Susan upstairs to Alissa’s bedroom, where she stripped Susan and herself, and hopped into bed with her, holding her friend’s body close. She saw her Daddy giving her lots of hot glances, she knew what a stud her Daddy was, and she had a feeling that from now on, after he’d fucked her Mom, he’d sneak into her room, and she’d have her Daddy boning her with his great big cock. She could hardly wait.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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