Taken In Ch. 02

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Adriana Chechik

In the morning I woke with a slight hangover from the wine the previous night. As my eyes opened it took a moment to realize the previous night was not a dream. Hal lay right where I left him; fast asleep beside me. I couldn’t help but wonder if he would wake with guilt or how the events of the night before would change our relationship. Personally, I did not have any regrets and was eager for more.

Slowly I ran my hand over his chest before sliding my leg over him and pulling myself up sitting on his stomach. Tracing the sides of his face with my fingers, I admired his handsome face while I waited patiently for signs of life; there were none, so I climbed off him.

With the covers pulled back, I admired his exposed cock in the daylight. Grabbing him gently I took him in my hand and began to gently squeeze him until I felt the first signs of life. His cock stiffened in my hand slowly. Resting my head on his stomach I stroked him gently and his swelling cock stretched itself bringing his swollen head right to my lips. Opening my mouth I tongued the head as it stretched to its full length putting the head entirely in my mouth.

Slowly I stroked and sucked his cock feeling him stir beneath me. Surely he was awake now, but I wasn’t going to acknowledge it. I continued to suck and stroke his cock as he slowly moved his hips fucking my mouth. I couldn’t help but hope he was still asleep and having the best dream of his life. His breathing began to deepen as his hips sped up pushing his cock in and out of my mouth.

Holding his balls in one hand I stroked and sucked at his head knowing it was almost time. When Hal’s hand found their way to my hair, I knew it was time. His fingers tangled themselves in my hair and pulled slightly as his firm grip pushed my mouth up and down his cock. I sucked and ran my tongue around his swollen head ready for his treasure.

His balls tightened in my hand and I squeezed them as the first load unleashed in my mouth. This time I was ready and held just the head in my mouth as he flooded it. Pulse after pulse of his warm cum filled my mouth. I kept sucking until his hips stopped moving. My mouth was full of his seed and I swallowed it down with his cock still in my mouth.

His grip on my hair slowly relaxed and I squeezed him ensuring that I had sufficiently emptied him before moving back up beside him. He lay there speechless with his eyes wide open smiling at me.

“Good Morning.” I smiled at him.

He rocked his head disbelieving, “This has to be a dream. You are incredible.”

I was standing in the kitchen, wearing Hal’s shirt from the night before when he finally made his way downstairs; coffee was made and fresh biscuits were moments from the oven. Hal walked up and put his arms around me from behind holding me tightly.

“Did this all really happen?” He kissed the side of my face.

Turning my lips to his, “If it didn’t we shared one awesome dream!”

Over breakfast we talked more about the events that unfolded. It was relieving to hear that he enjoyed it as much as I did. He was adamant that I never feel pressured to stay or put out for him. He was sincere in his words and wanted to ensure I understood that we could go back to our previous situation without consequence from him.

Over the next week and half we spent every waking moment together. Whenever we could he would steal kisses from me at work. At home we continued our relationship physically and emotionally. I was falling for him and I didn’t care that he was so much older than me. At night, we slept together always making love before we went to sleep. I felt so blessed to have him in my life and the feeling was evidently mutual.

It became evident that I created a monster; Hal could not get enough oral and learned to love emptying his balls in my mouth at any opportunity. On an abnormally quiet day at the gas station I began flirting with him.

“I’m so bored!” I feigned a whiny voice. “I want something fun to do.”

Hal raised an eyebrow, “Like what?”

I just stared at his crotch and licked my lips.

“Here?” Hal smiled devilishly.

I could see the wheels turning in his mind. If anyone came in we would be busted for sure. “We can be quick.”

“I don’t know…” Hal stopped speaking when I pressed myself against him and lowered his zipper. All he could do was pull the stool up closer to counter where I kneeled on a blanket taking his cock in to my mouth. It felt so risqué and dirty my pussy melted. The only bahis firmaları protection from prying eyes was shallow alcove under the counter that I was kneeling in.

“You sure you want to work here little girl?” Hal had previously started playing games with me and routinely called me ‘little girl’ as part of his fantasy play.

I nodded, “Yes, I really need the job.”

“Are you going to swallow my cum?”

I nodded staring up at him as he smiled down at me.

He began fucking my mouth and was no longer on the stool. His hands gripped my hair and he ploughed himself in and out of my mouth occasionally causing me to gag.

“I should shove this down that hot little throat.”

I kept sucking and licking at him as he used my mouth. His cock dripped pre-cum and I gobbled it up eagerly awaiting the contents of his balls. As I sucked his cock I slipped a hand down the front of my pants and toyed with clitoris; my pussy was soaking wet.

“Fuck!” Hal moaned.

“Give it to me.” I begged him.

He sat quickly on the stool pushing me deeper under the counter. I kept sucking and could feel his cock stiffening in my mouth as the chime of the door went off. Holding his balls I squeezed and his cock blasted a load against the back of my throat. I gagged and Hal coughed loudly to cover it as his balls drained their contents in to my waiting mouth.

A moment later there was a clunk on the counter over my head, “Anything else Tim?”

“Nope, this should do it.” His accent was easily recognized. “Where is that fine little specimen you have working here Hal? She’s the reason I come in.”

Hal chuckled; “she stepped out for a bit.”

I sucked his softening cock back in to my mouth causing Hal to shift. His hand quickly came down and grabbed a mitt full of my hair holding my mouth from his cock.

“Looks like I have to come back later and buy some more milk.” Tim chuckled.

When the door chimed again, Hal pushed himself back and looked at me with crazy eyes. “You are insane you little she-devil.”

I just licked my lips and smiled at him.

After dinner the phone rang and quickly picked it up to hear Jennifer’s voice, “Hey there, I only have a couple minutes is my Dad home?”

I called for Hal and a brief discussion took place before he hung up the phone and turned to me, “Looks like the honeymoon is over, Jennifer is moving home.”

I was shocked, “She quit school?”

“She did.” Hal was visibly upset and I wasn’t sure what to do to comfort him.

Snuggling up to him on the couch I couldn’t imagine not being able to do this once Jennifer returned home. “When will she be back?”

“This weekend.” He shook his head disbelievingly before kissing my forehead. “I’m not sure if I’m more upset she quit or that her return will ruin what we have.”

I straddled his thighs and kissed him, “We’ll make it work. The danger will be exciting.”

“Maybe we should just tell her about us?” Hal raised his eyebrow inquisitively.

I wasn’t sure that I wanted to do that just yet and talked him in to waiting to see how things go. Maybe he could talk her in to returning to school and we could return to spending our days and nights together again.

Hal spent the next couple days looking depressed about the situation; I kept trying to put a positive spin on it myself, but the disappointment was overpowering. We needed to get Jennifer back to school because telling her would ruin our friendship and strain the relationship she had with her only parent.

On the day Jennifer was to return home, I cleaned my belongings that had made their way in to his room removing any evidence of my presence.

Hal stood in the doorway of my room with a sad expression as I put my clothes away, “I already miss you.”

Pouting my lips I stood and made my way in to his arms, “I’m right here. You can sneak in and take me.” I smiled my naughtiest smile. “I promise I will be quiet.”

It only took an hour when Jennifer returned for the tension in the house to be thick enough to cut with a knife. I decided it would be a good night to go visit my mom while they worked things out. I interrupted their conversation and said I had dinner plans with my mother and would be home later that night.

I couldn’t get Hal off my mind and texted him at 9 o’clock. Jennifer decided she had enough of the arguing and turned in for the night so I made the decision to head home. Entering the house it was eerily quiet. I made my way up the stairs and kaçak iddaa to my room noting that only Hal’s room had light shining out from under the door.

I quietly closed my door and sat on my bed for moment when there was a gently tap on the door. I fully expected to find Hal but it was Jennifer who walked in and climbed on my bed.

“Why is my dad being such an ass?” Jennifer was fuming.

I was caught off guard, “He just wants the best for you I guess.”

Jennifer rolled her eyes at me and flopped down on my bed before unleashing all the excuses why school sucked for her; the people, the professors and all her new friends sucked. Like any good friend I just listened to her ramble on all the time wishing I was in her father’s arms. It was close to midnight when she was through her ranting and made her way to her own room. When I stood to close the door I noted the light from Hal’s bedroom was gone closing the door disappointed.

In the morning the tension was still there and I was thankful to be alone with Hal when we finally left for work. His hand held mine as we drove and for a moment, everything seemed right.

“I missed you last night little girl.” He squeezed my hand.

Leaning over I kissed his cheek, “I missed you more.”

Instead of the normal routine of setting up the store before we opened, Hal took me to the back storage area and kissed me so hard I thought I would cum on the spot. I reached down and squeezed at his cock which was already rock hard. I quickly undid the button and zipper of my jeans pushing them down to my knees with my panties in tow.

“You need to fuck me right now!” I needed him.

Spinning me around Hal leaned me over a skid of windshield washer and pushed his cock in me releasing a long slow comforting moan as he pushed himself in to me. Holding my hips firmly he began to fuck me faster, pounding my cervix with his long cock causing me to moan loudly.

“My little girl needed this as much as I did.” Hal was pounding me hard and fast now.

My legs trembled the moment I felt my orgasm begin to build; I chewed my bottom lip until the first wave of my orgasm washed over my body, “I’m cumming!” Wave after wave swept my body; I would have collapsed to the floor if I hadn’t been leaned over the skid and impaled on Hal’s beautiful cock.

Hal grabbed a handful of my hair pulling my head back, “Tell me to cum in you. Tell me you want my cum!” his voice was aggressive and eager.

My pussy responded with another wave of pleasure. Hal pumped me deep a few more times before pulling his cock out and shooting it all over my back door and crack of my ass. Hal’s breath was ragged when he leaned forward and kissed my ear.

“Maybe I need to start fucking you in the ass so I can cum.” He kissed me again before getting up only to return with wipes to clean his sticky cum from between my cheeks. A quick trip to the bathroom to straighten up and it was business as usual at Hal’s Gas and Convenience.

The day went by slowly and neither of us would have wanted it any other way. There was no reason to rush home. The afternoon was especially slow and Hal came to sit with me at the front counter.

“Do you like when I talk dirty to you?” Hal was feeling me out.

I played ignorant, “Dirty? Like what?”

“Like when I said I should fuck your ass!” The words were blunt and he followed with a big smile.

I smiled, “I would do anything to please you.”

Hal was dumbfounded, “Really?”

“Yes, really!” I nodded to emphasize my eagerness to please him.

“You would let me fuck you in the ass?” Hal’s bluntness was shocking to both of us. When I nodded that I would he continued, “Have you ever? Have you ever done it?”

“No, you would be my first.” I looked at him coyly.

He smiled, “You’d be my first too.”

We both knew this was not the place to try anal for the first time and the conversation returned to more normal topics. As I stood outside, Hal made his way to the door after shutting all the lights off; as he rounded the corner I giggled as he swiped a package of condoms from the shelf before he exited and locked the door.

“Big date tonight sport?” I laughed and he gave me a gently shove.

After dinner we watched television with neither Jennifer nor Hal speaking directly to each other. When it was time for bed, Jennifer was sleeping on the couch so we left her there and headed upstairs. Hal motioned for me to follow him to his bedroom and closed the door.

“I kaçak bahis bought lube too!” His voice excited.

I kissed him, “There is no way you can take my ass with her in the house! I won’t be able to be quiet. I know it.”

After a long kiss he agreed, “I’m going to start playing with it though ok?”

I nodded and he swept me off my feet and laid me on the bed.

It was amazing to back in his bed with his warm flesh against mine. His big hands pawed at my ass cheeks and I knew he was eager to play with my back door. We kissed and our tongues wrestled deep in each other’s mouths; his finger occasionally brushing my virgin back door.

“Get on your hands and knees like a good little girl!” with authority in his voice. I climbed up and he moved in behind me, “Very nice! His finger traced down the crack of my ass stopping on my ass.”

My body shivered with excitement and fear as he rubbed and toyed with my opening. When his tongue pressed against it, I did a face dive moaning loudly in to the pillows. Each of his hands covered and squeezed my tiny ass cheeks. Spreading me he began to plunge his tongue in to me and I was blown away by the intense pleasure that my forbidden area was given me.

His hungry mouth licked and sucked at my ass like it was candy. My hand involuntarily made its way to my pussy and began rubbing it as he pushed his face in to me. When Hal slipped two fingers in my pussy, I erupted squirting all over his face and chest. His tongue and fingers continued to claim me causing my body to jump as though I was being electrocuted. I buried my face in his pillow hoping to muffle my moans until I could take no more.

I threw myself forward on the bed to escape his prying tongue and fingers, Hal slid up my thighs. Guiding his rock hard cock, he traced the tip over my ass using his saliva as lubricant. His big cock pushed at my back door a few times before finding its home in my pussy. I was pinned to the bed as he slowly fucked me in this prone position. His big hands spread my ass cheeks and his thumb danced over my opening.

I gasped loudly when a drop of freezing cold lube landed squarely on my ass. His thumb dove in, rubbing it until it warmed up. All the time he fucked my pussy his thumb pushed in and out of my tight ass. Hal muttered nasty things under his breath as his thumb slowly fucked my back door.

Lying on top of me he whispered in my ear, “I can’t wait to explode in you, filling you with my load.”

His breath was heavy in my mouth as I strained my head to kiss him. I could sense his pending orgasm and worried that he would pull out in time. Hal continued his quick rhythm in me and I could feel his cock bouncing and pulsing in me.

“Don’t cum in me!” I was genuinely worried he would seed my fertile young pussy. “Please, don’t cum in me!”

An almost inaudible “Shh” filled my ear.

Hal sped his fucking up and I couldn’t help but think he intended on filling my pussy with his hot seed. At the last moment, he pulled himself from me and slid his cock between my ass cheeks. His big hands squeezed my cheeks around his cock as he fucked them until his cock shot rope after rope forming a puddle in the small of my back.

After cleaning up, I spend some time snuggling and kissing my lover before making my way to my own room for the rest of the night.

Lying in bed I found myself unable to sleep. I looked over at the door and watched as the handle slowly turned. Hal stood in my doorway naked and his erection was at full attention. I pulled my covers back and he climbed in to my bed.

I whispered in his ear, “Again already?”

Hal didn’t whisper his response, “I’m taking your pussy!”

“Shh…Jennifer will hear you.” I whispered in his ear.

Hal spread my legs and pushed his cock deep in to me. I wrapped my legs around him and he began to pump his cock in and out of me. Breathing heavy he spoke loudly to me, “Tell me you want my cum in you! Tell me you want me to fill this hot little pussy with my cum Laura!”

Each time I tried to quiet him he spoke louder until he screamed out, “Take my cum! Take it all!”

His cock exploded in my pussy and I had never felt so amazing. His load squeezed out around his cock and dribbled down my crack. He looked at me with wild eyes as his cock slowly drained it’s potent load deep in me. Knock! Knock! Knock!

I awoke from my dream. Was someone really knocking at the door? Immediately I put my hand between my legs and realized it was all a dream. My pussy was soaking wet at the thought of Hal forcing his load in me with full intentions of breeding me. The remainder of my night was restless as I fantasized about Hal taking me and claiming me as his own.

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