Teacher Stacey Rides Again

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Big Tits

“Wake up, wake up California. It’s Sunday morning and it’s going to be a hot one. Here it is; California girls by the beach boys.” The radio woke Stacey up with a jump. She left the radio playing, as she gazed at the solid blue sky, not a cloud in sight. California girls was followed by Mr blue sky by ELO.

“Could this DJ be any more cliche?”

Said Bruce waking with a yawn.

“Morning Bruce, sorry we missed the theatre last night.”

“That’s fine darling, I tell you what, you can buy me breakfast at the deli to make up for it.”

“That’s a deal.”

Stacey showered and slipped on a loose fitting summer dress. Bruce showered after her and they made their way to the deli.

“Good morning, two vegetarian breakfasts please.” Bruce orders with the waitress. Stacey was still feeling guilty about the reason why they missed the theatre, she was being gangbanged by two boys and one old janitor. Bruce hasn’t mentioned Greg either, she was hoping he’d forgotten all about it.

Stacey takes another mouthful of scrambled egg and toast, she can feel someone’s eyes burning the back of her head, she turns to see Woody, having breakfast with his girlfriend and family. Bruce goes to pay the bill, leaving Stacey alone. Woody grabs her shoulder.

“Hello you slut, washed our cum off yet?” He whispers in her ear.

“Woody, you startled me. Please don’t say anything to my husband.”

“I won’t, you tart! My girlfriend is just there. Dillon and I want a repeat performance.”

” No way, not happening again.”

“Hi dear, who is this?” Bruce asked as he returned to the table.

“Hi sir; I’m Paul Woodson, pupil of your wifes.”

“Nice to meet you. Come on dear, let’s take a stroll through the park.”

The pair left. They walked through the park, sitting by a large waterfall. Bruce started a conversation she was dreading.

“When are we giving Greg a night to remember?”

“You still want to do that?”

“It was so hot, so yes. I want you to dress up and get fucked by him.”

“Let’s see.”

Stacey feels the need to urinate, there is no way she will make it home.

“Going to the toilet, darling. Won’t be long.”

“Ok dear.”

Stacey enters the toilet, it smells nasty but she is desperate. She enters the cubicle placing toilet paper on the seat. As she urinates; the door to the toilet opens.

“Oh, fucking hell George, somebody in there.”

“We are in the ladies, you daft bastard.”

“Who’s in there? Fucking come on, who is it?”

Stacey didn’t answer, she was very nervous. She had no phone, no way of contacting her husband.

“Come on you bitch, who is there?”

“I won’t be long, just finished.” Stacey said with a tremble in her voice.

“Fucking hell, you sound like a sexy bitch.”

Stacey unlocked the door, standing there were two dirty and smelly homeless men.

“Oh my fucking god, look what we got here George.”

“Look at them tits.”

“Please let me out.” Stacey pleaded.

“Show us your tits.”

“No way, I’ll scream.”

“No you won’t, if you do we will hurt you. So get your fucking tits out.”

Stacey tried to run for the door but the men were strong. Stacey had no choice, she pulled her huge tits out her dress.

“Fucking hell, they are huge.”

The two bums stroked one tit each and started pulling at the nipples, embarrassingly Stacey let a small pleasurable moan out of her mouth.

“Can I go now? please.”

“Wank us off.”

“What? No way. Please let me go.”

“You can go when you wank us off.”

Stacey had no choice again, she was petrified they would hurt her. The smelly men: both in their 50s or 60s dropped their pants to the floor. Their dicks are already hard and quite long. Stacey knelt on the floor and started wanking the men. Their dicks smelt of urine and sweat, her hands sped up, she wanted this over and done with.

“That’s it slut.”

“Look at them tits bouncing, George.”

She was wanking the guys that hard, her breasts were swinging, getting her hot.

She stood up, still wanking them.

“Play with my nipples.”

The homeless bums pulled her nipples, she was horny now, she kissed one of the men, his breath had the stench of wine and rotting meat. He kissed back pushing his tongue down her throat. The men were nearly done, Stacey got back on her knees and started sucking the tips of the cocks one by one. The first man shot straight into her mouth, she moved to the other man; George. He pushed his urine odoured dick down her throat, shooting his cum down it. She placed her tits back in her dress and guys let her leave.

“See you. You slut.”

“Where have you been?” A frustrated Bruce asked.

“That breakfast went straight through me, sorry.”

Stacey was now red hot, those homeless guys had got her going. She needed to fuck. She stared at Bruce all the way back home.

“Get in the garden when we get back, Bruce.”

“Really? This afternoon.”

“Yes, I don’t care if the whole street watches us.”

“Okay, let’s go.”

their strides widened and their pace quickened, yalova escort both were horny. As they entered their street, they noticed Greg pruning his rose bushes in his front garden. He was wearing shorts, a stained vest with a sweat mark on the back, sandals and a Panama hat.

“Hi Greg, nice bush.” Stacey joked.

“Oh um thanks, you um look nice.”

“Why don’t you pop round for a drink.”

“Really? Okay.”

Stacey and Bruce entered their home.

“What are you going to wear?” Bruce asked.

“Not sure yet.”

Bruce made a pitcher of margaritas and sat outside in his garden, unsurprisingly Greg was already there; he was still wearing the same clothes. The guys made smalltalk waiting for Stacey.

“Okay boys.”

Bruce and Greg stood in amazement at Stacey; a pure white bikini and black heels. Her hair was in pigtails. Greg just stared, his jaw open. Stacey gripped Greg’s hand and pulled him to a round garden day bed, which was basically a double bed for the garden.

Stacey lay down by him, she pulled off his hat, Greg started to perspire a lot.

“Do you want me Greg?”


“I want to fuck you, and then we are even.”

“Okay, um really.”

He looked to Bruce for insurance, Bruce just nodded to him; His hand down his shorts.

Stacey moved up to Greg and peeled his sweaty vest off him, it stuck to his back. She placed her hand on his crotch, her tongue licked his lips. He opened his mouth and her tongue entered. He kissed back, it’s not long before they are kissing passionately, her hand gripping his dick through his shorts. Stacey gets on all fours and undoes his trousers, he lifts his arse up slightly so she can pull them down. Up springs his erect pale white dick.

“There it is.” She says admiring it.

Stacey strokes it gently before kissing the tip. Her full red lips slip down all the way to balls and back. She plants wet sloppy kisses down the shaft, Greg’s head falls back, his eyes closed. Stacey works his dick, taking it down as far as it will go. She holds it in her throat for as long as she can before gagging. With her still on all fours, Bruce comes behind her, he unties her bikini top and bottoms leaving her in nothing but high heels. Greg eyes open, he gazes at the movement of her breasts while she sucks him. Bruce’s mouth moves to his wife’s vagina, he opens her flaps and explores it with his tongue. A slight moan comes from Stacey’s mouth. She takes Greg’s dick and slaps it against her firm sensitive breasts, her nipples still hard and erect from the homeless bums. His dick enters her olive skinned mounds of pleasure. She gives him a slow titty wank, her sexy brown eyes never looking away from him. Bruce circles her clitoris with his tongue.

Stacey licks and slurps Greg’s balls, sucking them and pulling as far as she can. She lets go of them with the sweetest sigh coming from her mouth. Her long nails stroke his bushy ginger pubes. Bruce moves his dick to his wife’s luscious hole. He places the tip at the entrance and slowly pushes it in.

“Oh Fuck!” She whispers.

Her mouth moves back to Greg’s dick. She takes it all in her mouth, her mouth speeds up on it. Her tits bouncing around. Bruce thrusts his cock in hard, the day bed shaking from the ferocity of his fucking, his balls banging at her clitoris.

Bruce pulls out of her. Stacey hovers her wet vagina over Greg’s dick, she slowly lowers herself down on it taking only half of it.

“Bang your dick in me.”

Greg rams his cock up her again and again, a slapping noise every time his cock is fully in.

“Take that you slut.” Greg shouts as he rams her pussy.

“YESSSSS! Fuck me Greg,YESSSSS!”

Stacey’s body gives way as she falls on top of Greg’s sweaty body, her vagina wet from the pleasure her fat greasy neighbor is giving her.

“Get off me, I want to fuck you doggysyle.”

“Oh, yes please”

Bruce his enjoying seeing his beautiful wife being fucked and controlled by their fat, ginger neighbour.

Stacey’s magnificent olive skinned butt cheeks back up to Greg’s penis. Whack! Smack! Greg slaps her butt cheeks.

“Oh yes! Smack me I’ve been naughty.”

Whack! Smack!

” Do you like that?”

“Oh Yes! Sir.”

Bruce is looking worried, his wife seems to have forgotten he’s there as she gives into Greg.

Greg’s confidence builds, he teases her by placing his dick at the gateway of her beautiful vagina.

” Beg me to fuck you, call me daddy.”

“Fuck me daddy! I want daddy in me.”

Greg thrusts his cock into her wet lady part. He grabs her pigtails making her back arch, as his assault on her vagina intensities. Her tits spinning from the brutality of Greg’s thrusts. Her legs start to buckle as a warm feeling darts through her body.

“Bruce! “She whimpers, her hand held out. She takes her husband cock in her mouth. Greg’s fucking pushes her mouth onto Bruce’s dick. He reaches down and squeezes her nipples; making them red and twice the size.

Greg is close to climaxing, his balls shrivel as he delivers a stream of hot cum deep inside Stacey.

“Oh yalova escort bayan YESSSSS! Daddy, you filled me up.”

Greg’s sweat covers her back, his pale dick droops down, he dresses and sits at a chair at a large garden table. Bruce moves round the bed, his hard dick enters her back passage. He fucks her arse with all his might.

“YESSSSS! Bruce fuck my arse, smack it.”

Whack! Smack! Bruce spanks her hard. His penis sliding in and out of her poop chute.

Bruce pushes his dick in all the way.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD!” Her arse stretches from her husband’s dick.

Greg moves back to Stacey. Her arse still being fucked, she pulls his lips to hers and they share a wet french kiss.

“Did you enjoy being fucked by daddy.”

“Oh yes daddy, again. I want daddy again.”

Stacey feeling pleasure in her body from her husband still fucking her butt. Bruce screams as he shoots up his wife’s arse.

“Oh yes! Well done boys.” Stacey falls flat on the day bed, her legs weak and her body tired.

Bruce makes another pitcher of margaritas. As he returns to the garden, Stacey is naked curled up on the daybed with Greg.

“When is daddy going to fuck me again?”

“Does daddy’s little slut want to fuck again?”

“Yes daddy, your slut wants it again.”

Bruce stands there watching his wife totally giving in to his fat smelly neighbor. Stacey and Greg make out on the day bed, his hands groping her tits and arse. ‘Was Stacey enjoying being with Greg?’ Bruce thought.

Stacey climbs on Greg and dangles her bosoms in his face. He bites on her nipples, pulling them. His hand moves to the butt cheek, slapping it hard.

“Oh daddy, YESSSSS.”

He bites into her nipples so hard he draws blood. Bruce is starting to get concerned.

“Time to go now Greg.”

“Oh okay.”

“Bruce, I’m not finished with daddy yet.”

She places her warm pussy on his face, his hands grip her thighs. She gyrates her vagina on his tongue.

“YESSSSS! lick my pussy.”

His tongue enters her hole as she moves her body on it. She gripped her sore bleeding nipples. Bruce gives in and sits and watches the show, his wife’s body as given in to Greg.

Greg feels a rush of her juices on his face as she cums again, she can’t take much more. Greg holds her thighs down, his tongue darting round her pink engorged cherry.


Another orgasm floods from her body, her legs buckling from the pleasure. Eventually her body gives in and she falls on the bed. Greg heads home.

“Bruce, look what daddy has done to your wife.”

Bruce scoops up his wife and they head to bed.

The next morning Stacey can feel a frostiness from Bruce.

“What’s up dear?”

“I’m getting worried about you and Greg. You seemed to be giving in to him last night. All this daddy stuff made me feel uneasy.”

“Oh my god darling, I don’t want Greg. You were the one who wanted me to fuck him. Maybe I got carried away last night. It’s you I love.”

“No more Greg then.”

“That’s fine, just me and you from now on.”

Weeks past, the couple were loyal to each other and had a fantastic sex life. Greg was still around but Stacey didn’t want him.

Prom night for the 12th grade was coming up. Stacey would have to work that night. She had make sure nothing went wrong. All the teachers had to. The prom night arrived, even though it wasn’t her prom Stacey decided to dress up; a backless maxi dress which framed her huge breasts perfectly and heels. Her hair down her back in waves.

“You look beautiful my darling.”

“Thanks dear. Can you drop me off.”

“Yeah sure.”

Bruce dropped her at the school. A small huddle of teachers stood in the recess area, she thought she may be dressed a bit slutty, when seeing the lady teachers dressed conservatively. Stacey’s job was to stand at the back of the hall and keep an eye on the dance floor and surrounding area. The night was going without incident. She sipped on a glass of coca cola.

“Evening, Stacey. How are you?”

“Hi Fred. I’m good thanks. Haven’t seen you for a bit. What have you been upto?”

“Wife has not been well. So I had some time off.”

“Oh dear. Nothing serious I hope.”

“She is on the mend.”

Stacey and Fred watched the pupils dancing and laughing. Stacey started to move to the music. Fred watched as she danced, her breasts bouncing in her low cut maxi dress. His gaze moved to her round butt as it moved seductively. Stacey turned to Fred and smiled, he could see her white teeth glowing in the dim light. He looked down her dress at her huge breasts. He placed the flat of his hand on the small of her back and just looked ahead. He moved it in a circular motion. Stacey looked at him but he was still looking straight ahead. His hand moved further south groping her arse. She pushed it away. He tried again this time just cupping her arse cheek.

“Fred no!”

But he didn’t move his hand. It started groping her butt cheek, this time her body was fighting itself, she wanted to push it away but she couldn’t. His hand groped escort yalova the other cheek, she had given in and was just enjoying it. He slowly moved behind her. He pushed his hand through the backless dress until he was cupping her huge breast. He squeezed it in full view of the pupils dancing feet away. His old fingers twisted her nipples, with no bra they were starting poke through her dress.

“Oh my god, Fred please stop.”

He didn’t, he moved from her breast and down her soft stomach. His hand inside her dress was stretching it, almost exposing her tits. He couldn’t quite stretch the dress enough to reach her knickers so he returned her tits. He groped Stacey with people walking past them, luckily the low lighting hid what he was doing.

She was feeling violated but also it was so erotic. His hand pinching and squeezing her breasts and nipples. Her head fell back against his shoulder.

“You like that, you slut. My old hands groping your tits. I’m going to fuck you tonight.” He whispers in her ear.

“Yes Fred, squeeze my tits. I want you to finger my pussy here.”

He reaches down and lifts her dress at the back so no one can see. He slips his finger inside her thong, he feels a dampness in her vagina already.

“You’re wet.”

“Stick your finger in me.”

Fred rubs it over her clitoris driving her wild, his finger moves to her pulsating hole and he pushes it inside, she gyrates on it as her insides grip round it. Her hair flicks in his face as she pretends to be dancing. Fred slides his finger in and out of her.

“God I want to fuck you.” He whispers in her ear kissing the lobe as he does.

They can’t leave their post though. Stacey reaches back, her hand unzips him. She reaches inside his trousers and pulls out his thick old dick. She squeezes it, Fred’s finger still fucking her sweet pussy. It’s killing them, they desperately want to fuck. Her hand twists up and down his cock, she grabs and squeezes his balls before returning to pleasuring his wrinkled dick. Stacey feels a rush of fluid leave her vagina as she cums hard. It felt so good doing what they were doing in front of the packed hall.

Fred continued to finger fuck Stacey, she pulled at his old cock. How could they do it? How could they fuck?

Fred lifts her dress up exposing her round butt. He pulls her thong to the side.

“I want to fuck your arse.”

To Fred’s amazement Stacey turns to him and nods in agreement. Her hand moves from his dick to her butt cheek, spreading it. Freds cock enters her firm cheeks, the tip at her butt hole. Stacey’s eyes close as Fred forces his penis into it.

“FUCCKKK!” Stacey stares at him as she backs up on to his dick. Her butt hole stretched to its limit. Stacey screams as Fred pushes his cock in further. Then the music stops, Fred and Stacey pause their fucking, his dick still in her arse, her dress draped over it.

“It’s time to announce your prom King and Queen.” The Dean, Micheal announces.

All the pupils moved towards the stage. It leaves Stacey and Fred alone in the dark, this their chance. Fred pulls out of her butt, he swings her around, pinning her against the wall, it’s dark, the lights pointing at the stage and dance floor. He pins her arms up above her head, they share a wet kiss. He pulls her bosoms out of her dress with his free hand and buries his head in them. He releases her arms which grip his back. He pulls up her dress, she wraps her right leg around his waist. Stacey can feel the tip of his dick pressing against her clitoris. He slaps his heavy penis on her clitoris, Stacey trembles from the feeling of it. Without warning his purple veined sword storms her private area. Fred pumps with all his power. Stacey’s leg grips his waist, her face buried into his neck, she sucks it leaving a hickey. Fred pulls her hair back, his mouth chews on her nipples.

“FFUUCCKKIINNGG HELLL!” She whispers, as not to be heard but really she just wants to shout out.

Fred is like a machine, his whole body banging her body up the wall. Stacey’s nails dig in his back as another orgasm shoots through her body. Her hands move to his arse, squeezing it. She kisses his mouth, their tongues flicking together. His old cock is giving her body so much pleasure. They are so lost in the passion, they don’t care where they are now. Fred grabs her arse and with all his strength lifts her up. Her body pinned between Fred’s old body and the wall, her legs locked behind him. Fred goes for the big finish, he puts his whole body weight into fucking Stacey. She bites his neck to stop screaming. His dick is about to erupt. Then the unthinkable.

“I would like to thank my wonderful teacher, Mrs. Monroe.” Simone the prom queen says.

The spotlight shines on Fred and Stacey, the whole hall turn in amazement at the old janitor fucking Stacey. Incredibly they don’t notice that they are lit up. Fred is still ramming her up the wall. Fred was sweating all over her soft body. Still everyone watches. Stacey’s large breasts bouncing for everyone to see.

“Do you want my cum.”


Fred gives it one more huge thrust and shoots right up Stacey, he leaves his dick in deep for a few seconds. He empties the entire contents of his balls up her. He releases her body from the wall, her dress almost transparent from his sweat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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