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Big Dicks


Sophie pounded up to the peak of the hill and coasted to a stop, shaking the tremble from her legs as she panted, heat blooming under her skin.

Quiet up here, the woods shielded her from the sun, the soft breeze moving between the trees cooled the sweat that beaded on her exposed flesh, pressed into the fabric of her leggings pleasantly.

She took a few sips of water and stretched her legs slowly, easily, one at a time. As her muscles flexed she felt the weight of the glass plug that snugly filled her ass, making her bite her lip as she considered the little secret she had worn to make her run more interesting.

Looking around and seeing no-one, Sophie tugged her earbuds out and tucked them into her sports bra, and then bent slowly over to stretch her back, straighten out the ponytail of dark hair.

On cue, the breeze swept gently between her thighs, making her shiver and then grin.

She heard an approaching scritch-scritch of another jogger on the gravel path coming up the hill, straightened up and got moving without looking back, blushing as she put her earbuds back in.

Her legs felt good, despite the miles behind her, so she bounded quickly back up to a good speed. The path down the other side of the hill was more winding, weaving through the scattered trees.

She remembered her music and hit shuffle, then grinned. Closer, Nine Inch Nails.

Sophie risked a glance behind her as she slowed for a step, wondering if it were one of the half dozen or so people she knew well enough to run alongside and talk to a bit. Friendly conversation was as a premium out here at the best of times, but the last couple of months had been lonely, silent.

But again Sophie grinned to herself as she glimpsed a tall masculine outline, gradually catching up to her as his longer legs ate up the ground.

Picked up a tail… Sophie thought.

She only allowed herself a glance, already deciding to tease herself with the thought that he was watching her too intently to risk another turn and look. She wondered what he was thinking.

I wanna fuck you like an animal… The song crooned in her ear, and she felt her ears burning, flushing red with more than just exertion.

She became quietly convinced that he had slowed down a little to enjoy the view of her toned legs wrapped in tight leggings, and a part of her couldn’t blame him. Last time she had been here she had been jogging along in a happy reverie as she imagined the man in front of her dragging her off into the trees to give her the workout she really wanted.

Just because the guy had innocently jogged his circuit didn’t mean Sophie couldn’t think about it; in fact she had occasionally pictured the scenario ever since.

Now she was the one being amiably stared at, or so she imagined, now she was featuring in his fantasy.

She tried to imagine it, and sped up a little on impulse, wondering if he was willing to work for another long gaze of her tight, flexing ass as she ran.

In her head, the guy was just allowing himself little glances, not wanting to get too distracted on the trail. But his mind, as far as Sophie imagined, was racing with possibilities.

She landed a little hard on a step and felt herself tense around the toy inside her, shivered momentarily as she wondered if he could tell it was there just by staring hard enough.

Her clit throbbed steadily with her footsteps, with her stealthy rhythmic clenches of the toy. Sophie swiped at her brow and switched her water bottle to her other hand, feeling herself becoming slick and heated, feeling the breeze cooling the sweat on her chest.

I wanna feel you from the inside… The song, by now on the next chorus, seemed to know just what she was thinking. She enjoyed imagining those words running through the mind of the man behind her, whose interest seemed piqued judging by the way he still hadn’t overtaken her.

Sophie quietly promised herself she would race him a little if he did. She was in a daring, playful sort of mood today; which is probably what had led her to put her usual morning self-fuck on hold so she could go for a run and find inspiration first.

Her toy had come free with another order, and she had mostly tried it for the naughtiness factor, but she had to admit it was doing its job. Every thumping step made it shift inside her, seeming to pulse with sensation.

They came through the trees onto the clearing by the pond; a picturesque spot Sophie might normally pause to appreciate, but today jogged past in a hot, determined, panting pace.

Now she imagined she were trying to outrun the guy a bit, played with the danger of the thought that she was alone out here and he was twice her size, if not more.

She pictured him biting his lip as he thought about having her right there on the path, ripping her leggings up the middle to expose her wet pussy and give her his hard cock.

She wasn’t sure precisely what he looked like, her glance erotik film izle had only really taken in the shape of him. Tall and lean, muscular arms peeking out of a sleeveless hoody with nothing beneath it, shorts and trainers.

He had an easy, loping sort of stride. She was a respectable 5″7, so her stride wasn’t exactly tiny, but she was aware that if he really wanted to catch up to her, there probably wasn’t much she could do about it.

Sophie mentally played with the danger of that thought, felt a growing heat build as she wondered if the same thing had occurred to him.

This made her speed up a little, and she bit the corner of her lip as she saw his shadow projected out onto the grass by the low morning sun. With the angle it looked like he were just behind her, like he was close enough to reach out and take a feel of her as she ran.

She pictured that too, a friendly grope as he passed, as if to say ‘you have a beautiful ass and I needed to squeeze it’. A cheeky smile on a theoretically handsome face as he powered on ahead of her, daring Sophie to catch him up and return the favour.

To her right, the shadows were slowly parting as the guy let her get some ground. She smiled, a little sad that he wasn’t just following his cock and trying to keep up, but at the same time realising he could be gay or married for all she knew.

In her head he was super-straight though. To Sophie, without having seen him or even heard his voice, he seemed like a total pussy-hound.

She wondered if he had just let her get a few steps ahead because he was tired, then idly mused if he might just be an ass man who didn’t want to creep her out and spoil his own fun.

The song ended, Sophie’s ears ringing a little from the absence of volume for a second, and she heard the guy’s soft chuckle at something.

He can hear what I’m listening to… She thought, and sped up a little more from sudden adrenalin than by intent.

The next song was less provocative, and she glanced at the duelling shadows to see he was still keeping up. Her clit pulsed again as she had an idea.

Up ahead was a clutch of benches in a clearing, where she usually stopped to catch her breath, then walk back to the car.

Sophie accelerated and left the guy behind, but then coasted to a halt by the benches and turned to return the long assessing look she had felt roving over her backside for five minutes now.

Big. Sophie thought. Maybe six-three or four, muscled and defined, sweating from the run but blushing as he realised he’d been caught out.

A nice smile, shy as it was for a second before she returned it. She liked him looking, and conveyed that with her expression.

Plus he was nice to look at, especially up close where his shoulders were rising and falling gently with his breath, higher than her head. He pulled earbuds out and took a deep swig of water.

He said nothing, another little smile tugging his lip. Sophie saw his eyes were dark in the half-light coming through the trees. Grey or maybe hazel like her own, intent as she uncrossed her arms and gave him a view from the front.

Sophie bit her lip and kept staring at him. She let her gaze roll slowly upward this time, taking in powerful legs and a confident stance, spotting the bulge of keys in the centre-pocket of his hoody, just above the bulge of his cock in those shorts.

Brown hair that had been blown shaggy by the breeze, which he didn’t seem to mind. He stood with his hands on his hips, one curled around his bottle.

“Hi.” She said, after a good long dramatic pause to make it clear that she had him pegged before he walked up and gave her that look.

His expression of politely-disguised interest seemed to drop, and he treated her to another long stare.

If Sergio Leone shot a porno… She thought, her mouth going dry as she saw the intent in his expression.

“You ah…” She was going to ask if he came here often, but trailed off.

The guy smiled more warmly this time, and let the water bottle drop to the floor. Sophie drew in a sharp breath as he took a step closer and pushed her back away from the path, a playful touch, but enough to make her take three or four steps back as she looked behind her for footing.

Sophie had thought about exactly this scenario enough times not to be shocked, but the hot red rush that seeped into her had pretty much the same effect; leaving her breathless and open-mouthed as she took another step back into the treeline as he followed her. Her own water bottle clattered off a fallen branch as she dropped it, Sophie felt the breeze at her back and shivered pleasurably in its embrace.

The guy smiled and followed her as she led him now, going among the trees, finding a stand of younger growth, low branches blocking the way ahead of her.

Sophie turned and, for a moment, hesitated; unsure as nerves jangled.

He took her by the hips and pulled her against him. As she tilted her head back to look at him film izle he kissed her mouth, sucking at her lip. She felt his cock as he hugged her to him, hard and ready, as big as the rest of him.

“Ohh…” She moaned into his mouth as his hands slid around to grope her backside, and then whimpered as he gripped her and lifted her up to his level for another kiss.

Sophie’s legs wrapped around his waist almost automatically, and she gripped him as he turned slowly around with her, looking for something.

He found it, and Sophie only worked it out when she felt rough bark against her back.

She looked into his eyes, nodding in reply to the questioning stare. Those eyes of his were intense up-close.

Now he grinned and changed his grip around her, cupping her ass in one arm as he gripped the waistband of her leggings and easily dragged them down her legs, and then entirely off her, over her trainers.

“God…” She giggled as she felt the air on her naked skin, wearing only her trainers and her sports bra, the breeze cooling her heated skin.

The guy sank to one knee, still holding her with her back to the tree trunk, and trailed kisses down her flexing abdomen. Sophie grinned up at the trees and put one hand on the top of his head.

He didn’t respond to her encouragement, taking his time to tease her with kisses as he traced his way slowly to her mound.

“Mmm…” Sophie mumbled as he licked her mound, then sucked on it, clenching in his grip she felt the toy inside her, and blushed as the feel of it made her wriggle against his mouth. A combination she had already decided to experiment with more.

“Mmm…” He replied with a low growl that vibrated through her mound and rose a sympathetic tingle from her clit. He dipped his head lower and Sophie gripped a fistful of his hair as he sucked her clit between his lips and gently massaged it there.

“Oh my god…” Sophie had her legs on his shoulders now, and braced herself against the tree as he rocked her against his mouth, his eyes closed as he focused on the taste.

His hot tongue didn’t tease her for a moment, unlike its owner. He made out with her clit as he groped her ass, and then paused as his fingertip pressed on the base of her toy.

Another chuckle from him, this time muffled by her squeezing thighs as she flexed against him, to drag his mouth up and down over her. Sophie stared down at him along her own flexing body, reaching beneath her sports bra to tug at her nipple, her head spinning as she watched her fantasy coming true.

“Oh… my… god…” She repeated, this time in a low groan as he teased a hard clench from her, tapping on the base of the glass plug to make her aware of every millimetre of it inside her ass.

The rush of approaching orgasm surprised Sophie, and she gasped at the tingling sparks creeping up her calves like lovers’ kisses. Her clit throbbed beneath his dancing tongue, and she felt his lips curve into a smile as he pulled the toy slowly from her.

“Fuck…” Sophie stared into his eyes as they opened, just as she felt his fingers replacing the toy inside her, his thumb sliding into her pussy as he fucked her in addition to the hard kiss he was giving her clit. “Yes…” Sophie screwed her eyes shut and felt her legs beginning to tremble in tension as she reached within to hold off the rush for a long moment of total exertion; her whole body tensing and hardening with the overriding need to squeeze the sensation until it detonated.

He wobbled in place as she bucked in his grip, slurping and sucking at her pussy as she felt the fizzing pleasure writhe through her muscles.

“Fuck!” Sophie shouted, and then clapped a hand over her own mouth as she remembered there were probably other joggers close enough to hear her.

Her legs twitched over his shoulders, her feet jittering as she crossed them and squeezed her thighs around him, unable to help it for a second.

His fingers inside her were still thrusting and caressing, his long obsession with her clit gradually slowed to a tender smooch that Sophie couldn’t help but flex against.

“Ohh…” Her voice was quiet again, but the emotional content was unchanged.

The guy chuckled, she felt the rumble of it against her pussy as he took one last luxuriously long lick and slowly withdrew his fingers.

She was trembling too much to stand yet, instead he pulled her to straddle his lap as he knelt, looking out behind her for people before giving her a kiss.

Sophie kissed him back with a forceful passion. He’d given her everything she wanted, but now she wanted more.

The guy seemed to just hang on for the ride for a minute, let her devour his mouth as he contented himself with long caressing strokes of her back and ass, soothing her after the intensity of before.

Sophie remembered wondering what he’d been thinking about as she was fantasising about him, but the way he kept cupping and squeezing her ass made it pretty obvious.

Sophie, seks filmi izle feeling bold now her legs could carry her again, stood and tugged on his hand until he stood too. He had that shy grin again, but she wasn’t done with him yet.

“Fuck me.” She said, biting the corner of her lip as she leaned back against the tree trunk and pulled off her sports bra, now entirely naked except for her trainers.

That cock-sure glint in his eye came back as he stepped in close and reached out to take her breasts possessively into his hands, thumbs rolling her hard nipples.

Sophie stuck out her chest, and hooked her leg around him to draw him closer. He picked her up again and Sophie thrilled at the sensation as he lifted her to his eye-line and smooched her lower lip.

Sophie grinned as he reached into his shorts and took out his cock; and then gasped as he pressed the eager tip between her legs, rubbing against her ass.

He nipped her lip again and she nodded slowly, hugging his chest.

“God…” Sophie gripped his shoulders as she felt the thick head of his cock push into her, as he playfully tugged her earlobe with his teeth. She had occasionally experimented with anal, as any girl might, but this was further than she had let most of her boyfriends go.

He groaned as he gripped her hips and pulled Sophie down onto his cock.

“Mmm…” Sophie moaned around a bitten lip, squeezing her eyes shut as she told her body to relax when all it wanted to do was tense up. He slowed the hard thrust down but didn’t stop. In one gradual movement he slid into her tight, flexing, trembling ass and held himself sheathed inside her.

“Yes…” The groan hissed between her teeth as he gripped her ass in both hands, leaned in, and began to fuck her hard and slow against the tree. “Oh my god…” She groaned and gripped his hair, tugged on it to bring him into another long kiss.

“Shh…” He grinned, blushing, and purred in her ear as he filled her completely again, and withdrew. His eyes fluttered closed as he focused on the sensation of her ass flexing around him, Sophie bit his lip and tugged on it as he fought back with those relentless slow thrusts.

Feeling like teasing him, she purred back at him as he sucked the side of her neck with a series of kisses, his body pushing her harder against the tree as he powered into her. His nails dug into her where he was gripping when she reached under his hoody and raked her nails down his spine to excite him. Now she had the guy alone, Sophie became bolder, asking him for more with her touches, the pleading way her thighs gripped his waist.

He leaned back again and shifted his grip around her. Sophie crossed her feet behind his back and lifted herself up a little to help him. He tore off the hoody and pushed down the shorts so they were equally undressed, and bowed his head to kiss her breasts.

Sophie enjoyed his mouth around her nipple, but was still diverted by the hot hard cock that he was eagerly thrusting into her ass.

His chest heaved as he exerted himself, holding her aloft and fucking her, he nuzzled her cheek and then kissed it; Sophie’s skin tingled under his lips at the affectionate gesture.

“Harder…” She moaned as seductively as possible in his ear, and grinned as she felt him tense up, his groan of pleasure punctuated with a breathy chuckle.

“Mmm…” He sucked her lip, smiled, and seemed to push her higher against the tree as he tensed up his legs and powered up into her.

“Oh!” Sophie tried to keep quiet, but kept forgetting. Occasionally she would let out a loud gasp or hard groan and then stifle herself, chewing on her knuckle and blushing deep red.

He reached between them and began stroking his thumb around in circles over her clit. Sophie drew in a slow gasp and gripped his shoulders tighter.

Then they both froze at once as they heard a familiar scritch-scritch on the path, only a few metres back among the trees. Sophie watched him as he bit his lip, blushed, grinned.

He gave her another deep thrust, Sophie buried her face in his neck to muffle the giggling moan she couldn’t quite suppress. His thumb teasing her clit became more urgent as he held himself buried in her, pressing her tight to the rough cool tree behind her.

Sophie gave him a shocked, pleading look as he pushed her closer to another orgasm. Her legs trembled around him, his cock flexed inside her, they stared into each other’s eyes as they both listened to the stranger’s footsteps patiently trudge by.

Sophie grimaced in concentration until she couldn’t hear the footsteps anymore.

“Fuck!” Sophie growled as he resumed the hard, fast, bouncing fuck that made her head spin.

That growling chuckle again at her neck as he licked it, but his breathing was fast and shallow now, panting as he struggled to concentrate on everything he was doing at once.

Sophie grinned, and slipped her hand down to stroke between his fingers around her clit, flexing and tensing up around him, grunting with the effort.

“God…” The guy finally spoke instead of growled, Sophie felt him gripping her harder and arching his back. It occurred to her where she was, what she was doing, and with who…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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