Sweet and Naughty Cat Ch. 04

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Bdsm Porn

Cat had been driving him crazy all day. She knew exactly how to get Chris worked up and she pulled out all the stops. They had both been a bit busy with work and it had been some time since they were able to be together. She herself was going crazy thinking about it and wanted him just as crazy.

The day started with a simple and sweet “Good morning” as she walked by. When Chris glanced up from his computer to return the greeting, he noticed those perfect lips, red and shiny, smiling back at him. His cock immediately began to stir.

As Cat continued on her way to her desk, she “accidently” dropped the papers she was carrying. Cat was sure to bend at the waist, allowing her already short skirt to rise higher, exposing the lacy tops of her sheer black stockings. Upon seeing this, Chris’s cock strained harder against his trousers, aching to be free. There was no doubt in his mind that Cat was going to make this one excruciatingly long day!

The morning was filled with little tease. Cat would occasionally walk by and pull her skirt up a bit, being careful that only his eyes would see. On more than one occasion, she would stop at the copy machine right in his line of view. She would slip off one heel and wiggle and stretch her toes, flashing him a devilish smile as she did. Upon returning from lunch, Chris was greeted by a napkin on his desk with lipstick marks with a heart drawn around them. He smiled as he flipped it over. Written on the back were instructions – “My office. 15 minutes. Don’t be late!”

Chris anxiously waited at his desk before heading to Cat’s office. The door was open, but the office was empty. He entered and took a seat across from her desk to wait for her. He couldn’t help but smile when he heard the door close and lock. “Right on time,” Cat cooed. “You know how much canlı bahis I love your punctuality,” she said, praising him as she walked to her desk, her fingers running across the back of his neck and shoulders as she walked by him.

“It’s been too long my dear. I simply couldn’t wait any longer! Now, sit there like a good boy,” she commanded.

Chris sat obediently as she pulled a silk scarf from her desk drawer. “Put your hands behind your back,” she demanded. Chris did as he was told watching anxiously as she seductively walked towards him. His heart raced and his cock throbbed with excitement as she tied his hands behind him. Cat kissed him, leaving some of her lipstick on his lips as she unbuttoned and opened his shirt. She ran her hands over his chest, lightly pinching his nipples. His eyes closed and he inhaled deeply taking in her intoxicating scent. It had been so long since they had been this close to one another he had almost forgotten how heavenly it was. He was totally helpless, his hands tied behind him, unable to move. She had him just where she wanted him.

Cat took a seat in front of him on the edge of her desk, kicked off one of her heels, and seductively extended her long nylon covered leg towards him, teasing him. Her perfectly pedicured toes visible through the sheer, silky nylon that covered them. Goosebumps formed on Chris’s skin and he shivered with delight as she slowly drew that foot down his chest. The silky feel of her stockings against his skin had his cock twitching uncontrollably, straining to be freed. She couldn’t help but giggle seeing how crazy it drove him. He squirmed as she slowly drew her foot closer and closer to his cock. A river of precum flowed from the tip causing a visible wet mark on the front of his trousers.

“Mmmm, I’ve missed you,” she bahis siteleri cooed. “And I see you’ve missed me to!” she said as she got on her knees in front of him. They locked eyes as she slowly unbuckled his belt and loosened his pants. Chris instinctively raised him hips off the chair allowing Cat to pull his pants and boxers down to his ankles. His cock sprang forth and throbbed uncontrollably, freed from its constraint. Cat’s eyes widened as she ran her fingers up the length of his shaft making it twitch even more. She squeezed his cock causing a stream of precum to flow freely from the tip of his cock, down his shaft and onto her hand. She locked eyes with him again as she brought it closer to her lips, licking up the precum before kissing it, leaving her mark on him.

“Oh fuck!” Chris exclaimed. “Cat, I’m going to cum if you do that again!”

Cat giggled with delight. “Not yet,” she scolded as she gave it another kiss before taking a seat on the edge of her desk again.

Cat always took delight in driving Chris crazy. She loved letting the sexual tension build. It always made for one hell of an explosion of pure ecstasy. Her pussy was dripping, and she wanted nothing more than to fuck him right then and there, but right now, the focus was on him. Her time would come later.

She continued her tease by kicking off her other shoe. She playfully put both feet in his lap and wrapped them around his cock, slowly stroking it up and down. Chris’s eyes went shut. The sensation of those nylon covered feet wrapped around his cock had him writhing in his chair. “Don’t you dare cum!” she warned as she continued her tease. Chris struggled to contain himself and she knew he wasn’t going to be able to last much longer.

Cat let her feet slip from around his cock. Chris groaned in frustration, bahis şirketleri wanting her to continue. But she had other plans for him. Holding one leg out, slowly and seductively she slid one stocking down her long, slender leg. She stood in front of him, teasing him with it, letting it barely touch his skin. Chris watched, wide eyed as she draped it over his cock, pulling it tight. His body tensed as she slipped it over is balls, completely encasing his cock in the silky nylon.

“Now, you may cum,” she said as she grasped his nylon coved cock and kissed the head, sucking his precum through the thin material. His entire body shuddered with delight. He fought to hold back just a bit longer as she started to stroke his nylon covered cock, but she was instant on making him cum and she knew just how to do it. Her hand moved to caress his balls. She felt them immediately tighten with his impending orgasm and she took his cock in her mouth. He couldn’t fight it anymore. He let out an animalist grunt of pleasure as his cock exploded, filling the stocking. His cock twitched uncontrollably, each time spewing more and more cum through the thin material of the stocking into her mouth. Cat continued to stroke his cock and suck every bit of cum from inside the stocking, not releasing him until she was sure she had it all.

Chris’s body shuddered and he fell limp in the chair breathing heavily, feeling like he was going to pass out. Cat kissed him as she untied his hands, sharing her reward for her naughty tease with him. He eagerly kissed her back, wanting more.

She broke there embrace and sat on the edge of her desk and removed her other stocking. She playfully tossed it on him and slipped on her heels before moving to the other side of her desk.

“You better get dressed and get back to work,” she said smiling at him. “And take those with you,” she giggled, pointing at the stockings, one on his chest, the other on his still hard cock. “I won’t be needing them now, but I have a feeling we will be needing them later.”

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