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It was a situation brewing for months ever since the sweet young thing was hired. As Travis looked at the twenty six year old brown haired girl before him, all he could think of was what was on his boss’ mind when he hired her. Her application said she was qualified, perhaps more qualified than he. However, her body language spelled out a different picture altogether. Her outfit was more tailored to a second date than a first day of work and Travis had to keep reminding himself that his wife was waiting at home for him instead of the chance for him to take this tanned brown haired woman to a local hotel for a quick fuck.

So the game began. Travis showed the woman around the office and where all the needed supplies were before going back to his office and doing everything short of exposing his dick to relieve the pressure. Each following day brought on more and more torture. One day, she would lean over the copy machine and Travis could see the lack of fabric underneath her short skirt. The next day brought her bending bahis firmaları over in front of him and a very forward display of her ample cleavage. Even one day leaving his cell phone on his desk brought forth a naughty picture taken in the restroom of a top view of her cleavage. The teasing was driving Travis crazy.

Then one day, she went over the top. There another young person was standing at the copy machine when she slinked up behind her. Within two seconds, she grabbed the blond by her hair, pulled her head to the side and planted a kiss on the nape of her neck. The display was pornographic as Travis watched. Travis could feel his cock twitch inside of his pants. As he watched, the woman gave her the look of seduction. Travis could feel her gaze upon him. As he turned back towards his desk, he could feel his dick start to shrink a bit as he concentrated on what he could to deflate it.

It was at the end of that day that Travis began to start finishing the day’s paperwork that the woman walked in. She started kaçak iddaa to lean on the desk in front of her as Travis did his best to ignore her. It wasn’t until she cleared his throat that Travis looked up to see her shirt open and her lacey black bra exposed. Travis tried to stammer his way out of the most uncomfortable of situations before she raised her skirt, showing him her butt cheek that looked redder than her skin. She began to explain how she had a hard time sitting down because of the slight sun burn. Travis’ eyes were glued on her ass as she began to remove her skirt. Her outfit was down to the bra and the really tiny string she called underwear.

Travis sat back frightened as she knelt down before him. Her hands began to play with his zipper as his dick swelled within the confines. Soon, his dick was exposed and her tongue began to slide up and down before Travis tried to stop her. In a flash, his dick slid into her mouth as she started sucking on it in earnest. Travis was frozen in place either out of fear kaçak bahis or because of the way this wench was inhaling his dick. He could feel the semen bubbling up from his balls as he sucked before she took his dick out and started stroking him faster. A spray of seed began to land on her face and tits as she kept pulling his dick until his eyes closed out of exhaustion.

He opened his eyes just to catch her lowering her G-string to the ground revealing a very manicure pussy. As she started sliding her fingers over her exposed lips, she slid onto his desk and spread her legs apart. The invitation was blatant. Travis fell for it hook, line and sinker as he fell to his knees before allowing his tongue to slowly run over her. As he closed his eyes savoring the juice of the forbidden fruit, he neglected to notice the flash of her camera phone as his tongue slid inside her. She was sure to get in close to record his tongue fluttering inside her as her eyes began to close from the release he was providing.

The two spent a good hour in the office tasting each other and cumming for each other until Travis’ wife rang his cell. As the two left the building, Travis wondered to himself if he could get away with fucking this woman again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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