Taking Heather

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Female Ejaculation

To start things off let me introduce myself, my name is Shane and I am a junior at West Gate University. I am six foot one, about one hundred eighty pounds and nicely built as I make time to work out. I have light brown hair and hazel colored eyes. I have had decent luck with girls and I do get the occasional look, but in my mind everyone can get the looks if they try. My life is that of any ordinary 21 year olds I go to class in the mornings and work at night at a local mall where I work in the Pac Sun store. I live at home but am rarely there to really feel like I live with my parents and three younger brothers. Now my story starts one Wednesday night when my friend Chad sent me the following message on IMs.

DuckThisC31: “Hey…you should definitely come up the Big W this weekend, Frats having a party and its going to be nuts.”

A little more background for you now to better explain my story. Chad is my friend who is two years younger than I and he is in his sophomore year at Wisconsin University, yes home of the mighty Badgers. We became friends in high school through mutual friends and have always been very close. My being a huge fan of the college football Badgers it was natural that I would have to visit my friend and attend a game with him. Chad’s parents have a good amount of money so he can easily afford to be in a fraternity and get season tickets to the games. So upon making plans to leave for Madison on Friday afternoon one thing popped into my head and it wasn’t a thing, it was a who. Simply put the girls name is Heather an absolutely gorgeous girl I have been great friends with for the past three years.

I met her at Pac Sun where we both worked. She’s one of those flirtatious girls who likes to have fun and act very close with you, but is sure to let you know your just friends. Standing about five foot nine and one hundred twenty some pounds Heather has the body that you would LOVE to work with. A pair of legs that she got in to shape by running track in high school that lead to an ass that is definitely her best quality. Moving up the has a trim waist that leads to a set of tits that are perky and dam near perfect at a B pushing C cup. Now her best quality that you can tell her about with out her blushing is her smile. Sparkling white teeth and lips that are to say the least are pouty. With blonde hair that comes down past her shoulders that is sexiest when in a pony tail, she is quite a sit to behold. Working with her at the Pac, as we call it, she has had me stand in front of her plenty of times to stop old and/or creepy men from starring at her. We fast became friends so almost nothing became a secret after a year or so. And in that year I was able to find out enough about her to know that I would love to have her as my girlfriend.

One problem, she never saw it that way, oh she loved me as a friend but in a confusing turn events it was clear we would never date. But having her as my friend was fine enough for me. I saw boyfriends of long go only to leave her completely crushed and then later I would be the one to help her choose the guy who is currently her man. Also knowing what she was like in school was easy as Chad and Heather were in the same grade in high school. He had always told me she was the normal popular good looking girl who caused trouble because of the normal shit, but in the end they too were friends.

Now it came to pass that both Heather and Chad would attend Wisconsin. When they first arrived they hung out going to parties with one another and finally once Chad pledged to his frat he would get her into many parties that would have many men hitting on her. Knowing full well what kind of girl she was Chad was always there to keep the drunken barons away. Then on weekends when he could her boyfriend Rich would visit. Rich and I had graduated with one another from the same high school and always knew of each other, but it was once he began dating Heather that we became better friends. Rich was a nice guy and the couple seemed happy, but no pair doesn’t have their problems. It was during the most recent summer vacation time home that she called my cell phone at near 2 in the morning saying she needed me to come get her from a friend’s house where she and Rich had been partying. After picking her we talked extensively about the party, school and finally Rich. They had been dating for close to a year now and on one weekend he had visited her at college he had shoved her into a door. My reaction must have been very apparent to her as she grabbed my arm and told me that I could never say a thing to him. In my book a man laying his hands on a woman is amongst the most wrong things ever. Seeing her beautiful eyes slowly being to fill with tears I had to agree, which I followed with a joke to make her smile again.

After two hours of talking I finally took her home and before getting out of the car she said that I definitely HAD to visit her and Chad that year at school. It was that moment there that I knew up at her school I would have one hell of bahis siteleri a night at her expense. On the drive home I thought it out, I loved the girl like she was family, but the kind of tease she was she needed what I was going to give to her. Knowing what I knew about her was going to help. I had been told by many people, including Heather herself and had seen on a a few occasions that once she consumed enough alcohol she never said ‘No’ and was prone to passing completely out. As I pulled my car into the driveway I had a smile on my face and a bit of a hard cock from thinking about having my way with the angel I lusted for. The final thought to pass through my head as I laid down that night was of her and that’s when I knew I would go through with my plan if ever presented the chance.

Waking up and rubbing the sleep from my eyes I looked at the clock and saw it to be noon. I had skipped class that day to leave for Wisconsin early enough to play in a football game with Chad and his frat brothers. The day I decided to do what I would do in less than ten hours had been two months earlier but the plan remained the same. Tossing my stuff into the back seat I left my house some time after 1 and started off on the two and a half hour trip. The entire drive I would catch my self getting a bit stiff over thoughts of Heather and had to clear my mind to concentrate on the road and remember that I could not give my plan away. Finally some time after 3:30 p.m. I pulled into a spot in front of the house that Chad’s frat owned and knew I was in for the time of my life. Before I could turn the car off Chad came out and met me with the usual handshake half hug that men exchanged at these moments.

Helping me with my stuff he walked me through the house and introduced me to his brothers all of whom seemed pretty dam cool. We had about an hour before the game started so we started off for Heathers dorm room because the game would be played right near it. Walking past brick building after brick building I knew this was one major university and that the girls here had to be top notch. My thoughts were soon made fact as I saw quite a few dynamite girls walking about. Chad would nudge me in the side each time one worth noting walked by and he would be sure to remind me that a good number of them would be at the party set for later. I had a grin from ear to ear but not because I was thinking of nailing of those girls but because of who I was about to see.

Making our way to the East 3 dorm we moved up three flights of stairs and to room number 12 where after one knock on the door Heather came bursting forth to wrap her arms around my neck. Picking her up I walked into her room and set her down as I waved to her roommate Beth, whom also went to high school with Heather and Chad, who was laying on her bed reading something for class. Taking a seat in a computer chair Heather took a spot on my lap as Chad sat on their bed. We caught up on current events and talked of the party at night, but my thoughts were else where. I found out that Beth would be leaving soon to visit her boyfriend back home and that Heather would be in her room by herself at night.

My smile only grew as Heather leaned back into me allowing me to wrap my arms around her. Wearing shorter than short shorts and a black tank top she told us that she was just about to go work out in the buildings gym she looked even better than I remembered. Before long Chad’s phone rang with his frat brother Tom telling him to come outside for the game. Slowly Heather got off my lap to which I sighed but would soon smile as she bent over about six inches from my face to pick up her gym bag. Chad began to tell me about the other team but my thoughts were on the ass that I would soon make mine. Heading out the door Heather gave me that ‘I can fuck all night long’ look that I had seen so many times before, but those looks would never be made good on until now.

After two and a half hours or so of good football playing the game ended with us winning. I had two interceptions and one passing touchdown to help the team win. As we headed back to the frat house we talked of cleaning up and getting the place ready for the party. In forty five minutes everyone was showered and ready for the party to begin. Slowly but surely the place soon began to fill with all kinds of people both men and women. I started on drinking but knew I didn’t want to be drunk so that I could enjoy myself later. With a beer in hand I started to mingle about talking to different people to pass the time.

Then about an hour into it the object of my greatest night ever showed up. Wearing a black mini skirt and a red halter top that was barley enough to cover up her breasts and some of her stomach Heather looked absolutely gorgeous. With her hair done up nicely but nothing to special for this kind of party she immediately drew attention from just about every guy in the place. My mood quickly dampened as I thought I would never get the chance to talk to her. Knowing that I couldn’t let it canlı bahis siteleri ruin my weekend at Wisconsin I started up a conversation with a little brunette hottie to pass the time. Sometime later I heard a voice from behind, quickly turning around I almost knocked the beer out of Heathers hand.

“Hey….who’s that?”

She had the look in her eyes that I had seen before with her half joking about me talking to another girl that wasn’t her and half serious that she was not approving of my choice.

“Oh….that’s…huh….well she’s no you…let me say you look dam great tonight.”

Smiling and looking down a bit she got a bit red.

“Thanks….wish Rich said that more.”

“Hey…some guys just are stupid like that.”

“Yaw and he’s plenty stupid.”

We slowly moved towards a chair where we she sat on the arm and I stood in front of her and continued the conversation for a good while. It wasn’t long enough before she had started to get a good buzz when she finally heard a song worth dancing too. Pulling my arm we hit the floor and began to enjoy ourselves even more. I knew instantly I had lucked out that it was one of those rap songs that required the girl to rub her ass into your crotch. Sure enough with her behind looking extra great tonight Heather would follow suit as every other girl did in the house. In the dancing I moved my hands from her hips to her stomach and finally up to her arms as I held her close to me. She responded by turning around and putting her left leg between mine as we continued to move to the music.

Now and then she would pull me in close to kiss me on the cheek and thank me for being a great friend. And I took every chance I had to move my hands down to her ass and feel it up nicely. She would respond one of two ways each time by either smiling and laughing it off or moving her hands to keep my hands on her. After a while the dancing wore us out so we returned to the bar where we were always served first due to the fact that our close friend was a brother. At some time after 1 am I could tell that Heather was completely trashed. Falling over every now and then I would lift her back up on to her chair. Falling a few more times Chad approached me.

”Hey the place will be clearing out soon so you wanna get a head start on the rush and take Heather back to her room?”

My heart skipped at beat at that moment knowing full well that it was my time to shine and I had been given the perfect opportunity to do what I had planned.

”Uh…o…ok..” is all I could choke out as I could barley contain my excitement. Chad on the other hand chalked it up to my drinking as he patted me on the shoulder as he went back to keeping kids from throwing up on the carpet. Looking to the blonde haired vixen she knew it was time to go so she linked her arm with mine and we left the house. Walking along the buildings she laid her head on my arm and spoke of how much fun she had. It wouldn’t be long before I would have my fun too. After what seemed like forever I finally got to her room. Once inside she pointed out that she had spilled some of her Vodka in Gatorade on her shirt so she needed to change before going to bed. Having helped her change her cloths before in a drunken stupor of hers I helped her slip out of the wet piece of clothing. Tossing it into the corner she stood in front of me with only her white silk bra on. Looking into my eyes as I starred down at her perfect tits she said something I didn’t expect.

“Wanna….feel ’em?”

Looking at her suddenly she smiled and laughed as she sat back onto her bed. Knowing she would remember nothing I slowly reached out and rubbed my hands over he perfect mounds of flesh which drew a slight moan from her lips. Growing bolder and now harder I soon rolled her onto her stomach to undo the strap on her bra allowing her rack to sit freely on her chest. Looking down at her and seeing only her eyes half open and a smile I knew everything was perfectly fine. Removing the bra I threw it behind me and soon took her nipples into my mouth as I alternated between the two. She had her hands in my hair as I licked each one like it was the greatest ice cream cone ever. Before long I stood up and took my shirt off and tossed it aside as well. Moving my hands to her skirt I found the zipper on the side and pulled it off as quickly as possible leaving her now wearing only her black silk panties.

Sitting her up I move further along with my master plan of having my way with her. Stepping back I unbuttoned and pulled down my shorts and boxers in one motion. Out in front of me sprung my eight inch cock bouncing up and down. Heathers eyes grew a bit wide as I pulled her hand to my dick. I knew from her stories that she loved giving hand jobs but in being a tease she never took it in the mouth and that would change right now. After she gave it a few jerking motions I rubbed my hand along her arm and finally to her face where I pinched her nose shut causing her to open her mouth and gasp for canlı bahis air. In that moment I put my dick into her mouth. The shocked look spread across her face as she never sucked a cock before or if she had it wasn’t this big. Slowly but surely I began to pump my love muscle in and out of her mouth.

Each time I looked to her eyes which showed signs of complete disgust as she said she always hated the thought of sucking dick, but her she was sucking mine. I could here her protest a bit each time I could pull out enough for her to talk. To end that I moved my hands to either side of her head and began to forcefully fuck her skull. In seconds I picked up pace and shoved it in and out faster and faster. She was groaning loudly as it must not have felt too great for her, but I was in heaven at the moment and loving every minute of life. I felt something growing inside me, and like a wave it was coming. It was building in my balls and coming down the love gun faster than I had ever imagined. In seconds I was filling her mouth with every ounce of sperm my body had ever churned out. Holding my cock all the way down her throat she would mumble out sounds when she could in the form of.


Pushing her hands on either of my legs she tried to pull away only too feel my power as I pushed my cock further down her throat as I shot more cum down into her stomach. Pulling out slowly I shot a final few blasts on her angelic face. Using my cock as a paint brush I moved some of the cum around on her face. She gasped in air heavily as she tried to catch her breath as she fell back on to her bed. Looking down I knew part two would be even better. Moving my hands inside her panties I pulled them down and took in the greatest site I had ever seen. Her pussy was completely shaved bald and had a good amount of wetness leaking out. Interesting I thought to myself, she must have enjoyed that. Knowing full well she took birth control every day I slowly moved my cock over her pussy lips and gently pushed in about an inch or so. She began to moan again and I knew I had her then. Stepping away for a moment I looked at her dresser and quickly found the baby oil which I knew I would need. Glancing down at her computer I saw one open IM box from her boy friend which read.

Ryder213: “Your over reacting about this, but if me kissing her is that bad fine…”

Knowing their background this could be the end so I bent over and typed up her away message which was the honest to god truth. The message read ”Getting fucked in the ass.” After chuckling a bit I climbed onto the bed with her where she lay proan, naked and now sweating. I fingered her pussy a bit more before rolling her onto her stomach again. Reaching under her and with great ease I lifted her ass into the air and was able to have her support her on her knees. Running my eight inch rod of steel between her beautiful cheeks I slapped them as she began to mumble something. For what I knew it was her saying no. In the years I had known her she had always said she would never do anal, but now she had no chance to stop it. Squirting the baby oil directly down into her crack made for a slick environment which I used to grease my cock up as well. Looking at her in this moment was the greatest time in my life and it was only about to get better. Slowly I shoved one finger in and then two as I pumped them in and out. She raised her head and looked back at me with great sadness in her eyes, much of what I had seen before. I only met her sad puppy dog eyes with a great big smile as I lined up my cock and thrust foreword.


Heather squirmed and shook as I started pumping my dick in and out of her with reckless abandon. She was soon screaming at the top of her lungs but no one would her as a floor above was holding a party for the whole building and the music was blasting. My cock was thrusting in and out of her perfectly formed ass. I thought of all the times she would press her as into me at work when we would joke around about this and that. I thought about earlier in the night when she was grinding her ass into my crotch and I knew that she had no intentions of letting anything like this happen.

“Ohhh….UHH…It hurts….Please take out…..no…..”

Were the only words I hear her say between gasps for air. I had my share of women before and even some taken some of them in the ass but never before had it been like this. Not once did they resist like Heather tried too or had they begged me to stop like she was now. Gripping her hips with either hand I had a good hold on what was now mine. I fucked harder and faster as it felt better and better for me. It wasn’t long and the feeling returned from before of cum building up with in me. After ten more solid minutes of butt fucking I held my cock in all the way and let loose my white liquid into her ass. She shook violently as my cock unloaded again and again and again. I swear she must have gained five pounds from my cum alone in that moment. I slowed the pounding as I got limper to really enjoy the moment. I wrapped my arm around her chest as I moved my hips I a circle letting her really get used to the meat in the back end.

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